The Claiming of Zoe (Supernatural Strippers Series)

BOOK: The Claiming of Zoe (Supernatural Strippers Series)
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The Claiming of Zoe

Supernatural Strippers

Book One



Amanda R. Browning

The Claiming of Zoe: Supernatural Strippers Book 1

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental.



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The Claiming of Zoe: Supernatural Strippers Book 1

Amanda R. Browning

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Amanda R. Browning



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For everyone who carries a little bit of beast inside themselves.



The Claiming of Zoe

Supernatural Strippers

Book One





Zoe Clawford woke up around noon to find another person in her bed
Oh shit, not again," s
he thought.
She had no idea who she had gone home with the night before.
The tail end of the night was a blur of drinks, dances, and the press of sweaty bodies.
Zoe tried not to disturb her mystery guest as she quietly climbed out of bed.
When she was finally free from the entangled limbs of the stranger, she stood.
She was stark naked, as was the beautifully built man in her bed.

He lay on his back with his face turned away, so she couldn’t get a peek and try to remember his name.
He had long, straight black hair tied back into a ponytail, and smooth copper colored skin that stretched across the tight muscles of his back.
The sheet had slid from his body when she’d moved, and Zoe found her gaze drawn to the
muscles of his ass.

Zoe, why do you do this to yourself?
he thought.
She couldn’t really help it though.
She was a werewolf and when mating season came around, her hormones raged out of control.
Some nights the lust overwhelmed her and she just grabbed the closest person to her, man or woman, and tried to have sex with them.
She enjoyed the sex, but it sure did make for some awkward mornings.

Zoe was the youngest in a long line of born werewolves.
They weren’t just any ordinary wolves though.
The women in her family only gave birth to Alphas.
There was magic in their blood.
One of the Clawford women had done a good deed for the goddess Artemis generations ago and she had gifted that woman with the magic she’d passed down to her

Zoe could only get pregnant by another werewolf, and she hadn’t met one that appealed to her enough to have his baby.
That would bind them permanently together and she wasn’t so big on permanent right now.
Zoe planned to fulfill her obligation to her people; she just wasn’t ready to do it yet.
She felt that she deserved a little more time for herself before shackling herself to someone she didn’t love for the good of the pack
Between the werewolf magic and the power of her blood, she was protected from disease, so the only danger of promiscuity was her moral code

Hah, what moral code?
he laughed to herself.

When she went into heat, her hormones went crazy.
She could literally not resist the urge to get fucked.
Even by a normal human, hell, it didn’t even have to be a man.
She just had to get laid constantly.
The urge to be pleasured became undeniable.
Zoe thought this was also from Artemis.
She was a virgin goddess and Zoe thought she might have thrown an extra bit of lust into her gift to ensure that mating would happen; but never having experienced sex, she threw in a bit too much.

Her job came in handy really well on those days.
Zoe’s family hated what she chose to do, but she figured since they just wanted her to be their brood mare, they could hate whatever they wanted.
She’d give them their Alpha, but until then, she was going to work at Dark Hungers.

danced at the strip club four nights a week, and made a very healthy living.
The club was owned by De
sirina, a French i
mmortal woman.
All the girls called her Desi, and she took good care of them.
All the dancers were some sort of supernatural creature, as was most of their clientele.
Desi kept a vampire on staff that was unusually talented at compulsion.
If any of the human guests noticed anything strange, the problem was quickly taken care of.
Most of the time, the tits and ass in front of their faces kept them plenty distracted.

The mystery man started to stir in the bed and Zoe turned around from where she stood next to the closet, still naked.
She smiled and said,

He looked her up and down, his approval clearly showing in the stiff erection jutting from between his thighs
Hello to you too, gorgeous.
Last night was amazing; I’ve never had a woman go at me like that.
You’re an animal.
He winked at her as he finished speaking.
His handsome face had strong Native American features and his dark brown eyes were bright with interest.

Zoe laughed loudly,
You seriously have no idea.
I’m glad you had fun.
It’s time to go now; I have shit to do today.
She smiled so he would know that she wasn’t upset, but she wanted the apartment to herself.
Zoe had never been fond of drawn out, awkward goodbyes.

He smiled back at her and rose from the bed
I can take a hint.
I will be out of your way soon.
Can I see you again?
e asked.

I am at the club four nights a week.
Come see me there,"
he replied while he started dressing.
Zoe grabbed a silk robe from her closet and followed him to the front door

anks for staying, I had fun too,"
he said as he turned to leave, though she truthfully couldn’t have said whether the man had pleased her or not.

He laughed lightheartedly and replied,
Anytime, Zoe.
And my name is Thad, just in case you were wondering, and I was pretty good last night too.
He turned around and walked away, leaving Zoe mystified and wondering if he could hear her thoughts.
She’d thought he was pure human, but now she wasn’t so sure.
He probably just remembered how out of control she’d been last night and seen the blank look on her face today.

