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It’s taken a long time to get here – to the acknowledgements page at the back of this book – and I couldn’t have done it without the help of several
generous, clever, patient and supportive people. Top of that list is my wife, Sarah. Mrs Jones has read just about every word I’ve written. Besides giving great notes (including a
zero-tolerance policy towards bad jokes and self-indulgence), she helps me protect the time I need to write – looking after our girls while I lock myself away. Looking after me while I lock
myself away. It’s been a long time coming, babes, but we got there together xx. The other woman in my life, my other wise and demanding reader, is the same one who went through twenty hours
of labour to bring me into the world. Braving bad language and a severe cataract, she read numerous drafts with good humour and a critical eye (who needs two!). I know it made you blush at times,
but at least you learnt some colourful words along the way – thank you, Mum. Stan at Jenny Brown Associates is everything I could hope for in an agent – not only did he sell my book (no
small thing), he improved it tremendously with some truly brilliant notes. In typical blokey fashion, he downplays his contribution, but make no mistake it has been huge. And then there is Clare
Hey, my editor at Simon & Schuster. No Clare, no book. Clare’s input has been significant – with many insightful and sensitive notes on the draft, including a free lesson in words
that make women cringe. Who knew? A sincere thank you to the following people for reading drafts and giving me expert advice on midwifery, Huntington’s disease and film production: Harriet
Jones, Kylie Watson, Sarah Tabrizi, Mike Oughton and Steve Huggins. And finally a massive thank you to the publishing team at Simon & Schuster. Not only for your enthusiasm, dedication,
expertise and infectious charm . . . but also for making this experience a tremendously exciting and enjoyable one. Kerrie McIlloney, Sara-Jade Virtue, Ally Grant, Rumana Haider, Hayley McMullan,
Elinor Fewster, Sarah Cantin, Sarah Birdsey and Emma Capron . . . you’re all wonderful.

BOOK: The Two of Us
9.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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