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After playing inside her for a couple of minutes, he retreated, leaving her feeling thrilled and slightly violated at the same time. He went back to kissing and nibbling on her ass, moving his way up to her neck and ears. After worshipping her some more with his mouth, he whispered in her ear, “Don’t move, sweetheart, I’ll be right back.”

She lay perfectly still, starting to tremble with the anticipation of what was to surely be another incredible episode with this amazing man. He returned a couple of minutes later with a tube of lubricant.

“I wanted to find out how experienced you were in certain ways of love, and judging from how tight you are there, I think this will be very helpful.”

He was right. Although she was far from virginal, she hadn’t exactly had a very adventurous sex life. This was what going to that party had been all about. Meeting guys who were freer and more expressive.

Lorne lay down across her back, careful not to put his full weight on her by keeping one foot on the ground next to the couch. He opened up her legs, and pushed one knee up. Alexa felt him testing her pussy with two fingers; she was still quite wet. Laying the tube of lubricant down, he slipped a ready condom on, and she gasped as he thrust his still-hard cock into her pussy. Lifting her hips slightly, he placed a throw pillow under her tummy to have her at a better angle. They both moaned simultaneously.

“God, you’re so wet, baby. And this hole is so tight, too. You’re wonderful.”

He gently moved in her, her slightly upturned ass allowing his full length to push to the tip of her cervix. He pulled aside an ass cheek as he thrust, and used his other hand to massage the outside of her asshole with his forefinger. She moaned even harder in response.

Careful not to slip out of her, he held her hip with one hand, and reached over to take the tube of lubricant with the other, squeezing the cold goo directly onto her back opening. She jumped a little at the sensation, and readied herself for a brand new experience. She was scared that it might hurt, but he had been so careful with her so far, and had given her nothing but the utmost pleasure.

Lorne pulled out of her cunt and squeezed more lube onto his rock-hard member. He positioned his cock at her now moist back opening, and began to push against the resisting hole. Because he was so large, she wasn’t sure she would be able to take him at all tonight; it might take more sessions to open her up to this type of lovemaking. As he kept trying to enter her, she felt him squeeze a little more moisture on her asshole, and that did the trick. With a sudden push, he was inside her ass and she cried out.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes. Just, please, go slow. Not too far in.”

“Whatever you want.”

Lorne moved slowly, gently; she could tell he was being careful not to push too hard. It wasn’t so much his length, but his thickness that was the biggest challenge for her. But amazingly, after the first painful stretching, she began to relax as the lubrication made his cock slide smooth and easy inside her. She felt overly full, stuffed to the brim, and she began to realise she liked it. Soon she was moaning in real pleasure again. Lorne leaned closer to her back and used his free hand to reach around and massage a breast. He teased the nipple, pulling it and rubbing the tip with his thumb. As her sex sounds became more insistent, he sank his cock a little further into her ass, and she didn’t intend to stop him.

He reached for her folds, and found her clit. She was sopping wet, and this was all from her, not the lubricant. As Lorne worked her clit, he pushed his dick even further into her ass until his balls were slapping against her backside. Now she was pushing back to meet him, and gyrating under his wriggling fingers.

Her moans became louder as she yelled out, “Yes, keep going, I love it!”

He kept thrusting into her ass, and she responded with even louder groans and cries. He moved even faster, his dick working her on one side, his fingers on the other. Right when she knew he wouldn’t be able to hold on any longer, she screamed out her climax, and he completely let go, unloading spurt after spurt of cum into her ass.

They both lay there, panting, Alexa stunned at what she had just done with this man. She hadn’t thought she’d be able to handle it, but the more turned on she’d got, the more she’d wanted him in her. When his cock had spasmed inside her ass, it had been the most amazing feeling. She felt full, and desecrated, and sated all at once. She could never go back to run of the mill, straight sex again. Being with Lorne made her want even more of everything. Did he feel the same way, too? As if he had read her mind, he helped to put her at ease, at least temporarily.

