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The Dragon Guardian

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Sacrificed to the Dragon Excerpt

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The Dragon Guardian

(Lochguard Highland Dragons #2)

Jessie Donovan

For Scotland

Every time I visit, your people are kind, funny, and full of life. I only hope I do them justice in my stories since I will never be able to portray the depth of your beauty in words.

Chapter One

Fergus MacKenzie sat on top of one of the hills surrounding Loch Shin in his dragon form and adjusted his grip with his talons. Despite waiting for the last hour to see the redheaded human female, she had yet to step outside.

That shouldn’t surprise him given that it was January in the Scottish Highlands. The wind and chill in the north wasn’t for the fragile. While everything he’d learned about Gina MacDonald over the last few weeks spoke of her strength, she was also heavily pregnant. For all he knew, she could be giving birth right that second.

Fergus’s inner dragon spoke up.
Look. Her door is opening. Maybe we can actually talk to her today.

Fergus watched as Gina stepped outside and headed for the chicken coop. The wind whipped her long, curly red hair behind her and the human pulled her jacket closer around her body.

His beast spoke up again.
Today might be our last chance for a while. We should speak with her.

Fergus wanted to talk with the human more than he would ever admit to anyone. Not even his twin brother knew how Gina had invaded Fergus’s dreams since the very first day he’d seen her. Dreams that more often than not had both of them naked and tangled in the sheets.

Pushing away those thoughts, Fergus answered his dragon.
We have no claim on her. I can’t risk a confrontation with the father of her child.

His dragon huffed.
We haven’t been able to find out anything about him. If he’s unwilling to protect his female, then he has no claim on her.

Not true. What if he’s in the armed forces and currently stationed overseas?

That is a very small possibility.

It could still be true.

Fergus debated returning to his home on Clan Lochguard when the female gripped her belly and hunched over. Without thinking, Fergus glided down to Gina’s house. The sheep ran to the far side of one of the pens and he landed. Imagining his wings shrinking into his back, his talons changing into fingers, and his snout taking the shape of a human face, Fergus stood in his human form five seconds later. Uncaring about his nakedness, he rushed over to the female and shouted, “Are you all right, lass?”

The woman glanced over. Her eyes widened before quickly darting down to his cock and back up to his face. Taking a deep breath, she stood up and frowned. “You’re the dragon who's been watching me for weeks.”

He took a step closer. “That doesn’t matter right now. If you need help, then tell me. I can ring a doctor or your husband.”

“I don’t have a husband.” Gina rubbed her belly and then let out a sigh. “But the damn spell has passed, so care to tell me why you’re standing in my yard buck naked?”

Just like the first time he’d heard her speak, he found her American accent foreign yet endearing. “Aren’t you in labor?”

“No. I was trying to keep my food down. The smell of chicken scat makes me want to puke.”

His dragon chimed in.
Get her inside. I don’t like her out in the cold.

Fergus had asked the same question a million times before, but decided to try once more.
Why do you care so much?

Just get her inside first.

Fergus motioned with a hand toward the door. “Let’s get you out of the cold, get me a blanket or a towel so I can cover some of my nakedness, and I’ll answer whatever questions you might have.”

The corner of Gina’s mouth ticked up. “Oh, really? Whatever I want? I can’t wait to make the big, bad dragonman squirm.”

Ignoring her tease, he moved to her side and placed a hand on her lower back. Despite the layers of clothing between her skin and his, a small jolt shot up his arm. He couldn’t remember the last time that had happened with a female. “I assure you I don’t squirm. Now, let’s get inside. It’s bloody freezing out here.”

Gina started walking and humor danced in her eyes. “Are you going to use that as an excuse for the size of your penis?”

He blinked. “What?”

“Well, just about every guy I’ve ever met says the cold makes him shrivel.” She paused and leaned over. “But in your case, that makes me wonder just how big you are when it’s warm.”

Fergus cleared his throat. He wasn’t about to allow the lass to disarm him. “The first time I met you, whilst in dragon form, you said you knew the dragon clan in Virginia back in America. I’m fairly confident the rumors about dragon-shifters and their cocks are the same there as here.”

“Maybe. But I like the idea of making you uncomfortable.”

He frowned. “Care to tell me why?”

Gina laid a hand on her stomach. “It’s fun. And believe me, it’s been months since I’ve had any fun.”


Gina MacDonald wasn’t sure what had come over her. The black dragon constantly watching from the hills had irritated her over the passing weeks. Who was he to spy on her? Not only that, but he never had the balls to talk with her so she could find out why he was there. She didn’t think Travis had sent him.

She refused to think of that bastard.

And yet she was spilling her guts to the Scottish dragonman. Sure, it was true she hadn’t had any fun since her mother had shipped her off to Scotland, but it was hardly something you told a stranger.

The dragonman pushed lightly against her back and Gina nearly moaned at his touch. She would give her left arm for a massage.

The mysterious dragonman spoke up, his yummy Scottish accent making her want to shiver. “Aye, well, sometimes fun has to wait. You’re about to have a child, so get used to it.”

She glanced over at the tall Scot at her side. “What, do you have a brood of five kids at home and are speaking from experience?”

“I don’t have any children.”

His tone was a little too controlled. The smart thing would be to drop it, but Gina didn’t like unanswered questions. “But you do want them someday.”

