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“Terrific … wound tightly around an expert conspiracy plot and a bumpy convincing love story …

Though Rites is not an overtly political novel, it would be insensitive to ignore the parallels between Amy’s travails and the quagmire in Iraq: This is a story about how to deal with perpetual war carried out unpredictably and unconventionally—how to survive, while keeping your sense of humor, when you’ve been targeted by an invisible enemy whose demands your pride will not permit you to meet. It’s very funny, also: After Amy almost drowns as a result of someone tampering with her life jacket, her head is

‘whirring’ so hard that you could ‘pour some rum in [her] skull’ and make daiquiris.”

New York Observer

“As tension escalates, Peterfreund adds an appealing romance subplot…. The novel moves fast, packs some laughs and does its job as a light diversion.”

Publishers Weekly

“Once again, Peterfreund mixes mystery, romance, and typical college high jinks…. It’s an ideal summer read—whether island bound or not.”


Rites of Spring (Break)
is an entertaining quick trip into college life at an elite university Classes, final papers, applications for grad school, secret societies—all this and the personal and secret society life of the main character are portrayed in clever, witty terms … the best of the series that includes
Society Girl
Under the Rose
…. Amy is quirky and endearing…. The story has good pacing, consistent characters, and enough action to make things exciting.”

Romance Reviews Today

“Deep within the Rose & Grave secret society at Eli University, the secrets even members aren’t privy to make Peterfreund’s second novel impossible to put down…. Peterfreund offers an intimate view of the modus operandi of a college society…. Readers will be absorbed by the juicy romance plots.”

Publishers Weekly

“Diana Peterfreund has performed a minor miracle; she has created a sequel that works. The entire cast
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is back from
Secret Society Girl
, and boy, are they hiding some secrets…. Ms. Peterfreund has also managed to weave a very credible, complicated mystery into the plot, with more twists and turns than you would believe.
Under the Rose
is definitely worthy reading for this summer.”

Romance Reviews Today

“Cross Dink Stover with Nancy Drew and Bridget Jones and you get Amy Haskel, the sarcastic senior at transparently disguised ‘Eli University’ who briskly narrates this winning mystery.”

Yale Alumni Magazine

“Peterfreund pairs romance and suspense in a picaresque university setting with a few surprises thrown in for good measure. Readers who picked up the series debut will be excited to continue the adventures of Amy and her cohorts. The author doesn’t spend too much time rehashing the first book, but new readers will get swept up in the sexy story in no time.”


“Under the Rose
is every bit as involving and hard-to-put-down as its predecessor—perhaps even more so…. If college life is a kegger, Peterfreund’s series is a cocktail in a sugar-rimmed martini glass, sophisticated and easily gulped but delivering a satisfying kick.”

Winston-Salem Journal

“The action is undeniably juicy—from steamy make-out sessions with campus hotties to cloak-and-dagger initiations.”

The Washington Post

“[A] tell-all book about secret societies at Ivy League schools … Think
The Da Vinci Code
Bridget Jones.”

Toledo Blade

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“Secret Society Girl
succeeds…. Ms. Peterfreund’s descriptions of the ambitious Amy Haskel’s collegial life are both vivid and amusing.”

New York Observer

“Cheerful, sensible, with just enough insider’s scoop to appeal to the conspiracy theorist in everyone …

Readers will cheer on the not-so-underdog as she faces male alumni and finds that membership does indeed have privileges.”

Tampa Tribune

“Thanks to a quirky, likable protagonist you’ll be rooting for long after you’ve turned the last page and a provocative blurring of fact and fiction,
Secret Society Girl
provides the perfect excuse to set aside your required reading this summer and bask in a few hours of collegiate nostalgia.”


“Fun to read—full of quirky characters and situations.”


“A frothy summer read for anyone interested in the collegiate antics of the secret rulers of the world.”

—Bloomberg News

“The plot is a winner.”

Kirkus Reviews

Secret Society Girl
is a fun, breezy, beach-perfect diversion … unfailingly hip, with a myriad of cultural and intellectual references to everything from
Eyes Wide Shut
to Aristotle’s Poetics…. It will keep you entertained as you tag along on Amy’s adventure.”

Winston-Salem Journal

Secret Society Girl
is a blast! Fun and witty, with an engaging theme, heartfelt situations, intriguing dialogue, and a cast of characters that you’ll be cheering for, it’s a story you won’t want to put down….

You won’t go wrong picking up a copy of this clever, imaginative story.”


“Very smart … exceptionally well-structured. The author obviously knows her material. … Witty and suspenseful,
Secret Society Girl
is an original concept expertly executed.”


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BOOK: Tap & Gown
12.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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