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The Sex MANual










Desiree M. Dean





First Kindle Original Edition, August 2011

Copyright © 2011 by Desiree M. Dean


This book is intended for entertainment. The author is not a licensed professional and the advice given in this book is not intended as a therapy device by any means.

All rights reserved. No parts of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means without written consent from the author.


Desiree Marie Dean, Author




Table of Contents





Chapter 1 – Inside the Female Mind


Chapter 2 – The Female Body Explained: How, When and Where to Touch Her


Chapter 3 – Everything You EVER Needed to Know About Foreplay


Chapter 4 - The Female Orgasm: Stimulation Techniques Guaranteed to Make Her Come Multiple Times


Chapter 5 – The Female Ejaculating Orgasm: How to Make Your Woman Squirt in Seconds


Chapter 6 – How to Give a Woman Oral Sex and Make Her Scream Your Name


Chapter 7 – Premature Ejaculation: How to Build Your Stamina and Last Way Longer in Bed


Chapter 8 – The Hottest Sex Positions You NEED to Know


Chapter 9- Every Woman’s Deepest and Darkest Fantasies Revealed


Chapter 10 - Sex Toys: What to Use and How to Use Them on Her


Chapter 11 - How to Give a Woman the Romance She Craves the Most


Chapter 12 – The Do’s and Do Not Do’s of After Sex


Chapter 13 – Rick Recommends Overview




About the Author







Let’s face it; men have a hard time in the bedroom. Women have it easy because all they have to do is rub or stroke us and we have an orgasm. We don’t get to have that luxury. Bringing a woman to orgasm feels like solving a Rubik’s Cube and it is damn near impossible.

You shouldn’t feel alone in this matter because you are not. Just like you, there are so many men all over the world who just fumble and stumble in the bedroom constantly. No matter how hard they try, they just can’t seem to make the magic happen. To add to the stress of things, a man’s body can undergo so many issues such as premature ejaculation and impotency in the bedroom. This only adds to the embarrassment and the trouble of the situation. You want to be done with the heartache and you want to prove to your woman that you are a man who is capable of giving her what she wants in the bedroom.

To make matters even worse, men don’t have an outlet to turn to. Women are able to access all sorts of information regarding sex and how to be a better lover from all sorts of sources. Women have magazines that they can turn to, websites, books and more importantly, friends. Men don’t have that kind of luxury. They barely have any help on the matter, yet they are expected to be amazing in bed. This feels like a never-ending cycle and like there is no end in sight.

Thankfully, this all stops today. This book is going to help you to become a master in the bedroom. This is the only source where you are going to learn everything you ever needed to know about sex. Not only are you going to learn how to make a woman orgasm, how to make her squirt, how to go down on her and how to last longer in bed, but you are also going to learn how to please her outside of the bedroom. Finally, you will get access to the information that you need to know in one place so you can change the way you think and feel about sex.

Think of this book as the friend that you never had. All of your questions will be answered and you will be able to feel like a confident and secure man in the bedroom. You can please your woman and you can make that happen tonight.

Of course women know what they enjoy in the bedroom, which is why Desiree M. Dean returns to help men this time. She knows what it takes to please a woman and she can speak on behalf of all women to help men to become better in the bedroom. She will help you to understand not only the female body and how it should be touched, but also and more importantly, the female mind. You will get inside of your woman’s mind and be able to predict what she wants far before she even opens her mouth to ask for it.

Since this book is for men, it needs a man’s touch. This is where Richard Dean comes into play. After many successful years of marriage, both Desiree and Richard knows what it takes to have a successful relationship and sex life. Richard has taken it upon himself to help men become better in the bedroom by not only pleasing women to their fullest potential, but on how to be better lover yourself. Richard knows firsthand the pain and shame involved with being a bad lover in bed and he doesn’t want any man to go through the same thing.

Throughout this book, Richard is going to add his little bit of flare with something extra for men. Of course, you are going to get the most concise guide to sex around and the only one that touches on all aspects of sex, but you are going to get a little more.

Richard has taken the liberty upon himself to design
Rick Recommends
. These are tips that you are going to find throughout the book that will assist you in taking your sex life to a whole new level. These are the tips that only the boldest of men will try in the bedroom and that only a few will succeed at. Some men are looking for that little bit extra in bed and with Rick Recommends, which is exactly what you are going to get.

Now that you are prepped and that you know what you can expect, what are you waiting for?


