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Alpha Trio

The New Girl

Vol. 2

By Ana Vela

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Ana Vela is romantic at heart. Living in Miami with her husband, two sons, and a puppy, she finds time to sneak away at night and live out her fantasies by writing them all down and creating these stories for her faithful readers.
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~Volume Two:

New Girl ~

The bartender was ignoring him. Again. Andrei ‘Drei’ Lupei narrowed dark eyes at her back. She’d seen him. He knew she had. Even though 5tM was packed to the gills tonight, he was a hard man to miss. He was 6’7, for Christ’s sake.

“Hey, Red,” he ground out. “A little service?”

He never had this problem with any of the other bartenders at the bustling club. Just the new girl. Whenever she was working, it seemed like she waited until she’d taken everyone else’s order before coming to see what he wanted.

Drei rubbed a hand through his short, black buzz cut and narrowed his eyes at the willowy redhead. She was tall for a woman, especially a Mundane, over 6 feet without the chunky four inch heeled boots she wore. Which was another reason he knew she saw him. They could meet each other’s eyes over everyone else’s heads.

It was an interesting sensation, not having to crane his neck to look into a woman’s eyes. Her eyes were a smoky green, the color of old glass bottles. Her hair was bright red, with blonde highlights, like a flame tumbling around her slender shoulders. She smelled herbal, lightly sweet and green. She was wearing a black leather vest and a pair of worn black jeans that rode low on her slim hips. The vest hugged her breasts, which were high and firm, baring a small wedge of cleavage.

She had a stubborn chin, a wide, full mouth and rounded cheeks. And her ass. God damn, her ass. At least, if she was going to be turning her back on him all the time, he got to stare at the generous curves of her ass in the skin tight jeans. He’d spent several long minutes imagining just what it would feel like to rub the head of his cock up and down that sweet cleft between her buttocks.

While she made a pitcher of margaritas for a group of women in barely-there skirts, he imagined dragging those jeans down her hips, baring the pale globes of her ass and bending her over to...

“What do you want?” Her voice was clear and strong, like a shot of good Scotch.

Her hands were resting on her hips, head cocked to the side. Drei scowled.

“Three Stellas and a vodka tonic.” As if Em and Cat would come up for air long enough to have a drink. His brother and his new Mundane mate were constantly tied at the tongue. And that was just in public. They reeked of sex.

Living among Shifters, it was a scent that you got used to. And it normally didn’t bother Drei. But for some reason, the heady hormone mixture of Em and his mate had Drei on edge these last few weeks.

He suspected it probably had something to do with Cat being a Mundane. She was the first Mundane mate in Shifter history, as far back as they could tell. No one had yet been able to explain how it was possible. Their best scientists weren’t even entirely sure the pair could breed. Not that it seemed to stop them from trying.

The redheaded bartender set the drinks down in front of him, her dark green eyes twinkling as if she was laughing, though her face was expressionless. “Twenty-eight.”

He handed her a twenty, a ten, and a five. She quirked a brow. Drei wrapped his hands easily around the four drinks. “Keep the change.” He wasn’t trying to sweeten her up with a big tip, though he could see she thought so. He always tipped well. Which was another reason why he didn’t get her complete refusal to acknowledge him most of the time. It’s not like he’d ever stiffed her.

You might try a little charm
, the voice in his head, the one that sounded a lot like Grigore, whispered. Drei turned away from the bar, his brows lowering as he moved determinedly through the sweaty throng.

It’s not that he didn’t know how to lay on the charm, if he had to. He’d been doing it for years. His bed had never been all that lonely a place. It hadn’t seen nearly the traffic that Grig’s had, but he did alright. The truth was, with most women, all he had to do was flash a dimpled smile and say hello and he was halfway there.

And that wasn’t conceit. It was just fact. A lot of them were just intrigued by his height – bordering on 6’7 – or his muscled physique. Of the three brothers, he was the bulkiest, his shoulders, arms, chest and legs thick with muscle. He didn’t look like one of those body builders only because his body was longer than most. It made him looker slimmer.

