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The Gilded Crown

BOOK: The Gilded Crown

Also by Catherine A. Wilson and Catherine T. Wilson

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The Order of the Lily




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First published in Australia April 2015

Copyright © by Catherine A. Wilson and Catherine T.Wilson, 2015

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The right of Catherine A. Wilson and Catherine T.Wilson to be identified as the Author of the Work has been asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

This book is a work of fiction. Any similarities to that of people living or dead are purely coincidental.

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Wilson, Catherine A. and Wilson, Catherine T.

The Gilded Crown

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Cathy T

I dedicate this book to all the re-enactors: to those people who spend their weekends pitching tents, lighting campfires, cooking over cauldrons, endlessly sewing costumes, practising archery or swordplay, making weapons, jewellery and pottery – to those people who strive to keep history alive in our hearts.

Cathy A

For the many gifted women who inspire me every day – Cathy T, Allison, Heidi, Ingrid, Nicole, Penny, Robyn and Vicki. Thank you for your unwavering friendship.

In France:

Lady Cécile d'Albret

Natural daughter of Thomas and Joan Holland

Fostered daughter to Comte Jean d'Armagnac

Sir Ghillebert d'Albret

AKA – Gillet de Bellegarde

Wrongly disgraced knight,
working with secret order of Knights Templar

Sir Armand-Amanieu d'Albret

Cousin to Ghillebert d'Albret

Nephew to Comte Jean d'Armagnac

Sir Gabriel de Beaumont de l'Oise

Companion-in-arms to Ghillebert d'Albret

Mouse (Sir Martin
de Brie)

Companion-in-arms to Ghillebert d'Albret

Griffith ap Ynyr

Squire to Ghillebert d'Albret

Lord Arnaud d'Albret

Older brother to Ghillebert d'Albret

Lady Marguerite
de Narbonne

Wife of Arnaud d'Albret

Veronique Lagrasse

Personal maid to Marguerite
de Narbonne

Minette Roubaix

Personal maid to Cécile d'Armagnac

Duc Jean de Berri

Brother to the Dauphin, once betrothed to Cécile

Vicomtess de Gisors

Queen Consort of France

Blanche d'Evreux

Widow of King Phillipe VI

Reynaud de Tosny

Blacksmith at Vernon

Eustace de Bonneuil

French rogue soldier.
Archenemy of Gillet

The Black Prince

Edward of Woodstock,
Prince of Wales

Eldest son of King Edward III

In England:

Lady Catherine Marshall

Wife of Simon Marshall, Lord Wexford and natural daughter of Thomas and Joan Holland

Lord Simon Marshall

Earl of Wexford and a Knight Hospitaller

Roderick of Shalford

Half-brother to Simon

Lord William Montagu

Second Earl of Salisbury

Lord John Moleyns

Salisbury's knight

Gabriel (baby Gabby)

Fostered son to Simon and Catherine

Natural son of Anaïs d'Arques and Lord John Moleyns


Nursemaid to Gabby

In Scotland:

Lady Agnes Dunbar

Countess of Dunbar and March, known as Black Agnes

Lord Patrick Dunbar

9th Earl of Dunbar and March

Husband of Black Agnes

Walter Odistoun

Illegitimate son of Robert 1
(the Bruce) and Elizabeth de Burgh

Beatrix Odistoun

Wife of Walter, sister of Simon Marshall, half-sister of Roderick of Shalford

David II

King of Scotland, half-brother to Walter Odistoun

Margaret Logie

Mistress to King David

Robert Stewart

Nephew to King David

Euphemia Stewart

Wife to Robert Stewart

Agnes Dunbar
(the younger)

Niece of Patrick and Agnes Dunbar

English Mary

Servant in the Odistoun household

Tiphanie de Carmaux

Companion to Catherine

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