“I’d love it if you’d stay the night. I’d also like to share breakfast with you, and for you to meet my closest friend. I have a feeling we’ll all get along incredibly.”

These did not seem like the words of a player. Could she really be this lucky?


* * * *


Lorne felt the rhythmic breathing of the slumbering woman in his arms. He had not wanted to hold someone close to him, to cradle her, as he held Alexa now, since Monika had left. Denise, Leanne—all of the women since had spent many nights with both him and Antony, and they would all sleep together, usually happily exhausted from an epic sex marathon. But there had not been the tenderness and warmth that he was now feeling towards Alexa.

She was different. The other women were wild and lusty beings that he and Antony had enjoyed thoroughly. There were no regrets in that area. Their women were all experienced and practiced lovers looking for a new thrill. Lorne and Antony provided that thrill for a time until a new prospect came along. Alexa was not in that category at all. He had found her to not only be sweet and open to him emotionally, but also very sexually available. She was an exhilarating combination of womanly attributes, and he hoped that Antony would respond to her in the same way.

Of course, she would also have to be interested in responding to the three of them together as a solid unit. Based on the apparent newness to her of some aspects of their sex-play that evening, it didn’t appear she had been on too many alternative adventures. Would she be open to something this different? Anal intercourse was one thing, two cocks at the same time was another.

When he’d originally asked her out, it had been the typical first line test that Lorne did for the pair of them. He would try out the girl, see if she might be a good prospect for their trifecta, then introduce her to Antony, who had final approval. If he subtly indicated to Lorne that he wasn’t interested, Lorne would treat the ‘date’ as a one-night stand. If Antony let on that it was a go, Lorne would introduce the idea of a threesome. If the girl was horrified at their suggestion, she could stomp out, and they would move onto the next one.

Lorne was actually almost panicking at the thought of either Antony not being interested in Alexa—although he couldn’t imagine that being possible—or the fact that she was far from being a wild and wanton party girl, and might walk out on them, and him, forever. He was feeling something stronger than he had in a while.

This is ridiculous, he thought. I just need to carry on like usual, and see what happens with Antony. Surely, everything would go fine. Alexa was stunning, warm, and intelligent. Antony wouldn’t be able to help but be mesmerised by her. However, wondering whether or not Alexa would be enchanted with the whole add-a-dick aspect of the meeting had Lorne feeling more than a little queasy. He would just have to trust that all would go well.

Chapter Four




Things were not going well. Antony typically had that sort of nonchalant look about him when meeting a new female possibility, but he was being overly blasé today. When Antony had decided he wanted a woman, his eyebrow would go up, and he would use body language to express interest. Yet, there he was, expressing absolutely no interest. Lorne became even more dismayed when at one point Antony took out his iPhone and started checking emails. That was just rude. Antony hadn’t given Alexa a fair chance. This could not be happening.

For her part, Alexa had been just as sweet and charming as Lorne had remembered from their hazy, sex-saturated evening the night before. He was actually quite anxious to grab the cheque, Alexa and Antony, and head back to the penthouse to get things rolling with all three of them. But, judging from Antony’s behaviour—and the small detail that Alexa had absolutely no idea that their breakfast guest was also supposed to put his cock in her—it did not portend well.

Antony stood up abruptly and said, “Oh, God, I completely forgot. I have an appointment regarding this new project coming up, I gotta go.” He grabbed his leather jacket and turned to Alexa. “Very delighted to meet you, Alexa. Sorry I have to run off like this. I’ll talk to you later, buddy.”

With that, he nodded to a stunned Lorne, threw some cash down on the outdoor cafe table, and took off down the street.

Lorne shuffled in his seat. “I guess he was in a hurry. Well, I suppose I should get going, too.”

Lorne gestured for the cheque, and tried not to make eye contact with Alexa. He hadn’t said anything to her about the rest of the day, but with the way things had been going before, he was afraid she was probably feeling confused. Actually, he was a little confused himself. He suddenly needed to get home and talk to Antony, since he knew there was no ‘project’. This whole breakfast thing had turned into his worst nightmare.