Let the fun begin…




Chapter 1

Inside the Female Mind



When it comes to pleasing a woman, men need to realize one important tip and that tip is that you need to please a woman mentally before you can please her physically. The female orgasm is made up of over half mental stimulation. This means that if her mind is not in the game, then you have no hope of pleasing her.

Men don’t realize the need to get a woman’s mind in the game and this is probably why so many men are unable to please a woman properly. Too many men miss this important step and therefore, they miss out on giving their woman pleasure. It’s time that you stopped doing this and that you changed.

In order to give her the right pleasure, you need to take a journey inside the female mind. That way, you prepare yourself for what is to come. You educate yourself on the female mind and body and then you are able to give her exactly what she wants.

The first thing to know is that EVERYTHING affects a woman’s ability to orgasm, even the things that you cannot control. If she is having a bad day, or going through a hard time in her life, no matter how amazing you are in the bedroom, you aren’t going to make her orgasm. In order to increase your chances of making her orgasm, there are certain precautions that you can take.

First and foremost, you want to keep your woman happy. When she is happy, then everything in her life is great. When you two fight, this affects every aspect of her life, especially her sexual desire. To ensure that you are able to give her pleasure, you need to stop creating arguments with her. A woman always holds a grudge with an argument, even if she doesn’t mean to. This is how the female mind works. Women become very emotionally affected during a fight and this keeps her mood at a low level for at least 24 hours. You must avoid this low in your relationship, especially if you want to please her.

Another thing to keep in mind in regards to the female brain is that women are very mental creatures, meaning that they use their brains in more ways than one. Women are especially mentally responsive when it comes to stimulation for arousal. This is why so many women read romance novels. They are able to take that information, interpret the words into visuals and to use those visuals to become aroused. Men are not able to do this, well at least not as well as women. Men are more about visual stimulation, hence why so many magazines are driven towards men featuring beautiful women on the covers.

Since your woman responds to mental stimulation, this means that you must stimulate her mentally, and emotionally before you can try anything physically. Her mind must be in the mood mentally before her brain can prep her body for physical arousal.

So remember this important rule:


You must ensure that your woman is emotionally and mentally stimulated BEFORE you can try anything physical with her


If you do this first and perform this very crucial step, you will notice that your failure rate at making her orgasm greatly decreases. This is the biggest tip that men need to consider and easily the biggest moral of the story in regards to her brain.

Make sure that you keep your woman happy and that you think about what she might be thinking about each and every single time you want to become intimate with her. This makes you a better lover, without even having to touch her.

Now, can you imagine what you can accomplish when you learn how to touch her and please her the right way in combination with knowing more about how her mind works?




Chapter 2

The Female Body Explained

How, When and Where to Touch Her



To understand how to please a woman, you must first learn some of her biggest erogenous zones. These are the hot spots on her body that she is dying for you to stimulate. Even though every woman is built differently and may enjoy different things, you can count on these erogenous zones to always work in your favor.

 To give your woman great pleasure, you must first understand how to properly touch a woman’s body. This is difficult for a lot of men because a lot of men don’t understand the kind of touch that women crave. If you are causing your woman to feel some pain by over stimulating her, then obviously you know what you are doing is not right. The only problem is that you don’t know how to change what you are doing. This is where you need a little help in the bedroom and where you need to learn how, when and where to touch her.

The easiest way to learn how, when and where to touch a woman is to start from the top and work your way down. That way, you make sure that you do not miss anything and that you are constantly pleasing her in the best way possible and most importantly, in the way that she is craving. This chapter is going to give you a detailed list of not only her most pleasurable erogenous zones and the places that she wants you to touch the most, but also when to touch her and how to make it happen. With this foolproof guide to a woman’s most intimate areas, you are going to easily become a master of her body.

If you are ready to FINALLY learn how to touch a woman in the RIGHT way, then let’s begin.


Here is the most concise guide to the female body and what you should do to stimulate her hottest erogenous zones, starting from head to toe:


– A woman’s ears are very sensitive and they do contain a lot of nerve endings, perfect for stimulating to get her in the mood. Almost every woman can be given goose bumps by some stimulation of the ear.

