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The Savage Awakening (A preppers Perspective)

BOOK: The Savage Awakening (A preppers Perspective)
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The book begins with Chapter 5 because its part of a series












A Day of Realization




It was day seven of the great societal unraveling when Dennis woke up this morning. He lay in his bed but for a moment contemplating staying there a bit longer.


“No there was too much to do today. What time was it anyway? The sun was up but either its overcast or it’s early in the day to be getting up. Ah, 5 am., oh lord” Dennis groaned to himself as he looked for a shirt to wear today. He wasn’t much of a morning person but he always got up and got moving when he was required too.


He stood bleary eyed in front of a cabinet he used for his closet and began looking for a shirt to wear today. Ordinarily he would have just grabbed one of what he called his “Florida shirts” which were a casual button up type of dress shirt that featured some kind of nautical theme like saltwater fish prints or palm trees.


Today was different though in many ways and he opted to start wearing a different style of everyday wear. The world was a different place now, it wasn’t just that the climate was getting cooler that made him ponder wearing some different clothes; it was time for him to adopt a new fashion.


The fashion of the apocalypse he said to himself with a slight grin. Well he certainly had the clothes for it. He probably had every kind of military surplus camouflage shirt there was, as well a couple civilian camo pattern ones. He also had a pretty good selection of what he called his city neutral clothes which were dark shades and earth tones like coyote brown. He had a faded olive drab vest which had a hidden pocket to conceal his full size 9mm as well as a bunch of pockets for survival gear and extra mags that didn’t really stand out any more than a fishing vest would in the country, but he wasn’t going there yet.


He chose instead to wear a long sleeve blue-green shirt from some foreign military and put on a belly band holster underneath it to hold his 17 shot 9mm Astra; he picked his small 9mm keltec 6 shot up off the night stand and put it in the front pocket of his blue jeans. A quick check in the mirror to see if either of the pistols was “printing” too much and he went to check on his mom.

She was already up and had the coffee on by using a Coleman propane stove he had shown her how to use last night.


“Good! Looks like she had gotten over her fears of that stove.” He thought as he greeted her and said good morning.


“Morning Dennis, did I wake you?” She asked.

“No, I was getting up already. Thanks for making the coffee. See that thing isn’t as bad you thought. ” Dennis said going to pour him a cup.


“It really isn’t hard to use at all but I have never been around one before.” His mom said settling in a chair at the dining room table.


“Good coffee. Did you sleep ok?” Dennis said sitting down across from her.


“Not really, I got to get used to that bed. That mattress is so soft! I can’t believe that’s the same mattress and springs you inherited from your grandmother and never replaced them.” She said fussily.


“Time and money mom, when I had the money I didn’t have the time and vice versa. Besides I like the feel of that bed, it’s still pretty comfortable to me.” Dennis said reminding her he had given up his own bed to her and now he was forced to sleep on a daybed in the second bedroom which was about the size of a big walk in closet.

“I might try that daybed of yours later and give you back your room.” His mom began before Dennis interrupted.


“You can try it, but I sort of like our arrangement of rooms so don’t say you like it if you don’t.” Dennis said thinking that for security purposes he liked being that close to the back and front doors and unless you knew the lay of the house, it was hard to pinpoint that bedroom from the outside.


“Wouldn’t that room be warmer in winter being closer to the wood stove?” She asked.


“You would think so, but it’s not, that utility room it connects too doesn’t have much insulation and it leaks cold into the house. That’s the reason I put that thermoelectric Eco fan on top of the stove pointing at it at night otherwise it doesn’t get that warm.” Dennis concluded.


“Well, we will sort out sleeping arrangements later. What projects are you going to be working on today?” His mom asked and then looked out the front window surveying the scenery.


“Good question. I think that I am going to try to burn off the raised beds in the garden today if they are dried out enough, if not, then I am going to till up a couple beds and put in some buckwheat and chick pea. That crop can be used as green manure and tilled in or we might be eating it if need be. I need to try to build me some cold frames out of those old trailer windows I got so we can grow something this season. Sometime today also I need to get up with Charles and Monica and sort out what we are doing. Now Mom, you got to look at Charlie and Monica as new members of our tribe now because that is exactly what they are. We are going to have to put away some prior notions of ‘just because I bought all these food preps” that we won’t be sharing somewhat equally with them because that is the only way it will work out for all of us.” Dennis explained as a lead in to what he wanted to bring up next.


