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“Fine by me,” Ross said. “Any details I need to know?”

“Not now—you and Victoria need to let me work on it, okay?”

“Yup. Alright, here’s Victoria.” He handed the receiver to Victoria, and, as she took it, he gave her a sharp swat on her backside. She looked at him with a flash of anger, which quickly became ambiguous as she seemed to realize that Ross was disciplining her for the disrespect she had shown him.

“Hi, Jack,” she said. Then, “Oh, shit.” She shot a look at Ross, but he wasn’t about to discipline her for something so real-world serious. “Yes, okay.” Then, “But you have to let me do something. I can’t just sit here.”

She listened. “Oh, it’s good. Ross is…” She looked in his direction, and blushed almost as red as her dress. Ross felt the stirring of love in his heart even more than he had when she sat atop Sophie with a smile as bright as a sunflower. “He’s very special, just like you said.” She compressed her lips and looked down, as if she couldn’t meet his eyes. Was she feeling the same thing he was?

“Okay,” she said. Then, “Okay, thanks. Bye.” She handed the receiver back to Ross.

“He told you that you just have to sit tight?”

Victoria nodded.

“Are you going to abide by that?”

She took a deep breath, but nodded again.

“Alright,” Ross said. “Sounds like we get to spend more time teachin’ you to ride.”

Victoria’s smile at that news seemed to wash away all her frustration at the inaction Jack had demanded in an instant. “I’ll start dinner,” she said.

“Little lady,” Ross asked as she turned to go down the stairs, “how do you feel in your little-lady clothes?”

“Oh, daddy!” she said, smiling and blushing. “Don’t make me say!”

Ross laughed. “Alright, darlin’. Maybe I will, sometime. But not right now.”

“Thank you, daddy,” Victoria said, still smiling, and went down to get Ross’ dinner ready.


* * *


The problem at the library happened ten days later. Sally Mae had collected a lot of horse books, but she didn’t have the one that Victoria said was her childhood favorite,
Misty of Chincoteague,
so Ross drove her to the library in town to see if she could find it. The trip also made sense because Victoria still owed Kelly an apology—and Kelly was the town librarian.

Ross led Victoria through the glass door of the little building—hardly much bigger than a gas station, really—and over to the circulation desk where Kelly sat, reading. Victoria straggled a little bit behind Ross, apparently reluctant to encounter Kelly and to have to apologize, so Kelly didn’t see her, at first.

“Mr. MacGregor!” she said. “So nice to see you here. To what do I owe—” Kelly saw Victoria, and the expression on her face changed from open warmth to chilly politeness. On Victoria’s face, Ross saw the contrition that had rested there only a few moments before change to her old defiance. Victoria’s nostrils even flared a little. “Oh,” Kelly said, “hello, Victoria.”

“Hello, Kelly,” Victoria said. A pause ensued, during which Ross looked from Victoria to Kelly and back, as he waited for Victoria to speak, as he had instructed her to do.

The silence grew chillier, until finally Ross, unable to help it, gave a frustrated snort and said, “Victoria, do you have something to say to Kelly?” He injected a note of sternness that he hoped would make Victoria think about the consequences to her backside if she continued on the path she seemed to have started.

Victoria’s eyes flashed guiltily to Ross’ and widened a little in anxiety. She pursed her lips, though, as she nodded to him, and turned back to Kelly, and the words she spoke did not sound like they came as easily as Ross had hoped they might.

“I’m sorry, Kelly,” she said. “I was rude, and I hope… I hope you’ll forgive me.”

“That’s alright,” Kelly said, her demeanor melting a little bit. “It was just a misunderstanding, right?”

Victoria looked like she wouldn’t mind arguing the point, or even telling Kelly that she thought the misunderstanding had been on Kelly’s side, but Ross said, “Victoria? It was a misunderstanding, wasn’t it? Do we have to have another discussion about this?”

She glanced at him again, with her lips still a tight, almost challenging line. Then she turned back to Kelly and said, “Yes, definitely.”

As Kelly led Victoria over to the tiny children’s section, she looked quizzically back over her shoulder at Ross. She could tell, Ross knew, that something was going on—and that that something might involve ageplay. Kelly and her husband Mike were ageplayers, too.

Ross made his face impassive, but he had a feeling that Kelly would ferret out the news that Victoria and Ross were ageplaying somehow—he just didn’t expect that it would also involve having to dispense some serious discipline to Victoria.

