Texas Two Step: Texas Montgomery Mavericks, Book 1 (6 page)

BOOK: Texas Two Step: Texas Montgomery Mavericks, Book 1
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Mitch’s mouth scorched her lips as he took her mouth with a rough passion that left no doubt of his intentions. He pulled the pins holding her chignon and threaded his fingers through her hair, holding her head in place as he plundered her mouth with his tongue.

Returning his kiss with a fervor matching his, she allowed the all-consuming yearning to fill her. The desire to touch him, be close to him, make love with him overwhelmed her.

She flattened her hands against his chest. His heat seared through the shirt’s material and burned into her flesh. She stroked hard muscles sculpted from years of physical labor. His nipples stiffened to her caress. The soft cotton of his shirt teased the nerve endings in her palms.

He leaned his huge body over her and cupped her breast in his work-roughened hand. He squeezed and flicked her now distended nipple.

Ripples of sexual longing echoed through her. She moaned into his mouth and, arching her back, pressed her breast firmly into his palm, wordlessly begging for more.

Mitch gave her what she wanted, fondling and stroking her breasts until she wanted to rip her clothes off. She groaned, burning with a frantic desperation to feel skin against skin.

Olivia slipped the buttons on his shirt through the holes with ease. She separated the shirt’s edges until she could feel the crinkle of his chest hair and the direct hot flesh of his chest beneath her hands.

The tantalizing scent of Mitch filled her nose. She’d probably smelled the same cologne on other men, but the cologne’s interaction with Mitch’s body chemistry produced a bouquet unlike any other on Earth. She lowered her head to his chest, first kissing then flicking her tongue on his turgid nipple before wrapping her lips around it. His skin was a dichotomy. Sweet and salty. Dangerous and comforting. Past and present.

There’d be no turning back for her now. She’d had a sample of her addiction, and she had to have more.

When she sucked his nipple between her lips, he groaned and slid his hand under the hem of her dress. Her abdominal muscles danced and jerked when his thick fingers touched her inner thigh.

He stroked fingers along the inside of her thigh, the silk of her stockings tickling and enflaming her flesh at the same time. “Your silk stockings drive me wild,” he said, nibbling along her chin. “Your skin was always silky and smooth. I love to touch you. I’ve always loved to touch you. I loved the way you moaned and twisted at my touch. The way your eyes would glaze over when I stroked you.” His hand moved higher, stopping at the top of the stocking. “But tonight, I want—no, need—to see you in these stockings. These stockings, my necklace and nothing else.” His voice was coarse and guttural and harsh.

Olivia quivered at his words. Emotional fires she’d suppressed since finding out she was pregnant with Adam flared. She’d believed them stomped out and dead. She’d been wrong. She was dry tinder to his lit match.

He stood, took her hand, pulled her to standing.

Her legs were weak and rubbery, threatening to collapse under his relentless assault.

Gazing intensely into her eyes, he said, “I want you. I want to be deep inside you. If you want to stop, say it now, because in a minute I don’t think I’ll be able to stop.”

He waited. Gave her time to say no. Gave her time for rationality to return.

But she didn’t want rational thoughts. Didn’t want to think about tomorrow, or the next day, or the next. Didn’t want to let go of all the sensations surging through her.

She’d made up her mind when she’d unbuttoned the first button on his shirt. For her, there was no going back.

She shook her head. “Don’t stop. Please.”

He placed both hands on her shoulders and turned her around. Tossing her long hair over her shoulder, he kissed the nape of her neck, giving little nibbles with his teeth and soothing each bite with his lips and tongue. Each kiss, each touch of his tongue made her inside boil with pent-up lust. Her panties were wet with desire.

He unzipped the dress. The silky material slithered down her enflamed body and pooled on the floor. The exposure of her hot body to the air-conditioned room launched shivers down to her toes. Behind her, Olivia heard his sharp intake of breath.

Did he like what he saw? Her body had changed a great deal since they’d last been together. She wasn’t twenty-three anymore, not to mention the lasting effect pregnancy and childbirth had on her body.

