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meditated and AT&T has to be called and it's really a large hassle, therefore, it is almost

never done. Alliance simply does not want it known that teenagers are phucking them over.

The only sort of safety equipment Alliance has on-line is a simple pen register. This little

device simply records all the numbers of the conferees dialed. No big deal. All Alliance can

do is call up that persons number, threaten and question. However, legally, they can do

nothing because all you did was answer your fone.

NOTE: Almost all instructions are told to the person in command by Alliance recordings. A

lot of this tutorial is just a listing of those commands plus information gathered by either

myself or the phellow phreaks of the world! !

38. Aqua Box Plans by The Jolly Roger

Every true phreaker lives in fear of the dreaded FBI 'Lock In Trace'. For a long time, it

was impossible to escape from the Lock In Trace. This box does offer an escape route

with simple directions to it. This box is quite a simple concept, and almost any phreaker

with basic electronics knowledge can construct and use it.

The Lock In Trace

A lock in trace is a device used by the FBI to lock into the phone users location so that he

can not hang up while a trace is in progress. For those of you who are not familiar with the

concept of 'locking in', then here's a brief description. The FBI can tap into a

conversation, sort of like a three-way call connection. Then, when they get there, they can

plug electricity into the phone line. All phone connections are held open by a certain

voltage of electricity. That is why you sometimes get static and faint connections when you

are calling far away, because the electricity has trouble keeping the line up. What the lock

in trace does is cut into the line and generate that same voltage straight into the lines.

That way, when you try and hang up, voltage is retained. Your phone will ring just like

someone was calling you even after you hang up. (If you have call waiting, you should

understand better about that, for call waiting intercepts the electricity and makes a tone

that means someone is going through your line. Then, it is a matter of which voltage is

higher. When you push down the receiver, then it see-saws the electricity to the other

side. When you have a person on each line it is impossible to hang up unless one or both of

them will hang up. If you try to hang up, voltage is retained, and your phone will ring. That

should give you an understanding of how calling works. Also, when electricity passes

through a certain point on your phone, the electricity causes a bell to ring, or on some

newer phones an electronic ring to sound.) So, in order to eliminate the trace, you somehow

must lower the voltage level on your phone line. You should know that every time someone

else picks up the phone line, then the voltage does decrease a little. In the first steps of

planning this out, Xerox suggested getting about a hundred phones all hooked into the

same line that could all be taken off the hook at the same time. That would greatly

decrease the voltage level. That is also why most three-way connections that are using the

bell service three way calling (which is only $3 a month) become quite faint after a while.

By now, you should understand the basic idea. You have to drain all of the power out of the

line so the voltage can not be kept up. Rather sudden draining of power could quickly short

out the FBI voltage machine, because it was only built to sustain the exact voltage

necessary to keep the voltage out. For now, imagine this. One of the normal Radio Shack

generators that you can go pick up that one end of the cord that hooks into the central

box has a phone jack on it and the other has an electrical plug. This way, you can "flash"

voltage through the line, but cannot drain it. So, some

modifications have to be done.


A BEOC (Basic Electrical Output Socket), like a small lamp-type connection, where you just

have a simple plug and wire that would plug into a light bulb. One of cords mentioned above,

if you can't find one then construct your own... Same voltage connection, but the

restrainer must be built in (I.E. The central box) Two phone jacks (one for the modem, one

for if you are being traced to plug the aqua box into) Some creativity and easy work.

Notice: No phones have to be destroyed/modified to make this box, so don't go out and

buy a new phone for it!


All right, this is a very simple procedure. If you have the BEOC, it could drain into

anything: a radio, or whatever. The purpose of having that is you are going to suck the

voltage out from the phone line into the electrical appliance so there would be no voltage

left to lock you in with.

Take the connection cord. Examine the plug at the end. It should have only two prongs. If

it has three, still, do not fear. Make sure the electrical appliance is turned off unless

you want to become a crispy critter while making this thing. Most plugs will have a hard

plastic design on the top of them to prevent you from getting in at the electrical wires

inside. Well, remove it. If you want to keep the plug (I don't see why...) then just cut

the top off. When you look inside, Low and Behold, you will see that at the base of the

prongs there are a few wires connecting in. Those wires conduct the power into the

appliance. So, you carefully unwrap those from the sides and pull them out until they

are about an inch ahead of the prongs. If you don't want to keep the jack, then just rip

the prongs out. If you are, cover the prongs with insulation tape so they will not

connect with the wires when the power is being drained from the line.

Do the same thing with the prongs on the other plug, so you have the wires evenly

connected. Now, wrap the end of the wires around each other. If you happen to have

the other end of the voltage cord hooked into the phone, stop reading now, you're too

fucking stupid to continue. After you've wrapped the wires around each other, then

cover the whole thing with the plugs with insulating tape. Then, if you built your own

control box or if you bought one, then cram all the wires into it and reclose it. That

box is your ticket out of this.

Re-check everything to make sure it's all in place. This is a pretty flimsy connection, but

on later models when you get more experienced at it then you can solder away at it and

form the whole device into one big box, with some kind of cheap Mattel hand-held

game inside to be the power connector. In order to use it, just keep this box handy.

