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Authors: Jessica Sorrento

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The Pack - Shadow Games

BOOK: The Pack - Shadow Games
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The Pack - Shadow Games


Jessica Sorrento


Copyright 2015© Jessica Sorrento
All characters in this story are fictitious.
Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely



I was running through the woods, but not on
two feet. Instead, four paws hit the ground as I sped through the
underbrush. I was chasing something in the distance, but I would
only catch quick glimpses of the white and grey beast in front of
me as I pushed deeper into the forest. Ahead of me, a howl cut
through the brush and my ears perked up. A few seconds later and I
burst into the clearing where a naked man sat on a rock

The man on the rock set off a wave of
arousal. Tanned skin struggled to contain the muscle underneath.
Black hair spilled onto his shoulders and framed his handsome face.
His smile was warm and inviting. In short, he was perfect. He was
the man I would marry; the man I would spend the rest of my life

My body tingled as it began to change shape.
My paws stretched into thin fingers and my dark brown coat fell
away, revealing creamy smooth skin underneath. My back arched as my
spine straightened itself out. I felt my chest grow heavy while my
face felt like someone was pulling my skin back by my hair. As I
pushed myself up from the ground and steadied myself on two legs,
my shrinking tail waved excitedly behind me until it disappeared

"It's a rush isn't it?" asked the naked man
on the rock.

I smiled back and ran human hands over my
naked flesh. My fingers touched my ears and slid over my face
before patting my supple breasts and slipping down my torso on the
journey down to my round ass. No hint of wolf remained. I'd managed
my first shift from animal back to human without any accidental

"That was amazing! And being able to share
this with you Sam... This is all I ever wanted."

I ran towards my naked boyfriend and leaped
at him without warning. His eyes grew wide as I slammed into him
and my momentum carried us both off the rock and into the high
grass. We fell together, locked in each other's arms and laughing
as we hit the dirt. I landed on top of Sam, but with no effort on
his part and no resistance on mine, he tossed me off him before
climbing on top of me.

Now he was straddling my stomach while
pinning my arms to the ground. I struggled against his hold
playfully, but with no intention of actually trying to escape. This
was where I wanted to be. I raised my eyebrows and licked my lips
as Sam's eyes drifted over my naked body. I lifted my head and
closed my eyes as I puckered my lips.

Instead of Sam's mouth on mine, I felt his
tongue slide across one of my nipples. My tits hardened instantly
while my whole body tingled. I opened my eyes and stared directly
into Sam's dark brown orbs as he continued to lick and caress my
tiny pink peaks. Without warning, Sam dropped his mouth around one
of my nipples and nibbled playfully, causing me to drop my head
back as I gasped from the mixed pleasure and pain.

"That feels so good Sam..."

His head rose from my breasts and he smiled
at me. "I love you Liv. Never forget it."

My heart swelled at his words, but somewhere
in the back of my mind, hesitation crept in. Sam was smiling and
the sun was shining, but I felt like a dark cloud was hanging over
us as we lay under the bright blue sky. It made no sense. Why was I
feeling this way?

I pushed the negative feelings down and
grabbed hold of Sam tightly, pulling his body against mine. The
warmth of his skin melted through me, and any bad feelings I had
burned away. All that was left now was desire. I licked Sam's cheek
playfully as my hand reached down to find his cock. My first shift
and our wild run through the forest was enough foreplay for me.

"Hey now!" Sam said as my hand wrapped around
his shaft. "Feeling a little frisky are we?"

"Mmm hmm. And by how hard you are right now,
I'm guessing you’re feeling the same."

Sam rolled us again and now I was on top of
his hard body. I ran my hands over his smooth chest before pushing
myself up into a sitting position. Sam threw his hands behind his
head and just smiled at me.

"Really? You are just going to lay there?" I
asked with a grin. "Some Alpha you are."

"The view is better from here."

My cheeks flushed red as a tingle between my
legs turned into a powerful throb. Without another word, I pushed
my hips back and his cock slipped easily into my wet and wanting
hole. Sam just grinned as I slid up and down on his thick dick. I
rolled my eyes in response and pulled his hands to my breasts.

"I like this new you. Powerful. You know what
you want,” he said as he touched me gently.

I did feel different. Now that I was a wolf,
I fit in. I could join the Pack. Sam and I could be together and
have pups. My hips dipped up and down quicker as I thought of just
how right everything felt.

Sam's hands on my tits combined with the
pleasant feeling of his cock hitting perfectly against my pleasure
center sent shivers up and down my spine. I closed my eyes as my
breath quickened and my heart raced. As the pleasure within me
built, I held my breath and concentrated.

Bliss washed over me as I came. I had a
sudden urge to tilt my head back and howl, but it past as a second
wave of wonder rolled through me. My stomach tightened and my toes
curled as I sagged against Sam. I clamped down on his rock hard
cock while he bucked his hips as I quit moving. When I didn't
respond to his urging, Sam shrugged and ran his hands along my

As the pleasure started to ebb, I began to
grind against Sam once again. I'd gotten what I wanted; now it was
time for me to return the favor. I pushed myself back up and
bounced up and down on his rigid shaft while my hands ran across
his chest. But as I tried to please Sam, my fingers ran across
something that hadn't been there when we started our sexual

I looked down and my eyes grew wide as I saw
a dozen raised scars crisscrossing Sam's chest.

Where had they come from?

My hips slowed as my fingers traced one of
the smaller scars. Perfectly straight and running diagonally across
his left pec, it almost looked like a surgical scar. When my finger
reached the end of the old wound, I traced a different line that
ran across his shoulder towards his neck.

