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Surrender to Me

BOOK: Surrender to Me
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Surrender To Me

Ashley Piscitelli


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Chapter One


I can’t believe my fucking luck right now. I’m stuck in a parking lot in some god damn, hot ass city in the middle of a fucking heat wave.  Everyone is already at the concert venue and I’m going to have to call someone just to give me a friggin’ jump;
gonna go over well.  I know it’s my fault because I left the lights on while I was in the liquor store and decided I needed to flirt with the hot ass clerk working behind the counter.

Right now, though, all I’m hoping for is a jump from some good samaritan who doesn’t ask me for free tickets to the show in exchange for their help.  I’m about to give up and just call Mike, my manager, when a car pulls up next to me. 
I have a baseball cap on but it isn’t the best disguise in the world and most people recognize me anyway.

The car door opens and a girl steps out.  Well, I’ll take what I can get at this point.  She’s about to walk into the store when I call out to her. “Hey, is there any way you can give me a jump?”

She turns and narrows her eyes at me.  Wow, this girl is gorgeous with her long blonde hair, blue eyes that remind me of a tropical ocean, and plump pink lips.  Her cut-off jean shorts show off her tan legs and make her ass look fantastic.  “Um…I’m sorry, I don’t have any cables.”  I think I’m making her nervous because she turns to walk away like she can’t get away fast enough.

I guess a guy hanging out in liquor store parking lot with a baseball cap, asking you to come over to his car
look kind of shady.  “I have the cables.  If you could help me out I would appreciate it; I’m kind of running late.”

She stops walking and seems to be debating whether or not to help me, when she turns around to look at me and I take my hat off.  I don’t care at this point if she recognizes me; I just want to get the hell out of here.  She starts to walk toward her car, opens the door, and pops the hood.  “I don’t know how to do any of this…”  She looks up at me with innocence and I flash her a smile.  When her cheeks start to redden I find myself smirking at her.  I’m not usually a sucker for shy girls, but this one has something…different.

I grab the cables and walk over to her car.  “So, am I allowed to know your name? You know, since you
saving me and all.”

She glances up at me from under her long eyelashes and smiles.  “I’m Rebecca, what’s

My head snaps up. 
she serious? She really has no idea who I am?
  “I’m Luke.  Nice to meet you, Rebecca.”  An awkward silence fills the air, and for once, I really don’t know what to say.  Whenever I meet someone, they usually do most of the talking; asking about the tour, the newest cd, or just asking for things in general.  The fact that she doesn’t know me only intrigues me more.  “So, do you live around here?”

“Yeah, I live about ten minutes away.  I’m guessing you’re just here on a visit?”

I laugh. “Yeah, what gave it away?”

“You haven’t tried to hit on me yet.  Guys around here can be very forward and most of the time it’s with really obnoxious pickup lines.”

I’m at my car now, hooking up the cables and laughing to myself because I was just about to hit on her.  “So, is there a reason you turn them down?  A boyfriend, perhaps?”

“No, no boyfriend.  I just want better things in life than to get stuck here like most of the girls I went to high school with are doing.”

I can tell right away that there is something different about this girl.  She isn’t the normal groupie I would pick up and discard a couple hours later.  There’s just something drawing me to her.  I walk to the driver’s side of my car and climb in to start the engine.  After it roars to life, I get out to disconnect the cables.   As I return to her car to retrieve the other half of my cables and close her hood, she turns off her car and gazes up at me through the windshield.

“Well, thanks for the jump; I really appreciate it.”

“No problem.”

She starts to walk away and I know I need to find out more about her.  “Rebecca!”  She stops walking and turns around.  “You know, the least I could do is maybe take you out for dinner tomorrow night; considering you saved my life and everything.”

She laughs at me and then shakes her head no.  “It’s no big deal, Luke, you don’t owe me anything.”

She turns to walk away again, but I grab her hand to stop her.  As soon as I touch her I feel a jolt of electricity run through me. I immediately pull back my hand. 
What the hell was that?
  “Maybe saying thank you isn’t the only reason I want to take you to dinner.  Please?  It’s just one meal.”

