The Alpha Hunt: Wolf Shapeshifter Menage Romance (Taking Two Book 3)

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The Alpha Hunt
Taking Two (Book Three)
Eva Wilder
Nora McKenna

© 2015 by Eva Wilder & Nora McKenna

All rights reserved worldwide.

No part of this book may be reproduced, uploaded to the Internet, or copied without permission from the author. The author respectfully asks that you please support artistic expression and help promote anti-piracy efforts by purchasing a copy of this book at the authorized online outlets.

This is a work of fiction intended for mature audiences only. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to events, locales, business establishments, or actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is purely coincidental.

All sexual activities depicted occur between consenting characters 18 years or older who are not blood related.


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What’s Inside

he door
to Richard’s room swung open. Lidded with lust, Francesca’s eyes grew wide at the sight of Luke, closing the door behind him. His eyes met hers from across the room, a glassy grey that stood out against his tanned skin.

Richard pulled away from her clit and Francesca bit back a moan, drawing Luke’s attention to her mouth. Richard’s hands remained on her hip and ass, a silent claim heightened by the growl in his throat.

“The fuck are you doing here?” he asked, a hardened gaze thrown over his shoulder.

Luke shrugged. “All the good ones are taken.”

Richard shot to his feet, standing between the two of them. He was an inch shorter than Luke but he was broader, the muscles in his back tightening at the sight of him.

“Better luck next year,” he said, words dripping with malice.

“Oh, come on,” Luke said, a smirk playing at his mouth. He tossed Francesca a look. “Be a good brother and share.”

Francesca furrowed her eyebrows, glancing between the two of them. They looked nothing alike. Richard’s features were dark and sharp, where Luke sported a wider nose and fuller mouth, his jaw strong and square.

“He’s your brother?” she said.

The two of them glanced at her with narrowed eyes. She buttoned her lips. Prey were commonly seen and not heard, unless they were moaning or screaming their Alphas name.

brothers,” Richard growled, turning his attention to Luke. “And he was just leaving.”

Luke widened his stance and crossed his arms over his broad chest. “Why don’t we let the lady decide?” he said, staring at her over Richard’s shoulder.

Richard turned towards her, a flash of red crawling up his neck, his fists clenched at his sides.

Both of them were undeniably handsome and Francesca could barely think beyond the feeling of her orgasm, resting in the pit of her stomach, waiting for Richard’s mouth to return to her clit. She’d never had two men at once before, certainly never two strong Alphas who could pin her down and fuck her in both holes, filling her up until her eyes rolled back.

Her clit pulsated at the image.

“I don’t mind a little company,” she said, throwing Richard a wary glance.

Richard tightened his jaw and turned to Luke, a smug smile tugging at his mouth.

“Don’t worry brother,” Luke said, clapping him on the shoulder.

Richard tensed beneath his touch, his hand jerking up to grab his wrist but he stopped himself. Luke laughed and plopped on the edge of the mattress, spreading his legs.

“I’ll let you finish her off first.”


he did
it because she needed the money.

Francesca almost rolled her eyes at the thought as she clumsily tightened the red silk robe around her waist. How many of them had the same story? Young, willing and drowning in debt, desperate for the cool fifty-thousand dollars that awaited them in the morning. That is, if they survived the night.

She'd heard stories of the men and women who attended the Alpha's Annual Hunt exhausted and underfed, dreaming of taking a long vacation where they wouldn’t worry about how to make ends meet. They rarely made it past the chase, passing out within seconds of their feet scratching against the dirt, sweat pooling against their backs as they fell, eyes fluttering close in time to see an Alpha leaping over them.

Her sister warned that the Alpha's liked a little vulnerability in their prey, but she couldn't be too weak. The purpose of the chase was to get the Alpha’s blood pumping, red liquid sloshing beneath hard muscle, fueling the arousal pulsating between their legs.

The weak ones were caught by lower class Alphas whose sweaty palms and nerves made it difficult for them to finish, or mid-level Alphas who'd never learned to control themselves and fucked their prey until they bled.

"You want a high-born Alpha," her sister told her that morning. "The handsome ones with money and power. They'll take their time with you. Fuck you right."

So she ran.

Francesca tossed a look over her shoulder, kicking up speed as she watched the Alpha's main headquarters, a wide mansion surrounded by a tall, silver gate, growing smaller in the distance. Most of the Alphas in Upstate New York sequestered themselves away, in a gated neighborhood surrounded by the forest they used for the hunt. With thick trees blocking the sky and moon, there was barely any light for Francesca and the other prey to use. They were running blind in the dark, using their hands and knees to find their way around thick trunks and branches.

She could hear nothing but the sound of wind whipping past her ears and the others being taken around her. She heard them fall, a sharp, defeated noise brewing in their throat as an Alpha mounted them with a growl loud enough to shake her bones.

She wasn't afraid. The sound and smell of an Alpha claiming what was theirs, at least for the night, sent a wave of pleasure to her pulsating clit.

Her robe did little to mask her smell as she moved, sweat and arousal slick against her thighs as she hopped into a shallow ditch to catch her breath. She wasn't supposed to stop, not until she was ready to be taken, but her heart was pumping too loudly in her ears. She needed a minute.

A pair of Alphas moved around her, their shapes thick in the dark. Both jumped across the ditch with ease, strong limbs barely extending beneath the pricy suit all Alphas were expected to wear.

As prey, Francesca was stripped naked and given a robe for modesty. In older hunts she would’ve been permitted to wear a pair of silk panties. The older Alphas liked to keep something to remember them by, but the younger ones complained that they only got in the way.

