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The Rock Star And The Virgin (Virgin Erotic Romance)

BOOK: The Rock Star And The Virgin (Virgin Erotic Romance)
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The Rock Star

And The



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This is a work of fiction and is intended for mature audiences only. All characters within are eighteen years of age or older. Names, places, businesses, characters and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, actual events or places is purely coincidental.  

© 2012 Harmony Raines

Silver Moon Erotica

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Chapter One

Sarah stood waiting for Doctor Robinson to give her his order, her eyes drifted up to the clock on the diner wall. Only ten minutes to go and her shift would be over. Then she could go home, shower the smell of the food out of her hair, and head to the mountains to get away from everything.

She couldn't wait to feel the freedom of walking, far away from everyone, no one to have to smile for, no one to have to be nice to no matter how she felt.

The thought made her feel guilty, she was extremely grateful for her job, she knew how lucky she was to be able to earn a reasonable wage and work for a great boss like Ron. After all if Ron hadn't given her this job, when her father lost his business, her family would have sunk. It was only her wage and the sale of her lovely cabin in the mountains that had kept a roof over their heads.

Her thoughts drifted to the cabin, sat halfway up the mountains. When she was growing up it had been a great place to hang out at. They often camped out there on warm summer nights, no need for worry or trashy TV for entertainment.

“I'll have eggs and coffee,” the doctor said at last.

Sarah jolted out of her day dream. “OK, be right with you,” she said, scribbling it down on her pad. She gave him a warm smile and went to hand the order in. Five minutes to go.

She would just finish up serving the orders she already put in, and then she would be off.

“Someone asking for you, Sarah.” She turned to Emily who was the other waitress today. They had been friends for a while now, well as close to friends as Sarah allowed. She had learnt that it wasn't always good to trust people, that way you never got let down.

“Customer?” She asked.

“Don't know, he looks vaguely familiar, I just can't place him though.”

Sarah turned, expecting to find one of the regulars, maybe she had forgotten an order, or they wanted to give her a tip.

Her heart stopped beating, she forgot how to breathe. In the booth nearest the door sat Billy. Billy who she hadn't seen since leaving for college so long ago. A different lifetime, so much had happened, so much had changed. But looking at him now she felt 17 again, only more nervous. After all at 17 she had been the homecoming queen, the girl everyone wanted to be, while Billy had been the outsider.

Now it was all different, she was the outsider to most people of the small town, no longer the privileged daughter of a Real Estate tycoon. But Billy, he had left town, and gone on to great things.

Rock God. Isn't that what she read in a magazine? Women throwing themselves at him, he was a superstar, and knew how to work it.

Taking a deep breath she walked over.

“Hi, Billy didn't think we would see you here again after your Mom left.”

Rumour had it that when he earned enough money he bought his mum a lovely place close to where he lived. Sarah remembered the day his Mom left, she had been one of a small handful of people to help Billy's Mom sort her stuff out and pack everything she was taking.

It hadn't been much, but Sarah wondered if that was because she didn't want to take too many memories of Cedar Falls with her. After all it hadn't been easy for her raising Billy on her own. In small towns the stigma of being a single parent still remained.

Billy had grown up with the word bastard following him around. It made him sullen, arrogant and rude to those who didn't know him. But Sarah knew him, and they had been good friends. If she was truthful she even harboured a bit of a crush on him. She thought he felt the same way, but neither of them ever acted on their feelings, not wanting to spoil their friendship. Then he left.

Yet here he sat in front of her, looking so different, yet so the same.

“Can I get you anything?” she automatically asked.

“Not really. I passed by your place, your Mom said your shift finished at 3, so I thought I would come and wait for you.”

“For me, why? Is your Mom OK?” She automatically jumped to the conclusion that was what he must be here for. His Mom worked for Sarah's family for years, right up until the recession hit and her family lost everything.

“She's fine, enjoying her new life.” Billy smiled, and Sarah's stomach did a flip. God he had grown up into the kind of guy girls really did fantasise about. Dark hair fashionably long and boyishly messy, the most beautiful soft eyes, dark and mesmerising. Oh yes, it was obvious he could have his pick of any of the girls that flocked to see him perform.

“Shit,” she thought, “I’m staring.” Trying to recover herself, she reached round and untied her apron.

“I just have to finish up a couple of things, are you sure you want to wait?”

“I have been waiting a long time already; a few more minutes won't hurt.”

Unsure of what he meant she turned and headed for the sanctuary of her locker, tucked around the back of the kitchen. She could feel the flush in her cheeks, it was almost an unrecognisable feeling. Something she hadn't done for years, blushing at a boy.

She went to the sink and splashed cold water on her face, patting her cheeks, trying to calm the heat she felt.

she said to herself, and grabbed her coat, the others could finish clearing up. The way she felt at this moment she didn't trust herself not to break things.

