The Taste of Mr. Davenport

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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental.


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Table of Contents


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight


Epilogue after the Epilogue

Hi, I’m Claire (Bonus Scene

Three’s Company (Deleted Scene

About the Author



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fuck your friend’s shit hot father? I’m not talking about the father with a paunch belly or thinning hair. I’m talking about the father who looks like he just stepped off the pages of GQ magazine. The father with six-pack abs, cut biceps and a noticeable bulge in his pants.

So have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel his hard body pressed into yours? His hands roaming over your fevered skin? His mouth tasting every inch of your body? His hard cock thrusting into your tight, wet pussy? His strong fingers pulling your hair when he moves inside you? The way he’ll praise you when you take him just the way he wants? When you give him every single part of you, and he drinks it up?

If you have, you know the torture I endured every time I saw Mr. Davenport. My best friend’s father was my fantasy. A complete wet dream. I touched myself with visions of him in my head. I imagined a hundred different ways he would take me once he finally decided I was an itch he needed to scratch.

The difference between you and me is, I no longer wonder. I know just what he feels like grinding on me. Filling me completely. Showing me pleasure I never thought possible. The image of his naked form is burned into my brain. He’s ruined me for any future man.

This is the story of how Carter Davenport changed my life. How he made me his and then walked away. Maybe once you read it, you’ll understand why I sit in my dorm room waiting for him to come back and get me. Why I’ll never believe he doesn’t feel the same way. Why I know he’ll never be able to live without another taste of me… because I’ll never be able to live without another hit of him.

Chapter One


Three months earlier…

Carter Davenport walked into the airy space of his beach house kitchen and breathed the smell of the salt air in deeply. It was good to be home. After being on assignment in Africa taking pictures for his job at National Wildlife magazine for the last two months, all he wanted was a nice cold beer and a nice hot fuck. Which was precisely why he had Mary pick him up at the airport.

Mary Carpenter was a voluptuous and hot blooded female specimen. She always knew how Carter liked it and never shied away from giving it to him. She had a libido that ran as hot as his, and she liked to play dirty. The dirtier the better in many cases. They had some wild times between them. Some included just them, and others included another woman or two. Yeah, she definitely knew what he liked.

Carter watched as Mary took a seat at the eat-in bar in the kitchen. Her skimpy jean skirt rode up her tan thighs. It had been a long two months, and he couldn’t wait to sample what was between those thighs. She leaned over the counter and plucked a grape from a bowl. Her shirt gaped and her tits practically bounced out. Carter licked his lips, then downed a huge gulp of his beer in an effort to cool his body.

The sound of giggles filtered through the opened French doors in the family room. His daughter Elise must be home already.

Carter walked over to the doors and what he saw had his cock springing to attention and throbbing painfully. Elise wasn’t alone. Claire Reynolds, his daughter’s college roommate, was lounging on a chair next to Elise. Her brown hair had golden highlights laced throughout. It fell wildly around her face and over her shoulders. She wore only a light pink bikini that practically blended in with the fairness of her skin. Her tits threatened to spill from the top. Tits that showcased tight, erect nipples. Carter began to wonder what color they were. Would they be a dusky rose or peachy? What would they taste like?

Claire was a wallflower when Carter first met her two years ago. She wore baggy clothes and had thick, black plastic framed glasses. Her hair was mousy, and she was even mousier. She was always so quiet and shy. At the time, Carter was glad to have her as Elise’s roommate. Her going to school halfway across the country naturally made the overprotective father in him roar to life. Elise was much like him and her mom, Maggie, were when they were teenagers—wild and impulsive, which was why they had her when they were eighteen and seventeen respectively. At the time, their parents wanted them to abort Elise, but both Carter and Maggie had refused. Sure, they made a go of it at first with the help of his parents who supported them while Carter went to college for photography, but Maggie wanted more out of life. She wanted a chance to go to school and to find ‘true love.’ Apparently Carter wasn’t it for her. Which was fine since he found himself restless as well.

Knowing that Elise would have a grounded person with her on a daily basis made him feel more comfortable with letting her go and trusting her on her own. Seeing Claire now, though, she was anything but a wallflower. She was a knockout. He saw this coming, of course. Whenever he visited St. Mary’s University or when Claire came home with his daughter, he saw the way she was maturing. Her girlish figure filled out to look more womanly. Her clothes became skimpier, and she became more outspoken each time he saw her.

Watching her bathe in the sun now made him ache for her in all the ways he had been telling himself he shouldn’t. He bit back a groan when she stood up and her tits swayed erotically with the movement. She bent down to pick up her towel, and he braced his hands on the door when he realized her suit was a thong. It disappeared between the cheeks of her delectable ass, and Carter had visions of pulling it out with his teeth.

“Who’s the fox?” Mary breathed from his side. “I wouldn’t mind taking a taste of that. Did you see her breasts?”

