Suddenly a Mate 2 : Chosen by the Alpha (Suddenly a Mate 2: Chosen by the Alpha)

BOOK: Suddenly a Mate 2 : Chosen by the Alpha (Suddenly a Mate 2: Chosen by the Alpha)
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Suddenly a Mate 2

An Erotic Short Story

by Sanguine Sinn

©2014 All Rights Reserved


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A Longer Excerpt


"I could smell your fertile scent from miles away.  You're body has been talking to me all day long.  You've been driving me crazy and you don't even know it." Armin said after dropping his shirt on the ground.


Amy laughed, unsure whether or not to take that as a compliment or an insult, "What have I been saying?"  


Pushing aside Amy's outstretched lantern, Armin pressed against Amy's body.  Wrapping his powerful arms around her waist, he effortlessly picked her up off the ground.  Bringing her head up to his level, he looked into Amy's wide and apprehensive eyes with a sly expression.  "That you're ready to be bred."  he growled in a low voice. 


About the Book


Amy's in a strange place after going on vacation to escape from her life's problems. Taking her mom's advice she scampered off to her family's cabin hidden deep in the wilderness. The next morning she wakes up lying next to a handsome yet threatening looking man with unnaturally golden eyes and vicious looking claws.


Last night she was taken and ravaged by this alpha male's lapping tongue that demanded to be quenched by her sex. After marking her as his mate, she's left alone during the day and ordered to wait for this
alpha male
's return later that night
to breed her
. Now Amy must decide her own destiny as she decides whether or not she wants to receive this alpha male's raw seed to bare his pup. Does she even have a choice after being being marked as his mate? What she doesn't know is that this feral
alpha male deep in heat
is not going to let anything stop him from planting his
seed deep inside of her


This is a
7000+ word
story full of
unprotected werewolf mayhem
that's too hot to put down.


About the Author


Sanguine Sinn loves being a steamy erotica writer, it's a lot of naughty fun that happens safely between book covers and bed sheets.  She's been a writer most of her life, and has turned a fun hobby into something unexpectedly rewarding.  Somewhere along her normal life she's picked up a sexually deviant mind that's been the source of many fantasies that she shouldn't be having.  During the day she's busy writing about another lewd fantasy as well as trying to figure out how to make the perfect slice of key lime pie.  Anyone wanting to offer guidance or suggestions for either of her life goals are welcomed to write to her at
[email protected]






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Suddenly a Mate 2


It was morning and the rays of a new dawn spilled into the room. Armin was right about the weather, the storm from last night didn't last past the night. The chaotic sounds of thunder and heavy rain were replaced by the calm of recovery, it was utterly quiet outside the cabin. With the sunlight greeting her closed eyes, Amy began to stir and woke up in a daze. Her body was so accustomed to waking up in her apartment in the city that for a moment she didn't know where she was. Yesterday, she ran off to her family's secluded cabin in the wilderness to find some solitude and peace from her life, and had just spent her first night there. It almost felt like she had woken up to an intensely real dream.


Staring at the ceiling with her groggy eyes she was trying to make sense of why her plain apartment ceiling was now made of wooden log beams. 
Where am I?
  Amy attempted to move her body, but something heavy was stifling her movements. Her muscles tensed as she tried to roll to her side, but something was holding her. A dull pain lanced up her leg making her wince from her attempt. 
Why does my leg hurt?


Amy's morning ignorance lasted just a few seconds before the events of last night started to come back to her. When she arrived at the cabin she expected to be entirely alone and much to her chagrin became bored relatively quickly. Her only source of entertainment was an endless supply of wine and her mom's old hidden diary. That changed when a mysterious man visited her last night during the heavy thunderstorm that was neither entirely man nor entirely beast. Turning her head she saw him, Armin. His half naked body embraced her tenderly, his bare chest rising and falling against her with each breath. With his arm and leg draping over her, Amy couldn't help but feel that he was holding her in affection and in restraint.


Using a free hand, she reached towards that tender spot on her inner thigh. At touching the deep bruise Amy flinched, it was both a painful and an erotic memory of last night. Armin had feasted on her sex with his ravenous wild tongue, much to the delight of Amy. But at one point in the middle of the act, he stopped abruptly and bit into her fleshly leg with his sharp teeth. Initially she was dismayed, but Armin immediately began licking and pressing on the wound until he had soothed away the pain. And not forgetting why his face was between her legs, he returned to stroking her to her final release. The way Armin handled himself in his uncontrollable fervor made Amy contemplate that maybe it wasn't malicious at all, maybe part of something she didn't understand yet.


