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The Rancher

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All at once their bedroom closed in

around her…

Cole’s presence was everywhere all at

once.   The slow creaking sound of the wood on rusting hinges heightened her anticipation and when the door opened completely, he took his first step inside the room.  Abby felt her knees go weak.

His large masculine form framed the doorway.  The only sounds she could hear now were the echo of his worn leather

boots on the hard wooden floor and the delicious pounding of her heart.  Cole’s face, soot stained and weary, had been carved to perfection with deep contours and planes that defined his chiseled features.   The brown bared skin of his

chest glimmered with sweat in the

lantern’s light.

He tossed his hat onto the bed and

started toward her.   He ran his fingers through his still damp hair, stopping mere inches away. Abby could all but taste the sweat emanating from his taut body.

“Fire’s out,” he rasped, his voice husky and dry as he reached up to touch her face.

The tingling in her belly told her it was only just beginning.


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The Rancher


“The Rancher is a beautifully written love story that leaves readers wanting more! From the very first page, it captures your heart and takes you to a time and place that you feel all around you as you fall in love with the characters. Kelli Ann

Morgan is a true talent as she takes you ona timeless journey through romantic 19thcentury Colorado.”

—Sarah Jarman

“An amazing book! I read it in 2 days!! I was envious of the relationship between the main characters. A must read!! This

book has everything you could want in a

good read!!”

—Nicole Campbell

“It is hard to find romance novels that

capture your heart, leave you longing for the sequel, and are clean enough you can recommend them to your mother!
The Rancher
does all that and more. You

won’t be disappointed.”

—Camy Albrecht

“Fabulous book. A must read!! My favorite thing about this book is it kept my attention the whole time. I could not put it down. All the characters were fun and it

was easy to picture what was taking place in the story. Love the chemistry of the main characters!! Can't wait for the

second installment. Thanks, Kelli Ann for

sharing your talent.”

—Angela Jacob

“Intrigue.  Mystery.  Romance.  A real


—Cheri Buys

The Rancher
is an excellent at-home

getaway.  A very intriguing romance that is so entertaining and really sparks your imagination. Kelli Ann Morgan brings romance to life.  A must read!!”

—Kathy Hathaway

“Kelli Ann Morgan is a bright and gifted writer. She inspires, amazes, and motivates her readers. I highly recommend reading this brilliant piece of love and


—Susie Dawson

“I totally enjoyed reading Kelli Ann’s

debut novel and look forward to many

The Rancher
is a well-written,

well-researched book. It is very romantic,

without being overly graphic, and will

appeal to a wide variety of readers.”

—Rocky Palmer

“A novel with a heroine you grow to care about, and a romance worth waiting for.”

—Erin Cuppett

"The Rancher makes me remember why I love western romance. Kelli Ann's smart

heroes and spunky heroines are characters

you'll want to read about again and again.

I can't wait for the next book."

—Imani Miller, Author of
Trouble at the



To Grant, the incredible andhandsome hero in my own lovestory, and to Noah, my littlehero in the making.  I love you!


This journey, while it is far from over,has been one of the most incredible of mylife.  I am so grateful to those who havehelped me along the way…

To all of my young childhood friendswho gathered around as I recounted bothtrue and fictitious stories of young love.  Your encouragement fueled my passion.

To Peter Gacioch (1973 – 1990) who,as a little seventh grade boy, believed thata little seventh grade girl would one daybecome a published author and wasn’tafraid to tell her. You’ll never know what

that meant to me, Pete.

To Mrs. Marcusen, my ninth grade English teacher, who understood mydream, had faith in my abilities, andopened doors for me to learn and developthe skills it would take to be successful.

To my dad, Rocky Palmer, who got mestarted reading romance novels in the firstplace, and my mom, Carolyn Palmer, foralways encouraging my creativity andhumoring my visions of grandeur. To mysisters, Kathy and Cheri, for believing inme, cheering me on, and for being faithfulreaders.   To my brothers, Steven and Brandon, just because. And to my Grandma Peggy for loving romance novelsand having an unending hope that I wouldget here one day.

To Sarah Jarman, my first beta reader,for your help, insight, and encouragement.  And to all of my other wonderful betareaders who were an invaluable part inmaking this dream a reality. Thank you foryour excitement and honesty, and for stillpushing me to finish book two.

To LL Muir for showing me that nothinghappens without risk, for paving the waybefore, and being there to encourage,push, and remind me why I write in thefirst place.  You have been an inspirationand lifeline.

To URWA for teaching me the rules—even though I sometimes break them, andfor all of the wonderful writers with

whom I have the opportunity to rub elbows and learn from on a regular basis.

And lastly to my wonderful, creative,talented, and supportive husband, Grant,who has spent countless hours with metalking through plotlines, proofreading,making   dinner,   doing   laundry,   andwhatever else it has taken to make sure I

could get everything done. And for loving me amidst the chaos that is my busy life. And to my little Noah, who has put up with his mama only being available to play for a few hours a day and who makes me feel like I am the most talented woman in the world—imitation really is the best form of flattery.

Chapter One

BOOK: The Rancher
11.81Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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