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This is a work of fiction. Any similarity with names, not intended.



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“I still remember the night as if yesterday, cold sweat pours down the cheeks of my face. The hair on the back of my neck stands up, and my breathing labored. The time was 3:00 AM, I checked my watch because my dog was barking and carrying on. “Then there was a slight whelp, and the barking stopped.” I grabbed my handgun to go outside and see what caused the dog to stop barking. As I opened the door, the barrel of a rifle shoved hard against the side of my face.”

“They told me to get inside and close the door or I will die, they had an Asian accent, which sounded like Chinese. There were two men armed with AK 47 rifles, they were wearing jeans and black color T-shirts. I asked them did they want money. They told me to shut up and listen. America now belonged to China, and they were soldiers sent to detain everyone, and bring them to camps. Troublemakers shot, with no questions asked. My wife Pam was busy getting dressed, and crying, going into hysterics. They told her to shut her mouth or they would shoot her.”


“A second later, a single gunshot to the head and Pam was dead, I went to her and they struck me in the head with the butt of the rifle. Knocked out, they dragged me to a truck and threw me in the back with many others. When I came through, I could see the look of shear terror in everyone’s eyes. There was not a sound from anyone, as two men armed with rifles guarded us. My name is David and this would be the new beginning for all of us, many would die.”

The whole country was in the hands of the Chinese government. America still has a few people roaming the mountains and countryside that the Chinese were not able to capture. That was the only hope left of the American people, their numbers were small and”they were scattered” throughout the USA.”

David and the people in the truck, sent to a camp to indoctrinate, think like the Chinese people and to learn of their new leader. Laws they will learn, and follow in their camp. 2000 plus people and increasing in size everyday. They were housed in large tents, the first order of the day was their orientation meeting.


The trucks were coming in, they got lucky because after every 100 people came to the camp.

They would have their meeting, if you could call this luck. The meeting held by a soldier from the PLA (People Liberation Army) First off they went over what was expected of them. First, and foremost do not speak unless spoken to… They did not care if they’re hungry or sick, or if there was something, they did not like. Two people from the crowd were speaking amongst themselves during the speech they were given. They were brought up front, and told to get down on their knees. One soldier came behind them with a sword, and beheaded them, one at a time. The speaker went on to say, the rules if not followed, always ended in death for the violators.

Each tent will have a picture of president Wu, your new leader; you will bow to the picture upon entering, and leaving the tent. Failure to bow, will be death.

“Your new court of law will be the sword or a bullet, or any other way we decide to end your miserable lives. Let’s make one thing clear from the beginning, we do not like you, and we are not your friends.”


You’ll be used for your labor, as the great people of China, decide if you live or die. You are now our slaves. Your women belong to our men, to use or abuse at their leisure. If you have a problem with that, you will die.

Woman, children, and men, separated. People over 49 and under 16, will have their own camp. People too sick to work will go with the over 49 group. Everyone will go to school, four hours a day to learn Mandarin, and Chinese history, after school you will work ten hours.

Many tears were falling, and the people knew the over 49 and under 16 were going to be killed. There had to be at least 200 soldiers armed with rifles, machine guns and RPG 7 rocket launchers. They could not talk amongst themselves. Woman raped or killed around the clock, people who complained were shot or beheaded.

Their rations were very poor, once a day, a little rice or whatever slop they could find to feed them. They had started farming and raising chickens for eggs and meat. Soldiers fed first. So many times, the people went hungry. No one ever had to endure the harsh life, before them now. Hatred for the Chinese grows everyday. Daily someone loses control and attacks a soldier, only to be shot or beheaded.

One month has past and David looks for a chance to escape everyday, soon he will go even if it means he will probably die trying. Better to die, than to stay living in the camp.

The Chinese army had the detainees build ten 4 ft x 4 ft boxes made of plywood and placed them far enough apart so there could not be communication between the boxes. The boxes used for interrogation purposes. There was no punishment needed, violators of camp laws, killed immediately. Before they captured David he was working for a small Chinese ran factory, everyone got along just find. Never in his wildest dreams did he think the Chinese could be so ruthless, and kill because they enjoyed watching Americans die.

David knew and so did everyone else what happened to the over 49 and under 16 to include the sick. Later on during the day they removed the people, they all herd many gunshots. Following day, they could see smoke that appeared to becoming from a large incinerator.

They killed them all. And then they burnt the bodies. He knew they were setting up the 4 ft x 4 ft boxes so they could use them to torture people. In giving information on the people, who were roaming in the woods and mountains throughout America.

China had Russia and Australia beating on their door. They could not risk sending ships and fighter jets to America. They needed them in China to protect their motherland. They had no pilots to fly the planes the USA had, unless they captured pilots and re-trained them as Chinese soldiers. Not an easy task considered America hated China and they were just waiting to get revenge.

China’s plan was nothing short of brilliant. They slowly saturated America with people and after a few years, no one even noticed anymore. It was expected by the people when they found jobs there boss would be Chinese. After a while, it did not seem strange or odd to anyone. This was normal for everyone.