Silently, Amy watched Armin's sleeping body. His look of quiet peace stood in stark contrast to the animal she encountered last night. His youthful face and body were utterly serene. With no snarling, no clawing, and no menacingly sharp teeth, he simply breathed with an air of gentle contentment. His arm was clutching her body warmly while his head rested on top of her shoulder. Amy could feel the warm air gently exhale from Armin's nose with each slumbering breath. His facial expression looked nothing like the vivid memories Amy recalled. 
Did I just imagine those things about him last night?


Stirring all of a sudden, Armin's body shifted around Amy. Flinching once again, Amy felt something sharp poke into her waist. Looking to investigate she confirmed what she saw last night. Sharp claws that looked like they belonged to a fierce predator were pressing into her skin as Armin unconsciously clutched at her waist. 
Mom's diary was right. Werewolves really do exist.
  Amy couldn't help from breathing quickly as the realization began to sink in.  
I welcomed a werewolf into my home and now I'm laying next to him with the crotch of my jeans completely ripped away
.  Her entire world was flipping on its head causing her heart to begin to flutter in shock.


Remaining still, Armin let out a light morning groan from his throat. "Is everything ok Amy?" he said with a groggy voice. Moving his arm now, he began affectionately stroking her sides. "I can sense your fast heartbeat. What's got you excited?"


"Last night..." Amy said quietly.


"Last night went well," he finished, "We're bonded now."


"You're a werewolf." Amy said with a frightened voice.


"Relax. You're safe now."  Armin said as he brought an assuring hand up to stroke at Amy's ear.


The way those words came out of Armin's morning voice so soothingly put Amy at ease.  It felt sincere and earnest as his stroking fingers drained away her anxiety.  Whatever trace of the feral animal that Amy experienced last night was now gone.  Feeling more assured, Amy still couldn't forget the tender spot on her leg.  The dull pain that was still only a few hours old throbbed with every slow heartbeat.  On top of it all Armin's stroking arm were causing subtle movements in Amy's body, making her aware of all her minor scratches scattered throughout. 
I think calling these love bites are a bit of an understatement.


"How are you feeling?" Armin asked, as if sensing Amy's silent protests from being bitten and scratched.


"My leg still hurts from when you bit me." 


"You won't even be able to feel it in a few hours." Armin said consolingly.


"It still hurts." Amy said, sounding offended.


"I know." Armin said gently, placing a hot palm on Amy's tenderness.  "But just trust me when I say you won't even feel it a few hours from now." 


"Why did you do it?"


"Consider it a love bite.  It just means you're mine now.  It probably won't happen again."


Closing her eyes in contemplation, Amy couldn't be upset.  Despite her minor injuries, Amy felt sensually satisfied. Armin may not have penetrated her flesh with his feral cock, but it was still the most erotic night of her life. The mean biting, the wanton scratching, the animalistic growls, the ferocity mixed with restraint; Amy not only enjoyed it, she loved it. Whatever Armin did to her last night to summon her hot arousal and primal attraction, made it all narrowly worth it. 
A hot werewolf kissed me and turned me into a horny school girl.  Later he ate me out last night like it was his last meal.  Whatever he's got stirring between under his lips was doing something right.


Pulling her body into his, Armin nuzzled his face into Amy's long hair.  Enjoying the way her soft hair brushed against his chin, he rested his nose deep within the corner of her shoulder.  Inhaling deeply through his nose, Amy's pungent scent shot through Armin's heightened sense of smell causing his head to swim in arousal. Savoring her womanly aroma, an almost inaudible growl of approval rocked out of his chest.  The way Amy was causing his head to spin, Armin knew that Amy was prime ground to bury his seed. 


"You smell so fertile Amy." Armin said dreamily with his eyes still closed.


Opening his mouth with an audible pop, Armin began gently nibbling at Amy's ear affectionately. Not searching for any particular reaction, he simply liked feeling the soft malleable skin between his lips and teeth. Enjoying the way her lobes bounced back into place with each playful bite. It felt entirely innocent, free of the primal energy of last night.


"Armin. Are you really werewolf?" Amy asked, encouraging Armin by combing her fingers through his long black hair.


"Do I really need to tell you after last night?"


"It would help. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this."


"Well. Yes and no."


"What does that mean?"


