The Dragon's Mail Order Mate: A Paranormal Menage Romance

BOOK: The Dragon's Mail Order Mate: A Paranormal Menage Romance
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This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places or events are entirely coincidental.



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About This Book

Dragon shifters Mike Hawkins and Will Stewart are so focused on their missions in life that they have no time to search for a mate. To avoid all the trouble of searching for a mate they decide to order one online.

Enter, Oksana Stanislav. A blonde bombshell who has always dreamed of being mated with a hunky shifter.

However, whilst both the dragons believe they can share her for the rest of eternity, Oksana has other ideas.

Oksana turns the tables on the them and now it is going to be dragon vs dragon in a quest to win her heart.

After all, a three-way relationship could never work in the long term, or could it?








Prince Marek has been told by his father that he needs to marry within 30 days and so he needs to act urgently.


After discovering about the concept of a mail order bride he decides to go for it and orders the beautiful Ryia.


However, he has no idea that ordering a bride this way is something that could cause grave danger to both him and his family...

Table Of Contents





Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7





Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7




Chapter One


Honestly, neither of them was expecting someone like this. The thought that they could just go online and order someone who could end up on their doorstep in a matter of minutes seemed like something dangerously close to witchcraft. It was like willfully conjuring someone up in your mind that you wanted and voila! They were there. They both paced back and forth in the entry way to their house, hoping that the minutes would burn away faster and faster. They stared at the door, waiting for it to open.

“This is the best plan we’ve ever had,” Will said with a grin on his lips.

“I know.” Mike grinned like a jackal. There were maybe a dozen things Mike would like to say right now, but he wasn’t a poet, he wasn't the kind of guy who knew how to put things eloquently. It was Will who always had a way with words.

It was amazing these kinds of places existed. In fact, the more they thought about it, the more they thought they were truly living in the golden age of mankind. The fact that you could just go on the internet and there were plenty of women who were already interested in getting together with them was amazing to them.

They felt like she was going to figure out this wasn’t for her and she would run away, screaming and claiming they were horrible monsters. They wouldn’t blame her. They wouldn’t blame anyone for that. It took an exceptional person to be comfortable with everything that existed in their world. The thought that there would be someone out there that was totally fine, totally comfortable, and extremely eager to take part in their life seemed strange.

But today was the day.

Will wasn't sure what was going to be more impressive, actually having a woman around who knew their secret, or having a woman around who was actually going to enjoy their secret. It was such a touchy subject and it was so terrifying to tell anyone what they were. You had to be incredibly selective when you were a Shifter. You had to know whom you could trust and who could handle the truth.

Truthfully, every Shifter screwed up at least once their life. Will knew he was probably the only one here who screwed up half a dozen times and they were all definitely a mistake. This was the little tip they’d been given by a Bear Shifter that had laughed at them when they were lonely and messed up with every girl they ever dated. The website had been the biggest opportunity for them since they got their driver licenses.

Will had spent a year waiting after he found the website, he'd been afraid to tell Mike. In fact, there was something dirty and scary about the whole process that had kept Will in the shadows, staring at the laptop and wondering how any of this was legal. There were women from all over the world, begging for Shifters to invite them into their lives and give them the opportunity to be their mates. It was something that gave him chills and made him so excited.

The options seemed limitless. There were women who were wispy and thin, curvy and sultry, or fit and seductive. There were Asians, Black women, Indians, red haired beauties, European lovers, and naughty American lovers. All of them were available and all of their interests were thrown out there, waiting for Shifters to find them. Will didn’t understand where they were coming from or how these people found out about Shifters, but the Bear they had shared a drink with said knowing Shifters were out in the world was something that made women weak. It made them think about all the possibilities and the insinuations that went with the knowledge that there were men in the world that could turn into animals. That kind of power and strength was alluring, and so after dating a shifter, many women found regular men could never make them happy.

Now that, that was the alluring thought to Will. That was the insidious seed that had been locked in his mind, pushing him to seek out the internet forum and the social network that was at his command. It gave him the curiosity to actually start looking through the candidates and the eager women begging to be taken into the homes of Shifters.