Slowly they were replacing big companies like Boeing. They were landing major contracts from the Military, for communication and weapons systems. Military bases that had strict security, now filled with Chinese people working on the bases. Installing and repairing communication and weapons systems. It was not long and the bases were starting to have 65 percent Chinese and 35 percent Americans.

This happened so slowly no one caught it, and the Chinese were always well behaved.

No one had a clue that in 2023 the current year they are in now, that America would be no more. The last few months have been a real revelation for David, never in his life has he witnessed such brutality shown against another, because they were American and not Chinese. The tents smelled of vomit and sweat. People were getting sick from malnutrition, they're not allowed to wash themselves because of water shortages. The soldiers had all the water they needed, but the detainees were given very little. Soon there camp will be getting Malaria, dysentery and many other problems for lack of clean water and sanitary conditions.

David finally got his break, The Chinese raped one of the guy's wife, and it sent him over the edge. He was able to beat a soldier, and take his weapon and turn it on some of the guards, shooting at least five or six of them.

The guards went nuts and started shooting people for no reason, David and three other people used that time to haul ass for the woods. Two of the people with David they shot. David and one other person managed to get away.  They were in the southeastern part of the Country. Mosquitoes would drink their blood and snakes would try to share their tents, when they were back in the camp.

George, who escaped with David, lost his wife, and daughter. They raped his wife then killed her. His daughter only five, they sent her to the camp for children under 16 to be killed there. David’s wife, they shot her immediately, and she avoided rape, at the cost of her life. The bastards will pay for this with their blood.

The woods were wet from a rain they had yesterday, the ground was swampy mix of water, mud and fallen tree branches. The winds from the storms they received a month before helped give them a little concealment. They moved deeper and deeper into the swamp to avoid the soldiers. There were alligators, snakes and unfriendly insects that loved fresh meat.

They would have to push themselves to get further and further away from the camp or risk being captured. This meant certain death, a bullet to the head, if the soldiers were too tired to inflict more pain, in the form of torture.

They were out of ideas; the Chinese had orchestrated a great plan. They thought of everything. Wiped out the communications, controlled all transportation and roads.

George and David would have to find a way to hook up with more Americans that were roaming the countryside. They had no idea where to find them and how to contact them. Cell phones were useless and so were landlines. Ham radios they did not have but they were sure if they did, they would not work either. The Chinese had control of everything to include the satellites and communication towers and antennas.

They had no weapons, not even a pocketknife, and no survival gear. They had nothing back in the camp anyway. The Chinese army confiscated everything, upon entering the camp. Their wallets, money, anything they owned the Chinese took from them.

David had no idea the extent of the power the Chinese government now had, he was sure they controlled everything. The only way they could survive is to hook up with other survivors. To take back from the Chinese what they have stolen from them, their lives.

David and George were far enough now from the camp where they would now have to build a temporary sleeping area. It was dangerous to walk around the swamp at night. They would use “palm fharms “leaves from the palm trees” and tree branches to build something to get them up off the ground.

They would use mud to block their scent from the mosquitoes. This meant mud rubbed all over their skin. And use Palm trees to enclose the sleeping area they build. When daylight arrived, they would head out in search of other Americans.

George and David after the sleeping area was set up, discussed their chances of living another day. “David said what’s there to tell, we were dead before we ever left the camp. Anything that happens to us now cannot be any worse than the camp” He told George they will take one day at a time, and do their best to survive and to return this country back to the rightful owners… Americans, not the Chinese.

There must be others just like them wandering around the countryside, and they will find them. He told George if you believe in God this might be a good time to pray.

Morning time arrived. It was time to start their trek through the swamps until they could find others like themselves. They cleaned up their sleeping area so it looked like no one had been there.

Later in the day, they stopped walking when they heard noises of people in the swamps. They laid down flat on the ground and kept quiet, waiting for the people to appear. A small group of five men armed with AK 47 rifles appeared, they were American. David yelled out that he was an American and the group approached.

The group was out scouting the area for Chinese when they ran into George and David. They all discussed any information, which was available. Turns out the group had a small camp not far from there. They had ten other people at the camp and invited David and George to their camp. They arrived at the group’s camp. David saw four women, two small children, two older men and two men in their twenty’s. Their camp had three tents, no campfires allowed, in fear of attracting the Chinese.

The group leader was called Scott and his wife’s name was Sheila. Their story was not much different from what happened to David. But they had luck enough to get away before they were captured, and brought to a camp.

The Chinese came just before nightfall to Scott’s neighborhood. They used megaphones and blared out for everyone to step outside without weapons and surrender to the Chinese people. It was a big mistake on their part. Everyone came outside with their weapons blasting. There had to have been at least thirty dead Chinese, reinforcements came and their neighborhood was taken over. Some escaped like Scott did, but most were captured. They were able to get the AK 47 rifles and any ammo the soldiers had on them. They had seven AK 47 assault rifles and ammo.

3.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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