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BOOK: The Doxy's Daybook: A Friday in Two Acts
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Showdown at the Doxy Corral. 

The water starts in the bathroom. 

Whiskey still in my grip, I lean back a little onto my hands before crossing one leg over the other at the knee.  It draws a mote of interest by two blue eyes, both of which quickly darken again with aversion.

“You’ve made it crystal clear you don’t like me, Thad, but let me remind you, you love Tony.”

“Where in the hell do you get off…?  Tellin’ me about…” He goes into the makings of a soliloquy, more impressed with the sound of his voice than actually speaking to me, and I roll my eyes in a gentle arc, tired of his macho bullshit. You might catch more flies w
ith honey, but vinegar stuns them. “…don’t know a

“Listen,” I interject, voice devoid of its usual sugar.  “What I know is you’re afraid of losing your bi lover to some woman, and it’s a valid concern.  But I guarantee, the harder you try to hang on to him with jealousy, the faster you’ll lose him.”

He snorts.  “If this don’t beat all.  Relationship advice from a woman who fucks fer a livin’.  Does it cost extra?”

“How’s th
e view from that glass house, hm?  I imagine sweeping vistas…rolling hills....”  He has no retort.  “I’ve made mine of concrete, Thad.  Takes bigger stones to bring it down.”  Certain he understands my meaning, I continue. “Here’s what you need to know about me.  I only do things
ad libitum
—do you know what that means? 
Ad libitum

The pop quiz annoys him.  “I know what ad libbin’ is.  I’m not an idiot.”

I blink.  “No, I mean the literal translation.  It’s Latin for ‘in accordance with desire’.” I pause a beat, let that sink in.  “See, I have no
to steal Tony from you, although with the way you’re behaving it wouldn’t be hard.  Nor do I have any desire to take you from him—trust and believe I’m bad enough to do it.  So, while I should just walk out that door, we’re going through with this experience tonight.”

“Need the money?”

I shake my head.  “Never have.”

“Sure ya do.  It’s why women like you do this kind’a thing, ain’t it? Cash under the table.”

He delves into his pocket, flings a thick wad of bills to the floor.  “Well, there ya go.  Two hours’ payment, like we agreed.  All the money a filthy little bitch like you earned for the night.  Even tossed ya a tip.”

My eyes don’t stray from his face. 

He grits his teeth, a muscle jumps in his jaw.  “Go on. Take it.  It’s why yer here, ain’t it?”

“You misunderstand my dedication…” I respond on a sigh.

“Dedication? Tuh what, bein’ a whore?”

“And my purpose,” I return calmly.  “As with all of my clients, I am an enhancement to pleasure—in this case, Tony’s pleasure.  My commitment to that is paramount, as should be yours.”

Through narrowed slits Thad studies my face, perhaps searching for some semblance of mistruth.  He’ll find none.

“As I
was saying,” I continue acerbically, fixing him with a steady gaze, “Beyond this encounter is questionable, however tonight is for Tony, understand?”

He stands swiftly, the skin between his brows wrinkles as he stares down at me.  Thad’s the dominant energy in he and Winston’s relationship.  Being spoken to this way is not something h
e’s accustomed to, I’m sure.  Actually, I’m counting on it.

“Excuse me? Sounded tuh me like you were tellin’ me what tuh do.” 

The more upset he gets, the thicker the drawl, but the menacing stance doesn’t threaten me.  I tilt my head back in challenge; smirk.  “Good.  You do understand me. I was beginning to worry we had a language barrier.”

A rough bark scrapes his throat, rife with disbelief.  “Ya know what we do tuh wild young things like you back on the ranch?  We break buckin’ fillies, sweetheart.  Ride ‘em tuh submission.”

My voice reclaims its Georgia roots, finds a southern flavor that rivals his. “Well, this here ain’t the ranch now, is it, partna’?”

Thad’s fuming, face dark with anger.  “Ya ain’t exactly makin’ me like ya more.”

“Another item on a long list of misconstructions between us, Thad.” Shoot my whiskey; swallow hard against the bite. “Your liking me is of zero consequence.  As I said before, I’m here for
pleasure.  You couldn’t afford my fee for yours.”

His chest heaves with the force of his breathing, muscles taut and coiled, ready for a brawl.  If he weren’t a good southern boy and I weren’t a dame, chances are good Thad would have punched me square in the jaw. Instead, he hooks it firmly with one calloused hand, jerking my head all the way up to look at him, fingers clenching tight enough to bruise.

