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The Naked Gospel: Truth You May Never Hear in Church

BOOK: The Naked Gospel: Truth You May Never Hear in Church
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The Naked
Praise for
The Naked Gospel

How do you know a sailboat is maxed out in the wind? The author’s wife, a sailboat captain, can tell you. It hydroplanes. How do you know it’s hydroplaning? You listen for the hum. This book shows you how to open the sails of your life to the winds of truth and max out in God’s Spirit. Read this book and hear the hum.

bestselling author of
So Beautiful:
Divine Design for Life and the Church

Our culture screams at us, “Productivity!”—and often, this mantra gets absorbed and spread by the church.
is a word we use often but rarely understand the depth and true meaning of. In
The Naked Gospel,
Andrew Farley strips down religion and shows us the faith and freedom God intends for us to have in a fully abundant, radiant life.

speaker and author of
Mad Church

What a great “textbook” on how to strip away all the religious fakery and take the challenge to just be a normal person while being a healthy Christian.

founder and chairman
of New Life Ministries

Reading Andrew Farley’s book
The Naked Gospel
harkened me back to my own faith-altering encounter with Jesus when I first embraced the outrageous idea of the exchanged life. That message dynamically changed me, which is why I’m excited about Andrew’s book—a biblically centered freedom manual for today’s stuck Christian. If you’re tired of wearing the “I’m a super Christian” mask, if you’re weary and discouraged on the inside, read this book and experience the freedom Jesus brings.

author of
Daisy Chain

The Naked Gospel
is an intelligently written book that is thoroughly intriguing. Your church or small group could benefit greatly by its wisdom and concepts. This is a must-read!

senior minister,
Southeast Christian Church

The message that Andrew Farley brings in
The Naked Gospel
is so necessary for the church today. It is absolutely essential for a fulfilling and genuinely Christ-centered life.

, ThD,
former professor of New Testament
Literature and Exegesis,
Dallas Theological Seminary

For over three years, I have co-hosted radio and television programs with Dr. Andrew Farley. God has gifted this insightful teacher and author with the ability to communicate the meaning of the Scriptures with remarkable simplicity. The clarity of his words should refresh the spirit of every saint and beckon to the lost. The heart of his message is captured here, and it comes at the perfect time, when the United States, and indeed the whole world, is hungering for answers.
The Naked Gospel
is unabashed truth.

cofounder and playwright,
Ragtown Gospel Theater

The Naked

The Truth You May Never Hear In Church

Andrew Farley


The Naked Gospel

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For my son, Gavin—a map.

Yeah, it’s
this good.

It’s even better than I could explain.

Enjoy the New, and enjoy Him!

I’m proud of you, boy.

The naked gospel [is] discovering what was the gospel
which our Lord and his apostles preached; what additions
and alterations latter ages have made in it;
what advantages and damages have thereupon ensued.

Arthur Bury, 1691

Arthur Bury’s book titled
The Naked Gospel
was burned by the church of his day.

Fair Warning

. A word of warning, though: You might throw this book down in disgust; you might pick it back up again in curiosity; you might shake your head in frustration as you wonder, “How could I have missed this before?” or “Is this guy crazy?”

When it comes to Christianity, I realize it’s more palatable to talk in generalities. It’s risky to draw lines in the sand and confront disagreements. But you may have noticed that much of the New Testament was written to correct misunderstandings and false doctrine. Apparently, pushing absolutes and even splitting theological hairs are supposed to be part of healthy church life.

Christians today are grateful for Jesus and heaven. Some of us go to church every time the doors are open. Some listen to hundreds of sermons each year. Some memorize scores of Bible verses. Some even hold a few degrees in God stuff.

Despite all of our fervor, many of us are still apathetic instead of ecstatic over the gospel. But maybe there’s an answer to our heartfelt yearning for more passion in our Christian life.

kind of Christianity—the kind that replaces apathy with ecstasy—too good to be true? Actually, I believe it’s the only kind that’s biblical. However, it seems that today it’s the truth you may never hear in church.

We find too much
fluff, double-talk,
misleading jargon, and
pat answers in many
churches today.

We find too much fluff, doubletalk, misleading jargon, and pat answers in many churches today. No matter how much you hear it or how much it entertains you, it won’t bring genuine and enduring fulfillment. There’s only one message that I’ve found to bring real and lasting change. It’s the

BOOK: The Naked Gospel: Truth You May Never Hear in Church
6.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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