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Authors: Sadie Koenig

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Taken Into The Wolfpack Book #1 (Werewolf Erotic Romance)

BOOK: Taken Into The Wolfpack Book #1 (Werewolf Erotic Romance)
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Taken Into The Wolfpack Book #1



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Taken Into The
Wolfpack #1

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Taken Into The Wolfpack #1

There he was.
Strong, tall, and lean. I traced my eyes over his lines, the
muscles that ran in a sharp ‘v’ directing my vision to his crotch,
the sharply defined muscles that rippled through his abdomen,
everything about him screamed ‘I’m going to fuck you’. The way he
held himself in front of me even seemed erotic.

A loud, uncomfortable, electronic beep
unsparingly yanked me from my dream. I awoke with a start, my
fellow students beginning to file out of the classroom. These night
classes really were starting to take their toll on me. I
self-consciously glanced at my desk, checking to make sure I hadn’t
drooled all over it. It only seemed appropriate, the dream had
certainly made me wet in other places. I shifted uncomfortably in
my seat, and quickly gathered my things, in an attempt to blend in
with the rest of the crowd. I stood, and followed, perhaps too
closely behind a young blonde woman, about my height and build, and
even my hair color. Her and I began to make our way to the door
when I heard my name lash out like the crack of a whip.

Kendricks!” I was certain my professors voice echoed
throughout the lecture hall.

I froze in my tracks, and spun on my heel.
“Yes, Mr. Capioli?”

He gave me a disapproving look underneath
his distinctly Italian eyebrows. He seemed to genuinely enjoy
torturing students, and I had unfortunately been chosen as the
lucky one this evening. “Kendricks, can you tell me anything about
this evening’s class?”

I cringed. There was no right answer to this
question, if I tried to fake it, he would know, and if I told him I
didn’t know, he would still burst a vein. Sometimes, when he was
yelling at students, I was afraid he’d die of a stroke, or some
other stress-induced injury. I prepared myself for the worst. I
always thought honesty was the best policy anyways.

Not a single thing, Mr. Capioli.” I turned my head in
preparation for a barrage of insults, that if they had ever made
their way to the school board, would likely end Mr. Capioli’s
career as a professor.

He was oddly calm, and nearly put the fear
of God in me. “And why is that, Ms. Kendricks?”

Well,” I sighed, knowing it was inevitable. This was his good
‘ol ‘what did you do wrong’ tactic. I was familiar with it, my
mother used to use it on me. “I fell asleep.”

And that’s when he rose his voice. I
suddenly had a very clear understanding of how boot camp would
demoralize and break a person, then rebuild them throughout a
series of team-building and physical tasks, and a forced
understanding of respect and rank.

This was like that, except without the part
where they rebuild you.

After a few moments of being yelled at, I
turned on my heel, feeling a little sorry for myself. I left the
Albert Hall of Sciences, and stepped into a cool summer breeze. It
felt good to get out into the woods, I had always felt like out
here was my element. I lifted my legs, one at a time, and removed
my flip-flops, dropping them quickly into a separate pocket of my
backpack. Feeling the green grass between my feet, I felt my face
spread into a satisfied smile. I began the walk back home, my head
tilted back slightly looking more at the treetops and the stars
than where I was walking.

My mind danced back to the
man in my dreams. The man
my dreams. He was tall, strong, tanned from being
outdoors. He felt almost as at home outside as I did, and boy did
he know how to have fun. He represented everything I wanted out of
the woods. Excitement, adventure, something fresh, growing, new. I
had all of the important parts of a relationship, simply with
Mother Nature instead of any silly boy, I suppose. I don’t know if
I would ever find a man that had all the qualities of my dream guy.
Most men these days were more concerned with how many girls they
had sex with, and how drunk they were last Friday. And how they
puked from the 3rd floor balcony all the way down, and it almost
landed on someone. Great. Tell me more, I’d say. To my horror,
normally they would. I was stuck in a vicious circle of men who had
nothing to offer me. Nothing to excite me. So I didn’t date. Sure,
I had casual sex, but it wasn’t worth it to fall in love, I just
had to satisfy an inner craving every once and a while.

I stared at the roof of stars and tangled
tree branches above my head as stepped into the park that separated
the school buildings with the dorm housing. It was a fairly wooded
area, known for having particular places where it was easy to spot
deer standing stone still, watching your every move, or fox
rustling through the underbrush in an attempt to escape nosy

I made a cursory glance at
the ground and noticed a small patch of daisies, I daintily picked
one, and continued walking, spinning the flower in my hands. The
sounds of the forest were nothing new to me, the gentle
leaves in the trees, to the high pitched noises of crickets and
other underbrush bugs. I truly did feel at home here. I hated being
cooped up in those boxes we passed off for houses. I occasionally
thought about sleeping under the patch of pine trees on the far
side of campus, but figured my Mother would be angry I was
neglecting the use of the dorms she had helped pay for. I’d feel
bad if she paid for them for nothing. I imagine showing up to Mr.
Capioli’s class with pine cones in your hair would have a whole new
set of consequences.

That’s when it happened, while I was
thinking about Mr. Capioli’s reaction to waltzing into his
chemistry class looking like a tree hugger who had taken their
title far too seriously, all of the common sounds of the forest
suddenly stopped.