“You little—” He shakes his head, lets the slur die in his throat.  “You got a smart ass mouth.”

Lick my lips; prod the bull.
  “Man enough to stuff it, Thaddeus?”

The use of his full name makes him more reckless. 

He wants to. 

Everything in that glittery, wild-eyed gaze tells me so, and just as my fingers caress the stiffening
flesh behind his zipper, he lets my face go with a deliberate nudge.

I work my jaw, stretching it gently to get the blood flowing again.  The water stops in the bathroom and Thad leers down at me.  I purr with seductive defiance. “Go get yourself together, ‘cause in a minute Tony’s gonna fuck me so good, you’ll be beggin’ to saddle up and ride this filly, too, cowboy.”





Thad emerges from the bathroom to find his lover center stage—naked, stretched spread eagle, lying head-to-foot on the crisp white duvet covering the bed.  Tony’s dick is pointing skyward and I’m bent in the space between his legs—fully dressed—ready to take him in my mouth.  I’ve staged him this way so I can see the look on Thad’s face when he comes into the room.  As expected it’s not a happy one.  I raise a brow, grin at him as he stands guard at the foot of the bed. 

The towel hugs his waist tightly, above it the sight of strong arms and chest actually make my mouth water.  He’s a delightful sight; tanned skin, dark-hair, and muscled flesh.  I forget that I’m rubbing up Tony’s legs, lightly grazing his skin with my nails.  He wriggles madly beneath me. He’ll have to wait.

Slowly, I crawl over Tony, let the loose fabric of my dress tease his length, drag over his abs as I make my way up his shaved body. I keep going, all the way up, until my knees bracket either side of his head, my crotch so close to his face I can feel his breath on my thighs.  I lift my torso, not quite eye-level with Thad, but high enough to stare into that frosty blue gaze.

Head hidden under my frock, Tony takes the moment to kiss my legs with smooth passes of his lips, more tender than erotic, and I’m a little off balance, surprised to find myself so aroused by it.  It’s difficult to be the center of two polar opposites
, the division between comedy and tragedy.  I force the thought from my mind and focus on the man I need to win over.

Thad crosses his arms, mouth a firm line, head dipped a bit to make his glowering more effective.

I look up at him from beneath my lashes and lean forward, brace my hands on his forearms, press my lips to his chest.  He doesn’t move back so I move up to kiss his collarbone; the dip where his neck meets his shoulders; flutter over his sculpted jaw. His hands have dropped, enjoying this but still standing military straight. I kiss his cheek…lower…trail kisses across his chin to the other side. 

He inches forwa
rd, so close now my breasts crush to his chest.  Tony’s still doing those delicious barely-there kisses between my legs, and the sexual contradiction has a fire burning in my belly.  Thad thinks I’m here for Tony, but from the start I wanted both.

And they both want me.

“Tony already knows the rules,” I whisper against Thad’s cheek.  My kisses continue to his jaw again, moving up to his ear.  I tease his lobe with the tip of my tongue; nip it gently with my teeth.

Thad growls low in his throat.  His arms come up to wrap around me when I stop him, holding one muscled forearm in each hand.  I pull back, look into his eyes so we’re both clear about what’s going to happen.

Tony’s hands grip my ass, tipping me forward, his nose pressed to my core. My eyes slip closed for a second, my mind trying to straighten out the conflicting signals.  I refocus on Thad.  The fury is still present, lurking just beneath the desire. Voice silky and deep he asks, “And what’re the rules?”

A woeful shake of my head and a sigh; the reply infused with mock sadness. “Rules are only for those playing with the doxy.”

The corner of his mouth tips up, his eyes soften a hair.  “Hyp’athetically, if I
playin’ with the doxy, what would those rules be?”

I release his arms, let them encircle my waist as my hands smooth up the soft carpet of hair on his chest.  “Safety always. I don’t do abuse.  No kissing on the mouth.”

Thad nods once, hands going to the button on the back of my dress.  He unfastens it, lifts the hem of the skirt to drag the fabric over my head.  With remarkable deftness my bra is gone, and I question just how long it’s been since he’s had a woman.

Eyes s
till on Thad I bend, backpedal down Tony’s body, reaching blindly to the side for where I know I piled a handful of condoms on the bed.  The move brings my tits in direct contact with Tony’s mouth and he devours them hungrily, hands kneading and gripping.  I manage to snag a foil pack between my fingertips, and then reach out and yank the towel from Thad’s hips, his semi-rigid length emerging from trim dark curls.  Where Tony is long and thinner, Thad’s cock is as thick and beefy as the rest of him.

