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“There, now maybe those women will stop
flirting with me,” he murmured against her lips.

Anna opened her eyes and looked up at him,
then turned to see several dancers watching them. The girls all
looked disappointed. She looked back at his chest.

“I won’t resist you anymore,” she said,
hoping he’d loosen his embrace.

His eyes were dark as he gazed down at her.
“Good.” He backed away slightly and opened the passenger side door
for her. He certainly gave the appearance of being polite. Would he
be as demanding in other areas as he was with his kiss?

“Your place or mine?” he asked, backing out
of the parking space.

“Place...?” Anna repeated softly. “Oh!” she
exclaimed as she remembered he said he’d stay with her Sunday
night. “I...really should shower before...anything happens.”

Peter nodded. “All right. Your place.”

Anna fidgeted as he drove to her place. He
produced a parking card for her garage and found a spot a few
minutes later. “Devin gave me the card so I wouldn’t have to worry
about parking. He says it’s rather difficult sometimes.”


He walked around the car and opened her door
and they walked to the elevators. They rode and walked to her
apartment in silence

It really was a pathetic little apartment.
There was a long hallway that led to the back center of the
apartment. To the left was a tiny kitchen. To the right a tiny
bathroom. Up ahead was the living area where her coffee table,
couch and bed were. Her mattress sat on the floor along one wall
with a fitted sheet and a blanket balled up in the middle. Her
couch sat perpendicular from the wall facing the TV, which sat next
to the window.

Peter looked around with a look of disdain on
his face. Well, if he didn’t like it, he could leave, Anna thought
to herself.

“Next time we’ll go to my place,” Peter said
turning in a circle. “You can keep whatever you need there until we
move in together.” He stopped and looked at her. “Are you going to
go shower?”

Anna blinked and walked away quickly. Well,
at least he didn’t yell or hit her. Yet.

After she had showered and washed her hair,
she put her pink satin robe on and walked out to find Peter on her
couch watching TV. He had taken off his shirt and was sitting with
one hand behind his head, his bicep flexed. His upper body was trim
and well defined, with a thick carpet of black hair on his chest
that tapered down below his navel to disappear under his pants. He
laughed at something on the TV and his mouth opened to reveal
straight white teeth under full lips that looked almost too
sensuous for a man.

He looked up at her and smiled. “You’re much
prettier without all that stage makeup on.”

“Thank you,” she said softly. She glanced at
her bed. “I’m sorry it’ that. I don’t have overnight guests
often. They...usually just leave after.”

“Who says I’m going to stay the night?”

Her cheeks burned. “Oh. I....” She swallowed
and turned away. “Of course. I’m sorry I assumed you were. I
shouldn’t have done that.” Would he make her leave when they had
sex at his place?

The TV turned off and she heard him stand and
walk up behind her. “I might,” he murmured against her neck. “I
haven’t decided.” He reached in front of her, untied the belt to
her robe and pushed it off her shoulders so it fell onto the floor.
“You have beautiful breasts,” he said, sliding hands up her belly
and to her breasts where he kneaded them gently.

She leaned her head back against his bare
chest and sighed.

“You like that?” he asked softly.

“Yes,” she sighed. She wasn’t often touched
gently anymore, and his touch was surprisingly gentle.

One hand moved back down her stomach and
between her legs. His finger slid between her pussy lips and found
her clit. He held her against him with his left hand on her right
breast and circled her clit with his other hand. His touch was
demanding and she found herself trying to escape his relentless
touch. It was too intense to be completely pleasurable. She moaned
and writhed against him, trying to get control of her body so she
could give him what he wanted. Or what she thought he wanted. But
she couldn’t. He kept circling the sensitive nub with just the
right amount of pressure that made it not-quite-painful. Her body
wouldn’t listen or work the way she wanted it to and her release
wouldn’t come.

She screamed in frustration to being so close
but not being able to push over the edge. She’d never not been able
to come before.

“You want to come, don’t you?” he whispered
as she struggled against him. Her forehead was wet with sweat and
every nerve in her body was on edge.