Anyone who’s spent any
time in a forest knows that when the forest is silent something is
wrong. A storm is coming, or something has the animals so spooked
that they think it’s better to not talk
. I stopped in my tracks, looking
about. I tried to figure out where I was in the forest. Was I just
passing through an area where students had caused a

As I tried to figure this out, I heard it.
The soft padding of feet, multiplied. It had to be somebody trying
to scare me. I had friends who got out of evening classes shortly
before me, in the same buildings. Maybe they had seen me leaving
early and thought it was a good opportunity to play a joke. I spun
in place, searching the forests for outlines that didn’t fit with
the forest brush.

Out of fear, I called out, “I see you!” I
swallowed nervously, I saw nothing, but continued anyway, “You can
come out now!” If it was a wild animal, which was unlikely, this
was the best move. If I were louder, I was most likely bigger. That
would frighten off most curious animals.


I saw a hulking form rise up, just outside
of the path light that illuminated the way home. I had never seen
something like this before. It walked on two legs, and was covered
in fur. It’s muzzle was wolfish, and glistening with saliva. It’s
long tongue occasionally flicked out, lapping it up and cleaning
itself. It’s arms were unnaturally long, and it seemed to walk with
an unnatural gait, as if it would prefer to be running on all
fours. It’s hands bore long talons that dusted the ground as it
walked towards me. It seemed to be taking great pains to remain
upright, and it’s ears flicked in all directions, listening to
sounds that were beyond my range of hearing.

I had no idea how it had maintained it’s
stealth, I should have heard it approach through the underbrush, or
I should have had some type of warning that it was there, other
than the forest acting oddly. It approached warily, even though it
must have had several hundred pounds on me. Seemingly tentative, it
turned it’s muzzle away, leading with an ear propped directly
toward me. I stood, frozen. I had dropped the daisy as I was

It snorted roughly, clearing it’s muzzle
again with it’s long pink tongue. It resembled a giant wolf. It’s
gait had brought it close enough that I could see it’s fur in
detail now. Covered in great swathes of smoky gray fur, I found
myself, in my terror, wondering if it were soft or coarse. It
seemed distinctly male, as illustrated by his exposed sex, that
rested between his legs and tail.

It was a werewolf.

It’s face loomed close to mine, blowing out
great plumes of warm air, that billowed my hair out behind me. It’s
tongue shot out, running along my neck, up to my ear. It left a
sloppy trail that I felt drip down my chest, in between my breasts.
There was something primally arousing. This was a beast that wasn’t
even supposed to exist, and here it was, real as anything else. It
silently got down on all fours, placing it’s muzzle in between my
legs, sniffing loudly. It seemed pleased by what it smelled, as it
took another slobbering lick, right across my slit that was still
wet from my nap in class.

I felt the absolutely absurd combination of
being aroused and terrified at the same time. I made no move to
change my position, in fear that the huge beast would simply maul
me for moving in a way that was unacceptable to him.

It ended nearly as quickly as it began. The
werewolf sat on his haunches for a moment, his ears flicking down
the path, before he turned and bounded into the forest. Moments
later a group of students emerged from a span of darkness.

I continued to stand stock still.

The students, fairly uncaring, as kids like
me seem to be, continued walking. I attempted a casual
conversation, as they didn’t seem too worried about a giant
flesh-eating monster at all.

Hey, guys, have you seen anything uh- weird lately?” They
gave me looks that suggested I was probably the only thing they
could class as ‘weird’ that day.

They politely said they hadn’t seen anything
‘weird’ that day, and continued walking. After a few moments of
deep breaths, and reassuring myself that the beast was probably
gone, I walked at an accelerated pace towards my dorm.

The next morning I woke up to find my
roommate typing anxiously at her keyboard, sipping coffee. I loved
the smell of coffee, but I loved sleep a little bit more.

I stretched and mumbled a weary good
morning, before my roommate spoke, “You seemed pretty upset last
night, were you OK? You didn’t even really want to talk, which is
weird of you.”

Ignoring the fact that she had just called
me chatty, she was right. Last night was weird, and I really wasn’t
entirely sure I was ready to discuss being slightly aroused by an
animal  or thing that wasn’t supposed to exist. If anyone was
going to understand, and not judge me for what had happened, it
would be my roommate. So I told her everything that had happened,
leaving out the fact that it had turned me on.

She laughed.

Well this certainly wasn’t the reaction I
was expecting, but luckily enough between a few hiccups of
laughter, she managed to explain, “You’re telling me, you were
nearly attacked by a seven foot tall werewolf in the woods on

I nodded, she seemed to have understood the
gist of the story.

She continued laughing as she turned back to
the computer, opening a social media site. “Wait until I tell Katie
about this one,” She muttered.

I sighed in response, I should have known
this would happen. I don’t see why I would’ve confided in anyone in
the first place, I wasn’t even sure I believed me. I was able to
separate reality and my dreams however, because after I had
returned home I had begun to dream about the werewolf. Under the
covers, as my roommate Alice faced her computer, supposedly telling
the world I was probably nuts, I reached down to feel my panties,
sopping wet with my juices. I was still aroused, and managed to
finger my clit for just a moment before Alice turned around.

She eyed me up with a questioning look, “You
really think this happened, didn’t you?”

My hand backed away from my clit only a bit.
“Yep, it really happened.”

She continued, “Well I think maybe it was
someone playing a prank on you, or maybe some crazy guy in a suit.
I think someone should walk you home from class tonight.”

BOOK: Taken Into The Wolfpack Book #1 (Werewolf Erotic Romance)
10.41Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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