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Whenever one of the aliens came into
the room, the suit blinded and deafened her with the mask, covering
even her jaw to prevent her from screaming.

Or maybe to prevent her from catching
a decent breath—because she panted until she nearly passed out.
There were times when she thought she actually did black out at
least briefly.

But it seemed each of them had a
bigger cock than the last because no matter how wet she was from
the stimulation of her breasts and clit, it always stretched her to
the point of burning when they drove into her. It was like being
impaled on and fucked with a post—minus splinters, of course—but
their flesh was as rock hard and unyielding.

It was worse when they drove into her
rectum and worse still when they drove a cock into her sex and one
into her rectum at the same time. She felt like she would be torn
in half.

She was certain, in fact, that her
flesh ripped with the strain, and yet when she got the chance to
examine the area it looked completely intact.

like they were ripping her in

Which made it all the more
incomprehensible to her that she began to crave it in very short

She knew—was almost completely
certain—that days passed in this manner. Maybe a week. It was hard
to track the time, but there were ‘rest’ spells. There were times
when she was allowed some respite and fed, allowed to use the
facilities for her needs.

She wasn’t actually allowed a rest
period for sleep. She knew she reached such a point of exhaustion
after a while that she would grab snatches of sleep here and there,
simply pass out for minutes or maybe as much as an hour before she
was awakened again either by one of her masters who’d come to
torment her or by the suit itself.

All of those things added to the
‘encounters’ seemed to add up to many days and yet they also seemed
to blend together as an unending chain of events.

Somewhere along the time line,
however, she began to notice that the deep itch created by the
almost constant ‘sucking’ on her breasts and her clit eased
slightly when one or another of the men would use her to expend
their own desires. It was actually far worse for a while afterward,
because she either wasn’t allowed to climax as the second master
had threatened or she simply couldn’t achieve completion. But she
still craved those moments when they forced their thick flesh
inside of her and it seemed they were appeasing the

She was dismayed,
frightened, and excited all at the same time when she reached the
point where she had only to feel the pressure of a cock against her
sex, to know she was about to be impaled on a huge cock—or two—and
pounded into until she was about to lose consciousness. How could
she crave something that only made the itch much worse afterward?
True, it did
appease the itch/ache, at least briefly, and the increased
intensity of the itching afterward didn’t last long, but there was
no real reward.

It was scary that she’d gotten use to
being used this way so quickly that she wanted it.

Maybe there was something about the
suit that affected her mind?

Or maybe it was the ‘reward’ system
that affected her mind?

Sexual stimuli made the brain produce
chemicals, she knew, and it was possible because of that to become
addicted to sex in much the same way some people became addicted to
adrenaline rush from taking deadly risks and others from the
‘highs’ they got exercising.

To say nothing of those who got
addicted to non-biologically produced drugs.

But was it possible it could happen in
such a relatively short length of time?

Roughly a week later, she entered the
second phase of her training and realized they truly were in
complete control of her and that it wasn’t likely she would ever be
the same again.

Chapter Six

The commander was waiting for her when
Tilly emerged from the bathroom feeling refreshed after hours of
‘performing’ for the alien giants.

Not that she actually did a lot of
performing, she thought wryly.

Basically, she was posed by the
nano-suit and held down while they rammed into her with the giant
cocks that went with their giant everything else.

She was so sore she hurt all over from
the constant stimuli of the suit, from the fucking, and from the
nano-suit twisting her body into positions it couldn’t comfortably

And from the constant, unremitting,
tension of her muscles as her body built toward release over and
over and never achieved it.

It was a struggle to fight back the
urge to cry when she saw ‘him’ waiting for her.

There was just something about him
that made her ordeal far more of an ordeal when it was

And she always knew him—or thought she
did—even when she was prevented from knowing by sight or sound by
the mask the nano-suit formed over her head.

He tilted his head questioningly when
she stopped abruptly at the sight of him. Instead of saying
anything, however, he opened his trousers and sat on the bunk.
Without looking at her again, he motioned with his hand. “Here,” he
said, pointing, “on your knees.”

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to
figure out he wanted her to give him head.

She was just confused and dismayed
because his cock was huge—the one he always rammed into her
vagina—and he had at least two that were definitely cocks. Which
was she supposed to perform oral sex on?

She moved quickly into position
despite the doubts, however.

Partly this was because she had no
desire for him to escalate her punishment. She was miserable enough

And partly this was because her throat
instantly closed with want at the demand—not disgust, not

He pulled ‘a’ cock from his

A monster of a phallus.

She grabbed it immediately and began
to struggle to get it into her mouth. To her dismay, she found she
couldn’t open her jaw wide enough to engulf it let alone her lips.
Deciding, maybe, she could work up to it, she began to lick and
suck at his flesh and stroke it with her hand. By dent of
determination, she finally managed to get the head into her mouth
and sucked the knob, swirling her tongue over it.

She would’ve expected his flesh to
look, smell, and taste alien to her and more likely to be repulsive
than a pleasure to caress. It wasn’t. It thrilled her. She could
feel the heat rising inside of her and the tension coiling tighter
and tighter in the same way she did when he was ramming the cock
into her lower mouth.

