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Devlin Beach Wolves 2




H.M. McQueen


Devlin Beach Wolves




H.M. McQueen



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Chapter One



Isen Wolfe rode his motorcycle at break neck speed toward Sanctum, the nightclub where his pack would congregate.  His body tormented in pain, his jeans and t-shirt soaked in blood. It took all his concentration to keep the machine up driving along Ocean Boulevard. Plus the heat radiating off the bike’s big v-twin motor didn’t help the pain in his leg.

 One of the bastards had bitten through his jeans and into the thigh muscle.  Damn, it hurt like hell.  The others who rode alongside him also suffered from injuries sustained in a fight against the pack encroaching on their Devlin Beach territory.  The attackers, a group from Panama City, had a grudge and they came not only in kick ass mode, but strung out on some kind of strange drug, which seemed to make them impervious to pain.

Yeah, he was a wolf, and right about now he wished for the freedom to shift form and hide somewhere dark until he healed.  The rumble of other bikes behind him as well as the black Jeep on his right made Isen feel a little more secure.  If he lost consciousness and wrecked the bike, at least his pack had his back.  That’s if they didn't run him over.

He leaned into a sharp right turn and cut across Sanctum's parking lot, the tires sliding just a bit over the rough asphalt.  Dropping the kickstand and killing the motor he managed to stand and lift his leg over the bike.

 Dismounting hurt like a bitch, he steadied himself by holding onto the handlebars until he could clear the dizziness from he brain. After glancing at those around him he started walking toward the back door, knowing he probably looked as bad as he felt. The others following along behind him looked just as bad though. Anyone seeing them would probably mistake them for the cast from that TV show “The Walking Dead.” And they wouldn’t be the live members.

 Not in the mood to go with the rest of the wolves to the shower room, he made a beeline for the office spaces instead.  If he was going to be in pain, better to whine alone until his wounds began to heal.

 If they hurt like hell right now, the healing process would probably be even worse.  Damn those fuckers.  Next time he'd be ready and not hold back.  Fuck the code of not killing another wolf.  The pack from up north seemed to have missed that memo. They went straight for the throat every time.  It took all his fighting ability just to keep from losing his head.  Literally.

 In the pack leader's office, he poured a generous amount of twenty-year-old scotch into a glass and downed it, then refilled it before collapsing onto a chair. When the door opened, he didn't bother looking up.  Whoever it was better get what they came for and back the fuck out of the room.

"Isen? You're not the kind who normally hides in a corner to lick your wounds." The damn woman stood over him and looked down without a lot of concern that he was bleeding like a stuck pig.  "Why don't you take a shower and wash all that off?"

 She swung her long pink tipped hair behind her shoulders and popped her gum.  Her pretty green eyes looking him up and down. "Taden's gonna be mad you're dripping blood all over his office."

True. Taden, her brother and the pack leader, would probably blow a gasket at the puddle at his feet.  Isen sat in the center of the male's prized Persian rug at the moment. He frowned at the stain and the trail of blood leading into the office.

 She shrieked when he sprung to his feet and rushed at her. "Leave me the fuck alone, Baby, you're such a pain in the ass." With a loud growl, he grabbed her arm and pushed her out the door slamming it behind her.  

"I'm going to tell Taden you..." He didn't hear the rest, didn't care at the moment.

 The fight against the Panama City pack had been a tough one.  In the last couple years it had become pretty peaceful among packs. The various groups stayed to their own territories and left one another alone.

 Yet even though the last war had been long ago, it was evident to Isen that his pack had not become soft. At the same time, the damn pack from the panhandle shouldn't have been so strong against them.  Whatever they were on seemed to make them not only crazy, but also full of rage.  They fought like crazy animals with nothing to lose.

 His body throbbed in pain now that he'd come down from the adrenaline rush of the fight.  The deep cuts that crisscrossed his chest were beginning to heal.  One of the perks of being a wolf shifter, fast recoup. But it still hurt like a mother.