Not only is this a massive erogenous zone, but also it is a place for you to give her some different kind of stimulation. Of course, it is best to kiss a woman’s ear to get her going. You can kiss inside of her ear and allow your tongue to stimulate her deeply. You can also use your mouth to kiss her ears lightly and to tug on her lobe with your lips or teeth. Be careful though, because you don’t want to pull too hard. In regards to giving her different stimulation, her ear is a perfect spot for you to use your voice. Lightly whispering in her ear how beautiful she is will make her heart flutter. You can also maximize stimulation of her ear by dirty talking to her. This will certainly get her in the right mind frame for pleasure and will drive her crazy.

You can kiss her ears at anytime. You can do it while you two are cuddling on the couch, or you can even do it in public if you two are snuggling at a restaurant. This is a discreet way of giving her a naughty touch and this helps to set your love life on fire.


– Even though the nose isn’t a part on her body that you would think would help to get her in the mood, it definitely is, but not in the way that you think. A woman’s sense of smell is very strong and is directly correlated to how aroused she becomes. Even if you are giving her great stimulation, if you have a funky body odor or bad breath, then you instantly kill the mood.

Make sure that you smell fresh and good. Dabble on a little extra cologne when the two of you are becoming intimate and sense of smell will be huge for her. When she smells you and you smell delicious, she will respond well to this. Also, use a little mouthwash to freshen your breath and now you are well on your way, covering your bases and making sure that you are giving her something that will arouse her and not turn her off.

You can always stimulate her nose by making sure that you always smell fresh. Of course, there is a cute thing that you can do with her nose as well. Eskimo kisses are adorable to any woman and this is a way to get her heart fluttering. Rub your nose on her nose and this will instantly make her giddy. You can also kiss the tip of her nose as a way to make her feel special and to let her know how much you care. It is a small gesture but it does go a long way.


– Of course, not every spot on her body is going to get your woman sexually aroused when you touch it, but sometimes you don’t want to do that. Sometimes you just want to put a smile on her face or warm her heart because that is going to bring the two of you closer and you will eventually want to act upon those increased feelings of love.

Kissing her cheek is a sign of affection and romance. It is a chivalrous gesture that women love. Not too many men do this too often and it is a shame because women really enjoy it. If you want to bring her the most pleasure possible, then you should kiss her cheek.

You can really get in touch with your suave side and brush her cheeks as you kiss passionately. Cradling her face gently in your hands will make her feel safe and protected. This is something that all men should do and it is something that you should really consider. It may not bring her to orgasm, but it will warm her heart and the key to getting woman in the bedroom is to sweep her off her feet with romance.


– Now remember, we are going head to toe so don’t get too ahead of yourself. The lips on her mouth are filled with tons of nerve endings and they are begging for you to touch them in the right way. A lot of women become aroused nearly instantly when they are kissed in the right way. Now it’s up to you to kiss her in the right way and to give her great pleasure from her lips.

The best way to kiss her is to be gentle. There is nothing worse for a woman than when a man tries to kiss her softly but ends up completely ruining the moment when he smothers her face with slobber. Don’t be this guy. When you kiss her, be gentle and allow your lips to caress hers. Throw your tongue into the mix later and allow your tongue to massage both her lips and her tongue.

You can do more with your mouth on her and with her lips. You can even use your lips to pull on hers and to tug on them. This is when you can be a little rougher with her. If she can handle it, you can even use your teeth to pull on her lips. Remember to always go slow and to never be too rough or else you are going to cause pain and not pleasure. Don’t ruin the moment.

You can kiss her lips anywhere. There is never a bad time but when you want to get her prepped for sex, then really give her all you got. That is when you kiss her passionately and bite and suck on her lower lip. Save the naughty times for the bedroom.


– A woman’s neck is a total hot spot and it is a place on her body that she is just dying for you to explore. This is such a massive erogenous zone for women that it is believed that some women can actually have an orgasm just from stimulation of the neck. Therefore, how could any man ever miss giving his woman stimulation of the neck?

The best way to pleasure her neck is to kiss her. It is best when kissing a woman’s neck to use a little saliva. Feeling your dry lips on her neck isn’t going to get her in the mood, so you have to do something else. Moisten your lips before you go in for a kiss and this will be better for her. It is also encouraged that men use their tongues to lick a woman’s neck. When she feels that wetness on her neck, it will totally get her going and make her want you bad.

You can really spice up touching this hot spot by using your mouth to suck on her. Stay away from giving her a hickey though, because she is not going to be too pleased having to go to work the next day looking like her neck was in a fight. You can suck on her neck, but make sure that you are not going overboard. Keep the sucking to a minimum and don’t use it too often. As well, you can use your teeth to gently scrape against the skin on her neck and you can lightly bite her. Women love the vampire fantasy, right?

