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The Billionaire's Toy

BOOK: The Billionaire's Toy
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The Billionaire's Toy

by Kendall Cox

Published by Kendall Cox, 2013.

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.


First edition. March 27, 2013.

Copyright © 2013 Kendall Cox.

Written by Kendall Cox.

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incessant ringing of the alarm clock dragged Andrea from out of her dream
filled sleep. She reluctantly opened her eyes as the last vestiges of the dream
slowly faded into nothing. She wanted to pull it back to the forefront of her
memory. It was such a strange dream. But one that she has been having almost
non-stop for the last couple of days.

remembered the tall dark and swarthy stranger; his compelling eyes that left
her mesmerized. He had arms that rippled with muscles born from hard labor. She
imagined smelling the sweat that poured out of his body as they made love in
wild abandon. The dream was so real in her mind that it left her feeling
exhausted when she had to face the morning light.

let out a sigh. She had to get hold of herself if she was to make it through
today. This was going to be one of those days when her boss will have her
running all around town trying to accomplish all the tasks assigned to her.

the bathroom and pulling the towel that was hanging by the rack near the door,
Andrea adjusted the knobs on the shower stall. Soon, warm clean water was
dripping down her smooth and pliant body. Grabbing the shampoo bottle, Andrea
poured some on her palms and started rubbing it all over her hair. Next she
grabbed hold of the soap and started to massage suds from her neck to her
shoulders. The soap felt glorious as it slid past her breast, sending a
tingling sensation to her nipples.

rubbed her thumbs around her rosy nipples and felt the sensation all the way
down to her groin. She realized she was still feeling so aroused from her hazy
dream earlier. She allowed her hand to travel down her navel. She continued on
stroking her pubic hair, and then, parting the lips of her vagina, she searched
for her clitoris. The mixture of soap and her own desire made her so sensitive
that she moaned as she stroked her clitoris repeatedly. She felt her clit grow
and protrude in her hands. Andrea took a seat on the rim of the stall. She
needed to get her legs wide open. She arched her back to give her hand more
access to her pleasure zone. Andrea realized that she is about to come as she
stroked herself vigorously. She needed this release so badly.

Soon the
overwhelming feeling was too much for her to handle and she gave in to a
powerful orgasm that racked her entire body and left her limp and drained as
she clung tightly to the wall of the shower stall. Very slowly she allowed her
breathing to become normal once again as the water washed away all traces of
her self-pleasure.

glanced at the clock on her way out of the bathroom. “Damn,” she muttered. She
needed to make haste if she was to catch the 8:00 A.M. bus to work.

she drew out from her closet her best black pencil slim skirt. It should go
well with her silk white blouse, the one that gave barely a hint of the sheer
bra that she will be wearing. Opening a smaller drawer, she spotted her Donna
Karan black sheer stockings. That and her 3-inch Manolo Blahnik shoes should
complete her business outfit for today, she thought.

towards her bed, she lifted her leg and pointed her toes to put on the
stockings. Carefully so as not to snag the delicate fabric, she rolled it up
her thighs. It ended just below her pubic area where she gave it a snap.

Doing the
same thing with her other leg, she realized just how sensuous she felt with
these stockings clinging onto her legs and thighs. Andrea then slipped on her
Blahniks. She was quite lucky to find them at a year end sale. The shoes made
her legs look long and slim, sexier even. Her butt cheeks jutted out in just
the right way.

up her lace panties, Andrea pulled it on followed by the sheer bra. She stared
at her image in the full length mirror and gave a grunt of approval. She looked
very sexy half naked this way.

Andrea tried
to remember the dream she had been having. Every night as soon as she fell
asleep, this dark stranger came and made wild passionate sex with her. No words
were spoken; just undercurrents of a strong sexual urge to be subdued and to

Andrea realized
her dreams were wild reminders of how long she has been without any sexual
gratification. Six months to be exact. Unavoidably, she and Mark, her boyfriend
of two years, had broken up when she made the move to come to New York to start
on her new job at the Publishing Company.

Mark was
a computer technician back in California and he could not make the move to be
with her in New York. So they broke off the relationship instead.

It was
difficult from the start. Looking for a place to live and finding her niche in
the new place was quite challenging. Andrea accepted the truth that she was
still the new kid on the block and had much to prove to her employer and
colleagues. She was eager and willing to do all kinds of job just to climb her
way up the ladder of success.

recognized that her wet dreams were her body’s way of reminding her that she
was a healthy young woman at the peak of her womanhood and she needed to find
ways to assuage her body’s longing for sexual pleasure.

tried to shake the thoughts away from her head. She was running late and she
needed to be at the office for the daily brainstorming that her boss held at
the start of the day. Locations were assigned right after the meeting to
determine where each would go for the interviews. Andrea sincerely hoped that
she need not go somewhere across town just to do an interview with someone
inconsequential. She was dressed much too nicely for that. She wished to be
assigned to a business tycoon, or a movie producer.

With a
sigh, she remembered her rank at the office. She was at the bottom of the
feeding chain right now.

well,” Andrea consoled herself. She just needed to be patient. Her time will
come soon enough. If she dressed to succeed, success will eventually find her
someday, Andrea thought as she closed the door of her apartment behind her.


s Andrea
rounded the corner where her office was located, a huge city bus rolled by with
a sign splattered across its body with the question WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR

It was a
banner for a new spa that has opened in town. But the question brought a smile
to Andrea’s lips as she remembered how she had played with herself that very
morning. Her orgasm was pretty heavy and the thought made her knees feel like

“Oh my god,”
Andrea thought to herself. “If that made me feel good, I wonder what a real man
can do for me....It’s been so long...” Amanda thought to herself. And the idea of a
man’s cock inside her made her feel warm and moist between her legs.

the door to her office, she caught sight of Ben, one of the Senior Editors
waiting by the elevator door.

