The Thing from Beyond Reality

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The Thing

from Beyond Reality


V Bertolaccini



First published 2016 by CB

This edition published 2016 by CB

This is a CB edition 2016


Copyright Victor Bertolaccini


ISBN: 978-1-3109-0312-0


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All characters in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental


With The Lost Castle and The Reality Investigators!

Part I




The Deadliest Haunted Castle


In 1620 its materialization had been witnessed by fishermen in the morning mist over the sea, like a crazy shooting star.

Accounts of its accelerated motions and alterations, as a crazy ghost formation, on the brink of existence, emerged from the fishermen, who had taken it to the castle.

According to legends all the people who had come into contact with it had been found dead, and it had been left buried away.

One of the most powerful paranormal objects in existence, with powers going beyond anything else, with power surges opening gateways, turned it into the deadliest haunted castle in existence.

For centuries lost treasure had been thought to exist at the castle by a few explorers, who carried out investigations and searches at the castle, of which many paid by losing their lives.

The castle had been the most dangerous and haunted place in the world and nobody lived there, or near it. People never survived living permanently in its confines! Even though its powers sometimes dwindled and some people managed to survive, and escape, and had given horrific accounts of mind-bending wonders and deadly menaces beyond people’s imaginations.

Once, in 1880, it turned dormant and a wealthy businessman had found the castle, while visiting the region, and had bought it, recognizing its value, and its historical importance, its colossal architecture and dimensions, and had seen it had been worthless at the location, and had it shipped in sections to New York, where it had ended up at a secret location, in the depths of a desolate wood and region, hidden away from anyone relocating it, with what had been there reactivated.




The Lost Castle



Chapter 1


The Supernatural Castle


At night they immediately became trapped in the dark strange wood, with altered trees, freezing in deep snow, where they spotted strange black figures in the distance, while mysterious lights startled them, and they heard something occasionally violently smash trees down nearby.

What staggered Bryson the most was that they never knew how to return, and as they rushed away, they held their belief that they would be saved once again, and that there would be an eventual conclusion, but the snow grew thick and shrouded everything everywhere, creating a mind-bending landscape, and they soon became too exhausted to recognize anything.

It was shocking how lost they were, but the moonshine showed them the strange mind-bending landscape ahead!

The sounds of life forms and other strange things hidden away there became dangerous and astonishing, and at times they came screaming out of the dark wood, and also through what sounded like shafts in the ground somewhere, and with a dangerous fury that stunned Bryson, and no matter how much they tried their thoughts never seemed to properly achieve stable recognitions.

For some reason he began to believe there were supernatural regions in the universe, and that they had entered one version, and he was surprised that one of the others mentioned it openly, as if he knew he had known it, and he tried to grasp what the place and places could be and were really for, and considered all the destinations, trying to grasp what the place was doing there.

Some of the others were sure that they had discovered far more than they realized and that it could prove the existence of colossal magical abilities and energies and he analyzed everything in a far greater degree, searching for an answer.

Out of nowhere a colossal light emerged out the undergrowth, and pulsated like a life form, magically illuminating the deep lifeless snow and trees everywhere he looked, and seemed to silence the noises and things surrounding them.

The light allowed them to see almost everything across their front, and they spotted what was a structure buried away in the trees, and Bryson realized that it was the castle, and that they had actually found it, and it was a strange form of castle, buried and hidden deep away in the landscape and colossal wood, and he examined it astounded at its immense size and how it could be built there, and he had a sensation that the structure had colossal power, which would eventually leave him staggered!

The deep snow and freezing cold was a nightmare, and their legs sank into stinking vegetation and muck that started to resemble quicksand in places, and another light emerged deep in the undergrowth and pulsated like a living form, magically illuminating the snow and trees going everywhere, and they accelerated their speed.

The castle even became the most blissful thing he could think of as he saw the dangers radiating through the wood, and they forced themselves on.

Behind them the shifting lights of glowing life forms became vicious and darted about everywhere in the blackness and landscape, and he thought he saw ghostly images of intelligent humanoids, doing hideous things.



Chapter 2


The Lost Castle


At the front of the haunted castle it was staggering, and he could not even grasp its value, and they were about to reach its entrance when the structure lit, and radiated through the region, mass of trees and foliage, silencing what was there to their astonishment, with its colossal powers, and they examined its colossal size going out into the distance about them and its height going away high over the trees.

Entering a veil of mist, forming at its entrance, created sensations that they were not alone there, and they were there for some hideous purpose, and they blindly entered the ghost oasis, out on the edge of reality, on the bounds of what lay beyond, with them seeking sanctuary and reality.

