The Cowboys' Submissive (Discrete Assignments)

BOOK: The Cowboys' Submissive (Discrete Assignments)
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Chapter 1 – The Agreement

“Ms. Randall, please look over the employment agreement one more time before you sign it.  I want there to be no mistake as to what is expected of you by your future employers.”   Maria leaned forward and accepted the document from Mrs. Quinn.   She ran her eyes over it for what seemed like the umpteenth time…looking at the terms of her position in the Harrison household.  

Maria sat back after re-reading through terms of employment and sighed.  “I am ready to sign.  I really don’t see any other way for me right now.”   After signing the document and handing it back to Mrs. Quinn, Maria voiced her innermost fear.  “So, no one can find me if I do this...right?  I need to disappear for awhile. “    “Don’t worry dear,” said Mrs. Quinn.   “Discrete Assignments wouldn’t exist without the utmost confidentiality regarding our clients and the domestic employees we place with them. “  

“As you know, we are an employment agency that specializes in placing domestic employees for employers with a specific “kink”.   Specifically they enjoy the power imbalance created between employer and employee in a household environment.  Adam and Brett Harrison learned about our agency from a friend who’d had one our employees placed in his home a year ago.  He was very pleased with
his experience and has, in fact, signed her on for another year.  The Harrisons are unusual in that they don’t necessarily have the “kink” we cater to but do need some domestic help around the house and they are in need of a sexual partner without strings.  They live on a huge ranch in Montana with only one small town within 50 miles of the ranch.   If they go to the town to assuage their needs they end up entangled with women who want to bag the “rich ranchers” and who drive them crazy to achieve this end.  They are both healthy virile men who need sexual ease.   This is where you will come in….the personality and sexual profile you filled out as well as your physical characteristics match well with the profiling we did on Adam and Brett Harrison.  I think you will all end up getting along quite well.”  This she said with a quiet twinkle in her eye.

looked concerned at Mrs. Quinn’s assessment of her compatibility with the Harrisons.  “I’ve never really gone for that type of relationship.  It seems like they almost want a slave… I’ve heard about those BDSM types of relationships with beatings and humiliation…I’ve never wanted that sort of thing.  It all sounds really unsettling to me.”   Mrs. Quinn smiled slightly and answered, “You might be surprised what your sexual profile revealed about your tendencies.   You definitely have a bent towards submission though I doubt you’d ever want to end up in a total power exchange as a slave.   I think that the dominant behaviors exhibited by the Harrisons might excite you more than you think.  I would suggest going along with their expectations without preconceptions.   If nothing else, you will probably have some really great sex!   They are both very handsome and sexy.”  

Mrs. Quinn gathered up the contract with Adam and Brett’s signatures already inked and dated next to hers.   “We h
ave your beauty procedures and doctor’s appointment all scheduled for this afternoon.  You will be physically prepared as outlined in the contract and then you will stay here overnight.  You will catch a flight first thing tomorrow morning for Billings, MT.  You will then be picked at the airport by one of the Harrison brothers and taken to the Rocking S Ranch.  Since you’ve never been out west, you should find this to be quite an adventure!“  She rose to her feet and held out her hand.   “Good luck dear.  Call me if you have any questions or concerns.  Don’t worry, they are good men.  We do extensive background checks on all of our clients.”

Maria gathered her
belongings and left the office to begin her afternoon of beauty preparations…wondering if she’d made the right decision.


Chapter 2 – The Prologue

Six months before, Maria had no inkling that her world was going to collapse in such a horri
ble fashion and that she would end up running for her life.   She’d recently started dating a rich, powerful businessman who’d come to see her paintings exhibited at a gallery in downtown Boston.   He’d effusively complimented her technique and ended up buying most of the paintings exhibited.  After buying the paintings, he asked her out to dinner the following evening.  She gladly accepted, secretly excited that such a handsome powerful man would be interested in her.   Samuel Channing epitomized the wealthy businessman around town.  He was charismatic and well dressed and he seemed to know all of the most influential people on the eastern seaboard.  She was completely drawn up into his world…attending parties and fundraisers that before she’d only read about in the society section of the newspaper.  He showered her with clothing and jewelry insisting that it was “only the best” for his girl.    She was caught up in a romantic fog for quite awhile not paying attention to the warning signs he exhibited.   He often would take calls while he was with her and excuse himself to talk privately to who had called.   He also seemed to have more bodyguards than a simple businessman should have.    They were quite vigilant, not bothering to hide the guns they wore as if expecting trouble.  

