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The Trouble with Polly Brown

BOOK: The Trouble with Polly Brown
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A captivating, inspirational read with surprising twists and turns. A master at character development, Tricia Bennett produces another sure-fire winner!

Tricia Bennett does it again! A gripping, inspirational tale—she'll take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride through another stage in the life of Polly Brown. A rock-solid winner that would surely make a real blockbuster movie!

A gifted writer, Tricia Bennett tells an incredible, imaginative tale. You'll come away filled with hope and inspiration. A magical, compelling story you won't ever forget.

Polly Brown
was amazing, and
The Trouble with Polly Brown
is sheer poetic genius! Yes, it is excruciatingly painful at times to witness what Polly has to go through, but there are also hilarious, wonderful moments of comic relief as well! I now look forward to bedtime, so that I can read another chapter.

I'm in foster care now because some bad things were happening to me at home. I was having really bad dreams and my caseworker gave me
Polly Brown
to read. At night I would read Tricia's book and not feel so scared and alone. I know how much something can touch my heart and she has. Thank you very much.

As a mother of four and grandmother of nine, I was thrilled to be introduced to your wonderful book,
Polly Brown
. It was a heartwarming experience to read a book with traditional family values. I loved it so much I bought sixteen copies for my family and friends, and have just purchased another batch! I am anxiously looking forward to reading
The Trouble with Polly Brown
as soon as it is published.

Tears of joy and sadness alternately filled my eyes as I read the adventures of this lovable orphan named Polly Brown. This spellbinding novel contrasts good and evil in a most amazing way. Polly Brown will motivate any reader to live a better life, with more courage and kindness. And I just adored the chapters of
The Trouble with Polly Brown
, which you kindly let me preview.

Thank you for coming to our school to speak. You had a profound effect on our students sharing your insights on life, self-respect, and relationships, and thank you for personally reading excerpts of your book
Polly Brown
. You gave our students an experience they will treasure for a lifetime. It is my prayer and desire as a Reading Teacher that other students across this country will get the opportunity to hear you speak and to read your books. You are a great and noble author!

I've just finished reading the draft copy of
The Trouble with Polly Brown
and it is fantastic, just brilliant! As I was reading it, I was imagining it as a movie! You have a talent most people could only wish for. The book from start to finish was superb, and I was honestly unable to put down. I actually stayed up almost a whole night to finish it.

I am an avid reader with a Master's degree in English, so when I say that you are truly one of the best authors, I really mean it. I can hardly wait for the second in the trilogy. You deserve a blockbuster.

We've been to your Tearoom, Tricia, you are a wonderful person and author, and you truly deserve to have your own TV show. You are so warm and captivatingly funny, you truly come across to everyone you meet.

I am a pastor of a large church and when I came across your book I decided to place a few copies in our church library. I was amazed by the response to
Polly Brown
. I had mothers ringing me up saying that reading this book made them want to be better mothers.

The Trouble with Polly Brown
tugs at the emotional heartstrings—you want to laugh, cry, and love Polly throughout, a desperate girl in a desperate world, dealing with many real life issues, bullying included. This book should be taken up by every school across the country. The ongoing painful world of Polly Brown is so beautifully written from the heart.

by Tricia Bennett
Published by Creation House Books
A Charisma Media Company
600 Rinehart Road
Lake Mary, Florida 32746

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Cover design by Terry Clifton

Copyright © 2011 by Tricia Bennett
All rights reserved

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The characters portrayed in this book are fictitious unless they are historical figures explicitly named. Otherwise, any resemblance to actual people, whether living or dead, is coincidental.

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International Standard Book Number: 978-1-61638-600-9
E-book International Standard Book Number: 978-1-61638-931-4

First edition

11 12 13 14 15 — 987654321
Printed in Canada

I dedicate this book to my very dear brother
Anthony, who while on this earth suffered much at
the hands of others.


will wipe away our tears.


well-known fact that writing an acknowledgment section at the beginning of the book is a most splendid opportunity to make mention and acknowledge all those amazing people who have come into my life and in doing so have made me richer as a person.

There are too many wonderful people I should be thanking, and if your name does not appear, then please forgive me now.