“Hold the
elevator please...” Andrea called out as Ben entered and punched in the button
to their office on the 20

Hey sexy,
how was your night?” Ben asked in a friendly voice.

Andrea had a crush on Ben from the very start. But he seemed devoted to his
very pregnant wife and never showed any indication of wanting to play around
with any of the staff at the office. There were rumors that he and the other boys
would frequent strip clubs, but if they did, the men had a code of silence
among them. Nobody really knew if the talks were true.

fluttered her lashes at him and said, “Hmmmm.... my night was ordinary enough,
but this morning was spectacular.”

“Oh, your
boyfriend must have stayed the night then?” Ben asked.

“Nope, no
boyfriend. Just me all alone in a big bed.” Andrea replied with a laugh.

eyes grew wide as he caught on to what Andrea meant.

“Wish I
was there to be of assistance...” Ben answered naughtily back at her.

kept quiet and ran her fingers through her hair as her tongue flicked over her
moist lips.

She gave
Ben a coquettish smile as she noticed that Ben had gotten a hard-on. His cock
was bulging through the front of his pants.

“I wish I
can do something about that too...”Andrea said as she allowed her hand to brush
past Ben’s hard cock protruding through his pants.

knew that she was playing a dangerous game but what did she have to lose? Her
body had been plaguing her from its sexual abstinence.

Ben saw
that Andrea was fair game and willing to play so he suggested, “why don’t you
come by my office? Nobody is around at this time. We can have some naughty

felt her cunt grow moist at the thought of what lie ahead. Shamelessly, she
grabbed Ben’s hand and let him feel her pussy which was growing hot and wet
with expectation.

fingered her slowly as he searched for her clit which had become so engorged.
Rubbing it gently back and forth, Andrea closed her eyes in sexual tension.

elevator pinged their destination as both tried to recover from the short
foreplay. Smiling like a cat that swallowed the canary, Andrea pulled away
towards the elevator door to give Ben a better view of her sexy ass.

reaching the main entrance to their office, both went their separate ways. Ben
strolled toward his office at the end of the hallway, and Andrea to her desk to
drop off her purse. She needed to have an excuse to go to Ben’s office. She
wanted to continue the game they started inside the elevator.

the meeting has been cancelled. Your assigned location is in your table. You
can go anytime you are ready,” Ruby the secretary informed her.

could not believe her ears. She did not have to rush to any meeting. She had
the time she needed to be with Ben.

some files nearby, she made an excuse to research on some materials she needed.

to Ben’s office, Andrea could hardly wait. Without announcing her presence she
opened the door and locked it behind her.

Ben was
standing by his desk fully expecting Andrea to show up. His faced was flushed
with expectation.

heart was beating wildly in her chest. She approached Ben slowly like a
predator ready to pounce on her prey. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to
the ground. Gingerly she stepped around it and approached him slowly as she
unbuttoned her blouse as well.

grabbed her by the waist, his fingers digging into her soft flesh. His mouth
clamped down on hers as his tongue tried to pry Andrea’s mouth open. Andrea
tasted the minty flavor of his mouthwash. Then Ben’s tongue explored the length
of her neck down to her shoulders as his hand tried to open her bra from

Andrea’s breast sprung free from its confines. Ben greedily suckled on her
nipple as Amanda’s mouth formed an O. The tingling of her nipple inside Ben’s
mouth radiated all the way down to her vagina.

hand rubbed the other nipple until it lengthened and grew hard between his
thumb and middle finger. His other hand grasped her butt from behind as he
squeezed hard feeling their firmness.

feverishly tried to unzip Ben’s pants. She wanted to feel the hardness of his
cock in her hands. His cock sprang free from within his pants as Andrea grasped
it and ran her hand over his lengthening shaft.

cock was rock hard and Andrea caressed the tip of his penis with her thumb and
felt the sticky clear moisture coming from it.

straddled Ben, lifting one of her legs over the table while her other leg
steadied her. She desperately wanted to feel the cock just within the outside
of her very moist pussy. She wanted to prolong this moment.

As Ben
continued to lick and play with her nipples, Andrea inched her pussy toward
Ben’s throbbing member. The feel of the hard cock just over the lips of her
pussy was heavenly. She arched her back as she slid her hips sensuously back
and forth over the rock hard cock. But Andrea was not ready to be fucked just

pushed Ben aside and away from her and said, “I want you to lick my pussy. Make
me come that way.”

Andrea reclined back into the table, drew up her legs over the edge, and opened
wide to allow Ben to have full access of her cunt. She spread the lips of her
vagina allowing her clit to pop forward.

Ben’s tongue flicked over her clit. His tongue circled and sucked around it as
Andrea moaned in wild abandon. Every flick of his tongue sent a wild tremor
over Andrea’s whole body.

fuck me...” Andrea ordered Ben as she grabbed on to his hair to steady his tongue
over her throbbing clit.

 Ben slid
his finger inside her and rubbed her vigorously in and out as he continued to
suck hard and play with her engorged and rosy clit.

body was on fire. She could no longer control the waves of sensual delight that
covered her entire being.

that she was about to come, Andrea grabbed Ben’s cock and indicated she wanted
him inside her now.

no further encouragement, Ben rammed his cock repeatedly into Andrea’s
throbbing pussy as wave after wave of orgasm hit her relentlessly.

Ben came
powerfully right after, as their shuddering breath was all that could be heard
in the silence that ensued.

BOOK: The Billionaire's Toy
11.89Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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