She bites her bottom lip like she’s thinking about it, and I have to force myself not to press my lips to hers so I can bite it myself.  “I…um…I guess we could go to dinner.  I thought you were just visiting, though.”

I was planning on flying back to LA tomorrow to spend my week off relaxing.  I wouldn’t mind hanging around for a little bit, though.  There is something about this girl and I want to spend some more time with her.  “I’ll be in town for a week; I’m staying at the Four Seasons in town.”  I grab her phone out of her hand, snap my picture with it, and add my name and number, too.  I then call myself from her phone so I’ll have her number in mine.  “I’ll text you tomorrow, okay?”

“Okay, sounds good.”  She smiles at me and then disappears into the store.

I hope I’m not making a mistake; I never do stuff like this.  Usually my relationships consist of sex and that’s it; I don’t take girls on dates and I
don’t give them my phone number. As I’m driving away, the only thing going through my mind is that I hope I don’t regret this decision.

When I get to Citizen’s Bank Park I pull around back, but since the windows are tinted, all the people lined up outside have no idea it’s me.  I call security and they open the gates for me to drive in and park my car in the underground lot.  Climbing out of my car, I head off to go find my dressing room, shaking hands and smiling at various people along the way.

When I get to my room, Mike is sitting on the couch eating out of a bowl of red skittles.  He has a whole list of my food preferences, when in reality, I don’t eat any of the shit on the list.  He and the band put
favorite stuff on there and just say I want it so it gets done.  I wonder whose job it is pick out only the red skittles. Mike looks up when he hears me come in.

“Where were you, Lucas?”

“My car battery died.  I was just about to call you but I got a jump.”

“Alright, well I just wanted to make sure that you were okay.  I’ll leave you alone to get ready.”  He gets up and leaves, taking his red skittles with him.

Unlike most stars today, I don’t need to be babysat; I don’t do drugs, I drink but I’m not an alcoholic, and I have no intention of making a rehab trip anytime soon.  It can be lonely doing what I do, but I love it and I’m not willing to sacrifice it for drugs or anything else.  Aside from my numerous one-night stands, the media gets bored with me because I’m pretty straight-laced and that doesn’t make for a good story.

Usually, before a show my mind is racing with a million different thoughts. However, as I’m getting into my outfit for tonight, all I can picture are those innocent ocean-blue eyes.


I’m driving home with a stupid smile plastered across my face all because I got asked out by some random guy in the parking lot.  I mean, sure he was gorgeous, but I
get like this.  He kind of creeped me out when he had his hat on, but once he took it off I was shocked by what was underneath.  He had brown hair that was just long enough to run your fingers through, and penetrating green eyes that seemed to see right through me.  Combine that with a movie star chiseled jaw and a rocking body and he’s quite the package.

I can’t believe that I actually agreed to go out with him.  It was like I temporarily lost my sanity or something.  I guess it isn’t that big of a deal, though, because it’s not like he will be here for long, anyway.  Attaching myself to anyone is a bad idea because my life is complicated enough without extra drama.  Except, of course, for my best friend Jen; we’ve been friends since grade school.   I’m pulling up to my house when my phone starts to ring.  Seeing that it’s Jen, I answer it.

“OH MY GOD!!!!!!”  I pull the phone away from my ear because I think she may have caused permanent damage.  I push the speaker button to save my ears the torture.  “I just won two tickets to the concert tonight!!!!!!”

She may have been expecting me to scream, but I had no idea who was even in town.  I work two jobs just to afford school, buy my little car, and have a working cell phone.  All of that doesn’t leave much time to keep up with all the celebrities, and I really have no desire to do so.  I listen to music sometimes with Jen, but other than that, I prefer books.  I’m a sucker for the love stories where the girl meets her prince charming that sweeps her away from her normal life.  I always dream I’m one of those girls, but then I wake up and I’m still me.  Dreams are such a tease.

“Whose concert, Jen?”

“Ugh!  You need to keep up with current events, girl!”  Our ideas of current events are very different.  “Lucas Masterson is in town!  He’s only the sexiest singer in the whole friggin’ world!”

“Congrats, then!  I hope you enjoy him
all of his hotness.”

hell no
!  I have two tickets, and
, miss thing, are coming with me!”

