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Authors: V Bertolaccini

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The Alien Orb

BOOK: The Alien Orb
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The Alien Orb


V Bertolaccini




published 2013 by CB

edition published 2016 by CB

This is a
Smashwords edition 2016


Victor Bertolaccini




rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced,
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characters in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance
to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental.


From The
Lost Alien Artifact 2 and The Alien Sphere.

Part I



The Lost Treasure and
Magical Orb


For centuries
legends of lost treasure had been passed on through generations of
people, though few details existed, and the occurrences behind them
had been too confused and vague. Fundamental facts had been clearly
missing that would have allowed people to locate anything thought
by them to exist, and nothing had clearly been known to answer the
queries of the treasure hunters, who had risked their lives in
deadly attempts to explore the castle.

The origins of the

hauntings, from the majority of accumulated sources, had been
proven to have occurred around 1620 when fishermen had witnessed
the materialization of something of unknown origins, with a bright
light of magnitude that had exploded out of the morning

Accounts of it reshaping and continually
altering proved that it had altered from something else to

According to legends all the people at
the castle had been found dead after it had been brought

with its deadly powers going beyond this universe, opening
gateways going beyond space and time

and that valuable treasure had been
left near where it had been concealed.

For centuries
the lost treasure had been thought to exist there by the few
explorers, who had carried out investigations and searches for it,
of which many had paid by losing their lives by being in the
confines of the castle at the wrong time or place.

The place must
have been one of the most dangerous places in the world! People
could not survive permanently living in its confines! Even though
at times its powers dwindled and some people had managed to survive
and escape after living for months there, and had given horrific
accounts of the mind-bending wonders and deadliest menaces that
they had been subjected to.

At one point,
in 1880, to which nobody knows why, its existence had become
entirely dormant and a wealthy businessman had found the castle by
accident while visiting the region and had bought it from the
owners of the land.

He had
recognized its value, historical importance, colossal architecture
and dimensions, and had seen that it was worthless in the desolate
wood, in the middle of nowhere, and had it removed in large
sections and shipped across the Atlantic, where he had intended to
reconstruct it near New York.

What occurred
next was never revealed, and there occurred an extensive amount of
lost information, and all that was known was that the owner had
died in mysterious circumstances and that the castle had ended up
at a different and secret location in the depths of an immense
desolate wood, hidden away from anyone locating it, with what was
there activated again.







The Lost Treasure



Chapter 1


The Deadliest


The sounds had initially been astonishing!
Now they had gone beyond, and were mind-bending! They came
screaming up through the shaft with a dangerous fury that stunned
Pendleton, and no matter how he tried to shake it off and
contemplate identities his thoughts never altered or formed stable

Clouds of powdered dirt and stone swirled
about through beams of lights from the above lights as he released
some more rope, edging him downwards, seeking to get hold of the

The Second World War was still going, but
just about over, and Pendleton realized that he had avoided being
killed after all, and wondered if he was going to be killed here
instead, and was unsure what was worse.

He groaned and dangled about on his rope,
and grabbed hold of part of a castle boulder, while glimpsing parts
of the shaft above, wondering if he could have wangled his way out
of it. But it was not really them and he really wanted to do it,
and he wanted to explore the castle shaft. He had always wanted to
explore and discover something new of value and greatness, and
perhaps even be remembered in history.

What interested and terrified them was why
the treasure was hidden in such a place with such occurrences!

What was it they were dealing with anyway?
Why was it there in such a far out place? Was the stuff protected
by something?

Something of unfathomable unidentifiable
supernatural nature sounded as though it were under the castle, in
some form of magnetic field or energy field, trapped or trying to
free itself from something, ultimately escaping to another location
of liberty, and he tried imagining some form of spirit trapped
there every night for hundreds of years, perhaps in an ancient
dungeon. Yet again even that could not explain it, or anything!

you found if it’s
down there?

