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Robert Beaudoin, Bethanie Connors, Nemanja Djurasinovic, Catherine Hamel, Martha Nelson, Anne Nevala, Inga Sonnenfeld, and Svetlana Storozhenko served as volunteer translators of Russian, French, and German. Robert Moshein also shared his extensive translation of Spiridovitch’s memoirs before the book became available in English.

A long list of people lent, traded, gifted, sold, photocopied, and/or hunted down rare books, films, and photos for my research: Elaine Duncan Achenbach, Helen Azar, Claire Chernikina, Nicola de Valeron, Judy and Rich Dugger, Kathleen Fannon, Harold and Phyllis Gass, Robert Gass, Robert Hall, Gayle Haynie, “Hikaru,” Greg King, Sue Lorenzen, Laura Mabee, “Marialana,” Charlotte and Gary Miller, Stacie Narlock, “Ortino,” Inga Sonnenfeld, Svetlana Storozhenko, Penny Wilson, and Joanna Wrangham.

Bob Atchison, Raegan Baker, Claire Chernikina, George Hawkins, Greg King, Peter Kurth, and Helen Rappaport shared insight and tidbits of information not found in books.

Elaine Duncan Achenbach, Holly Daugherty, Laura Mabee, Maggie Patterson, and Janet Whitcomb read snippets of early drafts and reassured me I was on the right track; later Kristin Cashore, Simon Donoghue, and Kathe Koja offered substantial encouragement and critiques of various revisions. Bob Atchison, Greg King, Robert Moshein, Helen Rappaport, and Penny Wilson vetted the manuscript. Whatever errors remain are my own.

Finally, I’m especially grateful to Bob Atchison for founding the Alexander Palace Time Machine website and discussion board. When I discovered the site in 2005, I thought I knew plenty about the Romanovs, but in the last five years, my book collection has quadrupled and my knowledge of the imperial family has increased exponentially. The friends I’ve made and the resources I’ve been able to access because of the APTM provided a richness of detail and perspective I could not have found elsewhere.

Table of Contents



Title Page

Copyright Page



Chapter 1: Maria Nikolaevna

Chapter 2: Tatiana Nikolaevna

Chapter 3: Anastasia Nikolaevna

Chapter 4: Olga Nikolaevna

Chapter 5: Tatiana Nikolaevna

Chapter 6: Maria Nikolaevna

Chapter 7: Tatiana Nikolaevna

Chapter 8: Olga Nikolaevna

Chapter 9: Anastasia Nikolaevna

Chapter 10: Olga Nikolaevna

Chapter 11: Maria Nikolaevna

Chapter 12: Anastasia Nikolaevna

Chapter 13: Tatiana Nikolaevna

Chapter 14: Olga Nikolaevna

Chapter 15: Anastasia Nikolaevna

Chapter 16: Maria Nikolaevna

Chapter 17: Tatiana Nikolaevna

Chapter 18: Maria Nikolaevna

Chapter 19: Olga Nikolaevna

Chapter 20: Anastasia Nikolaevna

Chapter 21: Tatiana Nikolaevna

Chapter 22: Olga Nikolaevna

Chapter 23: Maria Nikolaevna

Chapter 24: Tatiana Nikolaevna

Chapter 25: Anastasia Nikolaevna

Chapter 26: Maria Nikolaevna

Chapter 27: Olga Nikolaevna

Chapter 28: Anastasia Nikolaevna

Chapter 29: Tatiana Nikolaevna

Chapter 30: Maria Nikolaevna

Chapter 31: Tatiana Nikolaevna

Chapter 32: Olga Nikolaevna

Chapter 33: Anastasia Nikolaevna

Chapter 34: Maria Nikolaevna

Chapter 35: Olga Nikolaevna

Chapter 36: Anastasia Nikolaevna

Chapter 37: Tatiana Nikolaevna

Chapter 38: Maria Nikolaevna

Chapter 39: Anastasia Nikolaevna

Chapter 40: Olga Nikolaevna

Chapter 41: Tatiana Nikolaevna

Chapter 42: Maria Nikolaevna

Chapter 43: Olga Nikolaevna

Chapter 44: Anastasia Nikolaevna

Chapter 45: Maria Nikolaevna

Chapter 46: Anastasia Nikolaevna

Chapter 47: Tatiana Nikolaevna

Chapter 48: Olga Nikolaevna


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BOOK: The Lost Crown
5.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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