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The Proverbial Mr. Universe

BOOK: The Proverbial Mr. Universe
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For Laura and Sofia, my one true universe.

Table of Contents

Title Page


Montreal Missed Connections/Beautiful Girl With The Red Scarf – m4w


1. Girl with a realization.

2. Mr. Universe.

3. When she comes around.

4. Definitely something.

5. Music at the start.

6. A man walks into a bar.

7. The long goodbye.

8. Paths crossed, worlds collide.

9. Thirty-five pills.

10. Philosophy of family.

11. The Artist.

12. Brotherly love.

13. The way you look tonight.

14. Damn electrifying heat.

15. Same old love song.

16. Perfect imperfections.

17. Somewhere with you.


18. Uninvited.

19. Daughter to a father.

20. Just friends.

21. Lifeline.

22. Somebody to you.

23. Plays on until something breaks.


24. The rain you can’t control.

25. Shine your light my way.

26. Promise of someone yet to come.

27. Things don’t change, unless you do.

28. House built out of stone.

29. Infinity.

30. Blow out the candles.

31. After dark.

32. After it all.

33. The art of letting go.

34. Most interesting women on the internet.

One Year Later

35. Coming home.

36. Love returns.

37. Love still exists.

About the Author




“Stranger, if you passing meet me and desire to speak to me,

why should you not speak to me?

And why should I not speak to you?”


Walt Whitman




“You don’t love someone for their looks,

or their clothes, or their fancy car,

but because they sing a song only you can hear.”


Oscar Wilde



livia found an escape route on the far left, a red exit sign beckoning salvation. All roads led to a doorway, but she was never capable of venturing through.

“Congratulations!” said a woman in a blue dress.

“Thank you—”

“You look lovely. Are you having a good time, dear?”

“Yes.” If she wasn’t an absolute crazy mess.

You couldn’t tell just by looking at her. Sure, her lips curved beautifully up like an emoji smiley face, but internally, she felt like an imposter in her own life.

Loud music and laughter surrounded Olivia as she stood quietly in a room full of people. Who were these people? They were too busy living their lavish lives to even notice hers was coming to an emotional standstill.

At that moment, a black hole could open before her, devour her right up, and few people would even care to notice. She secretly smiled to herself. Perhaps she shouldn’t wish to be sucked into oblivion, not tonight anyhow. It was her party, yet she couldn’t be more out of place. It was like she had been observing the whole thing behind a two-sided mirror. But this is how Olivia had been living her entire life.

Her brother Paul walked up beside her. “Some shindig you got going on. I feel like I’m at the … what’s the name of that award show they do in Hollywood?”

“The Oscars?”

And the Oscar goes to … Olivia Montiano, for Sham of a Life. It was a shame it had taken her five years to realize it.

After a second glance, he frowned before handing her a glass. “Hey, are you alright?”

She glanced up to find his concerned brown eyes. Even though she genuinely liked the fact she mattered to him, she never wanted to give him any reason to worry about her.

“Yeah, sure … Why?”

“You look a little pale.” Paul playfully rested his hand on her forehead.

“Get out of here.” She laughed, slapping his hand away. “I’m fine.”

Paul had always been handsome, tall, and lean, but something was different about him these days. Maybe it was his light hair, freshly cut to a much shorter length. Could it be he finally got his act together and decided to work for their father?

“Yeah, I guess I’m little overwhelmed.”

“Shit, do you even know all these people?”

“Some.” Smiling weakly, she added, “It’s out of hand, right? You know Dario …”

“Well, it doesn’t surprise me your fiancé would turn your engagement party into a business venture.” Paul brought the glass to his lips but stopped midair.

“Hey, isn’t that the new mayor of Montreal?”

Nodding, Olivia took a sip of her drink. “God, this is awful. What did you give me?”

She scrunched her nose. Olivia wasn’t much of a drinker, maybe a glass of red wine once in a while. She never got drunk because that sort of thing was not responsible. And Olivia always did the right thing, even though it never made her happy.

“Gin and tonic …” He grinned. “O-kay, more gin than tonic. Drink up. It seems you could use it.”

Olivia looked over her shoulder. “Hey, do you have your cigarettes on you?” she whispered.

“What am I, your pusher?” He laughed. “You’re serious? I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“Come on. I feel like doing something destructive.”

Who was she kidding? She never did anything destructive in her life. This was the best thing she could think of? Her parents never knew she used to be a smoker, a nasty habit she picked up in college. It was probably the only thing she ever did that would displease them.

“I don’t know what the big deal is. It’s just a cigarette.”

Paul hesitated. “Alright, only this time.”

“You’re such a hypocrite.” She laughed.

“Do what I say, not what I do,” he said, quoting their father.

Olivia rolled her eyes. “Hey, where are you going?”

“I left them at coat check. I’ll meet you outside in five.”

She watched her brother make his way through the crowd. All night she kept her composure: smiling, talking to her guests, occasionally even laughing at their not so funny jokes, never showing a clue about what was going on inside.
Today is the day
, she told herself. She had reached the point of all she could bear. She needed to escape from the room filled with ignorant people, who believed social status and wealth were the only things that gave someone importance, and the judgemental stares.

Dario approached her from behind. “Olivia, come with me. I want you to meet Mr. Belanger.”


“The guy I’ve been talking about. You know, the gentleman who owns half of the commercial buildings downtown.”

“Can it wait? I was—”

BOOK: The Proverbial Mr. Universe
2.19Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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