“Bring a chair,” I breathe while Tony laves my breasts with expert skill. Thad stares at the two of us like he’s changed his mind again.  I can’t lose him now; hold the condom up between two fingers.  “There’s a challenge on the table, cowboy.”

Tony stops nipping long enough to chuckle against my ribs. A gentle quiver rocks through me where my thighs straddle his abs.  I lift up a little, and he tilts his head back to look at his lover.  “She’s got you there, babe.  Real cowboys don’t run.”

“Oh, I’ll have him runnin’, all right,” I tease.  It’s enough to put that angry fire back in Thad’s stance. We lock eyes.  Whatever he wants from me, it’ll be rough. “Just remember the rules.”

Naked, he pads to the living room for the requested prop.

“What’s that about?” Tony asks, brushes a loose lock of hair off my shoulder to lick my neck.  The motions are calculated, hypnotic.  This guy is good, and I can see why Thad would be jealous.

“Tell you later.”  I won’t.

Thad returns, sets the chair where he stood before and drops into it.  He leans back, legs wide, watching his boyfriend nipping my neck. 

I manage to free myself from the mesmeric actions Tony’s involved in, moving forward on knees and elbows until my belly’s over Tony’s face and Thad’s dick is in mine.  I unroll the rubber down his shaft, my hand gripping tightly on the way back up.  My tongue darts out once to circle the thick head, Tony consuming my middle in wet mouthfuls. 

I’m vaguely aware of Tony sliding out from under me, my attention focused wholly on Thad.  I look up to find him lounging like the invulnerable emperor disinterested with the courtesan on his lap.  Hawklike, he watches his lover who is now positioned behind me, hips solid against my ass, cock bumping against my satin panties.

Mouth wide, I drop my head completely over Thad’s length, taking him deep in my throat without preamble.  The move is so swift and unexpected he groans aloud, fingers stabbing into my hair. That got his attention.

“Good?”  This is Tony.  My mouth is full.

“Fuck yeah,” Thad hisses.

I draw back, spit on the bulbous head, then surge forward again.  The emperor is pleased, his hands helping to guide my head over his cock. A few nods in, he pulls the holder out letting my thick tresses fall freely, tickle his legs.  Tony joins in the action; arms locked on either side of mine, chest pressed to my back, rocking us both forward so he can watch me suck his lover off. 

We move faster, Tony grinding his hips at my ass and panting in my ear, whispering, “Take it all, baby…god, that looks good,” while my head bobs unwaveringly on Thad’s pulsing dick.  Thad won’t last much longer, Tony must know, because he pushes me forward one final time while Thad’s hands anchor my head and he fucks my throat with short, quick tugs on my skull. 

Saliva slides freely from my lips and down his shaft.  There’s nothing I can do but watch it trail over balls drawn up so tightly the skin leathers, and drip into the embroidery of the chair as Thad keeps up the assault, bringing tears to my eyes.  He arches back in the seat, still working my head, comes hard with a strained grunt. 


My mouth goes feverish a moment before he releases me.

“Damn, that was hot,” Tony rasps, arm slipping around my waist, helping me regain my balance on the bed.  I’m so far on the edge I’m practically tipping into Thad’s lap again and His Highness isn’t quite up for another go yet.

Upright, I dab at my mouth with the back of my hand.  “Filly one.  Cowboy zip.”

Thad snorts through his orgasmic haze.  Not sure how, but he’ll make me pay for that. 

Before I can give it more thought, Tony’s maneuvered me onto my back, head dropping again to my breasts.   He’s sweet with me, I don’t know why, but a girl could get used to this type of treatment.  My eyes drop to half-mast, enjoying the soft caresses as he progresses down my body.  The tiny, wet scrap of nothing is peeled from my hips and down my legs and then he’s there again, dam in place, tonguing my clit. 

He’s as studious as he’s been with the rest of me, taking his time, circling, licking, suckling the swollen nub into his mouth.  The attention’s focused and intense, as though there’s no barrier between us at all.  His hands slide up my thighs, cup my bottom to bring me more into his mouth.  I’m frozen between needing to hold the dam and wanting to thread my fingers through the mane of brown curls flopping over his eyes.

With all the excitement from deep-throating Thad, it’s not long before I’m climaxing, my own cum slicking my ass.  The force of this first one is what shocks me.  As lead, it’s not often my costars take this amount of time with my needs, but after such a long day, I need this. Tony pulls every bit of the orgasm from me, prolonging it, making me want more.  My hips rock in ecstatic frenzy as he continues to work my bud until all I can do is shake.  His lips find my belly, tongue blazes a trail from navel to neck. 