One evening her fool’s paradise was shattered by a horrific event.  She decided to show up at Samuel’s house as a surprise
.  After letting herself into the front door, she sneaked down the corridor to his study knowing that this was where he spent most evenings.   Through the half cracked open door she saw Samuel’s body guards holding a man with his hands tied behind his back.  Samuel was yelling and waving a gun at him.   Suddenly he lifted the gun and shot the man in the head!  Maria was horrified and gasped.  All eyes in the room turned to her standing in the doorway.  Not knowing what to do, she fled out the front door to her car.   As she sped away, her cell phone rang and Samuel’s name flashed on the screen as the caller.   She answered it with a shaky, “Hello?”   “Maria!  What were you doing at my house?”  Samuel demanded.  She answered with a little cry, “I w…wanted to surprise you…who was that man?  Why did you shoot him?”   She started to cry in earnest.   “Sugar, you need to come back so we can talk about this.”  His voice was cajoling.   “I don’t think so Samuel…”  “Listen bitch, you need to come back.   I’m not going to let a whiny cunt like you mess everything up for me.  If you don’t come back right now, I’ll tell everyone including the police that you stole money from me and you will end up in prison or dead.”   Maria pressed the end button and thought furiously.  How could she fight a wealthy, powerful man like him?   She decided that she would have to run for her life.   Driving up to her apartment, she ran into the door and gathered all of her important paperwork including address books and bank accounts.   Stuffing as many of her belongings as she could in her suitcases, she carried them down to her car and took off as quickly as possible.  As she rounded the corner, looking through the rear view mirror she could see one of Samuel’s cars pull up in front of her apartment building.  She drove off without looking back again.   Driving south, she called her good friend Kate and left her a voice mail saying that she would be leaving town for awhile and wouldn’t be able to get in touch with her for quite a long time.  She stopped at multiple ATM’s and withdrew the maximum amount available at each ATM until she’d taken out most of her savings.   She stopped at a large Walmart and purchased a trac phone.  She took her old phone and dumped it into the back of a pickup truck in the parking lot.   Sneaking into the back of the parking lot, she exchanged her license plates with those from another state.   She drove out of the parking lot and headed further south.  When she was in Florida, she found an auto body shop that painted the car a new color.   After camouflaging her vehicle, she dyed her hair brown and changed her name from Maria Bellows to Maria Randall and started looking for jobs she could do under the table.  This usually consisted of cocktail waitressing at sleazy dives or cleaning houses.   Being on the run became her life.

Alt Chapter 2 – First Contact

The next morning Maria sat in her airplane seat looking out the window at the unfamiliar western terrain…rugged mountains and a checkerboard of fields.   So much empty space was unsettling to her eastern eyes.   She thought back on the last eight months of running for her life...going from job to job willing to work under the table for cash.   Dolly, a kindly fellow waitress at a strip club she’d worked at in Florida had given her a business card with the name “Discrete Assignments” and a phone number on it.   “This is a great way to make some cash and fall off of the map.”   She said looking into Maria’s eye’s intently.  “I have a feeling that you could use both right now.”  After seeing one of Samuel’s goons talking to the bartender at her most recent job, Maria realized that she needed to “fall off the map”   like Dolly had suggested.  She’d tucked her head, grabbed her possessions and headed out the back door of the club.   Once she’d gotten to her small studio apartment, she’d phoned the number and made arrangements to meet with the owner of “Discrete Assignments”.   This call had resulted in a whirlwind of interviews and personality testing which culminated in her being assigned her position at the Harrison Ranch.

