Survivor Planet Series 2-Book Box Set

BOOK: Survivor Planet Series 2-Book Box Set
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Juliet Cardin


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An Imprint of Whiskey Creek Press LLC

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Juliet Cardin

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The Tulpa Knight was a sweet read. I really enjoyed the easy flow to the story and its characters. Kallie is a strong woman who finally realizes just what true love is. Jamie is a great man who finds a way to gain back what he looses. The love and the emotions that grow between Kallie and Jamie are a wonderful read. Juliet Cardin makes us once again want to believe in the magic of true love and what it can do. If you enjoy a quick and romantic read this is a book that you should not miss.

~ Got Romance Reviews


I would recommend this novella to those who enjoy sci-fi erotica/romance. It's an enjoyable read, which is highly entertaining and full of intrigue. More books are sure to be in the future, and I for one am looking forward to them!
5/5 flaming hearts for hotness.


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Juliet Cardin

Chapter 1

He was going to kill me.

If he found me, I was dead meat. Carnage would be my new middle name. Handsome as Kale was to the outside world, I'd seen him for the monster he truly was. He'd end me now. Snap my neck and burn my bones. Dead girls told no tales.

Though my limbs screamed in agony, I pushed onward. At least I wasn't freezing my ass off anymore. My legs slipped and scraped for traction against slick rock while my hands clung to fistfuls of moss. I finally got a toehold and lurched myself up onto the ledge of the steep rock face. I lay still for a moment, sucking in deep breaths of crisp northern air before staggering to my feet.


Pure, unconstrained, bone-jarring exhaustion filled every pore of my body from my head down to my well-worn hiking boots. It'd be worth it, though. From here I was able to see the entire lake and surrounding cottages—prime vantage point for rat patrol. Aubrey Lake was horseshoe shaped with a point jutting out brazenly right in the centre. It was there my cottage sat, sticking out like a sore thumb. Stupidly, I'd thought coming here would be safe. But no, he'd arrived after noon, just when I'd begun to relax. He'd been here only once before, at the end of last summer over eight months ago. It was a six-hour drive just to reach town, then zigzagging roads, corkscrew turns, and a practically hidden turn-off to the lake. Surely he wouldn't remember the route?

He'd found me anyway.

After all, Tenacity was
middle name.

I took in the sight of the thick forest below, just beginning to turn green with new spring leaves. All was silent, even the birds, as if the entire forest was holding its breath and watching me. As comforting as the expanse of nature felt, I knew it was a lie. Danger lurked everywhere. None so much as my bent-on-killing-me boyfriend. I needed time to sit and think, time to regroup and plan, if my next move was not to be my last. And this place, though high and away, was not it. Far below at the water's edge my bright yellow canoe rested. A glaring beacon giving my location away. I comforted myself with the knowledge that, unless he stole one, it was the only boat available. To get to me he'd have to hike down the road and up the trail to reach this location. If I wanted the advantage of a lead, I needed to move. Now.

I gave the area another careful look, and moved on. The forest behind me stretched out for miles, you could get lost in it for days, which was exactly what I intended to do. I had a pretty good sense of direction, so when enough time passed that Kale grew bored and hopefully went home, I'd emerge. Until then, I'd live off the land. How difficult could it be?

There was a cave way in the back forty I'd hiked to on many occasions with my aunt and uncle—God rest their souls. Uncle Mick had dragged me from one end of the eternal forest to the other since they'd bought this place seventeen years ago. I'd been three at the time and rambunctious as hell. The perfect hiking partner for my childless guardians. How I wished Mick were here now. He'd punch Kale in his perfectly rugged face and then kick his gorgeous ass all the way back to Havelton—our hometown. What a fool I'd been not to see the ugliness beneath Kale's striking shell. At least, not till it was too late.

A drop of sweat ran down my back and I could feel moisture gathering in my armpits. A few days out here with no amenities and Kale would probably run in the opposite direction if he did find me. I stopped for a moment when the trail began to wane. I was at the halfway point. It got a bit dicey from here. The logical part of my brain always questioned my direction, while my gut usually assured me to trust my instincts. I'd never gotten lost yet. And yeah, I'd come up here alone before. Last summer, in fact. Right before I happened to meet ‘Mr. Wonderful'. Sucker that I'd been, I couldn't wait to rush him up here and show him the glorious north. I'd been all about sharing back then. Full of happily ever-afters, rainbows, kittens, and riding off into sunsets. What a dolt. Being orphaned once more, just a couple months before we met, I'd jumped into a relationship with an older man with both feet.

Kale was supposed to save me. Supposed to be my knight in shining armor. My hero. And he had been. For six glorious months he'd been the most incredible catch on Earth.

Then everything went to shit.