Truthfully, there were so few Shifters that even thought about this way of life. They were locked in the past and always wandered, looking for safety from mankind. There were so few Shifters out there looking for a mate that these people had been desperate beyond the level that Will had been anticipating. In fact, when the women had started responding to him, he was forced to realize that there was far more to this than just sex.

Every Shifter harped about mates like it was something magical, something beyond just getting married and settling down with one chick or one dude for the rest of your domestic days. But Will had never seen it like that. All he saw were a bunch of couples that had their mates and just looked like normal human couples. As far as he was concerned, it was all a bogus lie. That’s why he went into this with strictly his penis. He wasn’t ashamed of that either. He went in thinking if he just went for the sexiest one, then he’d be satisfied. Because in the end, that’s what mates do. They mated.

Canceling out anyone that didn’t make his penis rise to the occasion, it was obvious to Will that most of these women didn’t live in America, at least a bunch of them that fit his extremely shallow appreciation and interest. He didn’t know if that meant anything to him at the time, but the moment he saw the one, he knew that he couldn’t go for another.

She was impossibly beautiful, the kind of beauty that made him think she was part of an advertisement or a model for the whole network. But as he clicked on her image, there was something about her that transcended this entire place. He looked at her and saw in her beautiful, icy blue eyes, a future that went beyond this lonely apartment, beyond being just a guy who worked at a grocery store to make rent. She inspired something inside of him and he knew he fell in love with the picture of her before he ever had a chance to meet her.

The only problem was, she was in Ukraine.


It was going to cost money to get her out here and the Network didn’t really help out the Shifters there. So many Shifters were actually drifters or nobodies who didn’t like slaving away in the human world for minimum wages. Will and Mike were probably the exception to that rule. So, if Will wanted to get this vision of a woman to America, then he was going to have to really come up with some cash, more cash than he ever had in his bank account.

He started talking to her, showing her images of him transforming and shifting into a dragon, a rather rare species—as he liked to boast. He started talking to Mike about the idea that he’d come up with. What if they both went in on one of the girls on this website and they actually brought one to America or to their home? They rented a house and it was extremely nice, but it wasn’t stellar. Will had already selected a group of women who might interest Mike and they both came to a tentative agreement: if they both didn’t have the money to bring a woman over for each, then they’d bring over one and they’d see which one the woman liked best.

It was a stupid plan and they both knew it. Anyone with a pair of eyes could see it was a stupid plan, destined to blow up in their faces, but they were both desperate. Will hadn’t been laid in his entire life and Mike had been in the desert for well over a year. This woman was going to be their chance for one of them to actually have the woman of their dreams and if that meant sacrificing a friendship, than it was worth it. But who knew, maybe she would show up and be a sensitive woman who was more into Will than she was into the rough and adventurous Mike. That was what Will was praying for when he looked at her platinum hair that looked like winter sunlight and skin as pale as fresh snow. She had the most beautiful face in the world and he knew she would be much more of an intellectual and a sentimental soul than she would be for Mike.

He had this in the bag.

But at the same time, he knew that Mike was banking on the opposite. You didn’t grow up as sexy as she did, in her pictures of her in bikinis and fur boots with a red cup in her hand, and expect she was a virgin nun. Maybe she liked to party and preferred a lover who wasn’t afraid to pull her hair and tie her up. Will bet Mike was hoping she would be everything he wanted in a girl and that horrified Will because there was a good chance of that. Mike worked at a movie theater though, so neither of their jobs was exactly glamorous enough to make the decision obvious. But both could turn into dragons and that had to count for something.

So three months ago, they told their beloved choice that they were going to send her the money and she was going to show up this morning at the airport. She told them she wanted money for a taxi to get to their place and wanted to experience walking up to her new home for the first time by herself. She wanted to take all of it in on her own. Mike said she was probably a scam artist and for the first time, Will was starting to think that was the case. So, they split the difference and sent their friend Katy to go pick her up at the airport instead.