He eyed the door. Thankfully Baby didn't come back.  Although Taden's sister was twenty-three, she acted like a spoiled brat at times. At least she seemed to when speaking to him.  Or maybe he just reacted too strongly when she was around.  Who the fuck knew?

With perky boobs, a sexy mouth, and round ass, she brought a hard on just by walking by.  He had to constantly remind himself she was Taden's pesky little sister. One who needed to be spanked and locked up in a room until she grew up. So yeah, he pictured himself locked in the room with her at times, teaching her a lesson or two.  But he wasn't going there.

The door opened and Taden stalked in.  Just as Baby predicted, he focused on the puddle of blood on the expensive rug.  "Couldn't you bleed in the locker room like everyone else?"  He neared and stared at the rug.  "Fuck!"

"Nope.  I needed a shot of some strong liquor and you keep the good shit in here." Isen lifted the half empty bottle in salute and guzzled straight from it. The amber liquor burned a delicious trail down his throat.  "I think this one is going to take a while." He lifted his shirt to show a nasty cut above his belly button.  "The asshole got lucky."

Taden fared better than he did.  His cuts didn't seem as deep.  The artic wolf was enormous and fast. And coming from Alaska, well known for turf wars, had far more experience in battle than he or the rest of the pack. Isen looked to the door.  "Where are the other guys?"

"Raythe and Vane took Synder to the E.R.  The young wolf should have hightailed it like he was told." Taden snatched the bottle from Isen's hand and took a long drink.  "The rest are in the showers, I guess.  Most are okay.  I'm worried about Jace he probably should have gone to the hospital too."

He glared at the bloodstain again.  "I told the pack to avoid running at West Beach tonight. And guess what the young ones did?  Now you, Raythe, and Jace got hurt saving their asses. Why do I waste my time talking to any of you? None of you do what you're told."

Isen remained quiet.  No one challenged Taden.  He had the dubious honor of leading a pack made up of mostly alpha males.  It was rare that they all got along. The Alpha spent more time refereeing than leading.  Yeah, they beat the shit out of each other on occasion to prove some kind of hierarchy between them, but no one wanted Taden's position.

The artic wolf was without comparison.  Not just because of his strength, but because he demanded respect by being a fair leader.

"I'll check on Jace." Isen stood only to land back on his ass when Taden shoved him. "Or not."

"Next time you touch my baby sister, you'll be the one at the E.R." His pack leader's blue eyes seemed to glow.  "Understand?"

"Got it. But she's annoying as shit.  You have to know that." Isen had to complain.  The reprimand was unfair. Baby always drove him nuts.

Taden headed to the door. A one-shoulder shrug told him the pack leader halfway agreed.

Isen took another swig and decided to hang out just a bit longer.  Thankfully the damn throbbing was beginning to lessen.


Baby was perched at the bar. Her patience, as little as there was to begin with, wearing thin.  One would think her thick head of a brother would at least come and tell her how everyone was doing. When she tried to enter the shower room, she'd been corralled by one of the human bouncers and ushered back to the club's main area.  Her brother's orders.  Asshole.

She wondered whether or not to call the hospital to check on Synder.  Humans weren't too fond of wolves.  Hopefully he'd get good treatment. The Devlin Beach medical center had a couple doctors who studied Were medicine and seemed to give a shit. With luck one of them would be on duty.

She let out a huff and once again looked toward the doors that kept the offices and shower room separate from the rest of the club.

Four wolves owned Sanctum nightclub.  Taden, Raythe, Isen, and Jace.  The older wolves ran the business employing not only humans, but also other wolves in the pack for various positions.  Taden hired her a couple years back to manage the front area.  She loved working with the bar staff and servers and was damn good at it. 

Everyone had a specific task at Sanctum. Taden, along with her best friend Vane, managed the business and books, while Raythe, Isen and Jace worked promotions and provided security.

All the wolves were currently locked up in the back in some sort of post-fight pow-wow.  Her staff and human bouncers had the front covered.

