The Great Wolf: A Legacy of Kilkenny Novel Book Three (The Legacy of Kilkenny Saga)

BOOK: The Great Wolf: A Legacy of Kilkenny Novel Book Three (The Legacy of Kilkenny Saga)
The Great Wolf

A Legacy of Kilkenny

Book Three

By Devyn Dawson


by Devyn Dawson



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To Aunt Flo

She would make a fearless
Pack Alpha

The Great

Published by Devyn Dawson

To Aunt Flo

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Through the Heart

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Going for the Gold

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The Great Wolf

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What Is Mine is Yours

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Day of the Dead

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Home Bittersweet Home


About the

Chapter 1.

Chapter 2.

Chapter 1. Ireland


Less than twenty-four hours ago I was on my farm in Choctaw,
Oklahoma, now I’m relaxing at Lyrath Estate Hotel in Kilkenny, Ireland.  We
rented the entire 137 room hotel for the Werewolf Olympic Games which is slated
to begin in one week.  I just left Dolly’s room, named; The Room 41, it has
something to do with them decorating it like they did in the 1800’s.

Oakley and I are sharing a room, per Pru’s demand that I not
be alone in a foreign country.  Since Pru and Oakley aren’t married yet, Dolly
is happy to have her daughter as a roommate. 

Bryon and a couple of members from the IT team came out last
week and set up the computer system, completely separate from the hotels
network.  The Inn Keepers, -Kane and MecKenzie Berne are part of the Werewolf
Protection Committee.  They are werewolves who keep up with the old traditions
and run a reform school for rogue wolves.  Every few years they’re the hosts of
the W-Olympics and offer up their hotel for the American packs.

“Are you just going to stand around and stare out of the
window?  I double checked, and the drinking age is 18, so you and your almost-
not-a-teenager self can drink.” Oakley hands me my leather jacket and double
checks his pocket for the key to the room.

“You don’t want to unpack first?  I’m sure everyone else is
unpacking before we hit the pubs.”  It isn’t that I don’t want to go to the
pubs, it’s that I want to make sure everyone stays safe.  Our Pack has a target
on our back from the entire supernatural world.  We sent witches in to cast a
few protection spells over the grounds of the hotel.  Kane and MacKenzie were
adamant about their approval of any charms placed on their hotel.  Thankfully,
an agreement was made and we’re safe here, but not at the pubs.  The hotel
closed their doors to the public, claiming they’re remodeling and will reopen
in a month.  The games take ten days for the events to be completed and then
the pack with the most wins will be the overall winner.  “I want to hold a
meeting before we go out.  Can you have everyone meet downstairs in the conference
room?  Everyone must go, even if they’re staying in and resting.”

“Will do, let me text Pru to come down here and stay with
you while I gather everyone.” Oakley reaches the intricately carved door just
as someone is knocking on it.

Pru Phelan, werewolf extraordinaire struts into the room. 
She’s twenty-two and engaged to Oakley, as well as a shaman. 

Oakley takes her hand as he pulls her to him and leans in
for a kiss.  I avert my eyes, knowing this kiss might take a minute or two. 
They’re all business when we’re away from the privacy of our lair, but when
they’re together at home, they’re blazing with fire.  Sadly, I have werewolf
hearing and no matter how hard I try to zone into something else, I can still
hear every sloppy kiss.

“You can turn around now Abe,” Pru announces.  “Oakley just
left.  Are you going to tell everyone about mating?”

“Oh jeez, you didn’t just ask me about mating!  I guess I
don’t have any choice, so yes, we’ll discuss mating.”  My hair feels extra
curly as I run my hand through it making sure my gel didn’t clump. 

“Let’s go, Mr. Sex-Ed man.”

Bryon peeks his head into the room, “You ready?”

“On our way,” Pru and I say in unison.


Pru steps out of the elevator first, always on guard to make
sure I’ll be safe.  She’s not one to trust the charms after what happened in
Paris, she doesn’t trust anything.  The death of Gus sent her close to the edge
of sanity.  She’s spent the last year and a half training, determined it would
never happen again.

The doors opened to a large hallway, the high-gloss white
tiled floor leads us to the check-in area.  We pass a red brick wall with a fire
burning in the fireplace.  One of the bellhops escorts us down the hall to a
conference room.  The room is tastefully decorated with crystal chandeliers and
gothic paintings on the wall.  I pause at the door taking everything in.  My
wolf is memorizing scents from wolves he’s never met and faces he’s never seen.

There are two white table clothed tables filled with trays
of hearty food.  Cheese and meat are adorning the gold serving plates and
chafing dishes with sterno heating whatever is inside.  My stomach rumbles at
the sight of everything.  I haven’t had anything to eat since we were on the
plane a couple of hours ago.  My metabolism has gotten out of control as the
wolf in me emerges more often.  I snag a hunk of ham and a square of Swiss
cheese popping them in my mouth simultaneously.   Pru grabs some cheese and
shoves them in her mouth causing her cheeks to bulge out on the sides.

“Damn, I’m so hungry; I had no idea how hungry until we
walked in this room.  We might have to let everyone grab a plate of food before
you give them the speech.   The Dallas Pack is here.  They sent me a text
before I came to your room.  We should have chartered a flight and flown
together.  We’ll keep that in mind for next time.  After paying for first class
for fifteen people, I bet the price wouldn’t have been too much more.”  Pru
says as she walks over and grabs more cheese.