“She’s Elise’s friend and she’s off limits,” Carter ground out. He hated to admit it, but Claire was, in fact, off limits. She and that sweet ass would never be his to explore. For one, she was friends with his daughter. And two, he was old enough to be her father. Although the last thing he wanted to do was act fatherly towards her. Unless you counted spanking her ass until it was red from his hand and then making her scream, “Fuck me, Daddy.”

Yeah, he was a depraved bastard.

He turned to Mary and grabbed her hand to pull her towards his bedroom. Saying hello to his daughter would have to wait. Maybe once he slaked the lust that had built up over the last few months, he wouldn’t feel the need to defile the young, impressionable girl outside.

* * *


Carter quickly threw Mary down on the bed and began taking his clothes off. Her eyes raked over his lean form with each movement. Once his polo shirt and khaki shorts were on the floor, she stood up and seductively stripped for him. Her shirt fell to the ground, and her fingers ran teasingly slow over her body, up to her bra where she undid the front clasp and let the cups fall open. Her nipples were pebbled and begging for his mouth. Carter licked his lips and palmed his erection, enjoying every bit of her show.

Once she was fully naked, Carter directed her so she was face down on the mattress. This was his favorite part about the custom made bed. His cock was level with the mattress, making it easier to fuck the shit out of whomever may join him there.

He spread Mary’s ass cheeks and rubbed his cock through her folds, teasing both her and him.

“Fuck me, Carter,” she panted as his head teased her swelling clit.

Pulling back, he fell to his knees, and his tongue swiped up the wetness that was building there. She always tasted so good, but in that moment, he found himself wondering how much sweeter Claire would taste. Allowing Claire to take over his mind, he proceeded to eat Mary with a hunger he hadn’t experienced in a long time. He told himself it was because it had been so long, not because it was Claire he was imagining.

“Such a tight, sweet cunt,” Carter whispered when his fingers pumped in and out of her heat.

“Yes,” Mary hissed in pleasure. “Take my tight, little cunt. Pretend I’m that girl outside. Did you see her pussy lips peeking out when she bent over? I wanted to suck them in my mouth.”

Her next words were cut off when Carter stood abruptly and slammed into her heat. An audible groan left his lips when her muscles squeezed him.

“You like that don’t you?” Mary panted in between his vicious pounding. “God, Carter. We haven’t had sex like this in ages.”

Carter ignored her and closed his eyes. His hands roamed over her ass, pretending it was the soft, silky skin of Claire. He visualized himself biting it and watching her writhe in pleasure.

“Just think,” Mary continued, oblivious to Carter’s thoughts. “I could spread her out and eat her pussy while you watched. You could look down and see her swollen lips wet and begging for it. You could watch while I make her come. Would you like that Carter? And then she could eat me while you fuck that tight, virgin pussy.”

Carter let out a visceral groan and began thrusting like a wild man. The image of Mary spread out with Claire’s head between her legs while he fucked her was too much. His balls tightened, and his spine tingled.

“Fuck her, Carter,” Mary demanded, and he picked up his speed and intensity. Within moments, Mary came and he followed her shortly after. Pulling out, he hung his head. What kind of sick fuck fantasized about a nineteen year old girl? It was going to be a long summer.

* * *


Claire Reynolds walked into the large open space of the living quarters in the Davenport’s beach house and headed towards the bathroom. It was hot out and she and Elise had drank way too much that day.

Claire was always envious of the fact that Elise’s parents were so easy going and cool when it came to their daughter. Elise was allowed to drink, to date and to have sex. Something Claire’s religious parents fiercely frowned upon.

Ever since she and Elise became friends, Claire found she was coming into her own. Now out from her parents’ shadows, she experimented more. She dressed more like a typical teenager. And she had even had sex. Sure, it was only twice, but at least she wasn’t a virgin anymore.

As she rounded the corner to the hallway where the bathroom was located, Claire heard panting and moaning coming from Elise’s dad’s room.
He must finally be home
, she thought. She had been anxiously awaiting his return from Africa since she and Elise arrived two days ago.

Claire had a huge crush on Carter Davenport. He was young for a father at only thirty-eight years old. His dark hair and green eyes were always striking on his tanned form. She had watched him numerous times when he worked out. All that sweat and rippling muscle never failed to have her taking a cold shower.

Claire edged towards the partially opened door. The closer she got, the more obvious it was the sound of sex she was hearing. It was so erotic that she pressed her hand between her legs to alleviate the throbbing that started there.

“Take my tight, little cunt. Pretend I’m that girl outside. Did you see her pussy lips peeking out when she bent over? I wanted to suck them in my mouth,” a woman’s voice said and Claire braced her hand on the wall. Was she talking about her? The only other girl here was Elise and she doubted Mr. Davenport would let someone talk about his daughter like that.

BOOK: The Taste of Mr. Davenport
5.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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