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Authors: Jamie Begley

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Teased (The VIP Room, #1)

BOOK: Teased (The VIP Room, #1)
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Teased (The VIP Room, #1)

By Jamie Begley




Copyright 2013 by Jamie Begley

Published by Young Ink Press, LLC

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Close door one, open door two.”
Colton could hear the cold voice over the loudspeaker as he watched
the doors open in order, knowing it was leading to his

Taking a deep breath of fresh air, he walked
through the metal gate into the parking lot of “The Grange” where
several cars were waiting to pick up the newly released prisoners.
The maximum-security prison, where he had served his punishment
decreed by the court, held hardened criminals. Serving three of his
five-year sentence had been hard, but now it was over.

Colton took another deep breath, catching
sight of the car waiting for him. King had said he would have
someone waiting, however only a sadistic son of a bitch would send
the same woman responsible for his incarceration. Tessa stood in
her shorts and tank top, leaning against her car. If she didn’t get
back in the car, one of the other men being released would be going
back in before he truly had his freedom back.

Get in the car, Tessa, you’re showing
enough ass to get yourself in trouble,” Colton ordered.

Tessa made a face before sliding back inside
the mustang. Colton opened the car door, ignoring Hank-the-Yank
giving him the thumbs up, his greedy eyes still trying to gaze at
Tessa through the car windows.

Why are you here?” Colton asked
through gritted teeth while getting into the car.

Now is that any way to say hello
after all this time, Colton? I missed you. When King said you
needed a ride, I volunteered.” Tessa’s overly cheerful voice grated
on his nerves.

I don’t need any favors from you.”
Colton stared out the window, watching the scenery as it passed by.
He wanted out of the tight confines of the car with her cloying
perfume filling his senses.

Three years without a woman underneath him
had been torture. However Tessa sitting next to him had no effect
other than making him want to put down the window. King was smart;
he had every intention of luring Colton into working for him.
Sending Tessa was his reminder that Colton owed him a favor.

This time King’s manipulations wouldn’t
work. Prison had taught him a hard lesson. You had two choices;
clean up your shit or keep going down that never-ending road until
you were a lifer and died behind those walls.

Colton had learned his lesson. He had no
intention of going back.

You look good. You clean?”

Tessa heard the question in his voice. “I
am. Been clean since rehab.” Her fingers tightened on the steering
wheel. “I told you I would get clean and I have.”

Colton nodded his head, not saying anything
more. He had given her a chance; it was good to know she had been
smart enough to use it.

I never got the paperwork,” Colton
said coldly.

I thought we would wait and see how
we felt after you got out. I don’t want a divorce,” Tessa said
softly, looking at him from the corner of her eye.

I told you to take care of it, you
didn’t, so now I’ll take care of it myself,” Colton informed

Colton, give it some time.

” Tessa started to

Tessa, our marriage was over when I
found out you were selling pussy to feed that habit of yours. You
almost destroyed my business and you put me in prison. I think our
marriage is pretty much in the shitter.” Colton’s voice left no
doubt he hadn’t forgiven her during his time in prison.

The business is good, Colton.
Reverend has been doing the ink. I’ve gotten pretty good at giving
tats and piercings. We even pierce cock now.” She took her eyes off
the road to grin at him, ignoring his harsh words.

Yeah? That’s one job I won’t be
taking off your hands.” Colton’s eyes returned to gazing out the

Tessa laughed. “Now that we have you back,
Green Dragon Tats will rake in even more cash. No one has your

Colton hadn’t missed Tessa during his
incarceration, but he had missed his shop. He had begun learning
how to tattoo when he had picked up the ink machine for the first
time at sixteen. His natural talent for drawing had found a useful
tool and had unfolded, merging with the ink machine until he had
become known for the work he did. He had scraped enough cash
together to open a small shop. It wasn’t in the greatest area of
town, yet he was where he needed to be to get the customers that
wanted his tats.

It was the best choice he ever made and the
worst. The clients and money had come in a steady supply, providing
him with large sums of money for the first time in his life. It had
also given Tessa access to those who would supply her with coke for
her ever-increasing need. Colton had tried to put a stop to it when
he found out, but was too late.

He found himself in prison after King had
managed to warn him in time that a drug bust was going down. Colton
had succeeded in getting there just in time to pretend the buy was
for him, which had earned Tessa a stint in rehab and him a
five-year prison sentence. He would still be there if his parole
hadn’t been approved.