When he returned, though, he found Kelly standing over Victoria at one of the computer terminals. The look on Kelly’s face was concerned, but the look on Victoria’s, as she saw Ross approach, was terrified and ashamed.

“I… I found the book,” Victoria said weakly. “And… and then I decided to look on… the computer.”

“Look at what she was searchin’, Ross,” Kelly said. “I saw what she was doin’ on the monitorin’ program we have at the front desk, and I thought it might not be a good idea.”

Ross looked at the monitor: it was a news story about Senator Bob Austin’s work with a charity for troubled teens. “What did she search for?” he asked Kelly, feeling his face grow angry.

“Ross…” Victoria pleaded. “I…”

“It was ‘Senator Austin teenage girls,’” Kelly said. “Now I don’t know why Victoria would search on that, but I just wanted to warn her that we don’t allow access to certain kinds of material here in the library, so I came over and asked if she thought you would be happy to see her doin’ that search.”

Ross looked at Victoria. She had her eyes closed; she knew how much trouble she was in, he could see.

“So I startled her, I guess,” Kelly continued. “I didn’t mean to do that, but I could tell there was something she was doin’ that she shouldn’t a been. Anyway, I can see you two have some things to discuss.”

“Darlin’,” Ross said to Victoria, “you’re in big trouble.”

Victoria took her upper lip into her teeth with a panicked expression. “Please, Ross. I… I know I shouldn’t have.”

Ross turned to Kelly, who wore a puzzled look, and said, “Kelly, we’re gonna skedaddle, but I think I’m going to have a favor to ask, later today. Can I call you?”

“Sure, Ross.” She walked away.

“Daddy,” Victoria whispered. “I’m so sorry. Please don’t spank me.”

Ross fixed her with an angry-daddy look. “Spankin’s not the worst you’re gonna get, young lady. Now get that disobedient rear end of yours outa that chair and into the car.”

He marched her in front of him to the car. Before they reached it, Victoria turned around, a pleading, frightened look in her eyes. “What are you going to do, Ross?”

“You had better call me ‘daddy’ right now, young lady.”

“Okay…” She gave a fearful little sob. “Daddy… what are you going to do?”

“I’m gonna spank you, and then I’m gonna put you in diapers.”

“Oh, God… no… please…”

“And then Kelly’s gonna come over and take care of you, and give you a momma-spankin’.”

“What?! No! Why?”

“Because I think you need one of those, too. Kelly’s an obedient little lady, and she knows how to train up little ladies like her.”

“But you can’t! You can’t… not… any of it.”

“Watch me, darlin’. Now get in the car.”

Victoria got in the car, still crying softly. Ross knew he had to make her sorry she ever thought about doing anything but what she’d been told, for her own safety. Victoria had a brilliant mind, he already knew—but she also had a way of using that mind to get herself into a lot of trouble. Ross put his arm around her as they drove back out of town. “It’s for your own good,” he said. “Your daddy’s got to take care of you.”

She nodded, still crying. “Why diapers, daddy? Does it… does it have to be diapers?”

“Yup,” Ross said. “I’ve never found anythin’ that can teach a girl a lesson better ‘n’ diapers can.”

Victoria was silent for the rest of the ride. Ross kept his arm around her the whole way.

When they pulled into the driveway, Ross said, “Alright, darlin’, you go upstairs to your room and get out of your clothes. Then get a diaper out of the top drawer and put it out on top of the dresser. Sally Mae made those for herself, so they’ll fit you as well. I’ll be up to spank you and diaper you in a few minutes.”

He climbed the stairs, thinking that how Victoria took this discipline could tell him a very great deal about whether they might have a future together. How would she receive this very special kind of lesson? Girls responded differently to being put in diapers for discipline: sometimes they enjoyed it, he thought, too much, and he had to spank them again, even harder, to make it clear that the diapers were a punishment; sometimes it was difficult to get them to understand that their daddy meant to show them how he would take care of them, though it always worked wonders in the end.

He found Victoria sitting on the bed, bare, with her hands folded in her lap. He glanced at the dresser; no diaper lay atop it.

“Darlin’, why isn’t there a diaper there where I asked you to put one?”

“Daddy, I just… please… don’t make me… spank my bottom, but don’t put me in a diaper. Please?”

