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The Vampire's Kiss

BOOK: The Vampire's Kiss
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The Vampire’s Kiss

Richard Linquist is a vampire. He wants possession of Maverick House. He is fighting his cousin Alaric over it. When he learns from his housekeeper Polly that the house is his for the taking if he just kisses one particular woman, he knows nothing can be that simple.

Memphis Rower is stunned when she is approached by such a good looking man. Why her? When Richard tells her he needs her to kiss him to gain ownership of a house, Memphis is not about to make that easy for him. While she is attracted to him and sex with Richard is amazing, she denies him her lips. Memphis wants more.

Richard has to love her for who she is and not for what she can do for him.

Nothing is ever simple for the vampires of Maverick House. What lies within those walls affects everyone’s future.

Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves
16,155 words


Amarinda Jones


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Chapter One

Memphis panted and moaned as she clutched the ass of the man whose cock was thrusting piston-like in and out of her cunt. Heat raced through her body as her legs wrapped around his waist. She didn’t want to miss a second of wild, hard, hot sensations that were controlling her. Memphis wanted everything he could give her.

“Don’t stop…please don’t stop…”

“Kiss me,” her lover growled against the soft flesh of her neck.

“Never.” For some indefinable reason, Memphis knew if she kissed this man she would lose what was left of her control completely.

“Never’s a long time, sweetheart.” He lifted his head and looked into her eyes. “You belong to me now.”

“I belong to myself.” Even as she murmured the words, somewhere deep inside, Memphis Rower knew this man would change her life.

Thirty minutes before.

“Are you kidding me? Kiss her?” Richard Linquist, vampire, surveyed the redheaded woman thoughtfully. “Why would I want to
The Vampire’s Kiss


do that?” The voluptuous lady in question made his cock jerk in anticipation, but kissing to claim someone?

Do I even want to stake a claim
on one woman for the rest of my

While immortality made him invincible, Richard had a feeling love would weaken him.

I’m not ready for that

At one hundred and seventy-five years of age, Richard Linquist still wanted to sow his wild oats for as long as he could.

“Yes.” Polly Patrick nodded her dyed blonde head in certainty.

“Just like that and she’s mine?” Normally Richard never doubted the housekeeper of his ancestral home, Maverick House, but there were times he wondered what Polly’s agenda was.

In fact, who the hell is this woman?

He had known her for over a year since being called to the house, but he didn’t have a clue who Polly was. She was chameleon-like in her ability to confuse and control those who called Maverick House home.

“Well, it’s not going to be that easy.”

Richard arched his eyebrow. “Nothing with mortals ever is.”

“And she’ll fight you. The kiss has to be given by her willingly.”

Fight me? Hmm, that would be good
. “I like feisty women.”

Richard’s mind went briefly to Josephine who both fought and craved his dominance over her body.
Would this one be the same
? “I really don’t understand why we are here at this place.” It was a suburban public swimming pool in the middle of Brisbane. It was hardly the place Richard hung out at. Vampires never exercised. They had no need to. They were blessed with a fast metabolism and excellent health. Seeing others sweat and strain was not attractive.

“Because Memphis Rower is here and you need her.”

“I need no one.” That was Richard’s credo. Need got people tied up and controlled. His cousin Alaric was a perfect example of that.

Marriage had taken his mortality and Alaric didn’t care. He was in

Amarinda Jones

love. “And what a stupid name—Memphis Rower.”
Great body,
. Richard’s eyes roamed over the lush curves. This was no stick-thin waif. This lady was built for sex. She was all hips, ass, and breasts. He licked his lips in anticipation. She was exactly the type of woman he liked to fuck.

Polly continued on, undeterred by his comments. “I believe her mother was a devoted Elvis fan. He came from Memphis, Tennessee, you know.”

Richard’s gaze switched to the woman at his side. How did a short, nondescript woman of no easily discernable age always seem to have knowledge about everyone? Polly knew about things before they even happened. In those moments when he and his cousin were cordial to one another they speculated on who Polly was. Was she as mortal as she claimed to be? And if so, that was unusual because Maverick House was anything but a normal posting for a mortal woman. The house held great magic—at least, that’s what Alaric and Richard believed. Whoever ended up with ownership of the abode would know just how powerful the house was.

When Polly had come to him and told him there was a woman he had to kiss in order to gain control of the house, he had laughed but agreed to go along with Polly. Kissing a woman, for whatever reason, was no hardship for Richard. He loved women, and they loved him back. “How do you know all this?”

“I just do.” Polly’s smile was simple.

Richard knew there was nothing straightforward about this woman. He suspected that smile hid more secrets that the Sphinx.

“Who are you, woman? What secrets do you hold?” Even as he said the words he knew Polly wouldn’t tell him any more than she had to.

“All I can tell you is what the witch who came to Maverick House told me. You must marry your true love to gain ownership of the house.”

Richard wanted the house more than anything. There was something about it that called to him like nothing else did. But

The Vampire’s Kiss


marriage? That wasn’t something on his agenda. Marriage was so final. It also meant the loss of his immortality.
I’m not ready for that
“Alaric married Josephine so the house is his.” His cousin had won, and that annoyed the hell out of Richard. They had been rivals for years. That he could occasionally take and sexually dominate Alaric’s woman was the only satisfaction he had over his cousin.

Polly shook her head. “Not necessarily.”

Richard’s eyes locked with hers. There was youthfulness in her gaze that belied her appearance. She dressed like a frump with no character or style yet her aura and words were anything but. “Why is it none of us saw the witch?” That intrigued Richard. Polly had claimed she had been visited by an old crone who had told her what the men had to do. Why had she not come to them directly?

“I know not.”

Richard snorted. “I think you know more than you say.”

Polly’s hands went down to her ample hips. “Do you want to stand here and quibble with me or act?”

He was a man of action but Richard also wanted to pierce the veil and get a glimpse into the woman behind it. What do you get out of this?”

“Nothing. Unlike vampires, normal people do things because they can.”

That made Richard laugh. “You are the least normal person I know.”

“Why thank you, Richard. Now, do as you are bid. I must be off.”

He watched her walk away. The fascinating thing about Polly was she dressed plainly to the point of frumpiness and yet she walked like a queen. “One day I will find out who you are, woman.” Richard sighed and turned his attention back to the other lady in question.

Maybe what Polly said was right. She usually was. Possibly it was worth his while to go talk to the redhead. If the ownership of Maverick House was still up for grabs, Richard wanted a chance of taking possession of it any way he could.


Amarinda Jones

“I just have to kiss her. How hard could at be?” Richard knew he was considered attractive by women. It was a glamour that all vampires had. But whatever the outcome, a kiss or a slap in the face, Richard was a man of action, and consequences were there to be taken and dealt with accordingly.

BOOK: The Vampire's Kiss
5.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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