Maria sat back in her seat watching the
scenery as the plane approached Billings and came in to land.  She’d read that Billings was the largest city in Montana.  To her eastern eyes it looked very small in the midst of the encroaching plains.  The rimrocks surrounding the north side of the city were beautiful and dramatic.   She felt very small in relation to the surrounding seemingly empty countryside.

After the plane landed, she walked to baggage claim and waited until her luggage appeared.   She noticed a cowboy holding a sign with her pseudonym “Maria Randall” written on it in black letters.  The man holding the sign
epitomized the term “tall drink of water”.  He was about 6 feet 2 inches with the broad shoulders of a swimmer tapering to lean hips encased in blue jeans.  She guessed his age at early thirties.  His dark brown cowboy hat sat atop slightly curly chestnut brown hair that just skimmed the top of his ears.   She could see a hint of bright green eyes twinkling out from under the brim of the hat.  Taking a deep breath she walked over to him hesitantly and offered her hand, “Hello, I am Maria.”  

“Maria…so nice to meet you.
I am Brett Harrison.   You’re”  She could swear that she saw him wink slightly as he leaned over to take her hand.   His fingers and palm felt rough and callused…The feel of a man who worked with his hands.  She couldn’t help but compare them with Samuel’s soft manicured hands with their carefully rounded nails.   She shuddered slightly imagining the blunt contours of Brett’s hands running over her body.   Shaking her head to clear it, she removed her hand from his and watched for her bags.  Seeing her flowered luggage as it came around the carousel, she started to walk over and pick it up.  Brett stepped in front of her and grabbed all three bags easily.   “I don’t ever let a lady carry her own bags. “  Saying this, he started walking towards the airport exit.   Maria skittered behind in order to keep up with his long strides.  They walked out to short term parking where Brett swung her bags into the back of a black SUV.   They got in the vehicle and started heading out of the parking lot. 

“Are you hungry?  Do you need to stop in town for anything?” Brett asked her while competently steering his way out of the airport.  Maria shook her head, “No, I think I have everything I need for right now.  Is the ranch pantry well stocked?   I may need to head to town for provisions once I’ve had a chance to take inventory.”  Brett glanced her way and inclined his head in a sharp nod, “I think we have enough for now but I am fine with coming to town for a special trip if you feel it is necessary.  Right now I just want to get back to the ranch and see you settled in. “
As he said this, his gazed lingered on her face and then slowly raked the rest of her body.  Maria was glad that she’d changed into the required uniform for the job before she left Florida.  The snug bodice of her white eyelet dress fit snugly over her unfettered breasts nipping in to a trim waist.  It fell down to a swingy skirt that ended just above the knees when standing.  Sitting in the car seat, it fell to mid thigh.  She smoothed it down nervously under his appraisal.  He cleared his throat and said, “Well, as my Pop used to say.  Start as you plan to continue.”  He shifted in his seat and glanced at Maria with a charming smile.  “Honey, you need to pull your skirt up and sit that pretty ass directly on the seat.  Also, I really want to see that sweet pussy.  Open your legs to the sides of the seat and hold them there and pull your skirt up to your waist.  Just so you know, I expect you to ride like this in the car when you are with me.”   

Maria colored slightly and thought, “Well, this is it.”  She pulled her skirt back until her bare buttocks were directly on the leather seat.  It felt remarkably cool and slightly sticky on her sweaty skin.  She
separated her knees and hesitantly pulled up the white eyelet skirt to her waist until it exposed her newly hairless slit.  She could see her clitoris peeking out slightly from her hairless mons.   Oddly, she noted that there was a slight sheen of moisture between her nether lips.  It was embarrassing to realize that she was becoming aroused by this situation.  Maybe Mrs. Quinn knew what she was talking about in saying Maria was more submissive than she thought.

Brett took a long moment to appraise the treasures revealed by her lifted skirt.  A gleam of male appreciation appeared in his eyes.  Her puffy pussy and the slightly revealed pearl of womanhood she had unveiled were just to
o pretty for words.  If you also took into account her slumberous brown eyes, high pert breasts and long dark brown hair, you just couldn’t find a sexier woman and she was all his and Adam’s. 

BOOK: The Cowboys' Submissive (Discrete Assignments)
6.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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