The Demon's Deception (Demons Unleashed Erotic Novellas)

BOOK: The Demon's Deception (Demons Unleashed Erotic Novellas)
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Excerpt from Demons Unleashed


A Demons Unleashed Erotic Novella


Lisa Alder



February 2013

Lisa Alder


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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons living or dead, or places, events, or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are products of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.


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In the year 2015, after five years of debilitating earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, blizzards, sandstorms and mother nature's madness, a massive seismic event shook the entire planet.

Demons, who had been trapped beneath the earth's crust for thousands of years, finally broke free of their magickal prison and burst back to the surface. The electrical energy of all those Demon bodies disrupted the technological advances of the last few hundred years, and plunged the world back into a pre-industrial age.

Humans, not only dealing with a complete change in their universe, have been caught in the middle, mined for the power of their emotions by both Demon and Fae.

In the ten years since the Demons returned to the surface, the battle between Demons and Fae has raged with each side gaining victories and suffering defeats. But lately the Demons have begun to gain power exponentially. While the Fae are growing weaker.

But the Fae have plans to change their luck.


"He's dead." Barbas, the Demon of Healing, leaned wearily against the frigid stone of the dungeon wall. The last prisoner with a known tie to the Fae had succumbed to the effects of their torture, even with Barbas's constant monitoring. For the Gods' sake, their goal had not been to kill him. They'd tried repeatedly to get him to reveal his knowledge, his contact within the Fae, and his contact within the Castle. Anything. But in truth, he probably had been bespelled. Damned, fucking Fae.

"This is not good." Prince Gaap frowned at the body. The prisoner had been their final link to discovering the traitor who lived amongst the Demons in the castle.

Both Barbas and Gaap held still in stunned disbelief.

Barbas wanted to kill the prisoner all over again for dying.

The stupid sod had been the final hope. Barbas knew what he had to do. But he'd been hoping that this last resort wouldn't be necessary.

Tasked with finding the Demon's traitor, he had skulked, lingered, and listened to the gossip in the village. Mined whispers for leads. He had had sex with humans from farms, taverns, the mines, all walks of life. He'd questioned those who had been closest to the Fae--minions, humans bespelled by the Fae magick-- and he was no closer to identifying the traitor than he had been a month ago.

Barbas did not like failure.

His stomach roiled as he proposed the only option left. "We need to approach this from another angle," Barbas declared. Reluctantly. Dammit, he did not want to do this, but he couldn't fathom any other way.

"How?" Prince Gaap flicked a hand at the guards and they carried the human's remains away.

Neither spoke as they contemplated what to do next. A muffled giggle penetrated the somber silence. A heated growl and the clank of shackles as they hit the wall echoed in the dark chamber. The grunts and slap of energetic sex between three people bounced around what should have been a dank, dark place. Moans, low and heated, permeated even the thick stone walls. Soft feminine sighs and deep masculine groans filled the silent air. Zepar, Thalia, and Leraye were at it again.

Not one single inhabitant of the Demon Castle had missed the trio frolicking and sexing in some out of the way or very surprising location. And this was not the first occasion that Barbas had caught them in the dungeons, shackled and blindfolded.

He purposefully shut out the sounds of their love play and said baldly, "I want to infiltrate the Fae."

Prince Gaap started to argue and Barbas squelched the need to accede to the Prince. He didn't
to get anywhere near the Fae. But it was unavoidable.

"How?" Prince Gaap bit out.

"I don't know yet." A lie. He could conceal his Demon side. Even if the thought of doing so made him break into a sweat and long for the glow of the moon.

"But you believe you are capable of infiltrating our enemy?" Gaap asked slowly as he assessed Barbas with a speculative look.

Gaap couldn't possibly know his secret. He'd never told a single soul, Demon or otherwise, the truth. His deception was absolute. But the way Gaap looked at him caused a bead of sweat to roll down the furrow of his spine and rest in the small of his back. "I will need to leave and rid myself of the trappings of the Demons and the Castle. No contact."

Gaap paced the stone floor, his steps quick and concise. "You know I trust you."


"I will allow it," Gaap consented. "Under one condition."


"You must contact me as soon as you find your way in."

Communication with the Castle. That he could do. They worked out the details of where Barbas would leave the information in a dead drop. Gaap would have the location checked daily. "Consider it done."

A few hours later, Barbas wandered into the clearing where Gaap had been attacked. Where Leraye had been frozen by a blast of electricity so powerful he had been placed in a state of stasis until Thalia and Zepar were able to free him from the supernatural hold.