The girls took one look at his bulging biceps, his angular face and his buzz cut and assumed he was military of some kind. He was usually turning away advances, some downright blatant. At the very least, he got stares and blushes. But the bartender looked at him like... hell, he didn’t know. No one had ever looked at him that way before. Like she could see through him. It was fucking disconcerting.

Drei stepped around a gaggle of young woman who were all gyrating on the dance floor. Several of them threw flirty, come-hither looks his way, but Drei ignored them. They were all too young, for one thing. He liked his women to be... well, women. Not girls. If any of these scantily clad dancers were over 21, he’d snuggle the next bloodsucker they encountered.

“Out of the way,” he growled at a couple who were practically fucking on the dance floor. He wasn’t a prude. They were just blocking the stairs to the VIP area. The chick, who had dyed black spiky hair and about three dozen facial piercings, lurched in surprise at the sound of his voice, and slammed into his right arm.

She was a slip of a thing but she jostled him just enough to splash the vodka tonic he’d gotten for Cat all over his chest. “Oh my gosh!” she breathed, wafting a cloud of rum fumes in his direction. “I’m
sorry. Here, let me...” She began wiping at his shirt with her hands, as if she could swipe away the moisture soaking his t-shirt.

Her bright eyes glazed over and her movements slowed until she was essentially fondling his chest. Drei couldn’t help the grin that quirked his lips. He raised an eyebrow at the scrawny, blue-haired boyfriend. The guy scowled and tugged at her arm. “Sorry, dude. Come
, Raven. Let’s go!”

Raven let herself be tugged rather reluctantly away. “Shade, wait. We should help!” Her eyes were fastened on Drei. He winked at her. Shade, though he was willing to bet that wasn’t the boy’s real name, yanked her back into the crowd.

Drei continued on the table where his brothers and Cat sat waiting for him. As he’d thought, Cat was practically straddling Em, grinding on his lap while she shoved her tongue down his throat. He couldn’t see where his brother’s hands were on the curvy brunette. Drei was pretty sure he didn’t want to.

Grig was scanning the crowd, doing his best to not watch the couple as they essentially dry humped in the booth. He looked a little relieved when he saw Drei approaching.

“Alcohol!” He reached for one of the beers. “Excellent.”

Drei set the other one in easy reach of where Em’s hand would be if it ever returned to the table. “How’s the science project going? Bet they didn’t even realize I was gone.”

“You’d lose. As usual. Where’s my vodka tonic?” Cat spun on Em’s lap, face flushed and her lips kiss swollen. Drei would never admit it out loud, but he liked the feisty Mundane reporter. And she’d proven herself loyal so far, not breathing a word about the existence of their kind, despite her media connections.

Plus, she’d been willingly submitting to all the tests the docs were putting her through to figure out how she and Em could be Mated. Some of them were pretty painful, but she hadn’t complained at all. At least, not to him.

Em grunted amusement over his mate’s shoulder. “He’s wearing it.”

Grig snorted, sipping his beer. Cat raised one thin brow.

“This isn’t some weird ploy to get me to lick you, is it, dog boy?”

Drei scowled. “Not even if you begged me, pussy Cat.” Em gave a little growl, baring his teeth. But Cat just rolled her eyes. That’s why Drei liked her. She had been remarkably unfazed by the existence of the supernatural. And she could hold her own when it came to snarky banter. His brother was a lucky man.

“Here.” Grig shrugged out of the button down shirt he’d worn over his t-shirt. It was a deep ruby red. He tossed it to Drei, who snatched it out of the air.

“Thanks. Let me go get out of this wet shirt.” He set down his beer and flashed a glare at Cat. “Try not to drool at the thought, huh?”

“Oh, you wish. Hurry up and go change. There’s nothing worse than the smell of wet dog.” She snatched his beer with a smirk. “I’ll just look after this while you’re gone.”

Drei shook his head, once again weaving his way through the crowd. He could have just changed at the table, he supposed. It was hardly like he was shy. But the reek of the alcohol actually was pretty strong to his sensitive Shifter nose. Plus, he was sticky. And unlike Em, he didn’t have a woman to lick him clean.

His thoughts drifted to the tall, lean, redheaded bartender as he pushed into the men’s room. A couple of club guys were snorting Ritalin near the sinks but they scattered pretty quick when Drei sauntered over. It might have something to do with the way his grin was not really a grin, but just his lips slightly peeled back from his teeth.