Kissing her neck is always great for foreplay. It arouses her very quickly and makes her want you to kiss her body in other places too. Sometimes it is suitable for you to kiss her neck in public, because you can get her aroused before you hit the bedroom. That creates anticipation and makes her want you badly.


– Nothing feels as amazing for a woman than getting a sexy massage from her man. A woman’s back is just begging to be touched and rubbed by your strong hands. The back of a woman is very strong and the tissue and muscle there has to have a deep penetration in order to achieve that pleasure that women look for. Your hands are perfect for this. You can go deep and give her an amazing massage but do make sure that even though you have some room to be rough with her, you must still be gentle.

To really spice things up for your woman, you can trace your fingertips over her back. This is guaranteed to leave goose bumps wherever you touch. You can also kiss her back. Feeling your warm breath and your soft lips on her back will send her into overdrive and certainly get her aroused and very quickly at that.

You can take back stimulation a step further and even use your tiny nails to dig into her skin. Women are usually the ones with the power to scratch and claw but men are still able to do that. During sex or even foreplay, if you want to bring out the raw passion in your woman, a solid back scratch will do just that.


– Now, this can be a hit or miss for a lot of women. Some women love to have their breasts touched, rubbed and kissed while other women could care less. However, if you learn how to touch her breasts in the right way, then you can do so many amazing things to her and really get her excited for pleasure.

Men are often too rough with a woman’s breasts and this is why so many women believe that they don’t like stimulation of the breasts. You must prove her wrong and in order to do that, you need to learn how to properly touch a woman’s breasts.

Think of them as being very delicate. You do not want to squeeze or tug on them. Instead, gentle rubbing is best and circular motions. Start from her outer breast and work your way around in a counter clockwise motion. You can use your hand to cup her breasts and you can use both hands to do this motion on either breast.

You can also use your mouth on her breasts as well. You don’t always have to go right for the nipple when stimulating her breasts with your mouth. There is so much skin for you to kiss and to enjoy and your tongue can explore every curvature of her breast. Some women even like their breasts to be sucked on. This is where you can get away with being a bit rougher with her. You may also even leave a hickey on her breasts, as long as she is okay with it. The skin is sensitive but it is tough and that is why you can get away with a being a bit rough, with your mouth at least.

This is great for foreplay and you can do it both directly on the skin and over her clothing. If you are making out, that is a perfect opportunity for you to touch her breasts and to stimulate them.


Rick Recommends
- One of the sexiest things to do a woman’s breasts is to stimulate them while you are going down on her. When pleasing a woman, you want to maximize her pleasure potential so you want to give her the most stimulation possible. When you are eating her out, you can use your hands to trace all over her body, especially her breasts. With your mouth down on her and your hands up here, that is a recipe for an orgasm.


– Again, this is where men need to be really careful with the female body. The nipples are extremely sensitive but they are also very important to her orgasm. Just like the neck, some women can actually orgasm from stimulation of the nipples. This is a super hot spot on her body that is just begging for you to touch and if you want to really make it work for you in the right way, then you must learn how to properly stimulate her nipples.

The easiest way to touch her nipples is to use your mouth. Your lips and your tongue are the best forms of stimulation to use because they are the softest. You don’t have to worry about being too rough, unless of course, you suck too hard on them. Remember, when pleasing a woman, you always have to be gentle with her. The softer and slower you go, the better chance you have of pleasing her.

Kiss her nipples like you would kiss her lips. Take your time and go slow. Make her savor every moment. When you use your tongue, you can be gentle by moving your tongue in circles on the nipple and the areola. If you want to give her something more, you can flick your tongue against her nipple. This will make it hard and this will probably get her aroused. It is best to perform nipple stimulation during foreplay. As the clothes start shedding from her body, you can start using your mouth on her.


Rick Recommends
– There are some women out there who can handle quite the naughty touch with their nipples and for these women, you have to pull out all the stops. You can squeeze or pinch your woman’s nipples if that is what she likes. Some women get off on pain, as it is a form of pleasure. If your woman enjoys this, then pinching or lightly biting her nipples will get her going.

If you really want to spice it up, then you can even purchase nipple clamps. These will pinch her nipples tight, giving her the stimulation that she craves, while your hands and mouth are both free to roam over her body and to do what you want.

BOOK: The Sex MANual: Uncensored
9.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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