First, I wish to thank my husband, John, for all his encouragement and support. Then I have need of thanking my very special daughter, Antonia, along with Isaac, my little grandson. Antonia has been one of my chief fans. Then I must make mention of my two sons Reuben and James, whom I miss terribly as they reside back in England. I wish to also send my love to two very special foster daughters, Emma and Anna.

My eldest son, Reuben, has just completed serving his second tour on the front lines in the British Army in Afghanistan. He lost a number of his mates on both tours. He is a paratrooper with the Second Battalion, and I could never be prouder than I am of him. I must use this occasion to honor all the special men from his regiment who up until this very minute have lost their lives or limbs fighting to maintain our freedom.

I also wish to thank every American soldier, especially those fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, and I weep for every mother who has lost a son or daughter in this desperately sad and prolonged war.

Next I move on to my sister-in-law Stephanie, her husband, Gavin, and my four lovely and very special nephews and nieces—Jay, Dylan, Emily, and Eleanor. Stephanie has also spent many years fostering children as well as working with the local schools and their problem families. I love this woman with my whole heart.

I must use this occasion to make mention of my favorite organization—Guardian ad Litem. These volunteer workers are the best. If they had been around when my brothers and I went through the system, I am sure things would have been very different. They will never know how much good they are doing by getting involved in the lives of vulnerable children in foster care.

I want to thank the girls in the faith dorm at Lowell Correctional Institution in Ocala, Florida; these precious women have encouraged and inspired me to actively pursue my commission of being a mouthpiece for those who literally have no voice.

It therefore gives me great joy to make mention of a wonderful children's home that truly does love and care for orphaned children, many of whom would not have lived through their childhood let alone get to see their adult lives if it had not been for the dedication and devotion of Pat and Linda Manfredi. This couple is not daunted by challenges that many others would shun, and they run this home with absolutely no government assistance. These children are often in need urgent medical care when they arrive in America. I have therefore asked their permission to place their contact details just in case there may be some readers who would wish to help sponsor a child in their care. You may contact them through their website at

I would also like to use this occasion to give a big thank you to Pastor Jim Brissey and his beautiful wife, Jean, who have the biggest, most generous hearts I've ever known. My husband and I have joined this couple a number of times on their regular visits to the local prisons where they give help and hope to despairing inmates. They also put on events for the homeless where they can be fed and clothed even while having their hair cut. You can contact them at their website
should you wish to show any kind of support.

Next I would like to thank Jim and Darlene for all their enthusiasm and support. Jim is a first-class artist and illustrator, who, having read my book, has taken to drawing the most wonderful and inspirational illustrations of my self-published younger book
Princess Polly
, as well as drawing pictures of my English tearoom in Wildwood.

Next I move on to Pastor Steve Yates (a well-known pastor and motivational speaker) and his lovely wife, Chinita, and family for all the encouragement they have been to us in our ups and downs (especially the downs!).

Next is a very special lady named Therese Gaudette. I met Therese when she invited me to speak at her Writers Club. She loved
Polly Brown
so much that she offered her services to help me with
The Trouble With Polly Brown
. Therese, I cannot thank you enough for all your help, support, and overwhelming encouragement. You, my dear, are such a blessing!

I could not write these acknowledgments without making mention of a very extraordinary woman I have come to know and love called Jamie Clarke. This dedicated woman has for a number of years run a school for supposed no-hopers, and with her help and determination she has literally turned around the life of many an unfortunate child. I don't think this supercharged passionate woman has the remotest understanding of what the word
means! She also runs a center that supplies food, clothing, and counseling for the homeless and destitute. Amazingly there is always a big smile on her face and a light in her eyes as she recounts some latest amazing miracle that just took place. You, my dear, are a star.

I would like to make mention of Pastor Dan and Michele Binion. Michele works alongside me in our Polly's Pantry Tearoom in Wildwood, Florida.

I would also like to use this opportunity to say a special thank-you to Mike and Susie Collins, who took me in when, at seventeen years of age, I attempted to end everything. This amazing couple would see me through many storms in my life—and all this when they were trying to raise their own family, which turned out to be seven gorgeous girls and one boy. I have to add that this exceptional family has always reminded me of the Waltons!

BOOK: The Trouble with Polly Brown
6.63Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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