The Journey Home: The Ingenairii Series: Beyond the Twenty Cities

BOOK: The Journey Home: The Ingenairii Series: Beyond the Twenty Cities
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He had a vision of how he was going to manage this event, to create the tool that would help heal a city and end the horrible suffering he had seen.  He would call forth his Healer energy, and he would do the same with his Water and Stone energies, so that he developed a tremendous energy pressure within himself.  Then, when he found himself losing control, he would channel the three energies together and direct them into the earth, creating the stone channel, calling forth the water, and embedding the healing energy at the site.

And then he would have to survive.  He took another deep breath and closed his eyes, then began call upon the Healer energy.  It was a fragile feeling from the very beginning of the effort; his Spirit abilities were strained in their ability to insulate so many other power capacities, and he felt the bumping and churning of the energy, all bottled up within the energy realm, being called forth but not released.

“Alec!  What are you doing Alec?  Stop, you’re killing yourself,” he distantly heard Andi’s voice calling him.  “This feels wrong.  It feels dangerous, Alec.  Please stop,” she spoke from somewhere far away.

The pressure of the energy was building greater within him, and he refocused himself on the restraint of the power, trying to keep it continually dammed as it piled more and more power upon itself.

Alec!” his body shook violently, and he opened his eyes to see Andi standing in front of him, shaking his shoulders, as others stood watching her confront him.

He felt the dam he had built start to rupture as his focus was distracted.  Andi was literally with him, in danger of fatal injury from the explosion that was about to occur, he could tell.

With a
surge of effort, Alec thrust his arms forward, hitting Andi in the chest and driving her away from him.  He saw the startlement in her eyes, and the sense of pain and rejection from his abrupt gesture
, but he had no time to apologize as the energy conflict within him built to a crescendo
.  Then he released his Spirit power and seized his Air power.  He let the blockage of all the powers dissolve, and he
ted his Air power into
the form of
a narrow tube, one that placed him in the inside, and everyone else on the outside.

Even as he did that, his energies went firing into the ground below him, explosively
ing a tube through the stone, and powerfully calling the wate
r forth, while his Healer energies infused
the area with the components of their nature.   The ground buckled in a might
flash of power, and even the tube of compressed air Alec had erected could not protect those in the square from feeling some fraction of the force of the explosion, as they all were knocked violently backward.

Alec felt himself lifted upward with material blowing his body and violently propelling him into the sky above the site of his efforts.  He passed out, and felt nothing of the violent impact when he fell back to earth.





The Ingenairii Series




Visions of Power


At the Seat of Power: Goldenfields and the Dominion


The Loss of Power: Goldenfields and Bondell


The Lifesaving Power: Goldenfields and Stronghold


Against the Empire


Preserving the Ingenairii


7. Rescuing the Captive


8. Ajacii and Demons


9. The Caravan Road


10. The Journey Home
: Beyond the Twenty Cities




Also by Jeffrey Quyle


The Green Plague





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Journey Home

Beyond the twenty cities


Ingenairii Series

















Jeffrey Quyle








Chapter 1

The Resurrection of Alec
Page 1

Chapter 2

The Missing Memorie
Page 5

Chapter 3

Rangers of Exbury
Page 1

Chapter 4

l by Fir
Page 31

Chapter 5

Saving the Village

Chapter 6 –
Meeting Aja
Page 38

Chapter 7

Traveling with a Tre
Page 47

Chapter 8 –
Aja’s Daylight
Page 67

Chapter 9

Healing an Old One
Page 75

Chapter 10

Despair in Boundary Lak

Chapter 11

Rescuing the Captives
Page 95

Chapter 12 –
Healing Boundary Lake
Page 101

Chapter 13

Boundary Lake’s Salvatio
Page 115

Chapter 14

Loss of Andi
Page 1

Chapter 15

Lacertii Lands
Page 130

Chapter 16

Escape from the Lacertii Land
Page 147

Chapter 17

John Mark’s Cave
Page 155

pter 18 – The First Visit to Oyster Bay
Page 174

Chapter 19

Sabotage in Michia
Page 184

Chapter 20

Stronghold’s hostages
Page 192

Chapter 21

Deadly Sorceresse
Page 198

Chapter 22

The Battle in Stronghold
Page 208

Chapter 23

Andi’s Disappearanc
Page 215

Chapter 24

Stripped of Power

BOOK: The Journey Home: The Ingenairii Series: Beyond the Twenty Cities
5.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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