She hesitated before she glanced over her shoulder, prepared to jerk her dress back if the need arose.

Mitch stepped back, caressing her with his eyes. “My God, Olivia. You are beautiful. Turn around.”

Wearing only a black bra, thong, thigh-high stockings and her three-inch heels, she turned, proud her hours of hard work gave her a toned body. But inside, she was still the insecure college girl wanting to impress a guy. She fought the urge to cover herself.

His gaze met hers before raking down her body and back up. His eyes darkened and glittered with desire. His nostrils flared as he studied her.

His reaction was all the encouragement and assurance she needed.

She stepped to him, slid her hands under his shirt, pushed the fabric off his shoulders, let it fall to the floor. She rubbed her hands along his neck, the tense muscles in his shoulders, his upper back, thrilling to the touch of hot sinew under her fingertips. A flesh-covered furnace searing her fingertips with each touch.

Groaning, he pulled her tight against him and took her mouth in a forceful kiss, thrusting his tongue between her lips, filling her mouth with his presence, his taste. Wedging one knee between her legs, he pressed his solid muscular thigh against the stiff bud of her sex. The rough material of his slacks in contrast to her silk stockings sent jolt after jolt of adrenalin singing through her veins.

The juncture between her legs throbbed for relief. She moaned and ground herself against his leg. He grasped her waist, lifted her, held her intimately firm against the hard ridge in his slacks.

He wanted her. Even if he hadn’t told her, she’d known. Even if he only wanted her for tonight, then tonight it would be. For the first time in years, she was alive and sexy and desirable.

Jerking her mouth from his, she kissed his neck, using her lips, teeth and tongue to caress his salty skin.

“Wrap your legs around me,” he said in a strained voice.

She locked her ankles around his waist and thrust her aching center against the bulge behind his zipper. They were as physically close as two clothed people could be. His large hands scorched her bottom as he dug his fingers into her flesh, holding her in place, rocking her against him. She groaned at the torture of being close but not close enough. He was driving her insane with desire.

He locked his mouth to hers, carried her across the room and kicked open a door. The door banged against the wall. He laid her on his turned-down bed, the satiny sheet cool to her heated flesh.

“Don’t move,” he growled. “I want to enjoy the view.”

Instead, she rolled to her side and rested her head in her hand. “I don’t think so. I think it’s time I had a turn looking.”

His lips curved into a slow, sexy smile.

“As you demand.” He toed off black cowboy boots and kicked them toward a closet door. He unfastened his slacks and pulled the zipper slowly down.

Each click of the zipper notched her heart rate higher.

When he shoved his slacks and underwear to the floor in one move, she sighed and licked her lips in appreciation. Riding horses and herding cattle had done for him what men paid her trainers big bucks to achieve—thick, contoured muscles and rippled cording in all the right places. Her gaze ate up his chest, his taut, flat abdomen, his… She licked her lips again. He was bigger than she remembered.

Her insides quivered with lust and need. “Mitch Landry, I want you.” She got to her knees and crawled to the edge of the bed. “Come here.”

He grinned. “Yes, ma’am.”

Taking his hard arousal in her hand, she slid her cheek from the head to the base, relishing the velvety feel, inhaling his musky scent. Then, wrapping her lips around the head, she took him into her mouth, pulling him deep. Her taste buds exploded with his salty tang. If she had the rest of her life, she didn’t believe she could ever get enough of him.

“Oh, God. That feels so good,” Mitch grasped out on a low groan. Fingers slid into her hair, pulling the strands taut, holding her head as he drove in and out. Then he was gone.

“Unless you want this over quickly, I can’t take any more of that right now.”

Olivia smiled. Her tongue darted to lick her lips, savoring his taste.

“My turn,” he said as he removed her bra before taking one breast into his mouth. He sucked her full flesh, using his teeth to scrape her rucked nipple, then soothing the scrape with his tongue.

She arched her back in response. Needing more. Demanding more.

“Harder,” she commanded. “Suck harder.”

