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About Wendi Sotis


Wendi Sotis is a graduate of Nassau Community College and Adelphi University, and holds a degree in Psychology. Following the birth of her triplets in 2000, she decided to stay at home to raise them.

Having always been an avid reader and adoring fan of Jane Austen, when her triplets were independent enough that she could find a little time to herself, Wendi searched the internet where she discovered a treasure trove of “fan fiction” written by fellow
. At first, experiencing Austen’s stories from several different characters’ points of view caught her interest, but then she branched off into reading sequels, “what if” stories, and modernized versions of Austen’s tales.

Though she had always aspired to become a writer, Wendi did not make a serious attempt until one day, after awakening from a dream, her imagination began churning up a tale to surround it.

Wendi continues to write while living on Long Island with her husband, Matt, who paints her covers, her son, and two daughters.


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ooks by Wendi Sotis


Promises by Wendi Sotis

Through their fathers' friendship, Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy meet as children. Over the years, their feelings for each other grow and they promise themselves to each other, but unfortunate circumstances and interfering family members seek to keep them apart. Will misunderstandings and mistaken impressions divide Elizabeth and William forever?



Dreams & Expectations by Wendi Sotis

Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet quickly recognize their feelings for each other and form a friendship, but misunderstandings and a bit of mystery and adventure hinder their path to happiness.





All Hallow’s Eve by Wendi Sotis

Appearances can be deceiving, even in Regency England. To most, Elizabeth Bennet is simply the second daughter of an insignificant country squire, but in truth, she is High Priestess and leader of an ancient cult secretly co-existing alongside British society. Confusion reigns when she learns that the man she despises, Fitzwilliam Darcy, is her Soul Mate, assigned to protect her from Evil. Can they work together to preserve the future?




The Keys for Love by Wendi Sotis

In this sweet Pride and Prejudice-inspired romance, William Darcy has finally torn himself away from work to join his sister at their vacation house in the Florida Keys. There, he meets his sister’s new friend, Elizabeth Bennet, the housesitter staying next door. A light, fluffy, feel-good short story





The Gypsy Blessing by Wendi Sotis

Elizabeth Bennet thinks it merely odd when she begins to receive drawings in the mail with no return address—until she recognizes these same scenes as they become true events in her life.


Will Elizabeth’s efforts to reshape future events alter her destiny?





Foundation of Love: The Gypsy Blessing 2 by Wendi Sotis

Elizabeth Bennett begins to doubt her sanity when her cell phone receives pictures predicting future events. After Elizabeth uses the photos to save William's sister, the wall between them begins to crumble. When William witnesses Elizabeth viewing a series of prophetic photos, he becomes involved, as well. Will their shared experiences become the foundation of love?




Safekeeping by Wendi Sotis

A woman awakens in a hospital room, injured and surrounded by strangers. The car accident is a blur, and her mind is nearly a blank slate.

The name on her driver’s license reads Elizabeth Becket, and she’s enrolled at a local college, but none of this feels right. Her college application claims she’s a writer—are her vivid and frequent nightmares a story conjured up in her imagination or could they be memories of her former life?


The only thing she knows for sure is that an urgent sense of danger casts a shadow over her entire existence.

Irresistibly drawn to Fitz Darcy, the man living next door to her new apartment, her soul longs to trust him. Is he safe to love, or is he part of the frightening events her subconscious is fighting so hard to keep buried?

A contemporary mystery romance with a clever nod to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.




BOOK: The Gypsy Blessing
9.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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