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The Birth Of Eve

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Birth of Eve



Author E.S Hoy Copyrighted 2013




Eve could hear her sister Izzy and her mother whispering in
low voices; both thinking Eve was safely tucked away in bed. Hearing her
father’s panic as he paced the floors downstairs had woken the nine year old
and she cowered quietly sitting at the foot of the stairs.

Eve was a sensitive child; she picked up on an atmosphere
even at her young age. Her father’s fear and mothers panic were making her
tremble. Her mother was trying to get answers from her father;

“Are we sure he has come back? Has someone definitely seen
him? We don’t want to panic if it’s all just rumours” Her father was insistent

“Brenda next door saw him herself, there was no doubt that
it was him. It is only a matter of time before he decides to drop in on us and
we can’t let him see her; he will ask too many questions.” Her mum started

“I know we can’t involve the police, but it is ridiculous he
has got away with this. Izzy you have no choice; you must leave now with Eve
before he sees you both” Izzy was now sobbing loudly

 “Mum I don’t want to leave you, Eve will be so confused, I
can’t take care of her on the streets” Her father tried to reassure his

“Izzy the priority is Eve, you two have to be safe. Take her
to a hostel or a bed and Breakfast in the city for a while. If we can find out
why he is here and persuade him to leave, then you can both come home.
Otherwise we will send you money to help you out, but you must keep moving
around so he can never trace you.”

 Eve was scared; she didn’t want to be sent away, she loved
her big sister but the idea of living without her parents was terrifying. Eve
crawled back up the stairs devastated; her family didn’t want her anymore.
Something broke inside her that night, if her family didn’t want her then
nobody ever would.






Chapter 1



Eve was in another world, her skirts were heavy and the
tightly laced corset was making her breathing laboured. She was carrying a
wooden jug full of Meade, serving the long table full of knights. One knight in
particular was paying her far too much attention, as she passed by him; he gave
her a cheeky slap on her behind. Eve was tempted to tip the contents of the jug
all over him, but she knew her role, instead she lowered her eyes and passed

The knight gave her a wink and Eve almost jolted to a stop, her
gaze was held by his startling blue eyes. Those eyes had been intruding in her
dreams these past few days. Annoyed at herself for allowing his flirtations to
rock her; spurred her forwards with a swish of her skirts.

“CUT” the atmosphere changed and everyone shifted around and
relaxed. “Okay gang that’s a wrap thanks for finally getting that scene right
now beggar off home. Go and get glammed up for our wrap party” Eve smiled at
the producers tone, she admired Christopher Novak greatly. When she had been
requested to be an extra in his latest British movie she had been totally
honoured. Eve bustled out as fast as she could to her dressing room, she shared
it with eleven other extra’s and it was always a rush to beat the crowd. Tonight
however, she was the only female extra left.  Eve relished having some space to
manoeuvre her huge costume; these skirts were crippling her back and she was
desperate to slip her jeans back on.

Going home was a depressing thought, after three months in
Ireland living out a fantasy on a movie set; Altrincham was going to be grey in
comparison. Still she was looking forward to seeing her flat mate Tara James,
they had never been apart for this long; it had been hard on both of them. But
it was also sad to be leaving such a beautiful place.

 The relief of stepping out of her layers of skirts was instant;
she had just about slipped her sweater on and stepped into her jeans when the
door swung open.

“Hey do you mind I’m not finished in here yet” she heard a
snigger and her heart thudded, Nathan Matheson, the knight in shining armour
and the producer’s pet project. Nathan was a rising star, after appearing in
Game of Thrones he was launched into stardom. Women adored him producers sought
him. Nathan could almost name his price and he knew it. Eve had no option but
to fancy him, it was a given; with his stunning face and athletic body what
female could resist? What held Eve back was his reputation, Nathan was
photographed constantly with different women, there was also a rumour he had
got his last long term girlfriend pregnant. The rumour mill was alleging he had
paid her off with hush money and tried to get her to terminate the pregnancy. Now
here he was with a rueful smile leaning against the wall openly staring at her partially
bare legs.

“So Eve it has been a fun three months, I hope to work with
you again soon. I wondered if I may escort you to the party tonight.” Eve
stared at him flabbergasted; had he really just asked her out? No way was she
going to be another notch on his bed post.