That was two hours ago and all they had heard from Katy was: “OMG! U 2 R going 2 DIE!”

That had made both of them nervous. What did that mean? Was the woman they sent for a hideous monster? Will had already gone through all the pictures to make sure there wasn’t some kind of toady gremlin in the background of all of their beautiful blonde’s images hiding that she could claim she was in. There was nothing like that. There was nothing even close to this, but the idea of being catfished haunted them. Mike was still trying to play it cool and be calm about it, but Will was feeling his façade breaking with every passing second.

Something had gone wrong. Oksana Stanislav was probably fake.

They had come up with a contingency plan if this happened. Mike had been very adamant about it. Will was to take her and make her his mate and he would eventually pay back Mike for the money he had invested in getting Oksana all the way to San Francisco from Ukraine. Will had figured this was fair enough punishment, since it had been his idea in the first place, but now, he was getting terrified.

He didn’t want a hideous woman to be his for the rest of his days. He wanted the lithe, alluring woman who had known how to make a man melt just with an image. He wanted the woman that he was looking at on the laptop. He could feel a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach and wondered how many women on this website were a lie, scamming Shifters out of their money and blackmailing them. If that had just happened, he was going to die. He was going to give up and probably jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. What choice would he have? Mike would never respect him again.

No, he’d just go back to the airport, put this imposter on another airplane, and send her all the way back to Ukraine to live out the rest of her days telling about how she had tricked two Americans into sending her a ton of money. Honestly, it would serve him right. This was the kind of product that came from forming plans with your penis. He never formed plans with his penis – that was Mike’s job.

He could feel the bile in the back of his throat and knew this was the point where he usually began to bargain and hope that things would work out differently. For example, he knew that he wasn’t some kind of sexual wonder. Hell, he was still a virgin, but he knew he would love to have a girl he could take to the movie house double features or to go to the park with. He wanted someone he could laugh with and he could actually use his cooking class skills on. There were all sorts of things he would like to do with that blonde woman in the pictures he’d seen. But, if she showed up and she wasn’t exactly like those pictures, then he was going to be more than happy to spend that time with a similarly beautiful woman, or even a few pegs down from that beautiful.

“Maybe they got lost,” Mike said, pacing back and forth and looking at the expensive watch that he’d bought for himself as a gift for his birthday.

Mike loved that watch more than anything, all sleek, black, and shiny. Will wasn’t into such extravagance, but he was into time. Time was not in their favor. In fact, time was against him. He had to be at work in two hours and if Oksana wasn’t here soon, then he was going to be pissed at Katy for not giving them a heads up that she rabbited without them knowing.

“Maybe,” Will said.

He’d planned out everything he wanted to do with her and how he was going to win her over. He knew what kind of date he wanted to take her on and how he was going to spend his time with her on that first date. He wouldn’t be like Mike and try to get in her pants immediately, but he would try to get inside her heart and show her that he was the definite and obvious option. That would be clear enough. He had his theories about what kind of progress Mike would make on her. He’d probably order pizza or Chinese food, sit at the table, make a grand gesture to knock everything off the table and throw her down right there and ravage her. That’s how Mike tended to handle his planning.

Before his mind could start to turn against Mike, his head turned at the immediate sound of the doorbell ringing. He had found himself seated on edge of the coffee table, his knee hopping up and down in anticipation, and his eyes were wide with anticipation. Pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose, he knew that this was going to be the hardest moment in their friendship of the past ten years of their life.

Mike had always been there for him and he was closer to him than a brother. He was the closest thing that Will had ever had to real family. He would do anything for Mike, but he knew this was where the competition really tested their friendship. They were going to have to really fight for this one. They both wanted the woman in the picture and as he turned and looked at the beveled glass of the front door, it was hard to tell whether she looked like the picture on the Internet, but one thing was certain, they were both terrified.

BOOK: The Dragon's Mail Order Mate: A Paranormal Menage Romance
11.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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