A breath from my ear he murmurs, “Can’t wait to be inside you, sweetheart.”

The simple words send another jolt to my core. I want him there, inside me, right this instant.  But that’s not his game.

Tony’s good.  He very nearly made me drop out of character.  He wants me like this, all achy and needy; wants to keep me waiting for him until I’m mad with desire. 

By all appearances Tony’s a genuinely nice guy, but I suspect he does this with his female partners—talks sweetly, keeps them on edge, makes them fall for him.  It’s a stroke to his male ego to know he can get them all hot and bothered and satisfy them when he’s damn good and ready.  If I had to guess I’d say it’s the intimacy of his actions that aggravates Thad more than the actual intercourse. 

I smile into his brown eyes.  Over his shoulder I catch Thad standing from the chair, his lover’s ass in the air an obvious enticement.  He leans forward, swipes his tongue over Tony’s puckered hole.  At least that’s what I assume from the way Tony’s eyes close and he bites down hard on his lower lip.  The look of surrender is sexy on him. Thad pulls at Tony’s waist, bringing him back toward the foot of the bed. 

With strong hands Thad flips Tony over, lopes the long legs over his shoulders.  I hand Thad a condom, which he rolls on quickly before fisting his cock and guiding it into Tony’s backside.  Thad withdraws, glides in again, over and over.  It’s an amazing thing to watch two strong, powerful men make love to each other, so I move closer to enjoy the show, play audience for a while. 

Thad leans down to find his lover’s lips, forcing Tony’s legs back so far his knees almost touch the bed.  This gentle side is reserved just for Tony, and from the man’s delighted hum it’s a side of Thad he’d like to see more often. 

“Want more, darlin’?”

Tony nods as Thad regains his height and pulls back again.  Both men’s eyes shut tight, hard bodies finding a familiar rhythm as they get lost in each other’s touch. Tony’s veined cock waves in the space between them, the crown purple with the rising passion. 

Knees caging Tony’s head again, I wrap my hand around his shaft, stroking in time with Thad’s thrusts.

“Oh, fuck,” Tony whimpers.  “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

“Not yet,” Thad growls, increases his pace.  A hand on each of Tony’s
thighs keeps them apart.  His eyes lock on mine.

I don’t need words to understand that look.  My hand slows, trying to stave off the release Thad is holding out for.  His hips slam into Tony’s ass with enough force to make me lose my balance, and I have to widen my stance over Tony’s face to keep centered.  Tony’s abs go tight and I know he’s going to come soon, but Thad doesn’t let up, so I grip beneath Tony’s throbbing head to hold the orgasm at bay.

“Jeezus, Thad!”  Tony’s hands clamp on my thighs, fingers digging in, the connection rocking us both.  “Oh, god! Oh, my fuckin’—”

I move my hand when Thad quickly slips from his lover’s ass and drops to his knees, mouth fitting right over Tony’s cock.  He shoves forward, pulls back in a merciless cadence as Tony twitches uncontrollably beneath him.  His ass lifts from the bed, driving upward into Thad’s mouth.  It doesn’t take long before Tony’s jetting in his boyfriend’s throat.

“Shit, that’s good!  Feels so fuckin’ good, baby! Fuck, don’t stop….mmmmm…don’t fuckin’ stop…”

Completely turned on again, I sit back on my heels, watching in fascination while Thad works his jaws.  The bucking stops, and I glance down at the satisfied face between my legs.  Tony’s eyes are hazy.  His chest is mottled red; nipples buttoned.  Flicking my nails over them brings an agonized whimper.  The man’s completely drained.

Thad is not. 

He stands again, searing gaze falls to me as he pulls off the condom, discards it and rolls on a fresh one.

“Co’mere,” he commands.  “Got me a filly tuh break.”  His breathing’s ragged, he’s right at the breaking point and doing everything he can to balance on the brink without falling over. 

Still on the bed I crawl around Tony and reach for the lube on the dresser. Accepting the challenge, I toss it to Thad then back up on hands and knees to the edge of the mattress.  He spreads my legs wide, calloused fingers rasp over my ass.  The lube is cold when it hits my hole, and Thad’s warm fingertips are a nice contrast.  He takes his time, liberally applying the slick fluid before his bulbous head is nuzzled at my entrance.

BOOK: The Doxy's Daybook: A Friday in Two Acts
11.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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