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Farrin struggled to carry the coffee containers, the sandwich bag, and her purse as she hurried to the door of the deli. She was about to push it with her hip when it was opened from the outside, leaving her slightly off balance. She paused, resettled her purchases, and glanced to the man holding it open. Her nod of thanks was automatic, but she held his gaze momentarily. His smile let her know she was staring, and she felt a rush of heat from her neck to her cheeks.

“Ah, thanks,” was all she managed to utter as she hurried from the doorway. The few steps to her parked truck gave her time to wonder what it would be like to be touched by a man like him.

She knew it was silly, he was a total stranger, but his small kindness was appreciated. The fact he wasn’t hard to look at compounded her thoughts. She put her purchases on the hood of the vehicle while she unlocked the door and settled everything on the floor of the passenger side so it wouldn’t spill. Behind the wheel, she waited for the air conditioning to come on full blast. In that time, her kind stranger exited the store, a coffee container in his hand. She didn’t hold back the sigh that came with a second glimpse of him. Farrin decided he was probably around forty-ish. He had brown hair that was just starting to grey at the temples. He had to be at least six foot tall compared to her five foot, six inches. What struck her most was the glint in his green eyes as he smiled at her.

“Well,” she said aloud, “now if I could meet a man like him, I might consider sex again.” She shook her head, knowing it was best to leave that part of her life dormant for a bit longer. While she was settling into her new condo and job reasonably well, she wasn’t into meeting new men, yet. This stranger had stirred something deep within her she thought was long dead. As she drove to work, she found she was pressing her thighs together to ease the sudden ache developing in her crotch. It was a pleasant feeling, but she knew it came with complications. At this point in her life, she had enough to deal with. Nevertheless, it was good to know she could still turn a man’s head. “Get a grip girl,” she said, pulling into her appointed parking spot behind the shop. “Maybe tonight,” she mused, thinking about the new dildo in her nightstand, one she’d purchased but hadn’t used, yet. This stranger with wide shoulders, a flat belly, and a killer smile might be the catalyst.

Chapter One

Van glanced at Lyle as he stretched to his full height, his cock stirring at the sight of his well-built, well-endowed friend. He dropped the long length of his lean body onto one of the teak lounge chairs on his back deck overlooking the intra-coastal water way of his Florida home. He was full from the brunch Lyle had brought, as well as the mimosas.

“The Murphy’s house is coming along,” Lyle said, taking the lounge beside Van. “The crew will finish the kitchen backsplash by Tuesday, and then they’ll start on the floor ceramic.” He hesitated and added, “Are you sure you want to use terra cotta on the floor when we just put in those beautiful sea green tiles in the kitchen? I just don’t see it working.” He dropped his arm over his eyes to shield them from the intense afternoon sun.

“That wasn’t my call, remember. Mr. Murphy had them left over from his new house and wanted to use them up on the renovation. I couldn’t talk him out of them, even if they do clash.”

“He’s a fool. He’ll never get his price on that place with mix and match tiles. Anyone walking in will see immediately it was a patch up.” Lyle let out an expressive sigh of distain. “Why do they hire us if they won’t take our advice?”

“Just be thankful they keep hiring us, my friend, or we’d both lose a chunk of our income.” Van paused and sat forward. “Unless,” he hesitated before adding, “What if we started tiling the pool surrounds first?”

“And use them all up there? He’d have to let us pick something that will match the interior then. Van, that’s a wonderful idea. Why didn’t I think of it?”

“That’s why our partnership works, Lyle. We’re both very smart men.”

“That and you’re not hard to look at.”

Van gave him a resigned look. “What about the granite for the countertops?” He watched Lyle stand and move to the railing as a large pleasure boat cruised past. He gave the boaters an enthusiastic wave, and they honked their horn in reply. “I found a white slab with a vein of green running through it. It’s big enough to use on all the kitchen counters.”

“Good, then we’ll start the pool first with the terra cotta tile, and when that’s done, we’ll see what’s left over.”

“Do you want to see a sample of the granite, or should I just order it?”

“Order it. This job is annoying me already. Between building their new house and getting their old one ready to market, I’ll be glad when we’re done with the Murphys.”

“Agreed. Is business over for the day?”

“Yeah, go ahead home. It’s Sunday. Supposed to be your day off.” Van caught the mischievous smile on Lyle’s lips. “What?”

