The Ambassador's Accidental Marriage (Siren Publishing Ménage and More)

BOOK: The Ambassador's Accidental Marriage (Siren Publishing Ménage and More)
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The Ambassador’s Accidental Marriage

As an intergalactic ambassador representing Earth, Cindy Richards trained to deal with unusual situations, but being the bridesmaid to an unknown bride on a planet far away is definitely a new one.

Right from the start, things go wrong, but the realization that she is expected to join the couple in their marriage bed convinces Cindy something was definitely lost in translation.

Eric of Riley, firstborn son of King Adekai, and Loukie-riana of Ezra, firstborn daughter of King Gordenak, always knew that their union would involve a third person. Having their respective fathers collude and organize their third, their mubellabina, without them was disconcerting, yet once they meet the adorable human woman, they realize she is a perfect choice.

But when the error in translation is discovered, convincing Cindy they want her to stay proves quite difficult.

Seducing her just might be the answer.

They are married, after all…

Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Science Fiction
21,726 words








Rachel Clark










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Chapter One


Cindy loved her job. She really did, but being sent to a planet halfway across the galaxy to be some sort of bridesmaid to a female alien she’d never even met seemed to be going above and beyond the normal duties of a well-respected member of the Intergalactic Ambassador Corps.

But hey, she was a professional, and she’d known going in that the job would put her in some unusual situations.

She smoothed her hands down the front of her travel uniform and plastered a careful but friendly smile on her face as the door to her transport opened. Several well-armed, seemingly human men, wearing what appeared to be the dress uniform for this planet’s military greeted her.

“Earth Ambassador Cindy Richards?”

“Yes,” she said, careful not to smile too widely. According to the information she’d been given on the occupants of this planet, smiling or showing one’s teeth was considered a sign of aggression. The last thing she wanted to do was start this diplomatic mission with a cultural misunderstanding.

“Follow me, please.” The man who seemed to be in charge turned and headed in the opposite direction. It was a little disconcerting when the other men formed a tight circle around her. She couldn’t really see anything in any direction and couldn’t decide whether the men were hiding her, protecting her, or arresting her. She took a deep, but discreet, breath and tried to calm her ragged nerves.

She’d been on many diplomatic missions. There was no reason for this one to make her so nervous. Just because humans on Earth asked a friend to be their bridesmaid at their wedding, it didn’t mean other cultures did it the same way. But she couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t quite right. She glanced at the “guard” beside her and tried to ignore the fact that the man seemed amused.

On every mission something unexpected always popped up, and quite often the information on social behavior only covered one section of the community. At least on this mission, Cindy would only be dealing with this planet’s equivalent of royalty, so she was confident of the accuracy of the information she’d been provided.

After walking only several hundred feet, she was ushered into a small, strangely decorated room and told to wait.

Cindy tried not to fidget, but part of the reason she’d joined the IGAC and become an intergalactic diplomat was because of her insatiable curiosity. She desperately wanted to explore the tiny room, but with a culture as technologically advanced as this one it was quite possible that they had some sort of video feed streaming from this room. The absolute last thing she wanted to do was give the impression that she was some sort of spy. As her boss had told her on more than one occasion, behaving like a spy could get her into a whole lot more trouble than she was prepared for.

So she sat quietly in the chair provided and tried to wait patiently.

An older, well-dressed woman came through the door several minutes later. Her hair was elegantly styled, her barely there dress a stunning electric blue that caught the startling white-blue highlights in her deep-gold hair.

“You are the bridessss mead?”

Cindy tried not to smile at the woman’s strange accent and pronunciation of the word “bridesmaid.” Obviously the translator she wore was having trouble with the word. It was possible that the attendant to the bride at her wedding was called something entirely different on this planet. A direct translation may not have been possible.

“Yes,” Cindy answered with a closed-mouth smile. The woman shook her head in what seemed to be agitation and started speaking so rapidly that Cindy’s translator had trouble keeping up. She caught half the words, but the most prominent and regularly repeated was “unacceptable.”

The woman turned and left the room.

Baffled by the apparent rejection, Cindy pulled her microreader from her pocket, activated the projector, and read through the mission guidelines once more. Nowhere in the protocols did it say anything about how to deal with being locked in a room alone.

Antsy and feeling more than a little annoyed, Cindy started roaming around the room. She was careful to project idle curiosity in case someone was actually watching, but she truly hoped to find some sort of answers in the objects placed around the room. Ironically, the items all appeared to be various types of beauty products.

A different door opened unexpectedly, and Cindy barely controlled her reaction. Jumping in fright suggested wrongdoing, and despite ignoring the fact that she shouldn’t be snooping around, she wasn’t actually misbehaving.

A man stepped through the door, his height and build similar to those of the soldiers who’d greeted her, but that was where the similarity stopped. He was dressed very formally, his clothing suggesting that he was not only an important man, but his behavior confirming it a moment later.

“Earth Ambassador Cindy Richards?” he asked, tilting his head as he waited for her answer.

“Yes,” she managed to force past a suddenly dry throat. Why did he have to be so handsome? By Earth standards the guy was underwear-model material.

“Was your mission here explained to you by your superiors?”

“Yes,” she answered again in that breathless little voice. Good grief, she hoped she didn’t sound like a starstruck teenager, but her attraction to this man was completely unexpected. It didn’t help her state of mind when he stepped closer, touched her face, and said in a husky voice, “We will do our best to ensure that your stay with us is a pleasant one.”

And then he smiled. So hopelessly distracted by her own lust, Cindy didn’t realize until he’d left the room and the woman had reentered that according to the mission information she’d been provided, that delicious smile was likely an act of aggression.

“Little time. Get you ready. Hurry we must,” the woman said so quickly that the translator in Cindy’s ear continued talking even though the woman’s lips were now closed. It was quite a strange experience. The translators were usually very reliable, but with this woman’s amazingly fast way of talking, it seemed the technology had finally met its match. Cindy made a mental note to put it in her mission log at the first opportunity before she realized the woman was frowning at her as if she were being rude.

“Sorry,” she offered immediately.

The woman nodded and glanced over her shoulder as a second door to the room opened.

“Good, good, there, here, over there. Hurry,” she barked loudly at the women who’d come through the doorway. These women were dressed less elegantly than the one giving orders, but their clothes were still quite revealing. They seemed to be servants of some sort, but there was no doubt that they were efficient at their jobs. They quickly set up the technology and left the room.

“Clothes,” the first woman demanded, standing in front of Cindy with her arms crossed.

BOOK: The Ambassador's Accidental Marriage (Siren Publishing Ménage and More)
2.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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