"Well yes in the sense you're right. But no in the sense that you're wrong about what you think that means."


"Well tell me what I'm supposed to think."


"There's two sides two me. The one that's right here, right now." he said, kissing Amy under her ear. "And the one you encountered last night." he added before lightly biting her ear lobe. "But you already knew that from watching those cliche horror movies."


"And the other stuff?"


"We don't feast on meat whenever the moon looks a certain way. At least I don't anyways."


"So you don't go about killing and eating people?"


"Not people. No."


"So why did you show up here last night?"


"To fuck you." Armin stated in a matter of fact tone of voice.


"If you weren't in control of yourself, than why didn't you?"


"Nature wouldn't allow it. My instincts don't allow me to fuck for pleasure. They only allow me to fuck for one purpose."


Armin left that last sentence hanging in the air as he continued kneading Amy between his teeth. His lips smacking playfully next to her ear. Amy was mechanically combing her fingers through his hair as she contemplated what she knew what Armin was pointing at. The thought of what she was about to say along with Armin's playful tongue began stirring arousal within her.


"To breed..." Amy finished after a short pause.


"To breed you." Armin clicked in her ear.  Slowly enunciating each word for dramatic effect.


"So the stuff about werewolves transforming and devouring people isn't true?"


"No, that's bloodlust. Nature doesn't like that."


"And the stuff you told me. About needing to breed?"


"That's true. That's lust-lust. And nature doesn't just like it, it demands it."


"But why didn't you..."


"I smelled fear on you so I couldn't fuck you."  Armin replied, cutting her off, "Fear makes the body a poor environment for pups, our pup would have been born weaker. Me and nature don't like weakness."


Pulling his mouth away from Amy's ear, Armin propped himself on his elbow as he began trailing the flat of his claws along Amy's body.  Enjoying how her skin contoured around his light pressure. Making sure to avoid her injuries, he drew invisible lines up and down her supple skin.  Enjoying himself, it was nice to be able to enjoy Amy's body without the night air commanding him to fuck and to breed her. 


Watching Armin's calm face, Amy made out his sharp canines that barely revealed themselves between his parted lips. 
He definitely looks like he has some wolf in him.
  Looking at his eyes, Amy noted that they were no longer the dark pits that she saw from last night.  They were remarkably human, except for the fact that humans never sported iridescent golden halos. 


"Your skin feels so healthy Amy."


"Yours isn't so bad either." Amy sarcastically replied as she began touching the tips of her fingers against Armin's white scars across his torso. The white smoothness contrasting remarkably from his tanned naturally rougher skin. Enjoying the way how her fingers probed his peaks and valleys without arousing the fervor of his beastly lust.  His muscles felt harder than Amy had ever been with, as if mother nature had built a vicious machine in her dark workshop and had hidden it inside of Armin's taut body.


"I can't wait until tonight when I plant my seed deep inside of you. My lovely mate." Armin said in a tenderly banal tone of voice.


Stiffening her body in response, Amy's mind raced.
Tonight? His seed?  Inside of me?  Shouldn't I be more afraid?
  Not saying anything, Amy watched as Armin leaned his head closer to her body and inhale deeply through his nose.  His eyes closing from her pleasurable scent, it was obvious that Armin was enjoying himself.  Sighing deeply in satisfaction, he returned his eyes to Amy's thinking stare.


"Perfect.  I smell much less fear now." he said with an intoxicated expression that plainly expressed his desire for Amy.  


Still locking eyes with Amy, Armin discreetly took his hand and pressed a fingertip into Amy's sex that was still exposed through her ripped and crotchless jeans. Amy's body jumped in surprise but the pressure only lasted an instant.  Licking his chapped lips, he inadvertently tasted Amy's hours old after-sex that still clung dryly to the oval of his mouth.  Bringing her moisture to his lips, he unrolled his tongue and flicked the tip across his wet finger. "I taste much less fear also." he added, sounding very pleased.


Amy bit her lower lip as wet arousal began to course inside of her dark canal. Just the way Armin handled himself about her. Making the act of fucking her raw seem so inevitable and natural. Yet at the same time, making her feel so wanted behind his wall of self-restraint. 
If getting eaten out by a werewolf was the hottest night of my life, I want to find out what it's like to be fucked by one.

BOOK: Suddenly a Mate 2 : Chosen by the Alpha (Suddenly a Mate 2: Chosen by the Alpha)
13.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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