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The Dom's Dilemma

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To the
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To Doris, Tina, and Paul.
You know why.




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Definitely not.
, nada,
nein and any other remotely no sounding word. Not on your nelly, no. Fuck, shit
and buggery not on your life, no.
Or in your life.
Or whatever."
Athol Donaldson slammed his hands on the
work surface. Carrots and broccoli went everywhere. "Are you crazy? What
on earth did your other parents say?"

his and Edan Murphy's daughter Seonagh's pet Dachshund and therefore the latest
addition to the family, jumped in the air and caught one bit in his mouth. For
a solid sausage dog, he could be agile when he wanted to.

Shit I sound five not
twenty-five. But seriously, fathers
. "Look dad, it's not like I want
to boil bunnies or practice something weird and icky."
Well I don't
think so and you two sure as hell don't.
"It's only what you do."

Have you never heard of do as I say not as I do? If not, now take it as read.
And that dog is spoiled."

dad, he is not." Seonagh barely managed not to stamp her foot. As ever the
crux of the conversation was getting away from her. "You dropped the food,
he's just being helpful.
A canine hoover."

Athol snorted. Seonagh ignored it.
Bloody hell, why not?"

Swearing shows a lack…"

vocabulary, and imagination, I know.
A bit pot kettle and
black going on there eh, dad?"

Murphy, Athol's husband made a sound halfway between a snoring elephant and a
kettle on the boil. Athol turned to him.


whined and twined himself around Athol's legs.
"Not you
sweetie, them there others."
Saucer woofed and
leaned against Athol.
As he spent a lot of the time under Athol's desk,
whilst Seonagh was at work, the weight didn't seem to bother Athol one bit.

Athol went on. "Are you not going to say something sensible and tell our
daughter it's just not on?"

held his hands in the air. "Hey, don't go putting words into my mouth,
love. Seonagh is old enough to make her own mind up about things."

Seonagh turned to Athol. "Dad says what you've both always said. I can
make my mind up."

you go putting words into my mouth either, young lady." Edan waggled his
finger at Seonagh. "I was about to add, once she's had everything
explained to her fully. So go on now tell us. What are you?
or sub?"

blinked. That was going for the jugular with a vengeance.

Edan added. "And why."

blinked, opened her mouth, and cleared her throat. How on earth could she
answer that? She had no true idea.

silence lengthened. Saucer looked from one to another and yipped. When no one
paid him any attention, Seonagh watched him go and sit on his blanket next to
the Aga. Considering it wasn't his home, he certainly had all the comforts of
one. She wished she could join him. The atmosphere was decidedly chilly.

Athol said as the silence
stretched to an uncomfortable length. He sounded more than triumphant.
"You have no idea. See, I told you. No."

is where you're wrong. Excuse me." Seonagh put her hand on his arm, moved
him to one side of the vegetables he was preparing, and ignored his indrawn
breath at her rudeness. She knew fine well it was bratty behavior, but maybe
that meant she did have sub tendencies? It was something she needed to know.
Dammit, why was life so complicated? A visit, to watch and learn and then…she
picked up a carrot stick and crunched it.

dads." Seonagh turned around and faced the two men who both had identical
stern expressions. "Look. Let me try and explain.
, I mean,
goodness me I need a drink. Can I be bratty, and ask for some wine?"

shook his head in mock exasperation. "As we have the pleasure of your
company for the night, I've got a bottle or two chilling.
or Sauvignon?"

"Chenin, please."

nodded and opened a bottle with one twist of his hand. "Ede?"

nodded and apart from Saucer woofing in his sleep, the only sound to be heard
was the glug-glug as wine filled a glass. Athol handed two of them over and
picked up the third.

now talk. And do not just say, oh by the way I've asked to join Dommissima can
I give you two as references? The answer will still be no." Athol kicked
open the door to the lounge and led the way to the settee and comfy armchairs
there. "Reasons and decisions explained please."

opened one eye and whined.

you're not going either."

laughed. "I can just see it.
The dog with a pink collar
and cuffs or wielding a crop."

grinned and Seonagh chuckled.

well." Athol sighed and looked at their daughter. "Why can't you just
be vanilla?"

choked on his wine. Seonagh patted him on the back and giggled.

that's likely? With you two as my dads, and being conceived in a menage?
That'll be right."

shrugged and joined in the laughter. "Okay, yes, faint hope when
everything you think is normal probably isn't."

normal," Edan and Seonagh said at the same time.

throw my words back at me why don't you," Athol said in a grumbling tone.
However it was obvious he wasn't serious. "Mind you, don't I remember
someone, unknown to me or Dommissimma, who tried to get into the club
When I asked her if she wanted her ass the same
color as the cushion she said something about all she could think was ‘not
unless you want a Glasgow kiss, your nose behind your ears, and your balls
rearranged to fit under your armpits’.

hadn't known who he was nor him
her at the time, but the picture
he painted had
made him wince.