“Bye Ron,” she said, “See you tomorrow”.

“Have a good evening Sarah, see you in the morning, bright and early.” Always cheerful, that was Ron.

Billy still sat in the booth, his back to her, and the need to bolt for the door nearly overcame her. She just hoped he would tell her whatever he had come to say before he realised how he made her feel.

“I'm ready to go”.

“Great, I'll walk you home”.

They left the diner, an awkwardness between them, something they never had before. But the time that had gone by since they last saw each other had made them into strangers.

Sarah fiddled with a strand of her hair, a nervous habit left over from her childhood.

“Wow, so you're a rock star.” Struggling to find something to say she could have kicked herself for sounding like a dumb groupie. Talk about stating the obvious.

A low chuckle. “I thought we knew each other well enough that you wouldn’t be nervous around me.” He had noticed her playing with her hair, in fact the way he studied her, as they walked, she guessed he noticed a lot about her. She winced, cursing the smell of the diner on her hair, and the fact that it was still scraped up into a tight ponytail. Not very flattering, but then it was a long time since she had really cared what people thought about the way she looked.

She also cursed the fact she wore no make-up, no armour, she felt naked in front of him. Wrong thought, she blushed again.

Another chuckle, it didn't help, the noise he made was such a sexy sound, warm, inviting. She thought he really did gain a great deal of amusement from the way she was behaving.

If she didn't know him any better she would have thought he was making fun of her.

She looked at him, maybe his reason for being here was to gloat over his success. The Billy she knew wouldn't have done so, but was this still the Billy she knew?

“So you haven't said what you wanted to see me about.”

“It's not obvious?”


“Well I thought it was about time I asked you out on a date.”

Sarah stopped, stunned. “A date?”

“I never found the courage when I was younger, so I've been planning to come back and ask you, for a while. Now I have a couple of months off from the band, and touring, so here I am”

Now she was angry.

“Please, don't tease me, you never used to be cruel.” Sarah walked on ahead, faster, just wanting to be home. She couldn't believe he would treat her like this, many people had been cruel to her since her father lost everything, but surely not Billy.

He ran to catch up with her, she kept on walking as fast as she could. He reached out and grabbed her arm. Electricity ran up it, she felt burned by his touch. Stopping, she turned to him, caught in his eyes. Those eyes, she wanted to melt into them, feel their warmth on her body. It took all her strength to pull away from him.

“Hey, why would I tease you? I thought when we were younger you felt something too.”

She had, and now even after just 20 minutes of seeing him again she could feel how strong that something was. She felt like a teenager again, butterflies in her stomach, warmth through her body, a need she never acknowledged before.

After all she hadn't allowed herself to have a relationship these past few years. With everything else going on it had been out of the question. It had been hard enough keeping emotionally steady without a boyfriend in the picture too. Then, after a while, boys stopped asking, and she liked it that way, didn't she? No one to hurt her.

“Things were different when we were younger”

“Why because you were rich and I was poor? So what's wrong with me asking now it's the other way round? You always treated me as your equal, despite your money. Why is it different now?”

“It's not about money, it's.....”


“Look at you, you made it into the top 100 most eligible bachelors or something, you can have any woman you want, and you say you’re not teasing. Look at me, I'm a faded homecoming queen who works in a diner.” She felt tears pricking her eyes, blinking she pulled away from him and started walking again.

“Hey, I'm sorry. I should have thought things through before springing it on you like that.” His voice sounded soft now, lulling, soothing.

Sarah stopped, she was nearly home and she didn't want to make a scene outside her house.

“I'm not the person I was before you left Billy, and neither are you. We have such different lives. I'm sorry if I was rude, but I can't just be another notch on your bedpost”

Then he laughed, a wonderful rich laugh.

“Is that what you think? I came all the way back to this place so I could bed you as a high school fantasy?”

Sarah blushed again, images of Billy “bedding” her sprang vividly in her mind. “Why else?”

He reached up and touched her face. A caress, so gentle, but she could feel the warmth of his hand and couldn't help but press her cheek into his palm. She looked at him now, their faces were close together. She could see how he had matured, become a man from the boy. His features had strengthened, and she could also feel the strength from his body.

He came even closer, she could smell his expensive cologne, musky yet subtle. She felt herself sway slightly, as if drunk, because that was exactly the effect he had on her, intoxicating. And she was powerless to stop him.

“So you do have feelings for me?”

“Am I that obvious?” she drew her eyes away, embarrassed at the knowledge he must be able to sense and feel her arousal. Because right now she couldn't help herself, she was ready to let him do as he pleased with her right there and then.

BOOK: The Rock Star And The Virgin (Virgin Erotic Romance)
5.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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