He tugged the damp t-shirt off over his head, dropped it into the sink, and grabbed a handful of paper towels. They were rough against his skin as he swabbed at the wetness in his chest hair. The liquid had trickled down his stomach and dampened the waistband of his jeans too. He flicked open the first couple of buttons and soaked up the mess in his pubic hair as well.

“Don’t even think about it,” he muttered to his semi-hard cock. It was the redhead’s fault. All that smooth, sleekly muscled skin on display. And that ass. His cock throbbed. Drei gritted his teeth and did up his pants. Before Cat, Em had had issues with the idea of screwing Mundane girls. Drei didn’t have any such hang-ups. But Red had made it pretty clear she wasn’t interested in him in the least.

He tugged Grig’s shirt on. It was a little tight in the shoulders. And the arms. And across the chest. His younger brother wasn’t nearly as broad as he was. In the end, Drei ended up only buttoning three of the buttons at the bottom, leaving a wide V of chest hair visible. Not exactly his best look. He just needed a few gaudy gold chains, he thought with a snort. He tugged the two sides of the shirt together but there wasn’t much he could do. Frustrated, he tossed the sticky t-shirt into the trash and stiff-armed the bathroom door open.

Drei heard the soft, feminine grunt of pain and paused. Not because of the sound, so much as the smell. The light green smell. It was the redheaded bartender who’d made that guttural noise. He made it to the door to the small office in one stride and pushed through the door. It was locked, but a strong twist of his hand and the flimsy lock popped.

She was sitting behind a metal desk with her head in her hands. A small, brown glass bottle rested beside her. The green smell that suffused her skin came from the bottle, but it wasn’t perfume. The slightly bitter smell of the tincture marked it clearly as medicinal. She raised her head, eyes widening as she took in his big frame filling the doorway. Or, at least, that’s what he thought the cause of the look was. It could be the open shirt.

Drei scowled. “What’s wrong?” Her lips quirked.

“And he’s a charmer too.” She raised one slender hand to her temple, rubbing in a circle. “Just a headache. Did you need something?”

He hesitated. She was in pain. He could smell it on her. Something... He shook his head. It was most likely just whatever herbal concoction she was taking. “You sure you’re alright?” He’d meant to leave already. What was it about this woman that threw off every one of his natural instincts? Right now his body couldn’t decide if it wanted to fuck her or comfort her. Or both at the same time. She chuckled a little.

“Fine as can be. You’d better get back to your brothers before they send a search party.”

He wasn’t used to being dismissed by a woman. By anyone, really. Drei scowled. “What do you know about my brothers?”

She sighed, squeezing the bridge of her nose. “The youngest one, with the shaggy hair, is very talkative.”

Drei cocked his head, trying to pinpoint what it was about her that seemed to short circuit his wiring. She watched him with those deep green eyes, meeting his gaze unflinchingly, her face calm despite the tightness around her mouth. He wanted to get closer to her. If he could smell her better, maybe taste her...

The images that ran through his mind at that thought were graphic and more detailed than they had any right to be. He grunted as blood pooled in his groin. He watched as a muscle in her jaw tensed. Drei wanted to nip her there.

“What’s your name?” He hadn’t even been aware he’d been about to speak until the words were out of his mouth. He blinked, surprised at his own question. Her eyes flared with something, some emotion he couldn’t quite read.

“Cassandra.” Her response was immediate. He thought he detected a slight glimmer of astonishment on her own face. But her lip curled with wry amusement as well.

“Drei.” He almost spat the word in frustration. Drei didn’t know what the hell was going on, and he didn’t like that. He was always in control. Always. He should be walking away from the reserved Mundane bartender. She’d made it clear she wasn’t interested. Hadn’t she? He suddenly wasn’t so sure. The way she was looking at him now...

“I have to get back to work. Do you mind?”

Or not. She quirked a ruddy brow, casting a pointed look at the door behind him. Drei blew out a breath through his nostrils and forced himself to stop staring at her face. He spun on his heel without another word, determined not to give the woman another thought.

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