Technically, he owed King a favor, and
unfortunately, King was not a man you wanted to owe favors to.
Colton wouldn’t feel truly free until the favor had been

The drive took over an hour and, by the time
Tessa pulled up in front of the apartment King had rented for him,
he felt like he was going to pull his hair out. Colton could only
marvel at his stupidity for marrying Tessa; her voice was grating
on his nerves so badly he wanted to yell at her to shut the fuck

Tessa started to get out of the car after
pulling into an empty parking spot.

Give me the key.” Colton held out his
hand for the keys to the apartment.

I was...” Her voice turned seductive.
It was obvious what she thought was going to transpire. It wasn’t
going to happen, though.

Just tell me where the apartment is
and I’ll take it from here. I don’t need you to hold my hand.”
Colton put an end to her maneuvering.

Tessa’s lips tightened, but she still
reached into her purse. “We have business to discuss.”

Nothing that we can’t talk about in
the morning when I show up at the shop,” Colton said grimly,
holding out his hand. Tessa placed two sets of keys and a cell
phone in the palm of his hand.

Apartment 3G.” She pointed towards a
large building. “Your bike is over there on the end. King had one
of his boys bring it over this morning.”

Colton didn’t give her another word as he
stepped out of the car. He was about to close the door when she
told him what he already knew.

King said rest a couple of hours then
come and see him.” She couldn’t even meet his eyes now.

Colton slammed the car door, not bothering
to go up to the empty apartment. Instead, he went to his bike.
Climbing on, he turned on the motor and listened for several
seconds before backing it out of the parking space and turning his
bike in the direction of King’s bar. He was going to see King and
get it out of the way. Once he found out what King wanted, he could
put the mess of his life back in order.

Chapter 1


I want to see King,” Colton told the
bouncer standing in the doorway. The impassive bouncer talked into
the headphone in his ear.

Corner booth.” Backing up, he let
Colton through the doorway.

Colton could see that King had changed the
décor since he was last there. The booths had been replaced with
leather couches and tables, leaving one booth to remain in the
room; the one in the back corner.

Passing through a maze of tables, he ignored
the faces of King’s customers, all focused on the stripper dancing
on the stage. Colton kept his eyes from her. As soon as he left
here, he would make a few phone calls until he found a woman
willing to take care of the need driving his body. Colton, who had
begun having sex when he was thirteen and had a ready supply by the
time he was sixteen, had just suffered through the last three years
with nothing. It had been torturous.

King.” Colton stood in front of the
table, facing the man who had helped him save Tessa from jail time.
He wasn’t looking forward to paying back the favor. King had waited
three years for his repayment; fucker wasn’t even giving him a day
of freedom before calling in his marker.

Colton, have a seat.” King sat with a
whiskey in front of him. “You look good. I thought you would look

He had actually gained a few pounds in
prison, using his free time to work out and sculpt his lean frame
into pure muscle.

I heard you didn’t have too hard of a
time,” King queried.

You know I didn’t. You kept me loaded
on the commissary so I could trade for shit. Even heard that you
put out the word not to touch me.” Colton let King know he was
aware of how big a debt he owed.

King shrugged, neither admitting nor denying
the rumor.

What do you want King?” Colton
decided to come to the point.

King’s eyes narrowed as he leaned back in
the booth. “I need you to watch over a woman for me.”

Why do you need me to do that? You
have enough men working for you that are more capable than me,”
Colton looked pointedly around the room at King’s men. Hell, the
bouncer at the door would be the only protection anyone would

It’s the dancer on the

Colton’s eyes reluctantly went to the stage.
Under the lights he saw a brunette woman that had him gripping the
table. She was fucking gorgeous with her long, shapely legs and
perfect breasts under the see-through, black, flimsy dress that
stopped at the top of her thighs. The dress was completely sheer,
allowing every man in the room to see her luscious breasts. A tiny
black patch over her pussy was the only thing hidden from view. She
turned her back to the audience, showing an ass that made his
already hardening cock thicken behind his jeans.

Who the fuck is that?” Colton could
already envision himself driving his dick into her pussy while
those long legs wrapped around his waist.

That is Vida, she’s Goldie’s

Colton’s cock deflated. “Fuck.” She was
younger than she looked on the stage. The lights and heavy make-up
made her appear older.

King took a drink of his whiskey, satisfied
with his reaction.

She old enough to be working for
you?” Colton questioned.

She’s twenty-three; a senior at WLU,
getting a computer science degree.”

Why is she working for you? To pay
her tuition?” Colton asked in disgust. Not for the young girl, but
towards King for hiring her.

King’s lips thinned further, his hand
tightening on his glass.

BOOK: Teased (The VIP Room, #1)
13.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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