He settled a hand heavily on top of
her head, threading his fingers through her hair.

She wasn’t certain what the intent
was, but he didn’t shove her away or tell her to stop and after a
few moments she was so totally focused on what she was doing she
was hardly aware of his hand anymore.

Until he began to knead her scalp in a
way that almost felt like a caress.

Her heart thundered harder in her

She knew he felt nothing for her,
cared nothing—not even whether she lived or died except in the
sense that it might be a financial loss.

It still felt like affection and
affected her the same way as if it was.

His heaving breaths of excitement
excited her.

He desired her. She excited him. She
gave him pleasure. It was enough to make her feel all of the same
things and even a sense of triumph, of control over him—however
elusive her command or fleeting it might be. At that moment, she
was in control.

His hand tightened on her head, almost
to the point that she began to wonder if he would crush her skull.
In the next moment, however, his cock jerked in her hand and then
hot, salty semen filled her mouth.

She didn’t get the chance
to decide whether to swallow or not. The fucking nano-suit cut off
her air and she
to swallow to gasp in more air.

She thought she might have wanted to
anyway, might have wanted to cling to the illusion of being the one
in control just a few moments later, but that control and the
decision was ripped from her hands. She sucked on him until his
cock ceased to jerk and spew semen and began to become

He released her and leaned back on his
elbows, studying her through narrowed eyes. “Did ok despite
unfortunate inadequacies.

Tilly felt her sense of triumph
deflate abruptly. Heat rose in her cheeks—a twinge of both
embarrassment and anger that, in spite of the pleasure she’d given
him, he still looked at her as being deficient.

He caught her jaw in his
palm. He shook his head. “You do good up until dat,” he chided.
“Any who buy you will punish you if look at him dat way—or kill you
outright. Must understand dis—
—before we get to slave auction
on Loprine.”

He released her jaw and began to rise
from his place on the bunk. “Get up.”

Tilly scrambled to her feet,
struggling with the urge to try to escape him.

Get on bunk. I gib you de
odder side of de coin so you understand. You feel what master allow
you to feel … and nothing else. You learn be grateful only to serve
master in whatever way it pleases him.”

Tilly discovered she’d lost the chance
to rebel and flee if she’d ever had it at all instead of just the
illusion that she might try to escape him. The suit carried her to
the bunk at his command and arranged her for his pleasure, drawing
her legs up tightly and spreading them wide, pulling the lips of
her sex wide for his access. This time was different only in the
fact that her arms were drawn above her head.

To her surprise, he began to strip. To
her knowledge, he hadn’t done that before. He’d merely unfastened
his trousers.

But maybe he
done it before?
She’d been blind and deaf throughout most of the ‘punishment’
before. She didn’t know they
undressed—or maybe been undressed when they

She discovered, though, that the body
the commander revealed was every bit as appealing as his face. He
had pleasing proportions, a well defined, massive musculature, and
his body was virtually hairless, his skin smooth.

There wasn’t even hair around his
sex—which was shockingly alien when the rest of his body seemed so
very human-like. All three appendages were flaccid as he began to
undress but either her interested gaze brought them to attention or
he was becoming aroused by undressing.

Or he simply had complete command over
his cocks.

It wasn’t until he joined her on the
bunk that she discovered the nano-suit had reconfigured itself—or
been ordered to change shape. Holes had appeared to reveal the
flesh where she was most sensitive.

She swallowed a little convulsively
when the suit lifted her breasts and offered her nipples to

He settled over her and sucked one
into his mouth, sending an electric jolt through her that set fire
to her lower belly. The throat of her sex ‘swallowed’ convulsively.
The heat built as he pulled on it until she was panting in an
effort to catch her breath. He switched breasts, pulling on the
other nipple as he had the first until she was dizzy with the
sensations racing along her nerve endings.

She enjoyed it—far more than she
should have, particularly when she had yet to find any release from
the sexual tension they’d built in her, over and over, until she’d
begun to think she would completely lose her mind.

It didn’t once cross her mind to
consider what he’d meant by ‘the other side of the coin’ until he
ceased to torment her nipples and moved lower. Her heart was
hammering in anticipation long before he reached his goal. Still,
the moment he closed his mouth over her clit and sucked on it,
hard, her heart slammed painfully into her chest wall. It kept
right on hammering against it with every drag of his mouth until
she was sobbing for breath, feverish, drunk—desperate for

It almost felt like her heart stopped
when she came. The convulsions tore through her, splintering her
soul. It hit her so hard and so unexpectedly that she screamed—and
kept screaming until she was nearly hoarse because he kept suckling
the tiny, infinitely sensitive bud, causing her to spasm on and on
until darkness began to circle her mind.

He didn’t stop even when the hard
convulsions tapered off to mild shudders and she was whimpering
instead of screaming. He kept teasing until she felt her body
rising toward another climax.

It didn’t seem possible
that the second could be harder than the first, and yet when it hit
her, sledge hammer hard, she discovered it
harder. Already hoarse from
screaming through her first climax, she discovered she’d scoured
her throat until she could only croak and gasp for

BOOK: Taking Tilly
4.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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