“Sorry but I am only staying for a little while, I have a
ferry to catch and I promised Aggie I would go with her, she doesn’t know
anyone else.” Nathan actually appeared disappointed he played the part of an
injured soul very well, so when he left the room Eve couldn’t decide whether he
was genuine or not.

“Oh pull yourself together he will ask the next girl he
meets once he gets outside” Eve raced out to jump in a taxi back to the digs.
The extras were all staying in a large house the producer had rented for them,
it was enormous but with three hundred guests it needed to be.  Eve dragged
herself up stairs to her twin room; Aggie was lying on her bed groaning.

“Ag what is it? Are you okay?” she moaned again holding her

“I have a bug or something; I have been here all afternoon
on and off the toilet. I was hoping it would be out of my system before the
party.” She shot up off the bed and into the bathroom, Eve tried to block out
the noise of vomiting; she decided to get ready in the empty suite next door.
Eve grabbed her plain black dress and shouted to Aggie where she was going and
left her to it. Her suitcase had been packed already; it was stacked along with
everyone else’s in the huge hallway down stairs.

As she stepped into the shower she was worried, turning up
alone to the party would make Nathan think she had been lying about her excuse.
The very fact Aggie wouldn’t be there at all may just help her story, plus did
it matter what he thought anyway, she would probably never see him again. Under
the cascading water Eve scrubbed the layers of makeup off her face. Removing
the white, pore clogging paste had been a daily chore for the past three
months. Eve had naturally dark skin which wasn’t ideal for playing a serving
wench in Medieval England. The layers of powder and cream had suffocated her
skin for three months now. With summer just beginning at home; she vowed to
catch a few rays of UV to bring back her healthy glow, especially now that she
had some time off.

Clean and dressed, Eve checked her reflection in the mirror;
she had pulled her hair into a neat braid. The black shift dress covered the
parts of her body she chose to hide. Eve knew she was pretty; it had been a
burden in the care system. Girls had hated her; boys had wanted to bed her. As
soon as her curves developed she had been a target, her ample breasts were
always the talk of “Holly Tree” kids home. Sighing Eve pulled on her cardigan;
she went to join the others in the rowdy minibus waiting outside.

The venue for the wrap party was a night club in the centre
of Dublin; it was closed off to the public so they had the run of the place. In
the dim light Eve made her way to through the throng of people, drinks were
free tonight so she planned on having a couple of cocktails. Finding a vacant stool
by the bar she read the endless list of drinks, she was astounded by some of
the titles. There was no way Eve was going to ask a barman for a slippery
nipple! Aware of someone behind her she felt her hairs prickle; closing her
eyes she inhaled the musky scent.

“Sex on the beach is highly recommended” Eve blushed profusely
as Nathan stood beside her,

“I thought you stood me up for your little friend?” Blushing
even more she explained to a sceptical Nathan about Aggie being ill. Eve was
grateful when a girl from the costume department butted in. She had overheard
their exchange and interrupted their conversation. She turned to the pair with
drinks in her hand; she sent a flirty smile to Nathan and a scathing one to

“Poor Aggie she threw up in wardrobe this morning, it was
just as we laced up her corset, took us an hour to get rid of the smell. She
was white as a sheet; there would have been no need for whitening powder today”
she giggled as she moved away flashing her eyes at Nathan flirtatiously. Eve
rolled her eyes, he was a magnet for females, and their end of the bar was
becoming rather overcrowded. Nathan ordered them two cosmopolitans and led her
to a quiet corner, Eve hadn’t a clue why she followed him but he felt
comfortable for her tonight.

“I am glad you came, even with Aggie sick, I have tried to
speak to you for three months now. You are definitely the trickiest female I
have ever met.” She smiled glad he had seen her as a challenge; it must have
been a novelty for him; having a female avoiding him for once.

“I didn’t deliberately avoid you; I am just not the chatty
type. Besides I have been so enamoured with Christopher Novak that you have
been way off my radar” Nathan grinned nodding in understanding.

