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The Alpha's Desire 3

BOOK: The Alpha's Desire 3

The Alpha’s Desire

Alpha’s Desire Series

Book 3

Willow Brooks

Copyright © 2014 Willow Brooks

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher

Chapter One


Stretching out my achy body as best I could in a shared sleeping bag, the feel of my generous soft curves moving along Lex’s hard muscles sent a glorious shiver of need rippling through my core. My still sleep-hazed eyes blinked, adjusting to the sunlight so bright that the metallic colored sheers on the windows glittered. As the room around me came into focus, the strangeness of the place gave me a moment’s pause.


The sleeping bag for one, on a strange bed, brought about momentary confusion, feeling unfamiliar, yet bringing hints of memories of last night. As I looked at my surroundings, the greys and blacks, with touches of miss-matched everything else, gave off the hint of a masculine bedroom even without the sports paraphernalia strung all over the room, from pictures to autographed balls to well-used equipment. Recollections came suddenly, battered my mind with images of last night, and made me remember just how I’d come to be here.


I shook off the vivid horror of the bloody battle of werewolves that had destroyed my own apartment last night. As if the memories of red-matted fur and brutal cries weren’t enough to roll my stomach, the fear I’d felt at the possibility of losing Lex tightened my middle into a knot. Doing my best to roll my curvy body in the casing of material we were zippered into together, I came to face him. My heart raced, thumping in my chest like the sound of a drum, reminiscent of the background music in a war scene in a movie.


War. That is exactly what last night had been, a declaration, or maybe a bating into, and all-out war between the original werewolves and the Royal werewolves. Several wolves from an original pack had come and attacked my Lex, a Royal were. The man in the black suit who had led the original had said terrible things, threatening Lex, my assigned wolf protector, and promising to take me.


The whole idea of it all, the absurdity, came flooding back, as still, even seeing all the men turned to wolves over the past few days, even sleeping with one, I still struggled to reconcile this new reality of the fantasy worlds I wrote about being true. Maybe they didn’t follow my made up lore, or even typical myths, but still, they were fantasy in my reality. Not that I hadn’t dreamt of my wolf protector all of my life, but again, that was dream land. Now, in reality, I slept curled up with that wolf, in human and animal form.


Thinking it over, in a nutshell, I saw that the original werewolves resented the easy ways of the Royal werewolves. I could easily see how their feelings of anger had come about. Apparently, while they could turn whenever they wanted, they were still slaves to the curse of the moon, and changing form was a brutal, mercilessly painful thing full of tearing skin and breaking bones. Where, on the other hand, the Royal werewolves had been created through the magic of the leader of their clan, a sorcerer. Their transformations were just that, magical, and thus easy, absolutely pain-free. Beautiful and graceful even.


I fought to regain control of my breathing as my part in all this seeped back into my mind. A descendant of the Royals, assigned a wolf protector who should have stayed to the shadows and to dreams, I’d gone and fallen in love with my wolf, as he had long been in love with me. For whatever reason, one that even the Royals couldn’t explain, that love had brought about powers, magic, that should have remained dormant. Now, these original wolves wanted me, wanted a sorcerer, to take my magic for their own.


“Calm down, my love,” Lex said, his eyes fluttering open to reveal a darker version of his usual amber color. “I know it is a big day for you, traveling to meet the Royals, a magical family you never even realized you had, but they are going to love you, and you are not only going to love them, but you are going to love the amazing place they live. Did you at least sleep well enough squeezed into this sleeping bag with me?”


“Are you kidding? For the horror show that was last night, the attack, almost losing you…” I got out, my voice breaking as I lost the words. After a couple slight shakes of my head followed by deep breaths, I found a way to continue on. “I’ve never before had to fear for my life, not from humans, let alone wolves. I’ve never been threatened, and I’ve never seen the ones I loved attacked. Yes, I lost my parents, but not in the brutal way they tried to kill you last night. And, I just got you in my life. And, what I could do with my hands, the magic that shot from me, protected me from that man in a suit…”


“Shhh, shhh,” Lex soothed. “I know it is a lot to take in, but hyperventilating won’t help.”


“I know,” I said in a high-pitched voice before blowing out a deep breath and trying again in a forced calm. “I know. If it helps, regardless of all of that, making love to you last night, being here with you, even if in a strange room... I got a few good hours of deep sleep. I’m just a little shell-shocked still with what’s happened, and what is to come.”


“It’s understandable. It really is. And as easy as it is for me to say, and as hard as I know what I’m requesting is, try your best to put the past out of your mind, and concentrate on the amazing future you are going to have. Remember, I will be by your side every step of the way. If you take anything from the past few days, or even weeks, the attacks, man and wolf now, remember that I will protect you no matter what. You are safe now, and we are together. Besides, you have that magic of yours. You need to take some comfort in your newfound abilities. While we don’t know what the possibilities of your new, albeit supposedly dormant, abilities are yet, we’ve seen what fear can make you do. Those bluish-white streaks of light that come from your palms certainly push bad people, or werewolves, away from you. That has to mean something in the way of reassurance.”


“Yes, there is that,” I said with a slight giggle of excitement building inside of me.


The magic, the energy of it, already stirred within me, just thinking about it. I swore, having never felt anything like it before in all of my years; it was like someone had pulled a plug inside me or opened a locked box, and now, it just could no longer be contained. I had powers, abilities I didn’t really understand—well no one did at this point, but still—and they stirred inside me, made me feel like a ball of energy, like I would tremble right out of my skin if I didn’t move, release them.


