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Take Two

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Karen’s book
Oceans Apart
changed my life. She has an amazing gift of bringing a reader into her stories. I can only pray she never stops writing.

Susan L.

Everyone should have the opportunity to read or listen to a book by Karen Kingsbury. It should be in the
Bill of Rights

Rachel S.

I want to thank Karen Kingsbury for what she is doing with the power of her storytelling — touching hearts like mine and letting
God use her to change the world for Him.

Brittney N.

Karen Kingsbury’s books are filled with the unshakable, remarkable, miraculous fact that God’s grace is greater than our suffering.
There are no words for Ms. Kingsbury’s writing.

Wendie K.

Because I loaned these books to my mother, she BECAME a Christian! Thank you for a richer life here and in heaven!

Jennifer E.

When I read my first Karen Kingsbury book, I couldn’t stop…. I read thirteen more in one summer!

Jamie B.

I have never read anything so uplifting and entertaining. I’m shocked as I read each new release because it’s always better
than the last one.

Bonnie S.

I am unable to put your books down, and I plan to read many more of them. What a wonderful spiritual message I find in each

Rhonda T.

I love the way Karen Kingsbury writes, and the topics she chooses to write about! Thank you so much for sharing your talent
with us, your readers!

Barbara S.

My husband is equally hooked on your books. It is a family affair for us now! Can’t wait for the next one.


I can’t even begin to tell you what your books mean to me…. Thank you for your wonderful books and the way they touch my life
again and again.

Martje L.

Every time our school buys your next new book, everybody goes crazy trying to read it first!


Recently I made an effort to find GOOD Christian writers, and I’ve hit the jackpot with Karen Kingsbury!


When Karen Kingsbury calls her books “Life-Changing Fiction™,” she’s merely telling the unvarnished truth. I’m still sorting
through the changes in my life that have come from reading just a few of her books!

Robert M.

I must admit that I wish I was a much slower reader … or you were a much faster writer. Either way, I can’t seem to get enough
of Karen Kingsbury’s books!

Jillian B.

I was offered $50 one time in the airport for the fourth book in the Redemption Series. The lady’s husband just couldn’t understand
why I wasn’t interested in selling it. Through sharing Karen’s books with my friends, many have decided that contemporary
Christian fiction is the next best thing to the Bible. Thank you so much, Karen. It is truly a God-thing that you write the
way you do.

Sue Ellen H.

Karen Kingsbury’s books have made me see things in ways that I had never thought about before. I have to force myself to put
them down and come up for air!

Tabitha H.

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Take Two

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To Donald, my Prince Charming …

How I rejoice to see you coaching again, sharing your gift of teaching and your uncanny basketball ability with another generation
of kids — and best yet, now our boys are part of the mix. Isn’t this what we always dreamed of? I love sitting back this time
and letting you and God figure it out. I’ll always be here — cheering for you and the team from the bleachers. But God’s taught
me a thing or two about being a coach’s wife. He’s so good that way. It’s fitting that you would find varsity coaching again
now — after twenty years of marriage. Hard to believe that as you read this, our twentieth anniversary has come and gone.
I look at you and I still see the blond, blue-eyed guy who would ride his bike to my house and read the Bible with me before
a movie date. You stuck with me back then and you stand by me now — when I need you more than ever. I love you, my husband,
my best friend, my Prince Charming. Stay with me, by my side, and let’s watch our children take wing, savoring every memory
and each day gone by. Always and always … The ride is breathtakingly beautiful, my love. I pray it lasts far into our twilight
years. Until then, I’ll enjoy not always knowing where I end and you begin. I love you always and forever.

To Kelsey, my precious daughter …

You are almost twenty and though I cringe even writing those words, I am blessed to be your mom and your friend. My heart
soars with joy when I see all that you are, all you’ve become. This is a precious year for us because you’re still home, attending
junior college, and spending nearly every day in the dance studio. When you’re not dancing, you’re helping out with the business
and ministry of Life-Changing Fiction™ — so we have many precious hours together. I know this time is short and won’t last,
but I’m enjoying it so much — you, no longer the high school girl, a young woman and in every way my daughter, my friend.
That part will always stay, but you, my sweet girl, will go where your dreams lead, soaring through the future doors God opens.

Honey, you grow more beautiful — inside and out — every day. And always I treasure the way you talk to me, telling me your
hopes and dreams and everything in between. I can almost sense the plans God has for you, the very good plans. I pray you
keep holding on to His hand as He walks you toward them. I love you, sweetheart.

To Tyler, my lasting song …

I can hardly wait to see what the next school year brings you, my precious son. Last year you were one of Joseph’s brothers,
and you were Troy Bolton, and Captain Hook — becoming a stronger singer and stage actor with every role. This year you began
a new high school, where God has continued to shape you as the leader He wants you to be. I’ll never forget the moment on
the K-Love Cruise this past year when you were so deeply moved during worship. You told me, “Mom, I think God is leading me
into a future of Christian music.” Wow, Ty. What an amazing God we serve, that He is putting such a dream on your heart now,
while you are not yet a junior in high school. I still love seeing you on a stage, but I sense that you want to spend more
time on a different stage — the stage of life. I know it’s hard realizing that time with your best friend, Kelsey, is running
short. But you’ll be fine, and no matter where God leads you in the future, the deep and lasting family relationships you’ve
begun here in your childhood will remain.

BOOK: Take Two
2.89Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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