“I’m horny.” He slid his thumbs under the waist band of his trunks. Letting them drop to the ground, he stood before Van, his erection full and throbbing. He watched Lyle stroke his cock several times before he moved beside his lounge.

“I’m not in the mood, Lyle. Save it for your date tonight with Nina. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to give you a little head tonight.”

“Of course she will. That’s why I keep dating her. But she doesn’t have all the right equipment and I’m in the mood to suck your cock.”

“I’m not in the mood to reciprocate. I’m tired, and the mimosas hit my head. I just want to relax and nap a bit.”

“Then this will really make you tired.” Lyle was persistent and Van didn’t argue further, rather lifted his hips from the seat as Lyle tugged his shorts down his body. “You relax. Let me do you. We’ll consider it a sixty-eight, you can owe me one.”

Van settled back in his lounge and allowed Lyle to straddle his legs, his mouth capturing his erection in one long, wet pull. His hips darted upward automatically at the tug. Lyle’s hands centered on Van’s hips, holding him where he wanted him. His lips and mouth continued to swallow the hardened length repeatedly. His hand wrapped around the shaft and pumped him when he spoke.

“I just love your cock, Van. Do you know how blessed you really are?” He gave him an impish grin and swallowed him, using his tongue to tease the underside of Van’s cock on each outward pull. His free hand drifted from Van’s to his own erection and started pulling on it with the same rhythm his mouth used on Van. “Having fun?” he teased, shifting to take him deeper down his throat.

In the heat of the Florida afternoon, Van closed his eyes and took what was offered. With each long, wet pull of Lyle’s mouth, his cock hardened. When he added a bit of his teeth on a backward pull, Van felt the tingling start in his balls.

“Keep that up, and you’ll make me come.”

Lifting his head only briefly, Lyle answered, “That was the point, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, and it feels really good. Use your free hand to palm my balls.”

“Your wish.” Lyle moved his position to kneel beside Van’s lounge. He moved him so he was lying on his side, his cock swallowed while Lyle’s hand gently squeezed his testicle. His other hand moved back to his own cock and pulled it with a practiced ease.

Van continued to accept the offering, letting Lyle swallow his erection. “You’re gonna come soon, Van. I can tell by the twitch in your dick.”

“Are you close?” he asked.

“I’ve been holding off until you were ready.” Without further words, Lyle continued giving Van’s cock his sweet mouth torture.

“That’s it, Van. We’re past the point of no return,” he managed to utter. Lyle sucked him deep down the back of his throat and tugged on his testicles a bit harder. When he did, Van let loose his load. Lyle swallowed all of it while using his hand to pump his dick until he sprayed on his own belly. When they had both finished, Van dropped to the patio and closed his eyes against the sun.

“I’m exhausted,” he said, “but sated.”

“I’m exhausted,” Van told him. “And all I did was lay here.” He let his fingers ruffle through Lyle’s sandy brown hair.

“I’m gonna jump in the pool to clean off and head home. I have time to nap and still pick up Nina on time.”

“Not a problem, I’m always willing to accommodate you.”

“That’s why we get along,” Lyle added with wink.

“I’ll see you Tuesday at the warehouse. I want to see what your new apprentice has chosen for the condo showing next weekend.”

“We’ll both be there by ten.” Lyle jumped in the pool and swam a lap before pulling himself up out of the water and heading directly to the outdoor shower. When he finished, he walked back toward Van, a fluffy white towel drying the moisture from his body. “I had her pull the main furniture. It will be interesting to see what she uses for accessories.” He tossed the towel toward a lounge chair and reached for his trunks. “Are you sure?”

“I’m done for the day, Lyle. Go pick up Nina and do her.”

“I will, but it won’t be the same.”

“Shouldn’t be.” Van gave him a resigned smile. “Thanks for breakfast.”

“I’ll see you Tuesday at the warehouse.”

Then he was gone, and Van was extremely grateful in several directions. While he and Lyle worked well together in the past, their personal relationship had developed into a deeper friendship over the last years. He felt no guilt. If they were both of the same minds, they’d have sex. On days like today, when Van wasn’t in the mood, Lyle would suck him off with a passion most women wouldn’t understand.