He ignored her demand. Instead, he tortured her by moving his mouth to her other breast, tweaking and rolling her stiff nipple between his finger and thumb. Lightning sparks rumbled from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. She whimpered in response to the cool air when his mouth left her breast. The sound seemed to drive him on.

He pressed his lips on her stomach, ran his tongue around her navel before tickling the inside with the tongue’s tip.

Her abdominal muscles contracted and quivered in response. The only sound she could hear was the drum-drum-drum of her heart in her ears. She rested her hands on his head, stroking fingers through his soft strands.

Slipping a hand between her damp thighs, he cupped her, pressing his thumb to the rigid nub of her sex, triggering waves of energy pulsing through her. She gasped and arched her back in response. His hot breath whispered across the skin of her inner thigh seconds before his mouth covered her thong. He sucked through the thong’s silk, almost bringing her to climax with his mouth. She jerked on the bed, clinging to the sheets with her fists, her nerve endings alive and sparking. He grabbed her thighs, pushed them wider, held her in place as he used his mouth to torture her.

Too soon. Too soon. Not yet.

As if he could hear her thoughts, he moved his mouth from her thong and ran his tongue down the inside of her thigh until it met the lace elastic of her stockings. His gaze lifted to hers. “The stockings stay on,” he said, then hooked his fingers at the side straps of her throng. “These don’t. Lift your hips or I’ll rip it off.”

She smiled but didn’t lift her hips.

He ripped the damp silk and tossed it on the floor. Raising her foot to his mouth, he kissed the arch, then her ankle, leaving more sizzling kisses on her silk-encased calf. He ran both hands under her knees then pulled her to the edge of the mattress before draping her legs over his shoulders.

“Mitch,” she gasped. “You don’t have to…”

“Shh. This for me.”

The minute his mouth touched her swollen flesh, she bucked, digging her heels into his broad shoulders. Torture. Unbelievably sweet torture as he kissed and sucked her throbbing center. His tongue traced her rigid nub. His mouth was ravenous on her flesh.

Her ability to think shut down. Basic animal instincts ruled her thoughts, her actions. The satin sheet knotted in her fists as her head rolled from side to side.

And then his mouth was gone, leaving her unfulfilled and wild with lust. Her legs slid down his arms to rest on either side of his hips. One thick finger dipped inside, stroking her swollen walls. A second finger joined the first, thrusting in and out in rapid secession. Olivia’s breath was a pant, a groan, then a pant again.

“Mitch, I don’t know how much I can take,” she said through gritted teeth. “I can’t hold back.”

“Then don’t. I want to watch as you break apart in my arms.”

She shut her eyes.

“Don’t shut your eyes,” he ordered. “Look at me. I want you to know it’s me, it’s us together again.”

The tension inside twisted to an almost painful level. She forced her eyes to open and look at him. He stared at her, a serious expression covering his face.

“Let go,” he whispered. “Let go. I’ll catch you.”

She went over as flashing multi-colored lights danced behind eyelids she couldn’t keep open. Wave after electrical wave coursed through her as the climax overtook her.

Limp, she lay spread on the bed, Mitch between her legs, the rough hair of his legs abrading the soft tissue of her inner thighs.

Heat infused her body as Mitch lay on top of her. Hot flesh pressed against hot flesh. She arched into him, wrapping her legs around his thighs.

“God, Livie,” he said in a breathy voice, “God, Livie, I need you. I’ve missed you.”

“I’m here, Mitch. Don’t make me wait any longer,” she said, then kissed his mouth.

He jerked away, wrenched open the drawer of the bedside table and grabbed a small package. His actions were frenzied and hurried as he ripped open the condom and put it on. With one thrust, he plunged deep inside her body.

Olivia gasped. She looked into the face of the man she’d loved all these years. She stared at him, trying to memorize all the curves and angles for when he was gone, and she had no doubt he would leave. She stored his scent, his taste, his touch, his voice.

BOOK: Texas Two Step: Texas Montgomery Mavericks, Book 1
9.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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