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Anne O’Connell


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     Kali never drove anywhere, but Brad
saw no point in asking her why. She always seemed to get where she needed to go
and it always seemed someone was heading her way. She was quirky like that. It
was just another mystery among the growing mysteries that made up the intense
woman sleeping beside him. He ran one finger over the soft curve of her
shoulder. A faint, contented sigh escaped her lips and he draped his arm around
her, pulling her sleeping body closer to him.

     The switch happened unexpectedly.
He'd invited the Domme over to show her his dungeon set-up. Sure, in the year
or more they’d been friends he'd noticed there was a sexual tension between
them, but he'd dismissed it. After all, he would never have gone for another
Dominant and neither would she, or so he thought.

     That fateful night they sat on the
couch with a couple of beers talking about their friend Eric’s new girlfriend,
Amy. He’d only turned his head for a second to set the beer down on the table
and when he turned back around, Kali leaned forward and kissed him hard on the
lips. A slave to his hidden desire to have her, this single kiss excited him.
Without too much forethought he did what he normally would have done if a sub
took liberties to kiss him unbidden. In one swift motion he took her by the arm
and pulled her over his knee. Then he lifted her skirt, took down her panties
and smacked her ass with his open hand. When she didn’t protest he smacked her
ass again, harder the second time.

     She groaned softly, but still
didn’t protest or struggle.

     It was as good as a green light to
continue, so he commenced spanking her beautiful, smooth round ass with his
open hand until her skin was red and his cock, still sheathed in his pants,
throbbed against her thighs. He slid a finger between her slit only to find her
wet and ready for him. Lifting her off of his lap he firmly forced her onto the
floor in front of him.

     “Get on all fours and beg me to
fuck you,” he told her, acutely aware of just how turned on he was.

     Much to his surprise, Kali did
exactly as she was told and she did a convincing job of it, too. She spread her
legs and lifted her ass high into the air. “Please fuck me, Sir.”

     That was all it took. He didn’t need
her to say it again. He unsheathed his swollen member and slid it deep into her
wet, tight wanting hole. She opened herself to him until he was buried deep
inside her. Pulling it out completely he paused, enjoying how she pushed back,
wanting him. He could feel her desperation and plunged himself back into her.
He teased her slowly at first with measured, even strokes, holding her hips so
she couldn’t take him into her at her whim. He was the one in control and the
one who decided how much of his cock she would take.

     “You’re going to take every inch
when I decide to give it to you, aren’t you?” he growled in her ear.

     She writhed beneath him, moaning
and begging him for more. “Please, Sir. Fuck me, Sir.” She wanted him to pound
her mercilessly. Drawing in a deep breath he plunged into her again, then
steadily he eased himself into a rhythm, feeling her muscles tighten around his
shaft, convulsing in ecstasy. It felt so right, so primal, that night he lost
complete control and pounded into her with wild abandon until he felt his
release. Afterward he went down on her, holding her firmly as she writhed
beneath him, bringing her to climax with his firm and nimble tongue.

     Afterward, once they both caught
their breath and regained their senses, Kali acted as though her switch was
nothing strange at all.

     “I didn’t know you had it in you to
be such a hot submissive, Kal,” he had said.

     She laughed and playfully swatted
his arm. “Don’t tell anyone. I’m hot no matter which team I’m on.”

     “That’s the truth,” he agreed.

     After that, she skillfully shrugged
off as no big deal.


Chapter 1


     It had been a month since Brad and
Kali got together. Now, she was a steady visitor to his dungeon and bed, but
not as Domme Kali that he’d gotten to know over the past sixteen months. This
wasn’t the same Domme who bought whips and spanking benches from the private
back room at
By the Book
, the bookstore and incognito bdsm supply Brad
ran with his friend and business partner, Eric. No, this was a different Kali.
This Kali was warm and soft, submissive, and even a bit vulnerable. It was as
if she’d been submissive to him all along.

     He remembered how she seemed afraid
the first time he took the cane to her and the first time he put her in rope
bondage. Once she gave in to him and realized he wouldn’t hurt her (well, not
that much), she relaxed. In the month that followed she seemed more and more willing
to put her trust in him. His guess was that someone had hurt her – bad. That
fact bothered him. After all, it was in a Dom’s nature to want to protect and
take care of his sub, wasn’t it? It was in
nature anyway.

     For weeks now he’d been wondering
what another man could have done to cause a sub to turn Domme. Of course it was
possible he was being paranoid and she really was just a switch. Initially
that’s what he thought. He thought her nervousness was due to adjusting to a
new Dom; that her switch was probably just natural. After all, a lot of people
played on both sides of the fence and Kali really did seem to like dominating
women. But now that he’d gotten to know the softer side of Kali, the Domme side
seemed fake; forced even. It was as if when she played Domme she was putting on
a brave face for the world while also putting up a wall to keep it out.
Switches didn’t do that. Well-cared-for subs didn’t pretend to be Dommes to
keep other Doms at bay.

     He kissed the side of her head, pushed
away a few strands of tussled auburn hair from her cheek, and snuggled closer
to her. “Babe?” he whispered in her ear.