He could tell immediately that the lesson would work naturally and perfectly on Victoria Mason. Ross was pretty sure that there was a part of every woman—at least every woman raised in his culture—that remained a diaper girl, trying to please her momma and her daddy, trying to earn the right to get out of diapers and wear the pretty big-girl panties they promised her if she could keep her diaper dry. Victoria’s diaper girl side, Ross could see just from the look on her face, lay much closer to the surface than she had probably ever suspected.

“You’re goin’ back into diapers today, darlin’. That’s just the way it is. You were naughty and disobedient, and you need to learn a lesson. So fetch a diaper from the drawer, or you’re goin’ to stay in your diaper for a lot longer. Because you didn’t obey me, you’re going to hold the diaper while I spank you, instead of your dolly.”

“Oh, daddy!” Victoria burst into tears.

“Do as I say, now, darlin’. Don’t make it worse.”

Crying piteously now, Victoria got up and went to the dresser. She opened the drawer, and gave a little sob when she saw the stack of special cloth diapers that Sally Mae had made and left there, with a note (gone now) wishing Ross many years of using them with other lucky little girls.

Victoria took the top diaper, clutching the heavy white cotton in both hands. Ross sat down and patted his thigh, and Victoria laid herself over it like a good girl. Now she held the diaper to her face, almost like a handkerchief. The sight was so adorable that Ross had a sudden urge to call off the punishment, but instead he rubbed her bottom gently, even more distracted and even harder than he had been when he had spanked her ten days before, after baring her.

“Ready, darlin?” he asked softly.

Victoria nodded, not looking at him, but only down at the diaper she held in her hands.

“Think about how you ended up here, young lady, holdin’ a diaper that you’re gonna have to wear in a little while.”

She sobbed and nodded. Ross started to spank her, adding—as he always did for a diaper lesson—stern comments to help her remember the discipline.

“There you go, diaper girl. This is what happens to diaper girls, isn’t it? Over their daddies’ laps for a sound spankin’. And then back in their diapers, so that they learn to be ashamed of themselves when they do naughty things.”

“Ow! Daddy! I’m sorry!”

Ross’ hand rose and fell, over and over, until Victoria’s rear end reached the bright red hue he looked for. She didn’t resist him, but he wrapped his arm around her waist anyway, just so he could hold her close while he punished her. She cried, but she didn’t cry in pain, he could tell, as much as with the shame of the occasion, of having to hold the diaper and to know it would soon go on her bottom.

Finally he ended the spanking and rubbed again, to soothe her. Victoria made little puppy noises at the sensation, until finally Ross said, “Alright, darlin’. Get up and lay the diaper out on your bed, and then lie with your bottom on top of it.”

Chapter Twelve



Victoria thought for a minute that it might not be so hard to obey Ross. Isn’t that what she wanted to be, his good little girl? But along with that thought came shame at that very realization—that part of her wanted him to make her do this. How could Victoria Mason feel that?

The desire and her embarrassment at feeling happy to be his little girl melded themselves together into a sudden fit of temper. She pushed herself off his lap and stood up, glaring at him. “Daddy, I don’t want to… and I don’t have to. You already spanked me and Kelly is going to spank me. That’s enough, daddy. Don’t you think so?” She gave him her best pout, gazing into his eyes, hoping he might relent, and a tiny part of her hoping he would not.

But her daddy just looked at her, his eyes steely, his lips set in a thin line. “Darlin’, we’re going to do this one way or the other. But it’d be much better for your little bottom if you minded me. Now I’m givin’ you one more chance, and then I’m done tellin’ you. Go. Get. Your. Diaper. Now.”

She gave a little sniff and shuffled her feet, her eyes downcast. “No, daddy…” she said softly, her cheeks blushing hot.

With one graceful movement, Ross grabbed her by the arm and deposited her over his lap, then brought his hand down in hard and fast spanks. This hurt much, much more than any time he’d spanked her previously, and Victoria felt her body stiffen as she opened her mouth in a loud and penitent wail, her legs seeming to have a mind of their own as she began kicking against the bed. For a second, all thought was lost and all she knew was that she needed to do whatever it took to show her daddy that she was sorry.

And then, just as suddenly, he stopped spanking her, his hand stilling against the sore and chastised skin, just resting there, then squeezing gently, as her sobs turned to gasping breaths. He rubbed a little, his hand in her hair, but he didn’t give her long before he spanked her right cheek, hard, then her left cheek. “I’m sorry, daddy!” she squealed.

BOOK: The Rancher's Little Girl
11.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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