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Shaking his head, he lightly chuckled.

“Sorry I had to ruin your innocent virgin fantasy,” I stated with an acidic edge.

He grabbed my hair, snapping my head back so quickly, I gasped. His fingers slid against my clit, toying with me. “What was that? Think you might want to rephrase that before I stuff my hand up your pussy until my third knuckle disappears and really fucking wrecks you. Then again, it might make you come just as hard as it did last night…wouldn’t it, Nik?”

My heart was in my throat as I struggled to swallow. My body began to ache for the one thing he gave me that turned me into putty. I couldn’t seem to satiate my need for it; as time passed, I needed it more and more.

“Mmm, Nikki,” he moaned in my ear. “It takes barely anything to make your cunt sopping wet and ready to fuck.” He delved a finger inside.

While being reminded of how sore I was, somehow my core still ached for his attention. “Stop,” I whimpered.

“I need more than that, baby.”

“I’ll watch my smart mouth.”

He retracted the hood surrounding my clit and pinched it with his fingers, slowly stroking it up and down. “Promise?” he taunted me.

“P-promise,” I replied, my voice a hoarse and quiet squeak.

“Remember,” he cooed in my ear, “this pussy is only for me. You gave it to me. I’ll decide when to stop.”

“How rape-culture of you,” I said, the sarcasm dripping from my words.

“What the fuck was that?” He lifted a brow, the slight playfulness in his face disappearing. “Did you just promise to watch your mouth and spout the same bullshit I’m punishing you for?”

I bit my lip as he started to pinch my clit harder.

“Nikki,” he growled, impatience bleeding into the tone of his voice. “I’m talking to you.”

“And, I’m going to come,” I said in a small voice.

Withdrawing his hand from my pussy, he spread my arousal across my lips with his fingertips. He leaned forward, kissing and sucking my lips harshly. “Maybe…you’re not.” He let me go, and slowly sucked his fingers.

“You can be so cruel sometimes.”

With an amused expression, he winked at me in response.

Shuddering, I crossed my arms in front of my naked breasts. “F-for your information,” I rasped, trying to recover from the desire he sent roaring through my body, “my rabbit went unused for years.”

He glared at my arms until I removed them from covering up my breasts. Happy with my compliance, he drank in my body before he met my eye level. “And before then?”

I looked up at the ceiling. “Almost everyday.”

Brimming with a palpable air of arrogance, he slowly grinned. “I’m still going with the theory that you’re insatiable due to how good I fuck you. Nothing compares to my cock, and it never will.” He stepped back, eyeing my body from head to toe, again. “I have a clinical reason for the toy, but we’ll just leave it at…you’ll find out.”

“And who will have the remote?” I asked.

The corner of his mouth twitched into a smile. “Wear it.”

UNCOMFORTABLE WASN’T THE word I could use to describe how I felt wearing the toy. I was very glad it wasn’t easily seen through my black fit and flare dress.

I didn’t think it was tradition to wear black to a wedding. Not that I knew, because the only wedding I attended was my own. But Casper’s wedding to his partner was supposed to be anything but traditional. He required all of the women to wear black and the men to wear black on black suits. He and his partner were the only ones allowed to dress in the color white.

THE INSTANT WE REACHED the lobby, the walls began to close in. Eric slipped his hand into mine, bringing me a slight tinge of comfort. Without much of a sound, the silicone pressed against my clitoris started to vibrate.

“Eric!” A woman in a low-cut black sheath dress, perfectly applied barely-there makeup, and looking very much like Eric’s type—before he met me—waved her hand in the air and approached us.

To prevent revealing the fact that I was completely sexually aroused, I focused on my breathing pattern with a steadfast determination.

She threw her arms around him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. A surge of jealousy manifested into a searing fire at the back of my neck.

He must’ve known what I was thinking in that moment. The vibration of the toy increased, generating my suffering for my unspoken thought.

“It’s been so long, hasn’t it?” she asked, patting his chest with a smile I wished could’ve erased from her face. “I heard you moved to upstate New York. How can you deal with the snow?”

“Western New York, technically. You get used to it.” Eric turned to me. “Nikki, this is Ashley. We went to high school together in Austin.”

“N-not another one,” I grumbled.

Narrowing his eyes at me in reprimand, he was able to increase the vibration despite any sudden movements.

I squeezed my legs together and stifled a moan.

“Are you okay, Nikki? You look a little…” Ashley dangled her hand in the air and wiggled it back and forth.

“I’m fine,” I barely managed to get out. I was far from it. I was going to have an orgasm. I grabbed Eric’s defined bicep through is suit jacket and squeezed, telling him without a word to stop torturing me.

Leaning down, he pushed my hair over my shoulder, leaving his palm to linger at the back of my neck. Pressing his lips against my ear, he whispered, “If I want to make you come a dozen times tonight…you will come a dozen fucking times.”

His threatening words exacerbated my peak. My nails dug into Eric’s bicep. My chin met my chest as I quickly lost control of my senses. I nearly buried my face against his arm. My legs buckled, and I pressed my lips together. The chill worked up my spine and pervaded my nervous system. With a quavering whimper, my climax took over every nerve-ending.

The aftershocks made my knees knock. I slowly looked up at Eric, whose grin deepened. “Good girl,” he purred against my forehead, gently kissing it before turning the toy off.