That's when I noticed the scars weren't
contained to just his chest. Three parallel lines crossed over
Sam's face, starting from the lower left of his jawbone and cutting
across to his right ear. The scars weren't the thin surgical lines
like the ones on his chest either. These looked like some kind of
animal had taken a swipe at Sam and connected. From the look of the
wounds, he was lucky he hadn't lost an eye.

"What's wrong?" Sam asked.


"What is wrong Liv? Why did you stop?" Sam
looked at me warily. "Are you okay?"

"Your scars. They just... something's not

I pushed myself off of Sam and sat down in
the grass. What was going on? Scars didn't just magically appear.
And where was I? I couldn't remember how we'd gotten here. Was I
going crazy? Did something go wrong when I shifted?

Sam wrapped his arms around me and laid his
head on my shoulder. "You don't remember Liv? Those first couple of
nights? The vampire attacks?"

Vampires. Attacks. It all came flooding back
to me. My frantic run through the forest as Sam stayed behind to
buy me time. The surprising appearance of Gregory McNaire carrying
him, broken and bloodied, to my doorstep. Our day in my apartment
and the narrow escape that night as vampires set my new home on

The car crash. Ohh god. Shattered glass and
blood. Sam lying unmoving in the mangled cab of the truck. McNaire,
my long lost biological father, in the backseat with a tree through
his chest. He'd told me to run but I didn't listen. I'd done the
one thing neither man would have wanted, but it was the only way I
could save them.

I gave myself to the vampires. I thought they
would kill me, but they took me instead. I was their prisoner.

So how was I here? How was Sam next to

Sam's hands were gone. I turned around, but
he was nowhere to be seen. The forest too had disappeared, replaced
by an inky black cloud that seemed to be consuming everything
around me. As it closed in, I screamed. I tried to shift so I could
make my escape, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't turn
back into my wolf form.

The blackness swept over me and the world
around me disappeared. I was floating in a void. I had no sight, I
heard no sound. But just as I began to panic, a dim light appeared
in the distance. It stretched across the horizon, splitting the
dark into two halves. The dim light grew brighter until the thin
line across the sky was almost painful to look at, then started to
grow outwards, quickly consuming the dark until my whole world was




I woke up.

As I looked around I realized I wasn't in my
own home. This wasn't my bed and as I pulled off the covers, I saw
I was wearing clothes that weren't mine either. As I sat up, my
head felt heavy. Something was pulling at my neck.

I my hands shot up and touched the cold metal
encircling my neck. My fingers slipped under the cool band and I
tried to tug the strange object off but it wouldn't budge.

What the hell is going on? What is this?!

A mirror sat above an ornate dresser against
the wall. My feet hit the stone floor and I moved quickly to
examine the strange object in the mirror. A thick band of silver
metal, with ornate engravings and faceted gemstones, hugged my
neck. At first glance it looked like a necklace, but it was far too
thick. I pulled at the metal neckpiece again but it still wouldn't
budge. Whatever the decorative piece was, it wasn't coming off.

"You are awake. It is about time Miss
Olivia," said an unfamiliar voice from behind me. "The King awaits.
Please dress quickly."

I turned to confront the person in the
doorway, but when I saw him, I fell to my knees in shock.

"No! Why are you here? Where is Sam?!"

Standing in front of me in his silvered chest
piece, with one hand loosely gripping the hilt of a small sword
hanging from his side stood Calder; the vampire who had attacked
Sam and I. He wasn't wearing the dark cloak, but that only made his
appearance that much more menacing.

In his regal armor with a blood red shirt
peeking out from under the chest piece, and light absorbing blank
pants and boots, the man exuded power. But as I looked on him, his
face showed no hint of malice. His dark green eyes with the
stunning red ringlets around his pupils looked on me with kind

I watched as my captor ran a hand through his
bright blond hair. His fingers were longer than they should have
been and his nails gleamed in the light and ended at sharp points.
His hair slid through his fingers and seemed to glow under his
touch. In the light, he was stunning to look at, but clearly not

"Where am I?" I asked from my position on the

"There will be time for questions later.
Right now I need you to dress. The King has been waiting for you to
wake for days."


"I've been asleep that long? Please! What's
going on?"

Calder shook his head. The simple gesture was
decidedly human, but the effect it caused was not. His hair
shimmered and pulsed with light as it shook from side to side. The
effect was mesmerizing.

"Dress now. I am not asking you, I am telling

"Is Sam okay?"

"The younger wolf? I would assume so. The old
man's pack showed up and pulled them from the wreckage. We didn't

A huge weight lifted from my shoulder's at
his words. Sam was safe and most likely back in Black Bear by

Calder turned from the room and exited
through a recessed doorway. But before the hidden door shut, a new
figure slipped into the room. She wasn't human either. Her hair
pulsed from pink to purple in waves and her fingers came to points
like Calder's. Another vampire.

The woman held a dress out in front of her
but said nothing.

"Who are you?" I asked.

She didn't answer. Instead she just shook the
dress impatiently. When I didn't reach out to take it from her, she
tossed it on the bed and spun on her heels. She knocked twice on
the wall and a panel slid back, letting her leave.

This isn't right. What is going on?

I looked at the wall as the panel slid back
into place. When the doorway was fully closed, I couldn't even tell
there was a passage. I ran my hands along the wall in search of a
seam, but there simply wasn't one. I knocked twice like I'd seen
the woman do, but the wall didn't slide back. A clearer picture of
my situation began to form in my mind.

BOOK: The Pack - Shadow Games
4.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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