     “Hmm?” she murmured.

     This time he pulled back and gently
rolled her over before kissing her on the lips. Her eyes slowly fluttered open.
He kissed her again and slid his hand over her breast. There were times vanilla
sex was just fine with him, and right now, at this moment, he didn’t desire to
dominate her. Instead, he just wanted to be with her and to worship her body.

     She kissed him back and looked at
the clock on the bedside table. “It’s two in the morning,” she protested

     “And I want you so much right now,”
he whispered back before kissing her neck.

     Smiling, she wrapped her arms
around him. His lips found hers and they embraced in a deep kiss.

     Kissing down her body, he found her
left breast and teased the nipple with his tongue. She moaned softly beneath
him and ran her hands through his hair. He couldn’t help but being aroused by
her. She smelled like brown sugar and cinnamon and her skin felt like silk. Knowing
what tantalized her, he teased her until she was aroused. He mounted her,
sliding his erect penis into her. Pushing her hips forward, she embraced him.
Together they moved in rhythmic ecstasy until she came against him. When she
was finished, he increased his rhythm, finding his own release. Then he held
her next to his chest.  

Kali wasn’t like other women. There was
something he felt about her that he hadn’t felt with others. A deep connection.
A longing. It went beyond just wanting her and lusting after her. He actually
enjoyed spending time with her and looked forward to their time together. He
wanted Kali in his life - completely. He wanted to share his life with her and
her to share hers with him. She was even a woman he could see himself married
to. He smiled in contentment knowing there would be more than a few of his
friends who would find that shocking.

Since their relationship began month
earlier he’d learned a few interesting things about her. She finally admitted
to him that she didn’t want the expense of a car and hadn’t driven in years.
She felt she was doing a service to both her own finances and the planet by not
driving. She also liked chocolate chunk ice cream and would eat grapes by the
bowl full. She loved kids, which was a surprise since she always had that hard
edge about her. But amidst all these things she’d shared with him, she still
glossed over the details of her past.

     That’s when he made the decision.
He needed to find out what had gone so horribly wrong in her past to cause her
to pretend to be a Domme around men when she really was, in fact, a sub. If she
wouldn’t tell him, he’d find out on his own. It was for her own good, really,
he convinced himself. Besides, she was now his sub and she didn’t have a choice
in the matter. Even as he thought it he felt a twinge of guilt, but he brushed
it off. He’d make sure she didn’t find out.




The following afternoon, Brad found
himself at
By the Book
sitting behind the counter at his desk like he
spent so many afternoons. He eyed the back of Eric's head warily. There was no
easy way to bring it up. "So you realize you let Amy top you from the

     Eric whirled around, giving him a
puzzled look. "What? No, man. It's not like that."

     Amy was Eric’s new live-in
girlfriend and they’d been together for a few months now. She also worked at
the Book
. Their relationship had started in an unusual way when Eric caught
Amy snooping around the back room after she’d been told not to. It was a
relationship that Brad was pretty sure would lead to a wedding down the road.
Eric and Amy were good together.

     "It seems to me she's calling
the shots, at least at the moment. I think even in the vanilla world that's called
whipped." He grinned, knowing Eric would protest.

     Eric got defensive like Brad
expected. "Well, it's our relationship, so I guess we can do whatever we
want. Besides, you're the one always telling me how each bdsm relationship is
its own
unique animal
. Right now we're in an

     Brad shrugged. "I guess you're
right. It's just that at first you took some pretty irregular liberties in
caging her and treating her like she's been a sub forever with no training, and
then you turn around and let her call the shots. I guess I'm not understanding
what's up with you two."

     "Well, I look at it as I'm
helping her explore her submissive sexuality. It pleases me to do that.
Besides, it's not like I don't incorporate my wants into that equation,"
Eric told him. Then added as an afterthought, "Amy is eager to please me
and she usually does what I tell her to even when she's unsure about it. And
when she doesn't she's punished. I've only gotten the safe word once in the
last two weeks. Besides - you're the one who took a single tailed whip to her.
How irregular was that?"

     "That wasn't just me. That was
a collaborative decision between the three of us. You know as well as I do that
she sometimes needs pain to bring about an emotional release, otherwise she
shuts down. You can't deny that. I guess I'm perplexed at how initially you
didn't even work her up to caning or anal plugs. You just kind of jumped into
that, too. And yet now she gets to pick and choose?" Brad kind of laughed,
knowing he had Eric in a position where he couldn't refute it.

     Eric relented. "Okay, so I
didn't go slow and I took a lot of liberties with her in the beginning. But
she's just so damn... willing to let me do what I want with her. I don't want a
sub who always struggles against my demands. I want one who does what I want
when I want it. And yes, she does get what she wants but only when I agree with
her. She's so damn creative with her kink I can't help but be curious about it
myself. That girl has one hell of a unique imagination. Besides, we're not
twenty-four-seven and I'm not sure if our relationship is heading in that
direction anyway. I'm cool with that. How does that translate to her topping
from the bottom again?"

BOOK: Switched
7.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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