The dragonman faltered in his step. His dark blue eyes met hers and she drew in a breath. It seemed dragon-shifters were attractive on both sides of the pond.

Clenching her fingers, Gina pushed aside her attraction. After all, that was what had landed her in the current situation.

They reached the door and the dragonman turned the knob. Gina debated the negatives of inviting a strange man into her house. But then the wind gusted. Longing for warmth, she decided to trust her gut that the man wouldn’t hurt her, and she stepped inside. “Come in, then, Mister...?”

“MacKenzie. Fergus MacKenzie.”

Gina snorted. “You can’t get much more Scottish than that.”

Fergus clicked the door closed. “Fergus is a strong name. It means man of strength or man of force.”

She put on a mock Scottish accent. “Aye, and it’s a verra bonny name, too.”

She didn’t think it was possible, but Fergus frowned deeper than before. “We’re doing accents then, aye?” His voice turned into a high-pitched Valley Girl accent. “I’m, like, so super cool. And, like, you’re hella crazy.”

She managed to keep it together until Fergus waggled his eyebrows and Gina barked out a laugh. “You should talk like that all of the time. It suits you.”

His voice returned to normal. “But Americans love it when I roll my 'r's.”

Not wanting to acknowledge it was true, Gina turned, picked up a blanket and tossed it at Fergus. “Cover yourself and I’ll pour some juice.”

From the corner of her eye, she watched Fergus wrap the blanket around his lean hips. The tattoo on one of his upper arms bunched and flexed as he did it.

Dragon-shifters really were too attractive for their own good.

Not now, Gina. We learned our lesson, remember? Keep it together.

Clearing her throat, she went into the kitchen. Just as she was about to lean against the counter and take a breather, Fergus waltzed into the room as if he owned it. Spotting her against the counter, he muttered, “Bloody stubborn female.”

Before Gina could reply, he was next to her. Picking her up as if she weighed nothing, she cried out, “Put me down.”

Fergus adjusted his grip. “No.”

She slapped his chest. “As I told you when we first met, I have ways to defend myself against dragon-shifters.”

“Aye? Well, if carrying you to a chair offends you, I wonder how any male came close enough to get you with child.”

“Are you trying to insult me?”

Fergus gently rested her on the kitchen chair and remained bent over so his eyes were level with hers. His pupils flashed to slits and back before the corner of his mouth ticked up. “Lass, I have a younger sister and a twin brother. Believe me, when I insult you, you’ll know it.”

She opened her mouth and Fergus pressed her lips together with his warm, rough fingers—fingers that no doubt could do wicked things to her body.

Gina blinked. She needed to get Fergus MacKenzie away from her or she would most definitely do something stupid. Given her track record over the last year, she really didn’t need to add any other mistakes to her list.

And spending time with Fergus would be a mistake she couldn’t afford to make. Not with a child on the way she needed to protect.

Unable to speak, she raised her eyebrows. Fergus grinned and she stopped breathing. She loved how his eyes crinkled at the corners.

Fergus finally spoke up. “I’m going to release your lips on one condition—you promise to sit here whilst I fetch you some juice and a snack. Nod if you agree.”

She should just nod and be polite. She really should.

Yet Gina didn’t like Fergus’s commanding tone. It was almost as if he expected her to follow his every word without complaint.

He may be taller and with a lot more muscle, but she hadn’t come this far in life only to have someone try to take control.

Drawing on her high school years of drama club, Gina closed her eyes and moaned as if she were in pain. Fergus instantly released her lips. “What’s wrong, Gina?”

Rather than think about how he knew her name, she hooked her leg against the back of his knee and yanked him forward. Fergus fell to the ground. Before he could make a move, she pinned his head between her legs. “Okay, dragonman. Let’s get a few things straight right now. One, it’s not nice to invade someone’s personal space without their permission. Do it again, and I won’t be so lenient.”

Despite her best effort to sound badass, amusement danced in Fergus’s eyes. “And I assume there’s a number two?”

She growled. “You’re going to tell me why you’ve been watching me and how you know my name.”

“Actually, that’s three things in total.”

“Are you always this annoying?”

“There’s nothing annoying about pointing out the details. I do it every day for my job.”

For some reason, she wanted to ask what his job was. Fergus was a lot different from Travis, who had been a Protector.

Then she remembered Fergus shushing her lips like a child and Gina leaned closer to Fergus’s face. “That’s nice and all, but how about you answer my questions? The longer you take, the greater the chance I could go into labor. You probably don’t want to be under me when my water breaks.”


It took every bit of strength Fergus possessed not to laugh at Gina MacDonald.

For whatever reason, Fergus enjoyed irritating her. The lass was a fierce one, but maybe a wee too stubborn. That stubbornness clearly clouded her judgment. She’d left his hands free. He could change positions and pin her to the floor, but he was rather enjoying the warmth and weight of her bum against his bare upper chest.

His dragon chimed in.
Too bad she isn’t naked. I would love to feel her skin and wetness against our chest.

Bloody dragon. She isn’t ours.

She could be.

Ignoring his dragon’s words, he focused back on Gina. “Although, judging by your size, it could be weeks before you go into labor.” Gina growled and Fergus winked. “But, given that my cousin’s mate would have my head if she knew I was needling a pregnant female, I’ll answer your questions. However, if you want to focus on my answer, then don’t turn around. The blanket fell off during the fall and we all know how you’re distracted by my cock.”

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