On their entrance, of its opened entrance, and exit from the hideous jungle, the entrance closed behind them, like a trap, and they saw its interior illuminated in dim light, and Bryson heard vicious heavy beast sounds furiously exploding outside, clearly making last attempts at threatening to destroy them.

Somewhere over to the side of the castle they listened to powerful movements rapidly taking something nearby, and he wondered what was protecting them, and stopped them doing anything to them, and he gasped and saw a faint colossal ghost shape in an area of deep blackness behind him, inside the structure itself, along a corridor, and it floated through the darkness, and altered and vanished.

The situation was bad and he wondered what the hell the place was doing there, and why such a place should and could even exist, without destroying itself!

Who the hell had built such a thing? Should they leave the place, until the morning?

Was there even a morning there? There could be great dangers, waiting on them, but they could find a region where they never existed, and survive!

They had survived so far! There was food and shelter, and some of them had guns!

Something had to be keeping what was there in existence, and if they stayed alive long enough they might find it, and survive!




Chapter 3


Inside the Castle


In the morning all the disturbances and things in the woods vanished and they began to see what the castle was like in daylight, and that the castle was buried away in thick trees and undergrowth, and was colossal, and Bryson was sure that it was far longer and wider than any type of football field, and as high as an average eight-story building (and could
reach up to 150 meters long and 60 meters wide, and 30 meters high).

The builder, William Randall, who had built a castle already, surely would not have built it so massive at the date that it had been built, and he wondered if the people that rebuilt it there had built it bigger! If it was built for defense, like most castles had been, why did he need it to be such a size, as it would have been far easier to build and defend a small castle? He would have needed and had to have maintained an immense army for decades!

Everything he had seen of people of that time had been done logically! Yet he realized it was exaggerated and that William Randall had built it, as he had built the last large castle, but not as large as it, and it might have been to show his immense power and wealth, and an army would also have thought twice before attacking such a construction, and they could easily have thought it held a powerful king, while it being buried away in a wood would have added to its defense.

He was determined to solve all the riddles, and prepared himself to find the proper answers!

He was determined to ignore the events of the past few days and concentrate on what was in the castle. He had seen little of it in the darkness with their lights, and it was cold and smelled of dampness, and nobody left the location at the lounge at the door.

Most of the night had been subjected to false alarms of the things in the wood reappearing there, and they had been glad when the morning arrived.

Later on he and Mortimer and Merton went outside to see it in the light of day and were surprised and disappointed. It was unbelievable and historical, but had fallen into being a derelict. Vegetation and trees virtually entirely covered it, including its roof, and it was part of the wood. It was lucky the interior was preserved, as they would have had a bad time staying there.

Bryson studied pieces from exterior walls strewn about in the undergrowth, and immense square boulders and other parts.

They wandered around it checking what they could but a lot of it was hidden from view, and he had a hard time realizing how they had been able to move it there! Why they had allowed such a valuable construction to become derelict? And realized again that it was the haunting of it and its deadliness! There were abundant deaths marked as occurring there! He thought the last castle had been bad but this one was deadly beyond belief and people avoided it to save their lives!

He wondered if they should have just left it! If they could not get rid of what was there they could be playing with something of great danger that could result in an immense amount of deaths, for decades to come.

Bryson made a rough drawing/map of it as they wandered around. At the front there seemed to be only the one central door, but there were others at the sides and back, and there was one at a kitchen at the back.

The front door had a hall that led to the other side of the castle, and long corridors of rooms went from one end of the castle to the other all the way through it. With different shaped and sized rooms everywhere. The majority of it was confusing, and he found little to answer his queries. The floors above were not identical, and he considered his theory that the place was built to scare off enemies with its magnitude and value, and he put all the things in it there for the building and with no real use. Yet if an army and other group of people stayed there it could well have all been used by them. They could have been complex and advanced people of that age and did many things not normally done.

He wondered where William had stayed in it, and where his room was located? Perhaps at the top floor, where he would have had a good view of his wood and grounds?

When they arrived back in the castle he heard Mitchell on his phone and listened to his conversation and that he was bringing in all their supplies, as they had planned to do once they had found and entered the castle. They had an area on the remains of the lane to it where the helicopters could land.

All the rest of the scientists and psychic investigators and their highly advanced equipment, to begin a detailed investigation, were being brought, as well as more men to help Mitchell, and as well as food supplies they were bringing generators for proper power supplies for the lights and everything else.


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