Zoe closed the door and went back to the bathroom to start the shower.
She had to work a double tonight and needed to be at the club by three.
She stripped off her robe and stepped into the shower when the water was hot.
Zoe enjoyed her showers, especially while she was in heat.
When the lustful urge hit, sometimes she was forced to please herself and the shower was her favorite place to do it.
She turned her back to the scalding spray and wet her waist length curly black hair.
The thick mass trailed down her sleek back in damp tendrils.

Rivulets of water ran down her toned body.
In addition to the fitness that came with being a werewolf, Zoe had conditioned her body to perform incredible routines on the poles.
She ran a hand over her soft, supple olive colored skin and felt the tingle of arousal shoot through her
Maybe I should
n’t have sent Thad away so soon,"
he thought.
She slid her hand further down and began to massage her folds lightly.

Zoe thought of the smooth muscular skin of his ass and the impressive size of Thad’s erection.
She closed her eyes and began to think of all the ways he must have taken her last night.
She grabbed her massaging shower ball and turned it on.
The pleasant vibrations aroused her more and she replaced her fingers with the vibrating ball.
She imagined Thad’s hands on her body and his tongue laving at her core.
She leaned back against the cool tile of the shower and used her other hand to caress her breasts and pinch her nipples.

A few minutes and mental images later, her muscles began clenching in release and Zoe sighed happily
That should hold me for a few hours at least.
Thank you, Thad,"
he thought.
Zoe finished washing her body and hair before she shut off the shower and stepped out.
Zoe dried herself with a fluffy towel and reached for her favorite orchid scented lotion.
She spread it over her smooth, freshly shaven skin and walked to the closet to choose some clothes.

All her costumes were at the club, so she just had to pick something to wear until she got there.
Zoe was proud of her incredible body and tended to dress in ways that flaunted her form.
Since it was unseasonably warm for early spring in Nevada, she chose a short black skirt and a tight red top that showed her impressive cleavage to her advantage.
She finished the outfit with a pair of red heels and returned to the bathroom to fix her hair and makeup.

When she was done, she grabbed her purse and keys and headed off to the club.
It was a short drive and Zoe arrived well before three o’ clock.
The interior of the club was dim compared to the bright sunshine outside, but Zoe’s supernaturally enhanced vision adjusted quickly.
She dodged tables and made her way to the back of the club where the dancers got dressed.
When she stepped into the large room, all of the other dancers turned to her.

The three other women there were Zoe’s closest friends.
All but two of them, anyway.
Ivana, a vampire, was not able to come in before sunset, and Odelyn, a fallen angel, was off today.
Ariela was a siren and her long blonde hair and clear blue eyes had tempted many a man from his path.
She was tall and willowy with pale skin, large breasts and a beautifully curvy body.
Talia was a fairy and the shortest of the group.
She stood at about the height of Ariela’s shoulder and her dark caramel skin was a huge contrast to the siren’s paleness.
Talia had deep chocolate brown eyes and black hair that curled in tight spirals around her angelic face.
Her body was well muscled and toned, but she retained some very womanly curves.

On the other side of the room, flipping through costumes on the rack was Lillian.
She was a succubus and was always grouchy when she had to come in during the day.
The sunlight didn’t hurt her, but it did piss her off.
Lillian was tall and slender with light tanned skin and curly red hair that trailed down her back in a fiery cascade.
Her bright green eyes softened and lost some of their anger when Zoe met them from across the room.

Zoe moved around the room giving each girl a hug and then went to her area to drop her purse
How are my favorite ladies doing today?
he asked.

Working a double.
I assume you are too,
Talia replied.
She left her spot near Ariela and moved to look through costumes with Lillian.

Yeah, I'
m here for the rest of the night.
But at least I am off tomorrow.
The lust has been so bad this week and I think maybe I will find someone to hole up with and see if
I can’t get it out of my system,
Zoe said.

Zoe’s friends knew about her troubling gift from Artemis.
They weren’t much help though, they thought it was hilarious that she went into heat and couldn’t control herself.
Zoe had to admit, if the roles were reversed, she would have laughed too.
Of all of them, Lillian understood her problem the best.
Lillian was a succubus and she fed on the sexual energy of humans.
The energy sustained her and when she started running low, she went into a frenzy similar to Zoe’s heat.
Zoe thought of Lillian as her best friend, and the other woman felt the same way.

Zoe joined the girls at the costume rack and began flipping through trying to decide what she would wear for her routines tonight.
Because all of the women who danced here had supernatural endurance, they danced a lot longer than girls in a normal strip club.
The routines were also something few human women could have done.
Ariela joined them at the costume rack and the ladies had a fun time joking around and helping each other pick outfits for tonight.

All the women who worked at Dark Hungers were supernatural creatures.
They were also all sex addicts.
Zoe was by far not the only one who took someone home from the club last night.
Pushing her naughtier thoughts away for the moment, Zoe flipped through the clothes, looking for something that stood out to her.

Desi entered the room and asked for their attention
Hello girls!
I am so glad to see you here tonight, I need my best girls.
We have a bachelor party coming in.
A werepanther is getting married next week and he wants his last free night to be here.
Show him and his friends a good time
Desi’s French accent made the words sound seductive.

BOOK: The Claiming of Zoe (Supernatural Strippers Series)
9.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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