She pressed her thighs together, alleviating a bit of pressure against her clit and a small moan passed through her lips, floating into the night air. It was barely audible but the second the sound escaped, a growl popped in the air and she knew she'd misstepped. In heat, the Alphas senses were heightened to a dangerous degree. They would hear her moan even if she slapped her hands over her mouth and trapped the sound within the skin of her palms.

She climbed out of the ditch and ran in the opposite direction of the two Alphas she’d seen before, towards the mansion where yellow and white light glittered through hundreds of windows. Over her shoulder she heard them, heavy feet sliding against the ground, grunts low in their throat as they tried to out run the other. Her nostrils flared and she inhaled their scents, musky like sweat and sex, and it sent a shiver down her spine.

Her dripping wet pussy wanted to make it easy for them. She would trip and that would be all they needed to rope her into their arms, hard cocks pressing against her ass, but she remembered what her sister told her. The more they fought for her, the greater her reward.

She dodged a bundle of branches and threw a look over her shoulder. The Alphas were gaining on her, running a few feet back with their glittering eyes fixed on the swish of her robe. She could barely make out their faces, but she caught a glimpse of their hair. A blond and a brunette.

The brunette looked up and Francesca’s breath caught in her chest. His eyes were an unimaginable blue, bright enough to cut through the darkness like a diamond; bright enough to see through her. Another surge of pleasure shot between her legs, another moan passed her lips. A slow smirk formed across the brunette’s mouth before he bared his teeth and lunged forward.

His fingers brushed against her hair, long brown strands sweeping across her skin before he grabbed a handful. She gasped as her head jerked back, feet flying in the air as a strong arm wrapped around her middle and tugged her back down. Her back arched against a broad chest, hidden beneath a button-down and finely cut jacket, as his hardened cock pressed against her.

“Fuck off,” the brunette growled.

The words were close to her ear but he wasn’t talking to her. The blond Alpha, with hair dancing neatly across his shoulders, stood a foot to the left of them, his hands flexing into a fist. She’d heard about this too, the stand-off between two Alphas who wanted to take the same prey. It always ended in broken bones and knuckles covered in blood.

She bit back a smile. Who knew she had it in her to attract the attention of two Alphas.

She rolled her hips and the brunette tightened his arm around her waist. Through her robe and his pants, his erection settled perfectly in the curve of her ass. A hazy warmth spread between her thighs.

She bit her tongue to keep herself from whimpering. Francesca wanted to be taken and she wanted to be taken

“Give it up, Luke,” the brunette said, the words cutting against his teeth. “Go find your own prey before I rip out your throat.”

An amused glint sparkled in the corner of Luke’s eyes. Francesca thought he was going to reach for her but Luke held up his hands in surrender. The brunette’s hold didn’t let up until Luke was out of sight, his blond head disappearing like a fading light into the forest.

The brunette’s arm loosened around her waist but Francesca didn’t dare to move. Once they were caught they were at the mercy of their Alpha. If she moved too quickly he might’ve thought she was trying to escape and their playful game of catch-me-if-you-can would’ve quickly turned violent.

With his erection pressed against her ass the brunette stuck his nose into her hair, drinking in her scent as he pushed her strands behind her ear. He nosed down to her neck, his lips brushing against her skin and Francesca released a small whimper. He sucked in a breath, his hand hovering over her waist before he stepped back.

Francesca pulled her bottom lip between her teeth as she shifted from one foot to the other, her pussy pulsating and wet, her nipples hardening against the fabric of her robe. The brunette walked a circle around her, his hand sliding against her belt, his fingers toying at the opening of her robe. She felt the heat of his hand, hovering over her breast and a pool of anticipation spread between her legs.

Touch me
, she wanted to beg.

The brunette ran his fingers through her hair. “What’s your name?” he said, voice low and alluring.

“Francesca,” she said, syllables wavering on her tongue.

A smirk toyed at the corner of his mouth. He was tall, larger than six feet, with long limbs and fingers to match. He spread his palm across her cheek, his thumb sliding against her bottom lip. She opened her mouth, and ran her tongue along the underside.

The brunette’s eyes grew wide with lust, another breath hitching in his throat.

“Francesca,” he said, trying his name on her tongue, eyes fixed on her parted lips. “Are you ready to be taken?”

A wave of excitement brewed in the pit of her stomach, spreading between her legs, shooting to her clit.

“Yes,” she all but moaned.

The brunette moved fast. Within seconds she was in his arms, one thrown around her waist while the other hooked beneath her thighs. He was carrying her back to the Alpha’s headquarters.

With her head pressed into the crook of his neck, she placed her hand flat against his clothed chest, feeling the rapid beat of his heart, hidden behind hard muscle.

“And what’s your name?” she said, her breath ghosting across his skin.

The brunette’s eyes slipped close, his heart rate speeding up. Francesca smirked.

“Richard,” he said, swallowing a thick lump. “And you should stop touching me if you don’t want to be fucked face first in the dirt.”

Francesca tightened her hand in Richard’s shirt. His heart stuttered in his chest. “What if that’s exactly what I want?” she said, lips scraping against the shell of his ear.

Her words ignited another growl in his throat and she was sure, if she shoved her hand in his pants that his cock would be slick.

Richard pressed on, ignoring her fingers undoing the top buttons of his shirt, revealing dark curls against pale skin.

“Then you’re out of luck,” he said, swallowing another knot. “Because I’m not going to fuck you until I’ve got you naked and gagging on my cock.”

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