Henrik shouted down, in a
combination of extreme annoyance and confusion, with a way that
gave Pendleton the impression that the two archaeologists up above
might be on the edge of considering doing something extreme, and
beyond their normal. Though Norgrove, the other archaeologist, gave
him the impression that he had waited all his life to be

He again started to realize the implications
of the find and that they would have to check what was there, no
matter what.

quickly shouted up: “You
investigated all these

” Norgrove replied. “
We used all the
best equipment.


re the only ones here and that know about

replied, still trying to find out more about what was happening,
and they were allowing him to know. Basically it was just them
three there at the great old immense haunted castle, buried away in
the wood, at the location that they had traced the treasure

Yet they could have left the task until the
morning but they could not wait. They had waited too long and had
gone too far to get their hands on it, and he just wanted to get

What the hell difference did it make if it
was morning or night? It was dark there in the tunnel at both

He wondered why the lights were above,
and why he never had one, and shouted up,

Are you two coming down here or

The two archeologists shifted into the shaft
and made their way down, with the lights, and he observed them, and
realized why they had not given him a light, and that he was like a
worm on a fishing line, and there to check what the score was. The
two also had trouble climbing in and down, and were overweight and
bulky, and he was better at climbing than they were. They would
have a hard time getting back up again! And he even wondered if
they would camp the night at the bottom or something, if they were
too tired and sleepy, which made him gasp again when he thought
about it, and he lodged his boot into a gap between two of the
boulders, to rest his tired body.

did they find out?” he muttered, mainly to himself, and wondered
what he was missing again.

There are other small shafts running
through here ...
” Henrik
called down, dangling overhead, who had stopped to examine a small
hole in the shaft, he had missed in the darkness there.

Ventilation s
hafts that connect
” Norgrove
continued. “T
hey must run through most of the

I agree! I

m sure they are for an ancient
ventilation ...
” Henrik
continued, sticking his head up close, and shining his light in the
hole and looking along it.

else could it be?” Pendleton asked.

could have been used to build it ...” Henrik replied, moving away,
looking for something else.

wondered how high up they were, as the height of the castle was
immense, and they had been on the top floor, and they never knew
how far underground it went, and the blackness there looked like an

The height of
the castle was incredible, as well as the length being massive with
rooms and corridors going out everywhere, especially with there
being no proper lighting, and he had not thought such a
construction was possible at the date that they had given. It was
also unbelievable that somebody had managed to ship the thing over
to America, and when it must have happened, in such large sections
and fit them together.

How could
people spend so much on such things and leave them derelict, out in
such desolate woods? Why had it not even been put out in the open
for everyone to see?

gasped as he recalled the legends and what had already happened,
and wondered if this would be his death, in a death or glory

For a moment
he wondered if it had actually come from Transylvania and had
vampires, and realized that if it were at least he would be still
around as a vampire. At times he had thought it had similarities to
castles over there.

So are
going down ...?

Henrik asked firmly, watching
Pendleton’s peculiar
expressions in his light, from overhead

send down a camera with a light

Norgrove moaned sarcastically, and Pendleton started to move
off from the wall where he was resting against, and prepared
himself, and took glances at what was below as he started going
down, but even with the lights being closer it never revealed
anything new.

The rope suddenly started swaying and
vibrating furiously, giving the impression that Henrik was
frantically doing something against
rope, and he glanced up
and realized Henrik was climbing up for some reason, and he gasped
when he realized Norgrove

s face was frantic and that the two were
actually desperately trying to escape from there, almost slipping
trying to climb up, which amused him for a moment, bewildered at
their sudden change of attitude.

As he tried to see what was going on he
noticed that light across his front was not coming downwards from
them but shining upwards from something below, and his eyes fixed
onto a strange orb of light floating upwards.

Get me out of here!

Henrik hollered,
shudder and try to escape for his life.

even thought of removing his harness
and plunging down, and perhaps allowing him to have the fate of
dying on the ground below, and having a normal human

With a loud thud Norgrove came crashing down
to his original position after slipping, and clouds of gray dust
flew up and blinded Pendleton as it went into his face and lungs,
and he went crashing into the wall.

He groaned and dangled about on the rope,
glimpsing parts of the shaft around him, mentally exhausted,
needing sleep, allowing himself just to go into sleep state,
wondering if he could somehow wangle his way out of it. But it was
not a matter of persuading himself of anything, it was really
happening, and he wished what was going to happen would just

BOOK: The Alien Orb
13.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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