All of a sudden his personality seemed to punch into overdrive. He questioned everything I did and everywhere I went. I had no family and he didn't want me to have any friends either. Not that I had many. I'm kind of a recluse by nature. We lived together in his apartment by that time. A small two bedroom in a high-rise—the seventh floor to be exact. I got to see how far up we were quite intimately when he grabbed my hair and bent me backward over the railing. Then there was the time he punched a hole through the wall right beside my head.

Good times.

I suppose I should have taken these little hints to be signs of bigger things to come, but no. Fool that I'd been I'd made excuses. He'd had a hard day at work. He was tired. He was sick. He was under pressure. I wasn't doing enough to help out financially. I didn't clean the apartment well enough. I wasn't attentive enough. Things will be better tomorrow...You know, the regular bullshit we tell ourselves to sleep at night.

Last week was the last straw...

I heard the snap of a branch.

“Mandy?” His voice washed over me like a cold shower, and goose bumps spread across my arms despite the sweat covering my skin.

Damn it to hell, would I never escape?

Slowly I turned around. His face blurred for a moment and instead of seeing Kale—brutal and beautiful—I saw two men in white jumpsuits. The one in the front held up his hands and moved forward on cautious feet as if I were a woodland creature he was trying not to spook.

“Everything's all right, Amanda. You're safe now. Just come back with Danny and me and you'll see.”

“Danny?” My eyes flashed to the other man who stared back at me with a bit of a smirk.

“Yes, you remember Danny, don't you? And me? Come on now, sweetheart, we're friends, remember?”

My mind jolted and flashes of my past began to return, running through my head like a bad movie. “Jack?” Yes, that was his name. I'm pretty sure it was.

“Yes, it's Jack. See, you do remember.” Closer he came, stalking me until he was only a few feet away. Despite our proximity, he didn't reach out to touch me.

Reality pecked away at me until the blurry line between fact and fiction began to clear. I looked down at my feet and noticed I wore white running shoes.
What the hell?
Where were my boots? The trees around me were suddenly lush and green and the air was warm—almost too warm. It was spring, wasn't it? Why was everything suddenly different? I held up my arms in front of me. Bare. I should be cold, but I wasn't. My clothes, not jeans and a long sleeved cotton shirt and a jacket, but a plain white gown reaching just above my knees.

“Jack?” He took my hand when I reached out. I clung to him shamelessly. “What's happening to me?”

Laughter sounded. Danny was shaking his head and I heard him mutter the word, ‘Loon'.

Jack turned and hissed something at him while putting a comforting arm around my shoulder. He pivoted and began to lead me down the pathway in the direction I'd just come. I froze. “No! Kale, he's coming. He'll get me.”

More laughter from Danny. “Not likely, doll,” he said. I didn't like his voice. It was harsh like Kale's.

“Mandy, no one's gonna get you,” Jack assured me. “Kale is in your mind, remember? He's not real. We talked about this last week.”

Not real? What'd he mean? Of course Kale was real. I knew everything about him. How his hair felt when I ran my fingers through it. How he smelled like Old Spice and something rugged. I knew how his hands felt on my body when he made love to me. I knew how the sound of his voice, when raised in anger, made me cringe and shake with fear. The sound of his taunting laughter was what made me run away. Yes, I remember now. I'd heard it all around me. He'd been coming to get me and he would hurt me again. He always hurt me. And nobody believed me. No one helped me. So I had to run, had to save myself...

The pieces came to me like a broken puzzle trying to put itself back together. I'd been outside in the yard with the others. My mind had been clear and calm so they'd left me alone to wander. At the edge of the forest I'd seen the hole in the fence. The others sat on benches or played with dolls. One of them was arguing with an attendant—Daisy Mellville—that was her name. She was a troublemaker and I didn't like her. Peering over my shoulder I saw more attendants in the yard rush up and try to calm her. It was then that Kale's voice and cruel laughter came to me. Loud and mean. Even though I covered my ears with my hands, still I could hear it.
Ignore it.
I'd tried. Really, I did. Even hummed a little, and began reciting the six wives of Henry the Eighth, but nothing worked.

The hole in the fence yawned wide like a big cavern, beckoning me, lulling me with safety...and escape. What choice did I have but to take it? It was either run, or wait for Kale to come and get me. So I did what I had to do.

I ran.

Chapter 2

Jack continued to guide me down the pathway. After a few minutes he released me and took up the lead. I plodded along obediently. Danny walked behind us, and self-consciously I felt his eyes upon me. My gaze took in the beautiful August day. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming, insects buzzed and critters crept. Why I'd thought it was spring was another item to add to my already long list of mysteries.

BOOK: Survivor Planet Series 2-Book Box Set
3.81Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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