“Yes!” she screamed. “Please! Please Peter!”
she begged.

Abruptly he released her and she fell to the
floor, panting and shaking.

“Remove my pants,” he said calmly. She
trembled as she rose to her knees and pulled at his belt with
nervous fingers. It took her much longer than it normally did to
unfasten pants. She wasn’t afraid of him, exactly. She didn’t know
how she felt other than the need for release was so intense she
could taste it.

Finally, she was able to push his pants to
the ground and his boxer briefs followed shortly after. She stayed
on her knees, with his cock at eye level. She licked her lips as
she stared at the long, pierced rod, uncertain as to what he wanted
her to do.

“You are well trained,” Peter remarked. “I’m
impressed. Most Elder-Mistresses are rather...independent.” He sat
on the mattress and ran his fingers through her hair. “I’m not a
cruel man, Anna. I don’t enjoy hurting women. But Devin has given
me permission to punish you if I deem it necessary.”

Anna looked at him fearfully. What did all
this mean?

“I will tell you what I expect, and I expect
you to do it. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Peter,” she said softly.

“Stand. I want to see you.”

Anna stood and he studied her body. She had
gained her weight back and she knew she looked like she had before
she let herself waste away on drugs.


Anna turned around to face away from him. She
felt his hands caressing her ass and thighs. “You have hips. Most
dancers are so skinny there’s nothing to hold onto. I like it.” He
put his hands on her thighs. “Second position and put your hands on
the floor.”

She stepped her feet apart and bent over at
the waist, keeping her legs straight. She looked back between her
legs and saw Peter’s eyes dilate as he looked at her wide open
pussy. He reached up and caressed the swollen, wet folds and then
slid his thumb up to her asshole.

“Do you like anal?” he asked with a thick
voice. She closed her eyes as he caressed the hole.

“I...I’ve had some enjoyable experiences, but
most of the time, not really.”

His thumb pressed inside and she moaned
softly. “Stay still,” he murmured, and she felt his hot mouth on
her pussy a moment later.

As he devoured her, she cried out in
pleasure. His tongue was everywhere and his thumb thrust in and out
slowly. Her knees threatened to give way when he locked his lips
around her clit and sucked hard. He held her thighs so she couldn’t
escape, not that she wanted to. She gasped and came with such force
that she screamed and clawed against the carpet. She was blinded by
the fireworks that exploded behind her eyes. She knew nothing but
the waves of pleasure that pulsed through her body.

As the waves subsided, she felt dizzy and her
knees collapsed, making her fall to the ground. She panted for air
and her head hung loose between her arms.

Peter rubbed her back for a moment and then
pulled her backwards onto his lap. He sucked on her neck. “Did you
like that?” he asked, nipping at the lobe.

“Yes,” she breathed, and shuddered as
aftershocks wracked her body.

“You have a beautiful body, Anna.” He slid
his hand between her legs and lightly stroked her swollen pussy. “I
am going to enjoy getting to know it better.” She shuddered as his
fingers brushed over her clit.

When she had caught her breath, he pushed her
gently to the bed on her hands and knees. He rode her hard, but he
didn’t hurt her. She cried out as he plundered her body, digging
his fingers into her hips. He shouted in an unknown language that
Anna guessed to be Russian, and pushed himself even deeper as he

He stayed where he was for a minute and then
leaned forward to kiss the middle of her back before pulling out
and collapsing on the bed next to her.

She sat on her hip and looked at him
nervously. “Are you staying the night?” she asked softly.

He turned his brown eyes to hers. “Is that

She smiled hesitantly. “Whatever you would
like, Peter.” She glanced at the TV. “I have to sleep with the TV
on, though.”

He raised his eyebrows. “Why?”

“I have...unpleasant dreams if I don’t.”

“Nightmares?” He sat up on his elbow

Anna shook her head. “No. I just...I don’t
like the subject matter.”

“What are they about?”

She didn’t really want to tell him. “Is this
one of those things that you’re telling me to do?” she asked as
respectfully as she could.