“I know they are your friends Dennis, but you are not really that close of friends are you? I mean you have got thousands of dollars invested in your preps from what I see and I don’t understand you wanting to just give a bunch of them away like that. I still have not figured out how you managed to put so much food together with you having very little money coming in. ‘his mom quizzed him about where he got the funds to do so much preparedness.


‘It took me over 6 years to accumulate all that stuff a little bit at a time and I was back in school when I started on the project. I also moved back home with you for a while to help out while you were sick and I was in school so it was easier to accumulate extra food for storage with you buying most of the daily groceries for us. So all in all, it worked out well and we are lucky to have all these supplies on hand. Charles and Monica have food stored themselves for a couple weeks until they have to switch over to the couple months’ worth of beans and rice they got. We are going to augment the monotony of that and Charles and I will be hunting and trapping together and sharing game. This spring we both will have gardens so you see it’s not that big of an imposition and I really need their help for security, firewood cutting and a host of other things...” Dennis said wandering over to the kitchen cabinets and opening them up to survey the contents.


I just have assorted cans of food stuffed in those cabinets and I didn’t put them in any particular kind of order, you want to try organizing them for us? I got plenty of room in my prep shed for whatever doesn’t fit in the cabinets.” Dennis said surveying all the boxes of food they had brought from his moms house in the city and knowing there was very little room left in the jumbled mess of his kitchen cabinets.


“Okay, that sounds like a good project for me. Move those boxes of cans closer to the kitchen before you go out please. Dennis, do you think I should try to get Monica to help me sort all these boxes out if we are going to be sharing some of this food with them?” Dennis’s mom Mary asked with a cautious look appearing on her face.


“Now that is a good question Mom. They know I have a lot of food stored but they don’t know how much or exactly what I have. Let me think on that a second.” Dennis replied and went back to his cabinets for a quick survey of their contents.

“I said I would share with them if the SHTF, but that doesn’t mean I have to share and share alike on everything. Let’s do some high grading before we show everything we have got. I have lots of treats in here as well as some staples we are going to reserve just for us or maybe just share with others on a holiday or something. First off I want all the B&M canned bread, the cans of crab, oysters, most of the corn beef. Hang on a second; I need a couple empty boxes. I will be back in a minute; I have some in my prep shed.” Dennis advised and then went out to retrieve them.


“Geez! I have to do the same organizing and high grading in here!” Dennis murmured to himself as he eyed a large storage shelf unit that consisted of about 6 shelves filled three deep with expensive dehydrated canned food.


“I got to figure out a weekly menu and try to stick to it. No. 10 size cans don’t keep well once they are opened regardless if you put a plastic lid on it.” Dennis said pausing to look around the room and remembering he had had almost a full can of cornmeal go bad in 6 weeks after he had opened it and relied on the plastic lid to keep it fresh. Damn! I got 5 gallon buckets of rice and beans out the wazoo stored along that far wall. I guess we start eating some of that type of food a couple times a week to stretch the good stuff. Which reminds me, I have just a few cans of Mountain House seafood chowder and sweet and sour pork etc. that isn’t going into the communal larder just yet.” Dennis thought pulling the tarp back from the shelf and surveying row after row of what could be considered cans of riches these days.


“I ain`t believing I actually referred to anything called a community larder. I don’t know what to call what I plan on doing but it certainly is not that. This is my crap to give to folks or not give to them as I please and that best be remembered”. Dennis thought angrily as he stooped to pick up several empty boxes then locked his prep shed door and returned to his house.


His mom he noticed had opened every curtain in the house to “let some light in” as it was one of her morning habits in her own home and it didn’t sit well with Dennis today.


“Mom, the curtains can stay open today but we need to talk about when it is or is not appropriate to do so.” Dennis began before his mom angrily cut him off.

BOOK: The Savage Awakening (A preppers Perspective)
4.19Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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