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Dr. Albright was down at the end of the birthing bed Emma’s face was florid from pushing. Her blonde hair, matted with sweat was scraped away from her face in a messy bun on top of her head and the wild, determined look on her face scared Vince a little but he hurried to her side. “I’m sorry I was telling—“


The demon voice coming out of his lovely wife effectively closed his mouth.

He didn’t know what to say. She was doing all the work. Maybe it was the best idea to just silently support her.

“You are a great birther, Emma,” Dr. Albright praised, looking up with a smile from between Emma’s legs. “Would you like to see the head?”

Vince swallowed, not sure if he could handle that image. “I’m good.”


“One good push and your baby will be here,” Dr. Albright said. “Let’s go, give it all you got.”

Emma bore down and with a gush of fluid, something slippery and small slipped into the doctor’s awaiting hands. Dr. Albright lifted the tiny bundle, covered in God-knew-what with a quick announcement, “It’s a girl!” and then rubbed her down and suctioned her with a bulb.

Vince stared in wonder, his throat closing. “It’s a girl,” he repeated dumbly, still staring as the doctor moved quickly. The respiratory team stood by, waiting.

“A girl?” Emma cried softly, so exhausted. “Is she okay?”

“She’s going to be fine,” Dr. Albright assured, however, he handed the baby off to the team and she was whisked away, striking fear into Vince’s heart.

“Where is she going?”

“She’s a bit early and her APGAR, expectedly, isn’t as high as we’d like. We just want to be sure her lungs are developed enough. But in the meantime, let’s sew you up. We’ve got quite a bit of tearing down here.”

Vince didn’t even want to know what that meant.

He turned to Emma and tears filled his eyes. “I love you. You were amazing,” he said, kissing her damp forehead.

Emma stared blearily at him. “We have a daughter.”

“A daughter.” He nodded.

Emma dropped back against the pillow, mumbling, “I’m so glad she’s out.” And then she was asleep!

Well, that was more than okay. Emma deserved a little shut-eye after that experience. He smoothed the damp hair away from Emma’s face and gently kissed her forehead.

What an incredible woman. He would love her until he died for giving him this incredible life.

To say he was blessed…was to cheapen the word. For all he’d done in his lifetime, how had he gotten so lucky?

It was all because of her.

Tears sprang to his eyes.

He would spend the rest of his days making sure she always felt appreciated, loved and desired.

But for now…he needed to meet the newest lady in his life.

Vince stood on shaky legs. He was someone’s dad.

Hopefully, he was up for the challenge.


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“Are you sure?” Vince asked, cradling his daughter, marveling at how she embodied sheer perfection. Ten tiny toes, ten exquisite fingers, five of which were clutched around his index finger.

Emma, rested after a long power nap, smiled at him from the hospital bed.

Everyone had seen the baby, brought gifts, ‘
and ‘
over her but now it was just him, Emma and baby girl.

And Emma had just dropped a bombshell on him.

“I know it might seem weird to name our daughter after the woman who’d come before me but if it weren’t for her, we never would’ve met,” Emma explained. She smiled. “Personally, I think Isabel is a beautiful name and, well, to be honest, maybe I’m being silly but I like the idea of giving the name something positive for you. Kinda full-circle, right?”

Vince’s throat closed up. “Isabel,” he murmured, nodding. “I think it’s perfect. Isabel Grace…I think it has a wonderful ring to it.”

“I do, too,” she agreed happily.

Isabel scrunched her little face and let out an unhappy squall, proving her lungs, though premature, were working just fine. He gently placed the baby in Emma’s arms and watched in awe as Isabel instinctively went to Emma’s breast.

“Looks like I’m going to have to wait my turn now,” he said, smiling as Emma breastfed their child. Emma smiled and returned her attention to the baby.

Oh my God, I have a child.

The powerful realization filled him with love, fear, scary pride, and the most intense feeling of total contentment that he nearly started bawling right then and there.

He held himself together by the thinnest margin because there was no need for tears. Today was the happiest he’d ever been in his life.

He had so much to be thankful for. How’d he get so lucky?

Vince took a long moment to just soak in the bliss of the private moment. Then, he realized with a laugh, he’d completely forgotten that he’d booked the Carmel cottage for the getaway weekend that never actually got to happen.

“So, funny story…I thought that maybe you needed a little pampering before the baby was born so I had booked a weekend at Carmel cottage for Valentine’s Day…except…well, our plans were a little waylaid.”

Emma melted at his admission. “Really? That’s so sweet. I would’ve loved that,” she said, but added with a tiny wistful twist of her lips. “But I think I got the best Valentine’s Day present right here…”

He had to agree.

Then Emma chuckled and surprised him with an admission of her own.

“I know you were beating yourself up over me going into labor after we had sex but I have a small confession to make.” She bit her lip, saying, “I may have been the one to throw things into overdrive.”