Alexa didn’t say anything, and Lorne was feeling like a complete asshole. She had to be able to sense the sudden change in the air. After he’d paid the cheque, he got up and helped her with her coat. She was looking a little flustered and lost.

“I had a lovely time with you,” he said with genuine sincerity. She looked up at him hopefully, and that asshole feeling came over him again. He couldn’t offer her anything more, not until he’d had a chance to talk to Antony. “I’ll give you a call.”

He almost visibly cringed when he said that; it sounded like bullshit even to him. He had no idea if he would ever be calling her again, and for the first time, he felt like he had really used a woman. She had given herself to him with a genuine and open heart, and now he really had no idea if there was any possibility of anything coming of their union.

“Thank you for the breakfast,” she said, in a seemingly forced jolly tone. “I should probably get going as well; I have a lot of errands to do.”

“Here, let me get you a taxi…” Lorne began, but she cut him off.

“Oh no, I’m fine. I was going to walk a little ways down, I have some shopping to do. Well, see ya’ around.”

She turned abruptly and started walking quickly away, clutching her coat around her. He hadn’t even got a chance to kiss her goodbye. He pulled her number out of his coat pocket, the one he had asked for this morning when he’d felt everything was going to work out great. He stared at it, wondering if he should even bother keeping it. When he looked up again, Alexa had disappeared.


* * * *


It’s your own damn fault
, thought Alexa, as she walked as fast as she could, shielding herself with her coat and fighting back public tears. It was amazing how the light of day made the fantastic possibilities of the night seem like so much crap. What had she been thinking? That this masculine hunk who was rich and successful, with A-list actresses wanting to do him, was going to suddenly drop everything and devote all of his time and attention to her? Or ever have anything to do with her again?

Hey, she’d got what she was after. Justification for the cost of her bikini wax, and new sexual techniques. Maybe she could go grab one of the boring business guys she always ran into and show him a trick or two.

Her head was spinning, and the wine headache was not helping. The fact that they had only had about four hours of sleep and her entire bottom half was sore did not clarify her thoughts. The reality that she didn’t want to deal with was that she genuinely liked Lorne, and thought he had genuinely liked her. Maybe she was just way too out of the loop to know a true player when she saw one.

She needed to get home, and get busy on the client files she had taken home for the weekend. In other words, her typical life at her typical apartment. She decided she’d better stay as busy as possible, because she knew one thing—not thinking about Lorne was going to be very, very difficult.


* * * *


“Lorne, I think you’re getting way too worked up over this Alexa thing.”

Antony and Lorne had spent over an hour the day before discussing all of the reasons why Antony was not interested in Alexa. The part Lorne wasn’t getting was not that Antony didn’t think she was hot, but that he didn’t really believe she was the right kind of candidate for the unusual and alternative lifestyle of which they dreamt. This woman had a sensitive, sweet essence to her that Antony apparently didn’t think would be able to handle them as a threesome. He felt she would probably want to devote herself to a traditional one-on-one with Lorne, and that was it. Lorne had the nagging feeling that Antony might be worried that he really wanted that scenario with her, so Lorne had been trying his hardest to get Antony to understand that all he wished was for them to give it a go with Alexa, to just try. Lorne came out of the bathroom where he’d been showering, rubbing his hair dry with a black Ralph Lauren towel, another one wrapped around his waist.

“Dude. I am not getting worked up. I just really clicked with her, that’s all. Not in a ‘hot tumble’ sort of a way—though she was definitely a hot tumble—but in that Monika way. Like this might be the one we’ve been looking for.”

Antony groaned. “I think Monika set us up to believe that it was possible to have that type of loving ‘three together forever’ thing. But I’ve started to doubt that it’s real. I mean, if you are really clicking with this chick, and I’m telling you—there is no way she wants to add another guy to the situation—maybe you should go for her. Without me.”

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