Peter smiled. “No. I was just curious.”

“I don’t like talking about it.”

He lay back down. “All right. You don’t have
to. We’ll have to talk about that before we move in together. I
don’t know if I can sleep with the TV on all the time.”

Anna picked at the blanket. “They don’t
happen every night. But I try to avoid them all the same. Mostly if
I’m upset about something.”

He looked at her curiously and then reached
for the remote to turn the TV back on. “Does it need to be

Anna blinked in surprise. “Um, no.”

He turned the volume so she could hear it but
it wasn’t overbearing, and set the remote back on the floor.

She nodded and gave him a grateful smile. She
stood to turn the lights off and then spread the blanket to cover
the bed. She only had one pillow, and told Peter she didn’t need
it, which wasn’t true, but she didn’t want to be rude.

He didn’t cuddle with her, but didn’t scoot
away either. She turned on her side to face away from him and
stared into the darkness. Peter was difficult to figure out. He was
kind and intimidating and demanding and thoughtful all at once. He
was an enigma.

She tried to ignore the questions in her mind
and concentrated on the inane laughter that came from the TV.

Chapter Twelve


Anna awoke to feel a warm body shifting
closer to her, a gentle hand caressing her back. She knew better
than to stiffen in surprise, but she wanted to turn over and look.
The body moved above her, pushed her legs apart, and a large cock
slowly entered her body. Hands held her arms above her head and she
was pressed into the mattress, unable to move. The cock moved in
and out, slowly at first, but then picked up speed. It felt good.
He moved in such a way that his cock rubbed against the sensitive
spot inside her.

She moaned and tried to move her hips against
him, but couldn’t. She could only accept him into her body and
allow him to work that small spot until she felt the tingling
increase into orgasm. He shouted out his climax a moment later,
then lay panting on top of her.

Anna hoped he hadn’t fallen back asleep. He
was heavy and it was difficult to breathe. When he rolled off a
little later, she sucked in a deep breath and turned to look at her
new “boyfriend.” He was watching her intently with his
cognac-colored eyes, and smiled when she looked at him.

Dobroye utro
,” he said quietly and
propped his head on his fist.

“Does that mean good morning?” she asked

Peter nodded. “

“Good morning,” she said with a nervous
smile. “Do I...I mean, did you enjoy yourself...with me?”

His eyes lit up. “Oh, yes. Very much so. If
nothing else, we’ll have great sex.”

Anna smiled timidly and then looked down at
the bed. He hadn’t hurt her yet. She couldn’t complain.

“I was thinking maybe we could go apartment
hunting today, unless you have previous plans.”

“No, I...don’t do much. I don’t have to go
with you. My input won't be of much consequence.”

“You don’t have an opinion on where you
live?” he seemed bewildered.

“Why would I? As long as Devin approves,
that’s all that matters.”

He looked at her for a long moment without
speaking. “What if he wanted you to live in a metal box with no

“Then that’s where I would live,” she
answered softly. “I try very hard to obey him. I....” She sighed.
“My devotion must be to him and him alone. I dance because he wants
me to dance. I eat because he wants me to eat. It’s just easier
that way.” She looked up to see Peter frowning at her. “You don’t
believe me?”

“I think that it is sad that you believe
that. He cares about you a great deal. He told me he wanted me to
help him keep an eye on you because you needed to be watched at all

She stared for a moment. “I suppose that’s
true,” she conceded. “Though I don’t think he cares about me. Not
anymore, at least. Maybe I can be a better slave to him if you’re
there to remind me.”


Peter took her out with him to look for an
apartment, regardless of her protests that she didn’t care what he
chose. They drove around areas that Peter had been told were nice
and toured various buildings. Anna had gotten used to her little
apartment and the ones they looked at seemed enormous by
comparison. Peter liked apartments near the water and they saw
several near the Bay that he liked. He always asked her opinion and
she told him they were nice. He didn’t seem to understand that she
didn’t care.

BOOK: The Life of Anna, Part 4: Ensnared
3.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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