Is she serious?  I don’t even know who the guy is and I’ve never even been to a concert before.  I’m sure there is someone else that she can take that will enjoy it more than me.  “Jen, I don’t…”

“No! I am not taking no for an answer, Becca.  I’ll be there to get you at seven.”

“Jen, that’s in a half hour!”

“Yes, and I will see you then!”  She hangs up before I can protest anymore and I know it’s no use.  Jen is always trying to take me out of my comfort zone, and in all reality, I love her for it.

I get out of my car carrying the bottle of Wild Turkey that I had picked up earlier.  When I walk in, my mom is in her chair, staring at the TV like always.  She hardly ever moves except to go to the bathroom or get another drink.  I hate that she’s like this, but by now I’m used to it.  The day my dad left her, she shattered and was never able to put herself back together.  I was only 7 at the time, so I couldn’t do it for her, either.

Part of the reason I always avoided friends and dates was because I don’t want anyone to ever have that kind of power over me.  I refuse to give someone the means to destroy me.  Jen is the only one I have ever truly trusted, but she’s been my friend since before my dad left.  Growing up when your mother is a total wreck was no treat, either.

I was constantly bullied because I didn’t have a lot of clothes, and sometimes our water would get shut off and I couldn’t shower.  I took advantage of the free lunches from school because it was usually the only good meal I got to eat.  My mom was on disability for “back problems” that she said she had received in a car accident.  She was fine, but it allotted her the lifestyle she has now and gave her the chance to never have to work again, so she took it.  Unfortunately, with that being our only income and her being basically catatonic, that left me to figure out bills, groceries, and still have money for her alcohol in the budget.

My phone beeped telling me I had a text message, when I looked down I smiled.

Luke: Anywhere you want to go tomorrow?

He had said he would text me tomorrow so I was surprised when I looked down and saw his name.

Me: It doesn’t matter. The diner down the street from me is pretty good.

Luke: Diner? No way, I’m taking you somewhere nicer than that. It will just have to be a surprise then.

Some place nicer?  I wonder what Luke does for a living; I never asked him.  I’m sure it’s something pretty good if he wants to take me somewhere nice, or maybe he just has money.  That would be perfect: to come from money and not have to worry about rationing portions of mac and cheese because you don’t have any more money for groceries.

I hear a horn honk outside and realize that Jen must be here.  I walk out to meet her and smile; I can hear the music blasting from her car and she is swinging her hands around dancing like she’s in the club.  I wish I could be half as confident as she is.

When I open the door and climb in, she screams and throws her arms around me.  “I’m so excited, Becca!”  She pulls away and turns the music up even louder.  The guy singing has a really sexy voice; I think he could be singing about grocery shopping and it would still sound hot.

When we park and start making our way into the concert I get excited.  I can’t believe that I’m here, and I love Jen for bringing me.  We find our seats and I’m surprised at how close they are to the stage.  Jen won second row tickets from the radio station—she was bummed because the first row tickets came with meet and greet passes—but this was good enough for me.

The opening act comes on and it’s a gorgeous girl with a body to die for.  She moves around the stage with so much sex appeal and I watch her, wishing I was able do something like that.  I have an okay body—I’m curvy but definitely not fat—however that girl is
.  After she leaves the stage, Jen tells me she’s going to the bathroom and I opt to wait here.  Crowds are really not my thing; I’m not that comfortable with people I don’t know and most of the time I prefer to just stay in my room at home.  My phone beeps with a message again and I see that it’s Luke.

Luke: I made us a reservation at six for tomorrow. Is that good?

Me: Sure, do you want me to meet you there?

Luke: No I’ll pick you up.

Me: Ok.

He wants to pick me up?
  Maybe I can meet him at the curb or something; I do
want him going into my house.  This is why I never say yes to dates; there’s just too much to worry about.

When Jen gets back she has her hands behind her back and a huge smile on her face.  “What’s up?”

“I decided to get you something so you can remember your first concert.”  She pulls a t-shirt out from behind her back and my heart stops when I see the face on it.

It’s Luke

BOOK: Surrender to Me
7.54Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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