Barbas shut down a pang of envy. The trio seemed supremely blissful. They fucked like bunnies around the Castle. And while he was happy for them...he wished he didn't have to watch or listen to them while they lustily enjoyed each other. He had no wish to settle with any one Human or Demon woman. The last month had been...difficult.

It was a sad state of affairs, but he was damned sick of sex.


Aine stomped her foot like a two year old and glared at King Egogabal. "Why do you continue to shield me from the pleasures of the physical?"

"You aren't ready." He addressed her as her father; his deep voice was heavy with his ability to influence weaker Fae and Humans alike.

A ridiculous statement. She was two hundred years old. In Fae time, that was barely a blip and most Fae women her age had plenty of sexual experience. But not Aine. Every male in the Fae kingdom was too afraid of the king to come near her. She'd been trying for years to get a stupid Fae man to initiate her. But the second they figured out that King Egogabal was her father, they ran away like the scared little Human children who taunted and giggled Faery mounds. As if her father had some sort of radar, when she had a prospect in hand, he always managed to have someone around to prohibit her from ridding herself of her tiresome virginity.

How would she ever be fit to rule if she didn't have carnal knowledge? She would never be respected or taken seriously until the Fae Realm considered her worthy of their trials and concern for their welfare.

"This has to stop," Aine said.

"Not yet."

She wondered if her father had some other purpose in mind for her. For the life of her she couldn't figure out why he would demand that she wait.

"Father," she cajoled. "Please give me leave to enjoy a man's body."

"I will not." He denied her request. "You are a Princess. Next to me, you are the highest authority and station in the Fae Realm. Legions will bow down to you one day. You must not be swayed by the temptation of sex."

As if sex were all she wanted. The Fae were a sensual lot, petting, stroking, lavishing affection on everyone but her. Her, they stayed away from. Sex would at least give her some contact with other beings. "It isn't just about sex," Aine said desperately. But she could not voice her longing in front of the subjects. Rulers must be strong and keep their problems to themselves.

She glanced around her crowded chamber and was so unrelentingly alone. No one touched her. No one came near her unless they had a job to do. Her unique Fae ability as a truthsayer and her status as the next to rule guaranteed that no one was her friend. She didn't know how she could long for something she'd never had, but she felt as if she were dying for a small glimmer of affection. Was that so wrong?

And if Aine wasn't going to get affection, she wanted some responsibility in the Realm. Right now she was little more than a figurehead with a contingent of Ladies who attended her and a promise of future power that dangled just outside her grasp.

Her father continued, completely misunderstanding her comment, "You will have hundreds of years to make conquests and have Humans and Fae submit to you. But until I say you are ready, until the Realm is ready, you will not defy my wishes."

His kingdom was not nearly as strong as it had been. When the Demons were banished, the Fae had believed that they would then be able to harness all the power from Human emotions. Except, as it turned out, banishing the Demons beneath the earth's crust had depleted the strength of the Fae more than when the Demons had been above ground and fighting with the Fae to mine the Human emotions. King Egogabal had been attempting to regain his magick power for centuries.

Since the Demons had broken free of their magickal bonds, the Fae's strength had actually begun to rebound. And yet, her father still hated the Demons. Still looked for ways to diminish their strength and increase his own.

Which was why she had been trained in the fighting arts.

"Then you must allow me to train." Her position as a member of the Fir Bolg was the only thing that brought her satisfaction of late. And sparring was the only time any one touched her. She was starved for connection.

The king hesitated and she prepped for a fight. But then he aimed a fierce look at her bodyguards, Finn and Seamus. "Guard her well."

With that proclamation, he swept from the opulent chamber.

Aine slumped into the ornate wing chair, and propped her elbow on the intricately carved arm. Sinuous lines of female flesh joined with male flesh and writhed along the flowing hawthorn arm of the chair. Her Ladies in Waiting, except they were more like jailors, tittered around the chamber giggling like maids. Her father had worn his hood and his sexual appeal was still so strong that several Fae had attempted to follow him. One rubbed her breasts against the post of the canopied bed and sighed throatily. "He is so sexy."

Just what Aine didn't need to hear.

Another sighed and stared dreamily at the ceiling as she burrowed her fingers under the skirt of her ruby silk dress. "I had him once."

BOOK: The Demon's Deception (Demons Unleashed Erotic Novellas)
11.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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