Their relationship became sexual one day in the warehouse a few years ago. Van charged in with a problem on a staging job, and Lyle had copped an attitude. They’d bantered back and forth until finally Lyle said the simple words.

“You don’t hate me or my work, Van. You’re frustrated because you haven’t gotten laid in too long. I can fix that for you.” He’d moved before Van and carefully opened the zipper on his pants, drawing them down his legs. There had been a few rounds of ‘Someone might see,’ and ‘This isn’t right,’ but in the end, Van had let Lyle suck him off.

They’d moved to the bedding area and wound up in a sixty-nine. Lyle brought Van’s cock back to life a second time, using his hands and his mouth. Van decided they’d gone this far, why not. He took Lyle’s hard cock to his lips and sucked him with total abandon. He’d made Lyle suck two of his fingers before pushing them into his anus while he continued to swallow him. Lyle reciprocated with his own fingers, fucking Van’s ass while sucking him. They both came, exhausted, sated, and their attitudes gone.

From that afternoon on, they fucked and sucked whenever one of them felt like it. Sometimes, Van would initiate the interlude, wanting to be filled by Lyle’s impressive penis. Other times, Lyle wanted to be filled with Van’s larger cock.

It had all worked out between them. Their only rule was it stayed between them. Their private moments had nothing to do with business, only fulfillment and lust. Their arrangement worked for them.

Tired from a long week, sated from Lyle’s mouth, he let himself drift to sleep on the lounge.

Chapter Two

Van shifted is growing cock in his pants as he wound his way through the antique shop that fronted the furniture warehouse. He waved to the sales clerk but didn’t stop to converse. Pushing through the connecting door, he felt the rush of humid Miami air assault him. He acknowledged a few hellos from the staff as he worked his way toward the center. There, in the taped off space, sat the furniture arrangement to be used for their latest condo’s staging and open house.

The seating arrangement was standard for the living area, two matching sofas and a set of club chairs. A second set of high-backed chairs would anchor the bay window overlooking the canal. There were matched wrought iron tables with glass tops that coordinated both areas. His fingers ran along the fabric on the chair back, feeling its texture.

“What do you think?” Lyle asked, walking toward him, a large shell-shaped lamp in his hands. He paused to place it on the side table between the chairs near the sofas. “I had them recovered after the ‘incident’ at the Walters condo showing.” Van gave Lyle a cynical smile. “I knew we shouldn’t have served gazpacho to the realtors during the open house.”

“It wasn’t my idea, either. The caterer came up with that one.” Van gave Lyle a disgusted frown. “I’m glad in a way. It was a good excuse to start with a new firm, one that doesn’t believe in letting people walk around a staged home with glasses of tomato soup!”

“I agree it worked out to my advantage. What do you think of the fabric?” Van ran his hand along it a second time.

“The colors seem dark, but it might be the lighting in here. It’s very tactile. I wanted to touch it as soon as I saw it.”

“Definitely the lighting will help. Once we’ve got natural light, you’ll see the real colors. I loved the raised chenille scroll pattern.”

“It’s your call. What about the accessories? Do we have a theme?” He wandered to several sets of shelves set nearby and glanced at the items stored there.

“Farrin’s looking for something to put in the dead corner next to the fireplace.” As he spoke, a squeaking noise got louder from behind them. They both turned to see a woman pushing a huge crystal vase on a dolly getting closer. As she approached, the noise got louder. One hand pushed the heavy dolly, the other carried a small hand held computer device.

Van studied her as she approached. She was medium height with an average figure, he decided. Her blonde hair was loose around her shoulders, a riot of curls bobbing with each step she took. She wore battered jeans that conformed to her slim legs and work boots. Her man tailored shirt was tucked in the waistband, the sleeves rolled back. Only when she got closer did he realize she had light blue eyes. She appeared to be around thirty from his first glances. She seemed oblivious to them as she studied something on her screen. He realized she was the woman from the deli a few days earlier. He remembered holding the door for her and watching her cheeks blush when she realized she’d been staring at him. Not that he hadn’t given her a complete once over. She’d scurried away, shifting her purchases, and he remembered his cock throbbed to an ache while waiting in line for his coffee. They hadn’t met again, until now. While he wanted to shift his new found erection, he refrained from the tug that would settle him in his pants.

BOOK: The Stagers
8.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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