“Yeah, I bet you’re right.  Hey, I talked to their alpha for
a few minutes and he is going to make an announcement too.  Things aren’t
looking good in Texas.  Remember the issue with humans and other supers
collecting supers?  Well, I guess one of the Olympic qualifiers is missing. 
It’s this guy from a California pack.  He was on his way to visit his family in
Houston, Texas when he disappeared.  He was signed up to compete as a
sprinter.”  It is exhausting trying to keep up with all the responsibilities of
a pack alpha.  I haven’t officially become the alpha, but Dolly and I have
agreed that the Olympics are the perfect time to take over as the leader of

The room starts to fill up with everyone; they’re freshly
showered and ready to go out on the town.  It’s 4:00 pm Kilkenny time, 10:00 am
Oklahoma time, and by the look on everyone’s face, it’s party time.

From behind me, someone clears their throat.  Her power
vibrates throughout the room and everyone stops talking and turns our direction. 
Dolly eases herself between Pru and I and claps her hands together.

“Wolves, we need everyone’s attention up here.  Don’t worry,
the food will still be there after we go over some base rules with you.”  Dolly
sets a folder on the podium in front of the large meeting room.  “Everyone who
has competed before, I want you to migrate to the right side of the room.  Your
right.  If you haven’t competed in the past, go to your left,” Dolly’s voice
carries through the room.  “I want everyone to pay attention to what Abel has
to say.  I’d love nothing more than to rush out to the pubs and grab a pint of
beer, but right now is business.  You’re here as a Pack on a business trip. 
Jake, the alpha of the Dallas Pack, informed me that a sprinter has come up
missing.  All US Packs, especially those in Texas and Oklahoma are on high
alert.  Abel Casey is a target, and to get to him, our wolves in-turn become a
target.  Don’t trust anyone you don’t know, and be careful about them too. 
We’re here to win these Olympic games!”  The room applauds at the mention of
winning.  “Everyone must check-in every two hours with your alpha or beta. 
Now, Abel is going to talk to you,” Dolly steps away from the podium.

I fidget with the change in my pocket, doing my best to
avoid eye contact with anyone.  I’m either about to burst out laughing, or I’m
going to turn and run straight to the pub.

“You’ll do fine Abel, stop freaking out,” Pru whispers.

“Easy for you to say.” 

I walk up to the podium and realize I know almost everyone
in the room, except a couple of the wolves from Texas.

I’ve taken two public speaking classes and watched hours of
Youtube videos on how to handle nervousness.  I steady my breath and move the
microphone closer to my mouth.  “Hey everyone, glad to smell everyone cleaned
up.”  Everyone in the room snickers at my joke.  “As I’m sure you’re aware,
with so many wolves in one location it can cause tempers to flare and hormones
to run wild.  I’ve heard from Dolly that this can also be the time to find your
true mate.  Instincts are what we survive on, and you need to be careful about
flirting with another wolf’s mate.  Your body and instincts will kick in if
you’re really meant for another wolf.  Mating is much different from being
horny and attracted to someone.”  The room chuckles at my awkwardness as I talk
about mating.  “With so many pheromones and animalistic attraction, you need to
be careful.  If anyone from the Phelan Pack gets into any type of trouble while
we’re here in Ireland, you’ll be on rogue duty for a year.”  We send wolves out
looking for rogues and bitten humans who are turned into wolves.  We then
rehabilitate them.  It means the wolf can be away from the pack for months at a
time, and as pack wolves, we thrive to be together.  The younger the wolf, the
harder it is to be away.  One of our wolves, Parker, would always volunteer for
rogue duty.  Well, he did, up until he found his true mate Sapphire and they
have two children together.

I glance around the room to see if anyone else is as
uncomfortable about this speech as I am.  No one seems to be embarrassed or
bored.  “Each alpha will be responsible for punishing their own wolves.  On to
other things.  The drinking age in Kilkenny is 18 which means almost all of us
are legal to drink.  My pack is allowed to go to the pubs, but no one is
allowed to get stupid drunk.  Don’t drink too much, and each group must have a
chaperone that is NOT drinking.  If anyone is caught drinking and they don’t
have a chaperone, they’ll be punished by their alpha.  We have three mini-vans
with a driver that will drive us around town.  The hotel has been gracious
enough to put together a tour of the town tomorrow afternoon.  If you didn’t
sign up when you arrived and you want to go, stop by the front desk and sign
up.  Everyone, regardless how hung-over you are, you will report to the gym at
6:00 am.  You must get your body on Ireland time or next week is going to be a
disaster.  I see everyone has a glazed over look, so time to grab a snack. 
Don’t drink on an empty stomach!  Six in the morning comes fast.  Be safe.  Be
smart.  Be alert.”  I glance in Dolly’s direction and she gives me a thumbs up

“You did a great job,” Pru says as we walk over to one of
the tables.  “It sucks being a grown-up doesn’t it?”

Oakley and Dolly are across the room talking about who knows
what.  My parents aren’t going to be here until next week, so I’m sure it has
something to do with me going out tonight.  I mean seriously, who goes to
Ireland and doesn’t partake in a little fun?

“Yeah, but it has perks too.  Do you know what your mom is
telling Oak?”

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