Techno music pulsed through the club, strobe lights flashed and the disc jockey's stand glided on cable over the dance floor.  He spoke into the microphone egging the crowd into a frenzy.

As usual since it was summer, the dance floor at Sanctum was packed even though it was Thursday night.  Bodies moved in time with the music, arms and hips swinging, hands waving in the air. Those who sat, watched the dancers with rapt attention while the wait staff, dressed in shorts and black Sanctum polo shirts, weaved through with drink-laden trays held high.

Baby once again looked to the closed doors and wondered if Isen was all right.  She'd gone in to check on him after he'd limped in from the street. Now she kept vigil for him.

When the doors opened and a couple of wolves stepped through to take their posts as bouncers, she stretched her neck to look. The flashing lights made it hard to see clearly into the darkened hallway that led to her brother's office.

From her perch at the bar, she could keep an eye and catch sight of Isen if he walked out. When he left tonight, she planned to follow him home.

For almost a year, she'd done everything to get him to notice her.  Unfortunately, when around him, it was hard to act normal. Nerves got the best of her and she turned stupid. Yeah, okay, so she was afraid he'd reject her.  He was much older and way out of her league.  And so maybe she usually fell to throwing verbal jabs at him.  And perhaps she annoyed him more than not.  Shit, she messed things up to the point that he probably disliked her too much to ever consider asking her out.

Baby huffed at her stupid thoughts and turned to the bartender.  "Give me a shot of tequila, Luken.  Make that two.  I need some nerve."

The bartender lifted a brow. The gray wolf's almost silver eyes looked past her to the dance floor. "Something wrong?"

"Nothing I can't handle with a couple shots in me." She tapped the surface of the bar with her fingernail.  "Get to pouring, hairy butt."

She downed the tequila enjoying the burning sensation traveling to her gut.

Just one night with him would feed her fantasies forever.  She wanted Isen so bad her mouth watered. Other parts of her got tingly every time the wolf came near. No more waiting. Tonight he wouldn't have any doubts how much Baby desired him.

It was time to let the hunk know her cravings and seduce him.  Somehow, she'd not give him a chance to say no or argue about the pack leader being her brother. Surely it would be hard for him to fight her off if she managed to get his cock in her mouth. Baby smiled at her devilish plan.

Every time she dated someone her damn brother ruined it. This time she'd not allow it. 

Hopefully Isen wouldn't let it stop him either.

She saw the way Isen watched her, how his nostrils flared when she was near.  Even if he'd not admitted it to himself, he desired her just as much.

Her lips curved when he appeared. In the dim hallway she could make out his tall, muscular body, wide shoulders that tapered to a delectable slender waist and hips. When he turned away, her eyes focused on his rockin' ass.

Baby scanned the surroundings for her brother.  The Alpha was probably still in the back with the others. 

They'd all come back a bloody mess.  Damn encroaching pack always causing problems.  The last thing she wanted was for her brother and friends to get hurt or worse because of some asshole getting the idea he wanted Taden's territory for his drug dealing enterprise.

She made her way to the side doorway just in time to hear the rumble of a motorcycle.  "That's right, little wolf, go home.  I'm right behind you," Baby spoke into the darkness.

"What are you doing?" Baby jumped at the sound of Taden's voice.

"Shit. You scared the crap out of me.  I hate how you can sneak up like that."  With a huff, she rounded him and headed back inside. "I was getting fresh air, it's stuffy in the club, too many bodies."

Her brother walked alongside, his keen eyes pinpointing her.  "Why don't you go home?  You're not doing much anyway."

Baby stopped dead in her tracks and Taden practically mowed her over. She poked her finger into the center of his chest.  "I've been here all day busting my ass while you guys were fighting and doing whatever it is you furry assholes do.  It's been a hell of a day, so don't say I don't do anything." It was a sore spot with her. She worked long hours at Sanctum only for the boys to look down at her as if she did nothing more than decorate the room with her presence.

BOOK: Taken
4.67Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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