He frowned, confused. “How?”

“Well, I was freaking out over a bunch of things that seem kind of silly now that I’m no longer drowning in hormones and carrying around an extra person.”

“Such as?”

She waved away his question. “The point is…” her cheeks suddenly bloomed “I had booked a pole dancing class and it hadn’t exactly gone to plan. It was terribly embarrassing and probably way too strenuous for someone nine months pregnant.”

A pole dancing class? “Why?”

“I didn’t feel very sexy and I thought if I picked up a new sexy skill, that might help with how I was feeling inside.”

“You don’t need a stripper class to be sexy, babe. You’re hot stuff without it.”

Emma smiled with love. “I love that you feel that way. Remember how I said the problem was with me? Well, yeah…it was. I feel better now. I think it was just pregnancy weirdness.”

He hated to think that his adorable, hot-as-hell wife had ever suffered the belief that she wasn’t sexy. She was off-the-charts!

However…was it bad that he wanted to see some of those moves she picked up? She must’ve read his mind for she suddenly grinned.

“I might’ve retained some tricks…for later…”

What a fucking woman!
He leaned in to kiss her soundly. “How long does it take to recover…”

Emma laughed and pushed him away. “I’ll let you know. For now…cool your jets.”

He was kidding, of course. Besides, he wanted to give her all the time she needed because how else was he going to convince her to start on Baby #2?

Vince chuckled to himself, his heart full.

Life was damn good.

Now if he could just find a way to send his East Coast cousins — particularly Sutton — back to their respective coast…life would be sublime!


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Nolan and Vince, twin brothers who delight in sharing everything, set their sights on their luscious accountant and when they hatch an indecent plan to put her in their bed, they don't hesitate -- no matter the cost. Penny is everything they'd dreamed she'd be and soon enough, their feelings for Penny go beyond the physical but they never imagined their older brother, Dillon, would return home and threaten everything in their world.

Dillon, the original bad boy Buchanan, is the proverbial black sheep with an axe to grind. He's got a score to settle with his little brothers and he's ready to take everything of value from them -- including the curvy, delectable Penny.

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Shannon Garrity never does reckless or spontaneous -- except for that one time she went home with the hottest guy in the club for no-names, no-holds-barred, change-your-religion sex that left her aching, sore, and deliciously sated the next morning. However, six weeks later she realized that night with the hot guy with the beautiful eyes and dirty mind had created unexpected consequences. Suddenly a single mom, Shannon has no intentions of telling Nolan he'd fathered her child but fate has different plans.

Can Nolan put aside his wild bachelor life for a family of his own? Can Shannon trust that beneath that sexy bad boy billionaire veneer is a good guy just waiting for an equally good woman? Sparks fly when worlds and philosophies collide but a baby changes everything. (Contemporary romance, Alpha billionaire, billionaire romance, baby, HEA)


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Vince Buchanan's brothers are off living their happily-ever-after but Vince knows there's no such fairytale ending for him. He's the most debauched, most morally ruined Buchanan in the bunch and he's just fine with that -- until he meets Emma Winters. A spitfire of indignant outrage and sexy intelligence, she's the kind of woman that would make a man want to spend every waking hour in bed or toss her out a window. Emma is dangerous. She makes him yearn for things he has no business even thinking about. He's not the settling down type. He's the leave-em-gasping-but-ultimately-leave-em type. But when he finds himself Emma's reluctant protector, he goes toe-to-toe with the redemption he won't admit to needing -- and falling hard for the one woman who isn't impressed by anything associated with the Buchanans.

Emma Winters has one goal -- take down Vince Buchanan and his club, Malvagio for what happened to her sister -- but when things go awry and Emma finds herself under Vince's dubious protection, she discovers that fate has very different plans for them both. She doesn't count on seeing past the wall Vince puts up to protect himself and she definitely doesn't count on the wild attraction to the hard-bodied billionaire who can do things to a woman's body that make her forget why she was out to destroy him in the first place.

Vince and Emma — two souls destined to love each other — fighting it with every breath they've got.


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Broken, damaged and needing someone she could trust, Laird found himself in a role he'd never played — as a caregiver.

Laird told himself he was playing a part for the sake of protecting the club, Malvagio. When his part was done, he walked away.

Except, Lana never truly left his heart.

And that's a problem.

Lana Winters, still struggling to overcome what'd happened to her in the darkened halls of the notorious club owned by the Buchanan family, wants nothing to do with men or relationships...especially someone like Laird.

But there's something about Laird that draws her out of her shell and forces her to confront her feelings for the man, even though he's the worst for someone like her.

Can Laird keep his Christmas Promise or will his failure ruin Lana forever?

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BOOK: The Billionaire's Sweet Surprise
13.14Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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