Plug it into the jack if you want, but it will slightly lower the voltage so it isn't

connected. When you plug it in, if you see sparks, unplug it and restart the whole thing.

But if it just seems fine then leave it.



Now, so you have the whole thing plugged in and all... Do not use this unless the situation is

desperate! When the trace has gone on, don't panic, unplug your phone, and turn on the

appliance that it was hooked to. It will need energy to turn itself on, and here's a great

source... The voltage to keep a phone line open is pretty small and a simple light bulb should

drain it all in and probably short the FBI computer at the same time.

39. Hindenberg Bomb by The Jolly Roger


1 Balloon

1 Bottle

1 Liquid Plumber

1 Piece Aluminum foil

1 Length Fuse

Fill the bottle 3/4 full with Liquid Plumber and add a little piece of aluminum foil to it. Put

the balloon over the neck of the bottle until the balloon is full of the resulting gas. This is

highly flammable hydrogen. Now tie the balloon. Now light the fuse, and let it rise. When

the fuse contacts the balloon, watch out! !

40. How to Kill Someone with your Bare Hands by The Jolly Roger

This file will explain the basics of hand-to-hand combat, and will tell of the best places to

strike and kill an enemy. When engaged in hand-to-hand combat, your life is always at

stake. There is only one purpose in combat, and that is to kill your enemy. Never face an

enemy with the idea of knocking him out. The chances are extremely good that he will kill

YOU instead. When a weapon is not available, one must resort to the full use of his natural

weapons. The natural weapons are:

The knife edge of your hands.

Fingers folded at the second joint or knuckle.

The protruding knuckle of your second finger.

The heel of your hand.

Your boot



Your Teeth.

Attacking is a primary factor. A fight was never won by defensive action. Attack with all

of your strength. At any point or any situation, some vulnerable point on your enemies body

will be open for attack. Do this while screaming as screaming has two purposes.

To frighten and confuse your enemy.

To allow you to take a deep breath which, in turn, will put more oxygen in your blood


Your balance and balance of your enemy are two important factors; since, if you succeed in

making your enemy lose his balance, the chances are nine to one that you can kill him in

your next move. The best over-all stance is where your feet are spread about shoulders

width apart, with your right foot about a foot ahead of the left. Both arms should be bent

at the elbows parallel to each other. Stand on the balls of your feet and bend your waist

slightly. Kind of like a boxer's crouch. Employing a sudden movement or a scream or yell

can throw your enemy off-balance. There are many vulnerable points of the body. We will

cover them now:

Eyes: Use your fingers in a V-shape and attack in gouging motion.

Nose:(Extremely vulnerable) Strike with the knife edge of the hand along the bridge,

which will cause breakage, sharp pain, temporary blindness, and if the blow is hard enough,

death. Also, deliver a blow with the heel of your hand in an upward motion, this will shove

the bone up into the brain causing death.

Adam's Apple: This spot is usually pretty well protected, but if you get the chance, strike

hard with the knife edge of your hand. This should sever the wind-pipe, and then it's all

over in a matter of minutes.

Temple: There is a large artery up here, and if you hit it hard enough, it will cause death.

If you manage to knock your enemy down, kick him in the temple, and he'll never get up


Back of the Neck: A rabbit punch, or blow delivered to the base of the neck can easily

break it, but to be safe, it is better to use the butt of a gun or some other heavy blunt


Upper lip: A large network of nerves are located. These nerves are extremely close to the

skin. A sharp upward blow will cause extreme pain, and unconsciousness.

Ears: Coming up from behind an enemy and cupping the hands in a clapping motion over the

victims ears can kill him immediately. The vibrations caused from the clapping motion will

burst his eardrums, and cause internal bleeding in the brain.

Groin: A VERY vulnerable spot. If left open, get it with knee hard, and he'll buckle over

very fast.

Kidneys: A large nerve that branches off to the spinal cord comes very close to the skin at

the kidneys. A direct blow with the knife edge of your hand can cause death.

There are many more ways to kill and injure an enemy, but these should work best for the

average person. This is meant only as information and I would not recommend that you use

this for a simple High School Brawl. Use these methods only, in your opinion, if your life is

in danger. Any one of these methods could very easily kill or cause permanent damage to

someone. One more word of caution, you should practice these moves before using them on

a dummy, or a mock battle with a friend. (You don't have to actually hit him to practice,

just work on accuracy.)

41. Phone Systems Tutorial III by The Jolly Roger


This article will focus primarily on the standard western electric single- Slot coin

telephone (aka fortress fone) which can be divided into 3 types:

dial-tone first (dtf)

coin-first (cf): (i.e., it wants your $ before you receive a dial tone)

dial post-pay service (pp): you payafter the party answers

Depositing coins (slugs):

Once you have deposited your slug into a fortress, it is subjected to a Gamut of tests. The

first obstacle for a slug is the magnetic trap. This will stop any light-weight magnetic slugs

and coins. If it passes this, the slug is then classified as a nickel, dime, or Quarter. Each

slug is then checked for appropriate size and weight. If These tests are passed, it will

then travel through a nickel, dime, or quarter Magnet as appropriate. These magnets set up

an eddy current effect which Causes coins of the appropriate characteristics to slow down

BOOK: The Anarchist Cookbook
9.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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