“I still pinch myself every day when he shouts orders at me,
he has taken me on as his protégé and I couldn’t be happier. You know he wants
to work more with you?” Eve almost spat out her drink

“You are kidding? Wow I would love to do more films with him.
I feel like this has been such an education for me I can’t wait to do it again.”
Eve pondered his comments whilst a skinny blonde made a pass at him; she glared
at Eve who smiled wickedly back at her. Checking her watch she knew she would
have to leave soon, especially as she had to fetch her cases from the house on
the way. Once Nathan had dispensed with the blonde a red head appeared in her
place, but before she could begin her seduction routine Nathan got to his feet
dragging Eve with him.

“Come on let’s get out of here it is you I wanted to talk to
and so far we haven’t had a minutes peace.” Eve giggled as she followed him to
a limo outside, they jumped in and the driver set off for the mansion. Nathan
relaxed into the leather giving Eve a moment to appraise his strong jaw line
and cheekbones. His lips were full and his dark hair thick and wavy, a stray
image of her running her fingers through it unwittingly popped into her brain. Nathan
caught her gaze and she looked away embaressed at being caught out. Not wanting
to look like one of his desperate fans she tried to come across as nonchalant.

“I have a flight to catch so if I could just get dropped off
for my case that would be great; I already have a cab booked.” Nathan was
studying her

“You are such a closed book Eve, I find that very exciting,
and somewhat infuriating.” He smiled to himself as though recounting an event

“I loved the expression on your face when I smacked your
rear today. I thought you were going to tip that jug of mead over me and we
would have to do another take” Eve couldn’t help but laugh and then Nathan

“You know I wouldn’t have minded dragging the shoot out for
another day” His meaning was obvious and Eve was momentarily taken aback, he
really did like her. She felt sure it was the chase he found attractive. Eve
would just have to make sure she dragged it out as long as possible; she was
beginning to enjoy herself rather too much.

As the limo pulled up Nathan stepped out to assist her with
her bags, he followed her into the hallway where all the bags were piled up. It
took Eve a while to find hers but when she was organised they sat on the stairs
to wait for her cab.

“I want to stay in touch with you Eve, where do you live?”
She hesitated but chose to tell him the bare minimum

“Altrincham near Cheshire, I share a rental with my best
friend Tara. She is a lecturer in historical literature and a general brain
box” Nathan smiled

“She sounds like a good time girl” Eve was straight in
defending her soul mate

“Tara has been the only person I have trusted since I was
fifteen. She may be a swot but she is my swot, the only family I have ever
known” too much information Eve thought to herself; he didn’t need to know
about her past he would run for the hills. She could see that Nathan wanted to
quiz her more so she changed the subject quickly.

“That sounds like my cab, give me your phone and I will put
my contact number in for you” Nathan handed her his mobile and she deftly added
her details. She was deliberately trying not to notice how many girl’s numbers
were already on there. Really it was a miracle he kept track of them all. Eve
was feeling reluctant to hand it back; she was tempted to delete herself. The
last thing she wanted was to be a faceless contact on his little black book.
The horn of the cab stirred her and she begrudgingly handed it over, his
fingers touched hers causing a flush of heat in places that had long been cold.
Dragging her two cases she walked to the doorway, and Nathan touched her arm

“Thank you Eve; for trusting me with your phone number, I
could tell it wasn’t easy for you.” He leant forward just as they were about to
open the huge front door.

“I will call you soon, have a safe journey and don’t for one
minute think that this will be the last time you see me. I am not going to stop
trying to get beneath your layers Eve. You are without exception the most
beautiful woman I have ever met; despite your attempts to disguise the fact.”

Eve now felt very self-conscious in her sack shaped dress
and low heels. Eve closed her eyes as his lips pressed gently against her
cheek. With her heart thudding and knees knocking she walked down to the taxi,
smiling as she was driven away. Eve had no doubts that Nathan meant every word
he just said to her. Surely though once he was back in his real world; the lure
of his phone book would distract him once more. A vibration in her pocket made
her jump; she smiled as she read his message

Are you missing me yet?

She had to admire his impudence so texted him back “Not yet,
probably not ever” she switched off her phone and prepared herself for the long
journey back to Cheshire and her reality.




BOOK: The Birth Of Eve
2.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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