“Oh!” Ashley beamed, moving her hand to her hip. “I know what this is about.” She looked at Eric and shook her finger at him. “I was told you continued to fall prey to the devil’s temptations.” She looked at me. “Don’t worry. I’m a godly and happily married woman.” She patted Eric’s arm. “It’s so good to see you happy. I’m so glad you turned your life around. I always told you, you deserved every bit of the happiness you had coming your way…” She continued her chatter and for a moment, I felt like I was inside a church. As she began to preach, she broke into an inspirational bible quote. She ended with, “I’ll pray for you both.”

I looked after her path, slightly confused. “Is she…an actual pastor with a congregation? You’re friends with…a pastor?”

“Needless to say, I’ve never stepped foot inside her church.”

“The church would probably become swallowed by a sinkhole to hell the moment you did.”

“We should get inside,” he said with a wide grin. “I am the best man after all.”

THE GRAND BALLROOM WAS filled with all-white decor. Rainbow-hued lights reflected a prism of colors over each table. The use of crystal and the gold tableware made it a sight to behold. On a stage in the center of the dance-floor an all-women swing band played.

Eric hooked his arm around the back of my chair as he surveyed the crowd in the midst of having a raucous good time. “How many times?”

I held up five shaky fingers.

He placed his hand on my thigh, slowly walking his fingers up to slide underneath my dress. When he reached the crux of my thigh, he fingered the slickness on my legs and sensuously moaned. “We’re nearly halfway there.”

It should’ve been against the rules for one man to have such a self-contained, beautifully formed mass of seductiveness. A man whose every pore and every motion screamed sexual physicality. The power he wielded guaranteed a high like I’d never felt before. It took an extraordinary amount of will—I hadn’t yet obtained—to fight against the desires he brought forth.

I leaned in his ear. “I don’t know if I can wait for you to fuck me. I really, really want you.”

A slow grin contorted his lips. “Behave. When this is over, I’ll make you come so hard, you’ll cream like a waterfall, and then…I’ll drink every ounce of your cum.”

I shivered as my mouth gaped in shock. “You’re so filthy.”

“Later, you’re going to wash my mouth out with your cum as you sit on my face.”

“Eric,” I gasped.

“I have more. This one will make you laugh.”

“They always make me laugh. Is this one better than your banana line?” I fluttered my eyelashes, waiting for his punch line.

His body arced until it pressed against my side. “Always laugh? All you do is squirm and damn near come in your panties every time I talk shit to you.”

Chewing on my lip, I gazed up at him through my eyelashes. He stopped the movement of my legs in the midst of the right crossing over the left, making sure they remained slightly parted.

“When we get back to the hotel, I’m going to fuck you all over our suite—so much so, that if someone came in after I was done with you, they’d think someone murdered a jar of mayonnaise.”

My muffled giggle was interrupted.

“Ethan!” A massive, muscular man wearing a big smile made his way over to the table.

Eric turned completely rigid upon the sight of the man and muttered, “Fuck,” underneath his breath. The use of a name he changed, the name he hated hearing, told me the person in front of us knew him from his earlier, more troubled days. He looked to be about Eric’s age, average in his All-American looks and had a long jagged scar that ran down the length of his neck. From his black, short-sleeved button-up, it was easy to see his tattoo. He, too, had a tattoo of angel wings similar to Eric’s on his forearm. There was a name etched in the middle that I couldn’t quite make out.

“What a small damn world, huh?” the stranger asked without a hint of expectation.

“Very fucking small,” Eric commented, his tone deadpan.

“Victor’s pissed at you, you know,” said the stranger. “You’ve been avoiding him. You missed our Tuesday meetings the last few months.”

“Work,” Eric said nonchalantly, “keeps me occupied.”

I waited for an introduction, because Eric always introduced me to everyone he knew. In this case, I didn’t think I would ever know who the man was, and I wasn’t in the rare mood to be sociable and introduce myself. For some reason or another, hearing the name “Victor” pulled my body into a persistent uncomfortable state.

“Hope to see you next Tuesday,” the man said with a nod. “The rules are the same…wear a suit.”

As he casually surveyed the wedding party with impassivity, Eric shrugged at the man. It was minor, but the look exchanged between Eric and Casper was one I’d never forget. Casper looked more than a little concerned. “I’ll think about it.”

“Think about the fact I wasn’t invited to this wedding.” The man unfolded his arms and pointed at the table. “I was sent here. Think about that, will you?” With a cold smile, the man turned and walked away.

Tuesdays. Suits. Meeting. I recalled a day when Eric was incredibly nervous while donning a suit he would never have worn to work. There was a friend of Trent’s who encountered Eric when he was with a group of other men dressed in suits at a time he clearly didn’t want to be bothered. Remembering the story, and with my curious nature kicking in, I opened my mouth to ask a barrage of questions.

“Nope…we’re not going to do that,” Eric warned, immediately shutting me down. “But what you are going to do is come again for me. Ready?” He ran a hand down along the pocket of his trousers and initiated the toy between my legs.

A man and a woman took up the empty seats at our table. Eric immediately dove into a conversation with the man while slipping his hand underneath the layers of tulle that made up the skirt portion of my dress. The second my legs began to shake with a pending climax, he turned the toy off.

The woman accompanying his new friend constantly stared Eric down with a familiar look in her eyes…she wanted him. Forgetting about the crowd, I turned my focus on her.

BOOK: The Starkest Truth (A Breaking Insanity Novel Book 2)
5.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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