Pulling my hands up out of the sleeping bag, placing them up above the hem, in front of my face, between us, I looked at my palms as if they were foreign, or at least contained some new, strange malady. The newly familiar heat grew on my skin, as a small aura of light formed just above my hands. I didn’t think I would ever tire of feeling the tingly, warm sensation, or ever get bored with looking at the beauty of the light my body created. While no one knew what the magic of the Royals would or could become in me, the years of mating with humans diluting the bloodline, still, it was there, right here, proof literally in my palms, bright and glittery, powerful and pulsing. The energy and excitement of it grew in my lower stomach and demanded an outlet.


“What am I to do on a normal basis to get rid of all of this energy inside of me?” I asked Lex.


“Well, if you can manage not to shoot me across the room, I have some ideas about an outlet for energy,” he spoke with a gruff attempt at a laugh, I guessed, though his voice had grown more gravelly with each word.


There was no mistaking his intentions, though, as he gently grabbed my wrists, and moved my hands back down into the bag that contained them. Once he got my hands out of the way, placing them, one on his chest, the other on his side, his lips pressed against mine with an intensity of love I’d never in my wildest dreams imagined existed until meeting my werewolf, meant to be my protector, created for it actually, but who also in some twist of fate, had ended up being my soul mate, as well. His big hands grabbed my hips, pulled me even tighter against him as he adjusted me, worked his growing erection closer as I opened my legs around him, and let his length nestle between my thighs.


“The dream we had last night, the one the Royals granted us, a glimpse into our future together on their island,” he began, grunting out a few words at a time against my lips, in between kisses, “well, that could take some time to get to. I don’t know...with travel time and introductions once we get to the island, and even after that in the days to follow there, with magic lessons and debriefing and all of that, when I will get to hold you, naked like this, again. So right now, we need to make the most of this moment we have alone.”


“I’m all for making the most of this moment, and that hard cock of yours, but do you really think that I will someday run, as a wolf myself, beside you in the woods, like I did in the dream we shared?” I asked, my voice deeper, huskier, making vocal my own desires to have him inside of me.


“Once you meet the Royals, you will know that just about anything is possible,” he mumbled, his lips vibrating against mine until he moved his hands up, with some effort, making a line of fire along my skin, on each inch where they touched, until reaching my face.


With my cheeks finally nestled in his large palms, he looked me in the eyes with all the fierce intensity of his love for me making them his usual icy shade of blue with a storm of navy-colored lust brewing in them.


“I love you, Christine,” Lex said. “And, all of your dreams and more are about to come true. I will be by your side for every step of it that I can. But, for now, for this moment, before the others awaken and we have to meet them, no more talking, just kissing and touching. I want to make this count. In every moment I can’t hold you to me in the days to come, I want you to remember this moment, and to tremble wanting me.”


I nodded my head in consent, my teeth biting against one side of my bottom lip even as the sides of my mouth curled up into a grin. My breath accelerated, my pulse grew, and my body literally vibrated against his. Want, need, desire, love... all these words swirled in my mind, a fierce tempest, and yet all words, even for this writer, fell short of describing what I felt for him and from him.


He reached over me for a moment, pressing our bodies more firmly together until he could reach the zipper and release our bodies from the confines of the heavy quilted material. Thankfully, with my fuller figure and his bulging muscles, the sleeping bag given to us had been some camping thing in an extra-large size meant for couples. It had given the two of us a snug fit neither had complained about. Already naked, he looked me up and down.


I’d never tire of the sensation, the gentle crawl of heat over my skin that I got when he just looked at me. I guess I would more have to describe it as him devouring me with his eyes. I felt touched, and never in my life had I felt more beautiful, sexy, and desirable, than when he looked at me. My own eyes grew glassy for a second, tears forming from being overwhelmed, to witness the depth of his love for me apparent in his own brown eyes. My stomach gripped tight over all the emotions boiling there. My wetness grew, taking in the way our breaths were in sync with each other’s, especially with my hardened nipples just inches from his.


Knowing already how it felt to have all of his hard edges against my supple, rounded body, my breath finally caught. The moment, this blip in time that hung seemingly suspended between us, that moment of looking at your lover just before you actually make love, went on and on although I didn’t mind in the least. Eventually, he moved, and broke the trance, as he rolled me to my back and moved to kneeling beside me.


Moving to position himself between my greedily open legs, an invitation to take of me what he wanted, he only placed a gentle, maddening kiss on my mound. My hips jerked as I took in a large gulp of air, my lungs suddenly forcing me to do so due to oxygen deprivation. After a quick look up at me, he winked before bending to kiss one wet fold and then the other. Already swollen, already wet, this intense tease of his full lips inflamed my entire body, though he focused on only a small part of it.


His hands, like weights, pressed on my thighs, opening me up further to him. I felt so exposed, maybe something to do with the strangeness of our surroundings, my eyes coming in and out of focus on an autographed picture of some baseball player, still, despite that abrupt, strange to me sight, I closed my eyes tight to revel in the experience. Anything with him. I knew now that I would do anything for, anything with him. That was easy, given that I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that he’d never ask of me what I couldn’t give.


His next kiss fell gently on my throbbing clit. Me pussy pulsed. My stomach clenched. I struggled for air while he kissed my folds, my hard nub, my eager opening again and again, leaving no spot of flesh between my thighs unloved. Just as the ache inside me grew to insanity, he replaced his lips with a finger, tracing over me, as if he were drawing a picture. He looked at me with such intensity that I believed he was imprinting this image of me permanently in his mind, to look back upon whenever he needed it.


When the rough pad of one of his fingers dropped to my clit, I cried out, a strangled sound that emanated from my chest only to hiss through my clenched teeth. Pulling back on the hood, his tongue coaxed the sensitive nub out, leaving me panting, on the precipice of orgasm, as his finger fell to my opening. Everything clenched, pulsed, in the throes of passion and excitement. My magic surged within me, sending a fierce electric current that rode just beneath my skin, head to toe. This had to be how the stars in the sky felt right before they exploded.

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