was years ago," Seonagh said. "And I was trying to find my dad. As
well you know. Give me a break, I so need to find the real me. I'm…" she
"Floundering for want of a better word.
This might be too much information for you, but I'm bored with sex. Bored with
the way I'm treated. Oh don't look like that, dad." She looked at Edan and
rolled her eyes at his blank expression. "You know what I mean. I'm
twenty-five, I own and run a thriving business and, sorry, I'm no longer a
virgin. My life is missing something, and I don't mean my virginity. I'm sick
of having to say oh left bit, harder, yeah just there, like that. No sod it,
like that." She swore she was as red as her hair, and her nickname at
school hadn't been carrots for nothing. Her dads' faces weren't a lot better.
Nevertheless, now she'd started she was going to carry on.

deciding where to go for a meal, what film to see or whether he should wear a
t-shirt or a jumper. Or well, everything. I'm in charge at work, I have to be,
but once I leave the bookshop? Why do I always get the dippy ones? Well, I want
cherishing. Let someone else make the decisions, and tell me what to do."

all males who want direction are dippy," Athol said, with a wink to Edan
he probably thought she wouldn't notice. It made her wonder again what their
dynamic was. Oh she didn't want specifics but…

thought I might want to sub, but I really have no idea what it entails. I
couldn't go all meek and mild, yes Sir, of course Sir, three bags full Sir, especially
if they were bags of bullshit. I have a mind of my own and use it."

"Bratty sub."
This time it was Edan and Athol
who spoke together.


honey. Come on, you know what we mean," Athol said. "Traumatic as it
is to talk about your sex life or lack of
you're a
typical bratty sub as far as I can see. Independent, feisty, ready to challenge
but with the right Dom, you'll fly."

did her best to tamp down the butterflies in her tummy. She knew that if they
wanted to, either of her dads could block her membership, and probably would
like to, but she reasoned if she wanted to learn it had to be from the best.

you help me? I can understand all the reasons why not, sort of, but I need to
know. And," she said triumphantly, "Mum said to ask you."


looked at Edan who shrugged. It was painful enough to accept their little girl
was all grown up and not so little or innocent any more, but to know her life
was lacking made it worse.


bit his lip. To hear Seonagh call them dad was little short of miraculous. At
one time she'd been determined he and Edan would be her fathers, and she'd call
them by their given names. The title 'dad' was to be reserved for her mum's new
husband, James. Which he and Edan thought was only right and proper. However
since the birth of her little brother Gordon, she'd called all three of them
dad with all their blessings. It hadn't seemed to faze young Gordon. He called
them all
, and added their names to the title.

often thought James was some man to accept his son calling two other people
daddy as well, but James assured him it was no biggy. "It's just a

what do you say?
Either of you.
I'm getting worried
Tetchy and twitching."

question dragged his thoughts back to the present.

Okay he and Edan rarely played
there anymore, even though they still acted as dungeon masters, or took a class
if Linsey, the co-owner asked them. It was a bit close to home. He looked at
Edan for help.

exactly do you want to do?" Edan asked her.

just it, I don’t know," Seonagh said. "I wondered about one of the
introduction nights, where you see a little bit of everything."

Athol said, as Edan shook his head. "They're fine as a general idea, but I
reckon you need more than that. I wonder?" He glanced at Edan.


Greek dad, Italian mum, born in Glasgow.
He's a great tutor."
And an out and out sadist who'll scare the pants
onto you, not off you.
With luck.
It wasn't that
he didn't want Seonagh to explore her wants and needs, far from it. But he
wanted her to be totally sure of what she did want. Claudio and his ideals
would hopefully show her that a lot of BDSM wasn't for her. The thought of
their daughter at Claudio's mercy and enjoying it was too scary to contemplate.
However, he was uneasily aware if she did take to it like a duck to water or
whatever, he'd have to suck it up.

"You sure?"
Edan asked, and then he grinned.
"Ah, yes, I see. Good idea."

am I worried?" Seonagh asked them. "As in all of a sudden you've
changed your tune."

at all hon, we just want to make sure we suggest the right person for the job.
Okay, I was gobsmacked, you'd never even hinted before."

she felt five.

well I wanted to be sure it
what I want."
Gah eloquence thy
name is not Seonagh.
"Okay, I'm still not sure what exactly I feel is
missing but I've got to start somewhere."

I so agree. If you insist on
finding your true self we'd be failing as parents in not making sure you do it
in the best way possible."

expression was oh so innocent. Seonagh smelled a rat.
A very
large rodent.
She made a mental note to Google the guy.

Martakis? I've never heard you mention him."

not been around for very long, just a few months, but he is one of the best.
And how often do we talk about the club to you?'

True enough, but I still have an itch between
my shoulder blades.

I want to meet him somewhere neutral first." Seonagh watched their faces
become blank with shock. So they
up to something.

she said emphatically. "You two are going to be there as well."

BOOK: The Dom's Dilemma
13.73Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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